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Why Didn't They Ask Evans?

Why Didn t They Ask Evans Was it a misstep that sent a handsome stranger plummeting to his death from a cliff Or something sinister Fun loving adventurers Bobby Jones and Frances Derwent s suspicions are certainly roused espei

  • Title: Why Didn't They Ask Evans?
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: 9780312981594
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • Was it a misstep that sent a handsome stranger plummeting to his death from a cliff Or something sinister Fun loving adventurers Bobby Jones and Frances Derwent s suspicions are certainly roused espeically since the man s dying words were so peculiar Why didn t they ask Evans Bobby and Frances would love to know Unfortunately, asking the wrong people has sent thWas it a misstep that sent a handsome stranger plummeting to his death from a cliff Or something sinister Fun loving adventurers Bobby Jones and Frances Derwent s suspicions are certainly roused espeically since the man s dying words were so peculiar Why didn t they ask Evans Bobby and Frances would love to know Unfortunately, asking the wrong people has sent the amateur sleuths running for their lives on a wild and deadly pursuit to discover who Evans is, what it was he wasn t asked, and why the mysterious inquiry has put their own lives in mortal danger

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    1 thought on “Why Didn't They Ask Evans?

    1. Probably not one of Agatha Christie's best books but I enjoyed it just the same. Frankie and Bobbie are a delightful pair and I loved their ending. The story is fun and I didn't actually guess one of the guilty parties.I believe this was one of her earlier books and it was not as polished as her work usually is. I also had to suspend belief more often than usual. In the first few chapters when the doctor and Bobbie find a dying man on a cliff - the doctor goes for help leaving the unqualified yo [...]

    2. Rating: 3.5* of fiveAnnoying. Just plain annoying. Frankie and Bobby are bumbling amateurs! Lady Frances Derwent, daughter of the Earl of Marchington, knows Bobby, the son of the Vicar of Marchbolt, from little on up. They meet again when Bobby's found a dying man under the cliffs near his home. He and Frankie decide that they'll look into the matter because there are some loose and flapping ends that Bobby knows but had no chance to say at the inquest.Hijinks quite predictably ensue.It was 80 y [...]

    3. بينما كان بوبي جونز يلعب مباراة جولف "غريبة الأطوار"أطاح بالكرة من فوق حافة الجرف اختفت الكرة عن الأنظار ، لكنه وجد - على الصخور أسفل الجرف جثمان رجل يصارع الموت - وبينما كان الرجل يلفظ أنفاسه الأخيرة فتح عينيه وقال " لماذا لم يسألوا ايفانز" ؟يالها من بداية غريبة يصبح بوبي اسير [...]

    4. رواية رائعة بحق،دائما ما تتفوق أجاثا كريستي بأن تبقيني ساهرة كي أنهي روايتها في جلسة واحدة دون عن باقي الروائيين

    5. To put it mildly--not one of Christie's best--and I am a fan who has rated books of hers five stars. I really liked it at first. Bobby Jones is a amiable young man, a vicar's son, who finds a dying man at the foot of a cliff. The man's last cryptic words were, "Why didn't they ask Evans?" Soon there's an attempt on Bobby's life and he and his childhood friend, Frankie, aka Lady Frances Derwent, are on the case. There's a great chemistry between them, wit and humor to be had in the tale, a breezy [...]

    6. Cerita pembunuhannya sendiri kurang menarik,yang membuat menarik,sangat menarik malahan latar belakangnya dan kata kata terakhir korban "mengapa mereka tidak memanggil evans? yang membuat penasaran dan memulai petualangan bobby dan frankie. yang pada akhirnya membawa mereka kembali ke wisma pendeta.good!Aku sangat suka dengan karakter Lady Frances Derwent aka Frankie yang di gambarkan tante Agatha Christie yang menurut saya agak sempurna,lucu,pemberani,dari keluarga kaya.aku mau lah kalau ada la [...]

    7. AGATHA CHRISTIE "KODĖL JIE NEPAPRAŠĖ EVANS?"Mano numylėtinė Agatha Christie. Kiek jos knygų beskaityčiau - man negana. Man tikra mįslė, kaip ji galėjo prigalvoti tiek siužetų, tiek paslapčių, tiek loginių kelių ir tiek klystkelių klaidinančių skaitytojus. Tiek knygų, tiek istorijų ir nė vienos nuobodžios, pasikartojančios. Esu perskaičiusi 32 jos knygas, ir su kiekvienos paskutiniu puslapiu apima dvejopi jausmai. Kartu ir džiaugiuosi savo vidinį skaitytoją praturtinus [...]

