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Tales of Known Space: The Universe of Larry Niven

Tales of Known Space The Universe of Larry Niven Ranging from the th Century to the st these interconnected stories trace Man s expansion and colonization throughout the galaxyBecalmed in hellHowie s spaceship had a malfunctionbut it might be o

  • Title: Tales of Known Space: The Universe of Larry Niven
  • Author: Larry Niven Rick Sternbach
  • ISBN: 9780345334695
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Ranging from the 20th Century to the 31st, these interconnected stories trace Man s expansion and colonization throughout the galaxyBecalmed in hellHowie s spaceship had a malfunctionbut it might be only psychosomatic Wait it outHe was trapped on Plutod all his assets were frozen The borderland of SolForward possessed the ultimate weaponbut no one would everRanging from the 20th Century to the 31st, these interconnected stories trace Man s expansion and colonization throughout the galaxyBecalmed in hellHowie s spaceship had a malfunctionbut it might be only psychosomatic Wait it outHe was trapped on Plutod all his assets were frozen The borderland of SolForward possessed the ultimate weaponbut no one would ever see it The jigsaw manThe organ banks want youw Cloak of anarchyThey were free to be anything but violentbut that wasn t enough plus eight other great stories in Niven s spectacular cycle of the futured, special for this volume, a complete Niven bibliography and a detailed chronology of all his Known Space stories Timeline for Known SpaceMy Universe and Welcome To It Coldest Place, TheBecalmed in HellWait it OutEye of an OctopusHow the Heroes DieThe Jigsaw ManAt the Bottom of a HoleThe DeceiversCloak of AnarchyWarriors, TheThe Borderland of SolThere is a TideSafe at Any SpeedAfterthoughtsBibliography The Worlds of Larry Niven

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    • [PDF] ½ Free Read ✓ Tales of Known Space: The Universe of Larry Niven : by Larry Niven Rick Sternbach ✓
      121 Larry Niven Rick Sternbach
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ½ Free Read ✓ Tales of Known Space: The Universe of Larry Niven : by Larry Niven Rick Sternbach ✓
      Posted by:Larry Niven Rick Sternbach
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    1 thought on “Tales of Known Space: The Universe of Larry Niven

    1. Fair warning: one really nasty tale of homophobia.Classic stories from the 60s and 70s, one out-of-date (as science) practically before it was published. What works: the tech and the mystery format that many of the stories fall into. What doesn't work: well, despite being able to imagine that each off-world culture would distinguish itself from home-earth culture, the nevertheless manage to be pretty white and patriarchal. For once the large-scale erasure of female characters is a relief, becaus [...]

    2. Most of the stories in this volume had previously appeared in one or another of his other collections, but they fit together well thematically as well as within the Known Space framework. It's a good introduction to his most famous universe, and a fine volume of sf in the hard sense. It also includes an interesting introduction, a nice Rick Sternbach cover that serves as a map of the settings described, and a handy bibliography.

    3. Not as good as I remembered it being. This anthology collects all of Larry Niven's Known Space short stories that don't fit thematically into his other collections (Crashlander, Flatlander, and Neutron Star.) As such, it's a grab bag of quality. The early stories are the first that Niven ever wrote and seem unpublishable by modern standards. The middle entries are characterized by great concepts lacking in execution. The last few stories are among Niven's best.The Coldest Place 1/5Niven's first [...]

    4. Some good ideas. And I feel wretched at giving it such low review stars as I really liked Ringworld and some of his other work. He says himself in the introduction that two of the stories are so bad they should have been left out - and he is correct but blinkered if he thinks that doesn't apply to quite a few more of the tales.Also - writing in the 60s and 70s he seems both blissfully unaware of any human rights movements at all, and yet patting himself on the back for tackling a society where s [...]

    5. Full of wonderful sci fi ideas, not the mostly junk on the so called sci fi channel. Pierson Puppetteers are one of the most interesting of all aliens, they change the laws of earth to breed lucky human beings, and it only works or partially to their advantage. Human beings are descendent from an intelligent species fleeing from the galactic core. The list goes on and on. Please read and enjoy, there are many other books of this series.

    6. Nothing world-shattering; just filling in lots of details for Niven's universe. Exactly what I was hoping for. A fun read.

    7. "Tales of Known Space" is a collection of 13 short stories set in Larry Niven's future history universe called Known Space. Currently, the Known Space series comprise about a dozen books and multiple short stories. This collection, published in 1975, is an excellent, early overview of Known Space and several of its notable characters, alien races, etc. Niven writes in a concise style that readily holds one's interest. "Tales of Known Space" is a good, solid entertaining of Science Fiction by one [...]

