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Captivated Four masters of sensual historical romance transport readers to a world where fantasies come true and passion is bound only by the limits of the imagination A LADY S PLEASURE by Robin SchoneSeeking sh

  • Title: Captivated
  • Author: Robin Schone Thea Devine Susan Johnson Bertrice Small
  • ISBN: 9781575664507
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
  • Four masters of sensual historical romance transport readers to a world where fantasies come true and passion is bound only by the limits of the imagination A LADY S PLEASURE by Robin SchoneSeeking shelter from a storm, Colonel Robert Coally intrudes on Abigail Wynfred while she is reading a book that would surely raise than one eyebrow in London society When the loFour masters of sensual historical romance transport readers to a world where fantasies come true and passion is bound only by the limits of the imagination A LADY S PLEASURE by Robin SchoneSeeking shelter from a storm, Colonel Robert Coally intrudes on Abigail Wynfred while she is reading a book that would surely raise than one eyebrow in London society When the lonely Abigail confides in him that she aches for the touch of a man, Robert takes her on a breathless journey filled with sensual surprises surpassing even the most scandalous of fictional exploits.DARK DESIRES by Thea DevineDrue Caledon despises her new husband Courtland Summerville, the man she was forced to marry, and vows to remain loyal to her true love, Gerard Lenoir But Court intends to make Drue his in body and spirit by introducing her to the pleasures of the flesh tantalizing her until she has no choice but to surrender to his every desireUND AND DETERMINED by Susan JohnsonThe Princess Marko has kidnapped Hugh Dalsany, Marquis of Crewe Now Hugh finds himself her prisoner, shackled to a bedpost But it isn t long before he becomes a very willing captive, succumbing to her expert skills in seductionSTASY by Bertrice SmallDagon, Prince of Aramis, had been betrayed by his twin brother and sold into slavery He vowed to escape his tortured life and seek revenge, until he was brought to Kava Now Dagon is under the rapturous spell of the women who rule this kingdom and of its queen, the irresistible Kelida whose wickedly lascivious games leave him begging for .

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      273 Robin Schone Thea Devine Susan Johnson Bertrice Small
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    1 thought on “Captivated

    1. Robin Schone is the Real Star of this Anthology While the other tales in this anthology are rather standard, and in the case of Beatrice Small, woefully sub-standard, it is Robin Schone's highly emotional A Lady's Pleasure which stands out as true erotic romance. Her story is why I gave this anthology the five-star rating.Abigail and Robert, the main characters of A Lady's Pleasure are so well-drawn and full of depth that your heart breaks when they both speak of their lives outside of the storm [...]

    2. Reading this helped me to realize I'm not into erotica. If I liked it, I would have rated it higher.

    3. "Ecstasy" by Bertrice Small - 1 starWow. This story disturbed me on so many levels. A cross between "The Phallus from Dallas" by Samantha Winston - without the tongue-in-cheek humor - and the alternate Earth-sex planet Gor of John Norman, the story is about a female-dominated society where men are relegated to sex slaves and women exploit the men. Add to this a beautiful ice queen who's never had an orgasm and a captured king's son named Dagon (hasn't the author read any Lovecraft? Dagon is not [...]

    4. By passed Bertrice Small, Susan Johnson, Thea Devine and headed straight for Robin Schone’s, A Lady’s Pleasure. This micro review is based on that book alone.Why did I pass the others? Because the reviews made me that’s why and I have a keen aversion to domination and cruelty in supposed ‘romance’. Highly improbable scenario but Schone had a way of drawing you into the intense desperate yearning created by these two lost souls while tearing at the heart strings. It was good until near [...]

    5. I was more attached to Schone's other short story from "Fascinated" because there was a character from The Lady's Tutor, but this was another good outing from her (and again, the 5 stars are for Schone and only Schonee other stories I could barely skim. Dreck.) Schone's female characters are delightful because they're real people, with real problems (the men are still fantasies, but fun fantasies to read anyway). They're complex. At least if you're going to read trash, it should be "enjoyable" t [...]

    6. Skip the first three stories and go right to Robin Schone's "A Lady's Pleasure" at the end. The situation and characters are well developed without being contrived, and there's real emotion in this story - something sadly lacking in the other three.