    8. لا أدري كيف تستطيع أن تضع القاتل في البقعة العمياء يحيط بنا ويصنع الأحداث لكننا لا نراه لا نراه!أما عن نسج خيوط الأحداث وخلق المفاجآت تلو المفاجآت، فذاك ما سيجعلني أحزن كثيرًا عندما أُطبِق دفتيّ آخر روايات أجاثا!كم أعشق الروايات التي لا تستخف بذكاء القارئ!

    9. 2,5*. Reread. Saya agak-agak lupa ceritanya. Dapat separuh buku, rasanya kok males mau lanjut. Tapi sudah punya bukunya, sayang mau di dnf. Eh, ternyata pas baca pertama kali dulu, perasaannya masih sama. Dulu hampir di dnf juga :'(Hampir DNF-in buku ini. Ide ceritanya oke dan karakternya menarik, terutama Frankie yg lucu. Setelah separuh buku, rasanya membosankan. Tapi pelaku sebenarnya dalam kasus Kabut benar benar diluar dugaan.

    10. ببساطة لأنهم لا يعرفون من يكون / تكون إفنز :Dتنقلك اجاثا من خيط لآخر ومن مشتبه لآخر حتى إذا ما وصلت للنهاية إكتشفت ان كل افتراضاتك او معظمها خاطئة وهذا ما يسمى بالإبداع.

    11. It really was jolly rotten luck that a man should decide to topple off the cliff at the golf course the very night Bobby Jones had promised to play organ at his father’s evening service. But as the man’s not quite dead, there’s nothing for it but for Bobby to stand guard while his partner of the course rushes off for help. It is then that the man utters five words before quietly dying. The words “Why didn’t they ask Evans?”It is that question and subsequent odd occurrences that set B [...]

    12. Previously published as "The Boomerang Clue", this stand-alone mystery from 1934 had somehow escaped my notice until recently. I found this a fun cosy mystery although slightly predictable. I suspect that is because so many authors have copied the gist of Christie's plots over the years! In any case, although I did figure out who the bad guys were fairly early, it was still fun to watch Bobby and Frankie figure it out.

    13. Compared to the previous Christie book I read (which was, I think, The Hollows), this was a disappointment.Why Didn't They Ask Evans is not a Poirot or Miss Marple book, but instead stars Bobby Jones (fourth son of the vicar) and Frankie (Frankie's the daughter of the earl) as they try to solve the mystery behind the death that Bobby comes across while playing golf. The two friends hatch plots and investigate suspects, with the twists and turns meaning that the truth is always just out of grasp [...]

    14. I read this under the title "The Boomerang Clue," and kept waiting for said clue to appear! At the end of the novel I realized the title's significance and had a chuckle; there is no literal boomerang clue here--the title refers to the fact that the novel begins with a dying man asking, "why didn't they ask Evans?" (the alternate title) and ends with learning that Evans has been under the sleuths' noses all the timeey have come back to their starting point like a boomerang. It's the only Christi [...]

    15. Nessun investigatore classico è protagonista di questa vicenda. Tutto è lasciato nelle mani di Bobby e di Frankie (sua amica di nobili origini con vari agganci e molta disponibilità economica), improvvisatesi entrambi novelli detective.Devo ammettere d'aver molto apprezzato il personaggio forte (e anche un po' ficcanaso) di Frankie ed il gioco tra delitti ed amore che si crea in questo romanzo.Ci sono alcuni punti della vicenda che risultano un po' forzati e un po' troppo provvidenziali (nien [...]

    16. Agatha Christie is one of my favorite authors of all time. So you can expect me to be a bit partial to her writing. I love her and the way she weaves magic in every book of hers. Her books are simply marvelous and so is this book ‘Why didn’t they ask Evans’. The protragonists Bobby and Frankie are awesome especially Frankie. She is independent, smart and spunky. She is now right on top with my favorite female fictional characters. The plot like any Agatha Christie book is brilliant and gra [...]

    17. Well, I can't give a detailed review on this, since it took me so long to read & I hate writing long reviews too. Compared to the previous Christie book I read last year (And Then There Were None), this was a disappointment. I just couldn't keep my attention but for a few minutes at a time, it’s not what one generally expects from Christie’s mysteries. This book had such a good set up, but wasn't as good as it could have been, the mystery wasn't as hooking as the other ones I've read, wh [...]

