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One Whisper Away

One Whisper Away Click here for Emma Wildes brand new novella available as an exclusive eBook Lady Cecily Francis is resigned to become the wife of Lord Drury the man she suspects her sister is pining for But upon h

  • Title: One Whisper Away
  • Author: Emma Wildes
  • ISBN: 9780451233974
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • Click here for Emma Wildes brand new novella, available as an exclusive eBook Lady Cecily Francis is resigned to become the wife of Lord Drury, the man she suspects her sister is pining for But upon her first scandalous encounter with the exotic Earl of Augustine the American whom everyone is whispering about Cecily is intrigued by the possibility of a exciting lifClick here for Emma Wildes brand new novella, available as an exclusive eBook Lady Cecily Francis is resigned to become the wife of Lord Drury, the man she suspects her sister is pining for But upon her first scandalous encounter with the exotic Earl of Augustine the American whom everyone is whispering about Cecily is intrigued by the possibility of a exciting life If only she could contrive some way to marry the unconventional earl instead.Around town he s known as Earl Savage Although he inherited his title legitimately and, with it, responsibility for his three half sisters Augustine is half American and part Iroquois He can t wait to settle his father s estate, marry his sisters off, and return to his native soil Until charming Lady Cecily has him considering a prolonged stay in England

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    1 thought on “One Whisper Away

    1. Originally posted at fictionvixen/review-one-whWhen a book causes me to smile countless times throughout and even chuckle at the engaging banter between characters, I know I have stumbled upon a satisfying story! Emma Wildes brings a fresh, delightful debut to One Whisper Away, the first installment of her new Ladies In Waiting series.Jonathan Borne, the Earl of Augustine, has returned to England (quite to his dismay) to settle several family matters as the result of his father’s death. An unc [...]

    2. Edit (November 2017): So, I keep thinking about this book and wanting to revisit it to check in on old friends. If I'm doing that, this book deserves five stars, even if the sex scene was not great. I loved the characters and the story and want to experience it again. I checked this out from the library but now I want to own it.Original review:After several Emma Wildes duds, I finally found a winner. Aside from one sex scene that had a lot of anatomy and purple prose, this was her more tradition [...]

    3. I really love when a title of a book just captures what the book is about and this one succeeded wonderfully. It all starts when at a ball when some champagne is splashed on Lady Cecily and the dashing, mysterious, half American, part Iroquois Earl of Augustine dries up the champagne.off her bosom much to the shock of the ton, and Cecily. But to make matters worse, he leans down and whispers something even more shocking in her ear that just leaves the ton all abuzz to know what was said by the ' [...]

    4. DNF: I read over 60% of the bk before I couldn't take it anymore.I may not be the right reader for these type of stories. I was reminded that I DNFed the LAST "savage earl" historical I read also (that would be I Kissed an Earl by an author that I enjoy a lot more than Wildes usually).Anyway, everything was by-the-numbers. Savage earl meets beautiful duke's daughter at a ball. He decides that he wants to marry her and admits that he is in lurve by the halfway point. It was pretty straightforward [...]

    5. adorei!!!! estranhamente quando gosto de uma historia acabo sempre por ter mais dificuldade em formar uma opiniao! apesar de tudo nao quiz deixar em branco este espaço, porque de facto a historia merece mais de que um "adorei"o nao podia deixar de ser Emma Wildes, mais uma vez que encantou com a sua escrita e o seu poder de nos prender a atenção.Cenas bem estruturadas, detalhes da personalidade dos personagens fazem com que a historia se desenvolva com suavidade e viramos pagina apos pagina q [...]

    6. ★★★★✩ While not as clever as some of Ms. Wildes’ previous stories, this one is a pleasant read. I kept waiting for the hero, Jonathan Bourne, Earl of Augustine, better known as ‘Earl Savage’ due to his being half Iroquois (Native American Indian), to do something ‘wild and crazy’. However, the book, and the Earl, remained on an even keel throughout, only reinforcing that Regency London was quite restrictive in what they considered outré, let alone ‘heathen’. A bit of spi [...]

    7. Adorei!Sempre gostei muito de romances históricos e de época, mas andava reticente em ler livros com a componente erótica. No entanto quando vi este livro em promoção e li a sua sinópse fiquei realmente interessada, e começei a lê-lo no exacto mesmo dia.Acho que fiz uma óptima aposta em começar este género literário com Emma Wildes! Já tenho imensos dela em wishlist, bem como de outras autoras semelhantes.Quanto à história em si é muito bonita. Adorei as personagens, especialment [...]

