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Mofongo Sebastian har en hjertefeil som gj r at han ikke kan spille fotball med gutta Men han finner sin arena p kj kkenet hos besten Lola Der lager de retter som f rer familien sammen igjen Det er magi vi sk

  • Title: Mofongo
  • Author: Cecilia Samartin
  • ISBN: 9788282050739
  • Page: 340
  • Format: None
  • Sebastian har en hjertefeil som gj r at han ikke kan spille fotball med gutta Men han finner sin arena p kj kkenet hos besten Lola Der lager de retter som f rer familien sammen igjen Det er magi vi skaper, ikke sant, abuela N ja, det er avgjort en m te se det p , svarte hun tankefullt Eller kanskje det er magien som skaper oss Sebastian dr mmer om v reSebastian har en hjertefeil som gj r at han ikke kan spille fotball med gutta Men han finner sin arena p kj kkenet hos besten Lola Der lager de retter som f rer familien sammen igjen Det er magi vi skaper, ikke sant, abuela N ja, det er avgjort en m te se det p , svarte hun tankefullt Eller kanskje det er magien som skaper oss Sebastian dr mmer om v re som de andre gutta, kunne l pe som en vind over fotballbanen Men en hjertefeil gj r at han m st p sidelinjen Sebastian finner sin arena p kj kkenet hos abuela Lola, og sammen tilbereder de eksotiske retter som f rer en splittet familie sammen Mofongo er Samartin magi p sitt beste Dette er en fortelling om danse med d den, om hvordan sm seire bygger vakre liv, om kj rlighet og lengsel gjennom generasjoner og hjerter som brister p s mange m ter Mofongo viser at skillet mellom glede og sorg ikke er skj rt, men usynlig.

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      340 Cecilia Samartin
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    1 thought on “Mofongo

    1. If this novel was intended as a tear-jerker, then the author succeeded. Not only because the story was intentionally heartbreakingly sad, but also because it had me laughing at its absurdity in places, and crying at its style.Why laugh? The main character is a weedy ten-year-old boy with a dickey heart, who in my opinion, came through more like an adolescent. These are a few examples of his thoughts:“Standing in the doorway with her thick hair slung over her shoulder, and one hand poised on he [...]

    2. I loved this book (read in Norwegian), the plot, the descriptions, beautiful. Also about the important things in life, and I love that. Unfortunately, a good part of the characters didn`t come alive to me as I wanted them to, so therefore I will not give it a full score.

    3. I am inexplicably moved by Cecilia Samartin as she has done it again with an amazing piece of artwork such as this. This tale intertwines deep family ties with heart wrenching truths and the strength to endure and face it all no matter what it takes, even if it means risking it all."Mofongo" truly reveals true mastery in the art of connecting with the author's readers. Samartin tugs on your heart strings as well as your hunger expressing a collective desire to soothe the soul. The story involves [...]

    4. This is an extremely touching story about a young boy Sebastian, his grandmother, and their captivating relationship. Sebastian has a condition that prevents him from accomplishing his goals of becoming a runner and a soccer player. He's bullied at school, and overly protected by his mother. His only escape is with Abuela Lola, his grandmother. Lola has given up her cooking, including her cooking supplies as she prepares for death. When Sebastian finds his grandmother on the floor of her kitchen [...]

    5. Сесилия Самартин е написала гурме роман, в основата на който стои драматичната история за десетгодишния Себастиан. „Мофонго“ е приятен роман с леко мистични елементи, който би допаднал на много дами, ала аз не можах да му дам повече от две звездички. Хубава история, но не м [...]

    6. LOVED it! This book is written in the tradition of Isabel Allende--beautifully-drawn characters, soulful, with touches of intuition and magic. Sebastian is a young boy with a heart condition, which prevents him from living his dream to become a great runner and soccer player. His only refuge from the school bullies, his physical limitations, and his overprotective mother is with his Abuela Lola. Together, they share family history and life lessons, juxtaposed with cooking the sumptuous dishes fr [...]

    7. Just a quick rant at the halfway point of Mofongo: Why do so many people have such difficulty with YOUR and YOU'RE? Honestly, it is so simple, and yet even college educated people with multiple degrees use it incorrectly. It rankles me, especially when unedited in a book! I have already come across at least three misuses of YOU'RE. That being said, I'm enjoying the story so far.Normally this is the kind of story that would make me shed a tear or two or more, but for some reason, I was not affect [...]