    8. Larry Niven's Known Space series of anthologies and novels covers a vast timeline of spacefaring adventures encompassing 10,000 years. This particular volume contains 13 stories. While it was interesting to see how richly populated and developed Niven's universe is, only about half of the tales in this collection appealed to me. All were interesting in their own way, but I found the other half to be anticlimactic. My favorites included:"Eye of an Octopus" - Human explorers on Mars discover a str [...]

    9. Tales of Known Space: The Universe of Larry Niven • interior artwork by Bonnie DalzellTimeline for Known Space • (1975) • essay by Larry NivenIntroduction: My Universe and Welcome to It! • essay by Larry NivenThe Coldest Place • [Known Space] • (1964) • shortstory by Larry NivenBecalmed in Hell • [Known Space] • (1965) • shortstory by Larry NivenWait It Out • [Known Space] • (1968) • shortstory by Larry NivenEye of an Octopus • [Known Space] • (1966) • shortstory [...]

    10. Yep, more Niven, just because. It's alright, there's only one more I own that isn't in storage, so I'll stop soon. This is a collection of short stories, all set in Niven's Known Space future history and, as is almost always the case with short stories, the quality is variable. There are some nice SF ideas done in a few pages, and the science appears to be fairly accurate (if a little dated in places). A couple of the stories are more concerned with the impact of technological advances on societ [...]

    11. I enjoyed this anthology of Known Space stories. I especially liked the stories "Wait it out," (set on Pluto), "At the Bottom of a Hole," (Muller discovers the truth behind the failure of a human settlement on Mars) and "The Borderland of Sol" (Julius Forward has a very dangerous weapon). I also like the timeline at the beginning of the book which sets the stories in context and the bibliography at the end.Readers who like Niven's work may like Shaun Farrell's October 2007 interview with Larry N [...]

    12. weak. I was hopeful for this book. I loved some of the ideas in a couple of his novels, but the characters were just stereotypes. Like, his aliens were unique but didn't have distinct personalities. One Kzinti is the same as another. The humans were all stereotypes, the most common one being the manipulative, but "good" spy-type of personality. But, I thought maybe character development would be less important in his short stories-he could focus more on the cool SF ideas. But, maybe Niven needs [...]

    13. A representative collection of Mr. Niven's early short fiction all set in that part of space he calls "Known Space," which includes interplanetary around our Sun as well as near interstellar areas. Those who appreciate "hard" science fiction will appreciate Mr. Niven's work which reflects the knowledge as we have had it regarding interplanetary space inour Solar System. The end pages of the book includes a "history" of the Known Space short and longer (novel length) works inclusive of those in t [...]

    14. This is a collection of short stories, written in the 1960s and 1970s and all based in a universe that Niven created, generally known as "Known Space." He provides some commentary for some of the stories to help set the stage, since these are not the complete tales from that universe. Mostly classic tales of adventure, dangers of space, and clever heroes, they're a nice diversion.

    15. The stories in this were kind of hit and miss (as you'd expect from a collection that spans so many years of a writer honing his craft). You could probably skip some of the earlier ones (which read a little bit like 40's Asimov knock-offs to me). I particularly liked Niven's unselfconscious introduction and his notes on the stories.

    16. Short stories spanning the first part of Niven's writing career, all set in his "Known Space" future. Some of the stories were obsolete almost before they appeared in print but they all were based on extending just the frayed edge of accepted science at the time and examining the possible consequences. THoughtful, fun and cautiously optimistic.

    17. Grand in scope. Epic in its endeavour. This collection of short stories changed my concept that a tale was limited to one person. While the science and technology is outdated, the real reason you can't put a book down is everywhere — stories on the human condition. This book should be required reading.

    18. I'm not normally a short story reader but I make an exception for Larry Niven. This loosely connected set of stories is a good place to start. Gives you a scatter-shot overview of the Known Space setting for many of his collections and novels, and a good sense of his writing aesthetic.

    19. Mr. Niven has an amazing ability to draw you into his life, not just his worlds, with a candid manner of writing about the happenings in his worlds and his own life.A pleasure to have been a part of it.

    20. An interesting collection, but it didn't help me gain a good sense of the history of Niven's universe. I did appreciate Niven's unique take on John Carter of Mars though. I suppose I'm going back to his main works.

    21. i very much enjoyed the book, again these are short stories but i don't think their are any stories in that book that i could complain about. my dad introduced me to niven's books and i certainly plain to read more.

    22. A must read for Niven fans! It's like a guided tour of Known Space history with storybook flashbacks included.

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