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Island of Bones

Island of Bones Cumbria A broken heritage a secret historyThe tomb of the first Earl of Greta should have lain undisturbed on its island of bones for three hundred years When idle curiosity opens the stone lid

  • Title: Island of Bones
  • Author: Imogen Robertson
  • ISBN: 9780755372034
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cumbria, 1783 A broken heritage a secret historyThe tomb of the first Earl of Greta should have lain undisturbed on its island of bones for three hundred years When idle curiosity opens the stone lid, however, inside is one body too many Gabriel Crowther s family bought the Gretas land long ago, and has suffered its own bloody history His brother was hanged for muCumbria, 1783 A broken heritage a secret historyThe tomb of the first Earl of Greta should have lain undisturbed on its island of bones for three hundred years When idle curiosity opens the stone lid, however, inside is one body too many Gabriel Crowther s family bought the Gretas land long ago, and has suffered its own bloody history His brother was hanged for murdering their father, the Baron of Keswick, and Crowther has chosen comfortable seclusion and anonymity over estate and title for thirty years But the call of the mystery brings him home at last.Travelling with forthright Mrs Harriet Westerman, who is escaping her own tragedy, Crowther finds a little town caught between new horrors and old, where ancient ways challenge modern justice And against the wild and beautiful backdrop of fells and water, Crowther discovers that his past will not stay buried.

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      241 Imogen Robertson
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    1. The Book Report: Mrs. Harriet Westerman, Royal Navy wife, and Mr. Gabriel Crowther, anatomist and aristocrat manqué (albeit with a very good reason to have missed the mark), are back in these two volumes, succeeding "INSTRUMENTS OF DARKNESS". Mrs. Westerman is, in "Anatomy," in London because her husband has suffered a grievous injury in the process of taking a very rich prize ship (an eighteenth-century Royal Navy captain made his own and his crew's fortune by capturing enemy ships, not sinkin [...]

    2. While I enjoyed this book--as I have the others in the series--I found the story to be buried in the narrative. I liked learning about Crowther's past and family, but going back and forth between time periods and with the size of the cast list, I found myself forgetting and getting lost. I don't know that it was longer than the others in the series, but it seemed "denser."I'm enjoying the evolving relationship between Crowther and Harriet. I'm liking their developing familiarity, but I'm hoping [...]

    3. One of my favorites of the newer series, this is only the third book but so far the author is keeping her plots interesting. This one is set in the Lake District, in Cumbria in the late 1700's. AS tan historical note explains the story is based on actual history, though of course all changed around to suit the story. The Jacobites, plots and fortunes made and lost, all the requisites for these very atmospheric mysteries. I am always amazed at how firmly entrenched in the time period and location [...]

    4. I am a newcomer to the Crowther and Westerman books, and when I realised that this was the third in the series I was concerned that I would have trouble getting into the story. This was far from the truth - Robertson provides enough back story to let you understand the characters, but not so much as to slow the pace of the story at hand. This is hard to achieve, and it's lovely to see it done well. This is typical of Robertson's style on the whole; she doesn't talk down to the reader, giving eno [...]

    5. I enjoy this series, but I felt this story became bogged down a bit. The past and the present life of the family took over the mystery. I just did not feel it moved along smoothly. I picked it up, read, and put it down. I did not feel the desire to keep reading into the night. I still like this author, and will try another in the series. I understand other viewers felt this was her best book yet. I Love murder, and mystery, and in this time period, but this moved a little to slow for me to give [...]

    6. First Sentence: There was a peculiar hush around the Tower the night before an execution.Scientist and anatomist Gabriel Crother is something of an enigma to neighbors and acquaintances, which has been fine by him. Thirty years ago, he turned his back on his family tragedies, but now must face them. His estranged sister and her son are staying at the estate once owned by their family. Upon encouraging the current owner to move the tomb of the first Earl of Greta from the Island of Bones to the l [...]

    7. Ke knihám Imogen Robertson jsem se dostala díky tomu, že mi obálka prvního dílu přišla tak krásně tajemná. Samozřejmě mě zaujala i samotná anotace, nic mě ale nepřipravilo na to, jak hutná a propletená tahle kniha bude. A tak to platilo i u druhého a třetího dílu. A ten třetí mi konečně vysvětlil některé mé velké otázky, které mě trápily celé dvě předchozí knihy! Juchůůů!Harriet Westerman se bohužel ještě tak úplně nevyrovnala se smrtí svého man [...]

    8. I was sent this book from the Real Readers website - my first book to read and review, and what a winner! I hadn't read any of Imogen Robertson's work before, but will definitely read more now.From the first page, she engages the reader in the characters and the story line. What initially appeared to be a fairly straightforward murder mystery, turns out to have more twists and turns than a twisty-turny thing, and is a real page turner. I'm often tempted to skip the 'extras' in novels - preface, [...]

    9. A broken heritage. A secret history. A bitter death.A gripping thriller!Island of Bones is the third offering from Imogen Robertson’s Western/Crowther novels, which follows Instruments of Darkness and Anatomy of Murder.Island of Bones is clustered around a mystery in Gabriel Crowther’s family history. A secret that has been buried for 300 years resurfaces, challenging and confronting Crowther’s present. Everything that Crowther thought he knew is thrown into turmoil as his family’s blood [...]

    10. Cumbria, 1783. A broken heritage; a secret historyThe tomb of the first Earl of Greta should have lain undisturbed on its island of bones for three hundred years. When idle curiosity opens the stone lid, however, inside is one body too many. Gabriel Crowther's family bought the Gretas' land long ago, and has suffered its own bloody history. His brother was hanged for murdering their father, the Baron of Keswick, and Crowther has chosen comfortable seclusion and anonymity over estate and title fo [...]