    8. Este é o primeiro livro de mais uma trilogia da autora. Sendo já uma fã de Emma Wildes, iniciei esta leitura com certas expetativas e não me desiludi. One Whisper Away é um livro que nos entretém, onde o enredo, embora simples e previsível, nos consegue manter agarradas à história do princípio ao fim.A minha experiencia com os livros da autora preparou-me para uma fórmula mais ou menos assim: dois casais, um drama/crime para resolver, dois finais felizes. Mas em One Whisper Away as co [...]

    9. Me gustó mucho por la forma en que comienza, con una prota que tiene sus prioridades y no es una de esas que anda sonrojándose en todo momento. Voy a ignorar las partes de su hermana porque son una pérdida de mi tiempo por lo dura que fue para salir de esa actitud lastimera. Su romance más bien ñeh, nada comparada con la de su hermana que fue un torbellino.

    10. NTS: Stay away from this author. She has no regard for period-appropriateness!

    11. 4/5 (B)I was really looking forward to One Whisper Away as Ms Wildes has become one of my favorite and auto-buy historical romance authors, but at the same time, when I found out that the hero was Native American, I was a little bit wary. I'm not super fond of Native American characters, especially not in historical, because it's always the same issues that come up - acceptance - and with Augustine being nicknamed Earl Savage, it didn't look very promising. In the end though, the hero being Nati [...]

    12. I won this book in a contest--Thank you, Ms. Wildes and Dear Author!--and am really enjoying it. I've read several of Wildes' erotic historical romances and found them to be among the best in the genre. She consistently writes excellent dialogue and believable characters. And--this is my favorite part--there are often secondary romances built into the story, which is like getting two for the price of one. That's the case in One Whisper Away in which our heroine, Cecily, tries to escape an arrang [...]

    13. O novo ano começou e com eles vieram novidades fantásticas. Emma Wildes chegou ao nosso mercado editorial à algum tempo e parece que veio para nos deliciar com as suas historias maravilhosas.Este livro, na minha opinião, apesar de ser uma leitura leve é também uma leitura fantástica que nos faz sonhar e desejar viver um amor assim. Num tempo de príncipes e princesas e ambiente luxuoso, esta história é construída de forma perfeita e nos mostra o tipo de amor existente entre irmãos. Go [...]

    14. Bem, eu sou suspeita, porque sou fã de romance, mas na minha opinião, este é um dos mais intensos que li até hoje. «Sussurros ousados» foi a minha estreia com a autora Emma Wildes. E que estreia! A autora tem uma escrita fluída e floreada, bonita, e ao mesmo tempo consegue prender-nos à leitura. Esta é uma história bem trabalhada, com personagens fortes e devidamente caracterizados, cada qual com uma personalidade bastante vincada, o que nos faz gostar tanto dos principais, como dos se [...]

    15. Man, I was so angry after finishing this book, or should I say, skimming the last 75 pages. There was no characterization. I felt nothing for the hero and heroine; they could have perished in a mine explosion, and I would have been thrilled because at least that would have made the book more interesting! Wilde did excellent job creating the secondary characters. They had exceedingly more dimension than the main couple. Why couldn’t the main story be about her sister and Drury and have Cecily a [...]

    16. Although I liked it overall, this book comes off as a shaderacist to me. The hero is a quarter Native American, and he is referred to as "Earl Savage." While I realize that this is a historical romance, I still felt uncomfortable reading some parts, and I felt like Emma Wildes would have done well to do more research on the culture and tone down the racist terms and remarks.

    17. Emma Wildes consegue sempre deixar-me bem disposta. Adoro a forma como ela escreve, e os livros lêm-se num instantinho.Gostei muito deste novo livro dela :)

    18. Lady Cicely is indended to get married with lord Drury, her brother’s best friend but Ci has to reject the proposal although she admitted that lord drury is handsome, rich and proper gentlemen because beside she do not has a feeling (romantic feeling) toward lord drury, she suspect her sister - Eleanor likes lord drury even Eleanor never tells her but Ci knew it from the way she looked at lord drury and also her behavior as well as being near him.Earl Jonathan Augustine Savage was a half Ameri [...]

    19. Enjoyed this story and the characters. The secondary romance was great as well. I always enjoy Emma Wildes historical romances.