    8. De 10-jarige Californische Sebastian heeft een hartkwaal waardoor hij heel klein is, zich niet mag inspannen, niet kan spelen of voetballen (wat hij zo graag wil) en veel gepest wordt. Ook in zijn familie lopen de dingen niet goed. Gelukkig heeft hij zijn oma, een lieve, zachtaardige Puerto Ricaanse bij wie hij iedere dag na schooltijd op bezoek gaat. Vroeger was zijn oma een opperbeste kok, maar sinds een keukenbrandje mag ze van haar familie geen fornuis meer aanraken en moet ze genoegen nemen [...]

    9. Empecé este libro con muchas dudas respecto si iba a gustarme, entretenerme, etc Qué equivocada estaba!!! En menos de una semana estaba cocluido, no podía parar de leerlo, y eso que no es en absoluto una novela de misterio.Los personajes excelentemente delineados, tal vez algunos caen en estereotipos, pero nada grave.Los protagnistas (la abuela lola y su nieto sebastian) totalmente entrañables, tanto cada personaje en sí como la relación entre ambos.La única advertencia: uno se queda con [...]

    10. Over dit boek heb ik echt even een nachtje moeten slapen wat voor punt ik dit zou gaan geven,het was of 4 of 5.Ik had voor mij gevoel nog wat onbeantwoorde vragen maar die neem ik maar op de koop toe,want ik ging vanmorgen werken en moest eerst even het verhaal over het boek kwijt en dat wil wel zeggen dat het mij erg aan heeft gegrepen.Er komen Stiekem toch veel onderwerpen voorbij vliegen zoals pesten ,het huwelijk,familie ruzie dat ik niet anders kan zeggen dan dat dit boek geweldig was. Mooi [...]

    11. I loved reading Mofongo. Reminded me of Wonder as it follows the story of a child different from his peers. Sebastian has a heart defect and finds sanctuary from ill health, school bullies and an overprotective family in the kitchen of his Puerto Rican grandmother, Lola. Loved the relationship that spans generations terrific story enhanced by good references. Great characters, poignant story. Highly recommend.

    12. Aiemmat lukemani Cecilia Samartinin kirjat ovat olleet lumoavia, mutta Mofongosta tämä maaginen ote tuntui puuttuvan. Päähenkilö Sebastania mielenkiintoisemmaksi henkilöksi nousi abuela Lola. Hänen menneisyytensä Puerto Ricossa ja ruoanlaiton lomassa kertomansa tarinat olisivat tarjonneet aineksia mielestäni onnistuneempaan kirjaan.Mofongo on ihan ok -tasoista luettavaa, mutta Samartinin aikaisempiin kirjoihin verrattuna pettymys.

    13. Ik vond dit een heel mooi boek om te lezen omdat abuela op een geweldige manier transformeert tot een hele pittige vrouw. Het einde is erg zielig maar op een hele mooie manier gebracht en wat fijn dat de familie uiteindelijk weer bij elkaar komt!

    14. I really enjoyed the descriptive writing is this book. Everything from the characters, their emotions, their interactions and most exquisitely the food they cooked and ate were so well described. I would recommend this book to anyone, even my 12 year old granddaughter.

    15. A poorly written story with no believable characters and a weak plot bringing them all together. Nothing irritates me more than a neat little ending that wraps everything up nicelywhether it makes sense or not.

    16. A story about a boy with a weak heart and his close relationship with his grandmother. The book reminds me of other Latin American authors, like Allende and Garcia Marquez. However, the story of Mofongo is too weak to make it really good, I think.

    17. A mixture of food, family and tragedies. Not the most spectacular book I have read, but I love how the charachters developed throughout the story and how the book made me settle my mind.

    18. I absolutely loved it. It was a heart-warming but a tragic story, it had me so emotional. Words can't explain how good of a book this was. Read it yourself and you'll understand what I mean

    19. Wasn't bad but was too unrealistic for my taste. Like it's way too obvious it's not a true story. It an ok book, not an unforgettable one.

    20. 2,5. A pesar del mensaje tan positivo que transmite, no me ha llegado, no he conseguido conectar con muchas de ellos a pesar de la simpatía de la protagonista

    21. Lest norsk versjon.Fin historie. Handler om en hjertesyk gutt som bruker mye tid på å lage mat sammen med bestemoren sin. Spesielt gøy å lese den mens vi var på Cuba

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