    11. Island of Bones is another fantastic addition to the Crowther and Westerman series. Lord and Lady Greta's remains are to be removed from their crumbling resting place to a more secure location in the church. During the removal an extra corpse with an unknown identity is discovered. Mr. Crowther and Mrs. Westerman are called upon to travel to Crowther's childhood home to discover the secrets of the corpse. Crowther must face the ghosts of his past and learns that all was not as it seemed in the m [...]

    12. After book number two, I wondered how long Robertson could continue to write two unconnected narratives before it made the book seriously unbalanced. Perhaps she too wondered that, for she changes things up a little and basically restrains herself to one interconnected group in her third Crowther and Westerman novel. I appreciated this, mostly, I think, because I always had a hard time feeling a sense of attachment to the non-Crowther-Westerman group, and by eschewing a side story about complete [...]

    13. Mrs. Westerman and Gabriel Crowther make an unlikely pair, and they would in modern times, but in Georgian England their interest in solving crimes makes every level of society uncomfortable. This time, in order to distract herself from grieving the recent death of her husband, Harriet is pleased to go with Crowther back to his ancestral home. Crowther sold it just after his brother hanged for the murder of their father. The finding of an old corpse in an even older tomb is what triggers the inv [...]

    14. I just love Imogen Robertson and this series of her novels. This is the third one with the same two characters solving murders in the 1700's. The history is wonderful, and Ms. Robertson always explains what is real, and what isn't. Most of the history is real. The two individuals are friends and couldn't be more different. One is talkative, cheery, and seeks out people and clues. The other is quiet, reserved, and the anatomist in the partnership. Their lives are revealed throughout the books so [...]

    15. Překvapivě dobrá kniha. Líbily se mi všechny postavy. Nakonec i ty záporné mi byly svým způsobem sympatické. A moc se mi líbila doba, ve které se příběh odehrával.

    16. (3.5 stars) This is the third book in the Crowther and Westerman series. Crowther is summoned back to his family’s estate to deal with a mystery of an extra body found in a family tomb. He must also deal with the uncomfortable reunion with his sister, who was sent away when his brother was convicted and executed for their father’s murder. Harriet accompanies him, along with her son. Together, they must untangle family secrets both from the past and from more recent times. Harriet gains a bet [...]

    17. Though this book took quite a while to get going, I really enjoyed reading the thoughts of such great characters as Mrs. Westerman and Mr. Crowther. I'm not so sure the book should be classified as a suspense novel, though there were about 15-20 pages of some pretty intense suspense. As a mystery, and a historical one at that, it was detailed and surprising. I actually gasped out loud once, so I mark that as successful storytelling.Overall, I quite liked it. The characters are great!

    18. I realized a couple of pages in that I'd already read this book some time ago - obviously pre-, or I would have known. As I recall, I didn't like it the first time either. I don't plan to continue to re-read it - just want to get it on the record so I won't do the same thing down the road.

    19. This is a well-written book that is apparently the third in a series concerning the unusual Harriet Westerman & Gabriel Crowther, set in the 18th century. The pair would not be out of place in a contemporary setting, but the setting & period detail appears authentic. This is a thriller that draws the reader in, & I will definitely read the others in the series.

    20. In 1783, anatomist Gabriel Crowther finds that the family history he has tried so hard to forget has come back to haunt him. The opening of a tomb on his late father’s estate in the Lake District turns up one body too many and stirs up secrets from the past. Accompanied by his investigation partner, naval widow Harriet Westerman and her young son Stephen, Gabriel travels north to examine the body and try to determine the chain of events that led it to be in the tomb.I have a bit of an issue wi [...]

    21. This third novel in the Gabriel Crowther and Harriet Westerman series was another absorbing reading experience for me. I would definitely recommend the books be read in order (first is Instruments of Darkness: A Novel and the second Anatomy of Murder) just so you are familiar with everything which has come before the events in this novel. Imogen Robertson has developed full characters in the players in these novels so you will be missing important pieces of the picture if you begin anywhere othe [...]

    22. In 1751 Charles Penhaligon watches as his brother, Adair, 2nd Baron Keswick, is hanged for murdering their father, convinced of his older brother’s guilt although he insists he is innocent. As soon as the public execution is over Charles sells his family’s estate, changes his name to Gabriel Crowther and commences a life of scientific research and seclusion.More then 30 years later Mrs. Briggs, the present owner of the estate, opens an old tomb and discovers one body too many. Knowing about [...]

    23. A tomb lies unopen for 300 years but it holds a secret: an extra body. The history of this place is tainted with blood. Gabriel Crowther's family bought the land from the Greta's and both families hold their own bloody secrets. Gabriel has chosen to live a life seperated from his past, and family after his brother is hanged for the killing of their father, but when the the tomb is opened, he is brought right back into it. The people and place he wanted to forget is thrown right out in the open, [...]

    24. Island of Bones is the third novel in the 'Crowther and Westerman' series by Imogen Robertson, but it can easily be read as a stand-alone as there's little knowledge of the previous instalments required from the reader. This was in fact the first in the series I read myself and I found it easy to emerge myself into this world and familiarise myself with the characters.In the late 18th century the tomb of the first Earl of Greta is opened for the first time in over three-hundred years and an unex [...]

    25. Cumbria, 1783: The first Earl of Greta and his wife had lain in their altar-tomb since the middle of the fifteenth century, but their remains were not alone. When the stone lid to the tomb is opened one body too many is discovered and the mystery begins.Gabriel Crowther’s family bought the Gretas’ land a long time ago, but he had left long ago with the hope of forgetting its own bloody history. But now he is called to return, the mystery brings him home at last. Crowther and his companion, t [...]

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