    20. Para quem segue com relativa atenção este meu adorado espaço, não há segredo algum no facto de eu vos dizer que gosto muito de Emma Wildes. A partir do momento em que li pela primeira vez esta autora, rendi-me ao seu jeito suave contar histórias de época, com um travo de acção e mistério, com um travo de humor, mas, principalmente, com um cuidado particular ao falar de amor e elaborar deliciosas descrições da classe alta britânica.Neste título em concreto, que na minha opinião é [...]

    21. Opinião em: leituranaoocupaespacoConde Augustine chegou à sociedade inglesa e, desde cedo causa furor! De herança mestiça, o ar perigoso do americano, assim como a sua pele morena, olhos e cabelos escuros, tornam-no objecto de curiosidade por entre todo o ton inglês, mas o que realmente o destaca é a sua falta de decoro, realçado com o seu encontro acidental com Lady Cecily.Lady Cecily está na sua primeira temporada, e sendo tudo o que uma boa esposa representa, e de boas famílias, atra [...]

    22. Há pouco mais de um ano estreei-me nos romances de época com uma pitada de sensualidade que sem dúvida apimenta a leitura. Quando vi que a Planeta estava prestes a lançar o primeiro livro de uma nova série da autora Emma Wildes, de cujas obras ainda não tinha lido nada, achei que era a altura de me aventurar e com Sussurros Ousados, obtive a minha primeira experiência com a escrita desta autora. Fiquei muito agradavelmente surpreendida.Pautada por um sentido romântico por vezes inesperad [...]

    23. 3.5 starsCecily Francis is immediately intrigued by Jonathan, the Earl of Augustine. He tests the bounds of common decency time and time again, yet while Cecily craves love and not an arranged marriage, she's not certain she could marry Lord Drury because she believes her sister Eleanor is in love with him.Given their mutual attraction to one another, she tempts fate by suggesting an "engagement" to Jonathan, hoping to steer Eleanor and Drury together. Once Jonathan has his father's affairs in o [...]

    24. One Whisper Away by Emma WildesHistorical Romance – May 3rd, 20113 1/2 starsLady Cecily Francis has just been introduced to London Society when she had an incident with the mysterious and exciting Earl of Augustine - a half Indian, half American whom the ton has dubbed Lord Savage. All Augustine wanted was to go back to America, but he has to settle his business in London first, which means he has to marry off the three sisters. However, Cecily is being pressured to marry Lord Drury, a man tha [...]

    25. Depois de não ter gostado do último livro de Emma Wildes, tive um pouco de receio com este, mas acabei por gostar bastante e reconheci novamente a autora que me encantou nos outros livros.Gostei do par romântico, o Conde Selvagem, uma personagem masculina, forte e carismática, um homem mestiço que sendo filho de um Conde, vai entrar na selecta e autoritária sociadade londrina, indo chocar estes nobres que terão de aceitar o conde augustine, mesmo tendo um comportamento escandaloso para os [...]

    26. Sussurros Ousados é uma leitura agradável, no entanto achei que o início do livro foi algo lento, talvez devido à apresentação dos vários personagens e suas motivações. Acho que a repetição de alguns bordões, como a descrição dos personagens e seus pensamentos, tornou a minha leitura mais lenta no início. Só quando entrei no espírito do livro, é que passei a gostar mais do mesmo e li-o mais rapidamente.Como é habitual, para além do romance principal, temos igualmente um roman [...]

    27. Fantastic book. I really enjoyed all parts of this story. Cecily was terrific as the heroine because she knew what she wanted and it wasn't Lord Drury. I liked the way she was looking out for her sister and that she wanted to help. The first time she met Lord Augustine did not bode well for a relationship. He is too much of something - he has a legitimate title and is preparing to present his sisters to society. But he is also half American, and part of that is Iroquois. Most of the ton is very [...]

    28. Emma Wildes’ new series, Ladies in Waiting, starts with a classic romance, One Whisper Away. A chance encounter introduces innocent debutant Lady Cecil to Earl of Augustine, otherwise known as Earl Savage by the more experienced ladies of the ton.This novel is more about emotion than suspense although there is a soft mystery subplot. And while the hero and heroine act true to their backgrounds there is remarkably little action in this novel. That in no way means it was boring. A lot goes on, b [...]

    29. I wanted to like this book. I've enjoyed a couple of Emma Wildes's stories in the past. However, I'm afraid that after reading 59% of the story, I couldn't continue. The cliches were far and wide and I couldn't get past them: the American half-breed who inherited the title of Earl, but who although educated in expensive schools in America and having resided most of his life in Boston, behaves like a boor when he hits English society. Cliche. Society in America was quite strict at the time and ev [...]

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