    18. This is the same book as "The Boomerang Clue" but "Why Didn't They Ask Evans" is the perfect title, as it holds the key to the entire story. I'm not sure what a boomerang has to do with the story, unless it refers to a character throwing a boot up through a skylight, said boot falling back into the room amid broken glass on the floor. Anyway, Christie's forte was never double-detective stories (it's just hard to out-wit Poirot or Marple), and here Bobby and Frankie come off as no more than Tommy [...]

    19. Scooby Doo would be right at home in this novel, particularly towards the end - but so would Nancy Mitford (and several other Mitford sisters, but probably not Unity or Jessica). Christie paints in broad strokes the Bright Young People of the 1930s gossip columns, with droll, insouciant Frankie standing in for the champagne-addled aristrocratic youth of the time period. This certainly isn't Christie's best, but it's a screwball delight to read. You probably will have it all figured out by about [...]

    20. While Agatha Christie is best-known for her sleuths like Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, I’ve discovered that some hidden gems among her “standalone” novels. Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? Is a thoroughly enjoyable read, anchored by the terrific chemistry between the protagonists, lifelong friends Bobby Jones, son of the local vicar, and Lady Frances Derwent. Their relationship, particularly the way they constantly spar and view their case, reminds me of another pair of Christie sleuths – [...]

    21. Bobby dan koleganya menemukan seorang pria terjatuh dari tebing. Saat ditinggalkan bersama Bobby, pria itu mengucapkan kata terakhirnya, "Mengapa mereka tidak memanggil Evans?"Sejak itu kasus berkembang ke arah yang aneh dengan lenyapnya foto gadis jelita yang dilihat Bobby di kantung jas korban dan digantikan oleh foto Mrs. Cayman yang mengaku adik korban. Setelah Bobby memebritahu kata-kata terakhir korban pada keluarga Cayman, nyawa Bobby malah terancam. Bobby dan temannya, Lady Frances (Fran [...]

    22. Mereu m-am declarat fana lui Agatha Christie si atunci când simt nevoie de o pauză, ea îmi vine ca mănușă stării mele. Cu pricina data am pornit lecturarea. La jumătate cărții m-a încercat o dezamăgire față de această carte. Înaintam în așteptarea spectaculasei apariției, vobresc de Poirot, care va descurca cazul din două bătăi din palmă, dar nimic nu se întâmpla. În același timp sub nasul meu doi tineri s-au încurcat în niște probleme de zile mari cu criminali de t [...]

    23. Why Didn't They Ask Evans? was my first Agatha Christie novel. This book was so thrilling and suspenseful. One of the main characters, Bobby Jones, while playing golf with a Dr. Thomas, discovers a man that has fallen over a cliff below one of the holes. Dr. Thomas, after discovering the man will soon be dead, runs to get help and the police. Bobby stays to watch over the man. While watching him the man suddenly opens his eyes and mutters "Why didn't they ask Evans?" he then falls into the chain [...]

    24. This was not my favorite Agatha Christie novel, but if I could, I'd give it 2 1/2 stars instead of just 2. The main characters are kind of nitwits. Instead of getting the police involved, they act on their own and almost get themselves killed. They do this because they don't think the police can help them, but they don't give the police all the info they have. It just bugged me. This style of mystery novel is what I call a "Scooby Doo Mystery", complete with a criminal in disguise and plenty of [...]

    25. I really enjoyed the characters and mystery in the first half of the book. The ending however felt a bit forced. Specifically (without going into spoilers) the bright young protagonist named Frankie does something frighteningly stupid and out of character for someone who has read a lot of mysteries. After that happened, the plot seemed rushed as if Agatha Christie had tired of the whole thing and wanted it over with.One thing I don't understand is why women in old books often have names that sou [...]

    26. It's a shame there aren't more stories about Bobby and Frankie. Like the Tommy and Tuppence books, this describes a pair of amateurs who fancy themselves as half-descent detectives and endeavour to solve a murder. The twist in the story is expertly done, with Christie pointing the finger at one suspect for the majority of the book, then changing tack at the last minute. One of my favourites so far.

    27. I thought it was a bit amateurish for someone of Christie's skills. It had such a good set up, but wasn't as good as it could have been. If you've read Christie before, it won't be hard to figure out whodunnit. Still, Bobby and Francis are a likable pair and they kept me reading because of their energy.

    28. This has it all. A likeable pair of protagonists, drug feinds, an enigmatic villainess and a truly bad lot of a villain. Full of derring do and faithful friends, this is a lighthearted romp that takes us from Wales to Hampshire and back again. Great fun!

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