    7. 4 different stories in one book. I'm not a fan of short stories even though these were okay. I prefer to read in a series. 3 out of 4 of the stories were okay.

    8. Picked this one up on a whim, and I'm glad I didn't pay a whole lot for it. Every once in awhile, I find myself hankering for something a little steamier than the norm, and the cover of this book said "erotic romance", so I gave it a try. From what I read though, there's not much romance going on, but definitely a whole lotta sex. Which, if I was watching a porn, would be what I was looking for, but since I'm reading a book that calls itself a romance, I gotta admit I was looking for a little bi [...]

    9. I picked this up at a thrift store because of the authors, three of which I as familiar with. I made myself read all four stories, even though they were ickier than I expected. Beatrice Small was kinda fun to read because of the female dominated world, purchase slaves for sex thing. The more I read the more I skipped, skimmed, tried to find something that wasn't offensive. I was excited to read Robin Scone, I've read several of her books. Well, there was too much I guess book porn. You can write [...]

    10. Although I wan't overwhelmed with Beatrice Small's "Ecstasy" (fantasy romance), it was worth reading. A enslaved prince is sold to a "" type kingdom, where he falls in love with his queen. Susan Johnson's story, "Bound and Determined" was better, but a similar theme. A Marquis is kidnapped by a distant kingdom's despotic ruler, in order to use him to create an heir with the ruler's wife, who is forced into the partnership. Of course, love takes over, etc.The third story, by Thea Devine, "Dark De [...]

    11. REVIEW FOR LADY'S PLEASURE FROM ROBIN SCHONEAt the beginning it was like "come on", this is just so unbelievable. I know that it is fiction, but one of my personal phoebes in regency novels is women who carry on in the XVIIIth century like we would. But as I kept reading, their sexual relationship (practically it starts as a such) develops in a relationship where two characters, which need desperately closeness, intimacy, have met, absolutely by chance, and now have an opportunity to find happin [...]

    12. The first three stories---those by Bertrice Small, Susan Johnson, and Thea Devine---I could have lived without. Filled with purple prose, characters I found impossible to like or care about, melodrama, and a surfeit of ITALICS, they seemed more a waste of time than an enjoyable escape. So the three stars I've rated this book are entirely due to Robin Schone's story---a tender, honest, moving example of the genre.

    13. I got this book only for A Lady's Pleasure by Robin Schone, which deserves at least 4.5 stars. It's a heartfelt romance with vivid characters and engaging love scenes. By contrast, the stories written by the other three authors come off as mustily old-fashioned, irritating, ridiculous and (in Thea Devine's case) downright amateurish. Thankfully, the romance genre has come a long way since the days of Bertrice Small

    14. Through reading these 4 short stories I think I may have found 2 new authors to love.For your Erotica: Beatrice Smalland for a little Paranormal Lust: Karen ChanceI'm definately going to check out some of her other books.

    15. I hated the first story [kept calling the hero's equipment his 'love lance' >:o ] and liked the last one by Robin Schone. The ones in between were written well but they kept tying the guys up - not my thing.

    16. My first Robin Schone story and it's still one of my favorites. Ms. Schone certainly packs a lot of content into this novella. Over just a few pages, I fell in love with the main characters. Truly a lovely book that invites us to share in the sensual experiences of Robert and Abigail.

    17. My, what lovely, riveting erotica. While all four stories were enjoyable to read, it was Schone's story that I liked best. The vulnerability her characters possess and display to each other is trademark Robin Schone, and what makes her writing so much more than simply good erotic romance.

    18. I read this book years ago. I'm a huge fan of Bertrice Small and Robin Schone. I have every one of their books!Robin Schone's story has stuck with me over the yearsjust awesome <3

    19. Bertrice Small is nowhere near as talented as the other authors. I find all her books formulaic, blah, and just poorly written. I consider Schone the best of the lot.

    20. wow this was interesting, I wanted more of each story I little bit didn't help at all. I wanted more of each I wanted to know more but I loved each story.

    21. Really enjoyed this book. Some stories were hard to put down and only one was harder to get thru (ok very easy to put down), but all in all good book!

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