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Sex And The City: The Movie [Movie Companion]

Sex And The City The Movie Movie Companion The complete lavishly illustrated companion to the Sex and the City film

  • Title: Sex And The City: The Movie [Movie Companion]
  • Author: Amy Sohn
  • ISBN: 9780755318407
  • Page: 346
  • Format: None
  • The complete, lavishly illustrated companion to the Sex and the City film.

    • Unlimited [Fiction Book] º Sex And The City: The Movie [Movie Companion] - by Amy Sohn ✓
      346 Amy Sohn
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      Published :2018-09-15T11:44:23+00:00

    1 thought on “Sex And The City: The Movie [Movie Companion]

    1. This book is amazing if you want to know more about the movie!! I liked it a lot because of the many pictures and detailed explanations about the movie, locations, clothes, actors and actresses, etc.It cost 25 euro and i found it for 2.95 and OMG! it was the biggest surprise!Loved it!

    2. A great companion book to the movie. There are interviews with the writer, director and cast members. I loved reading the behind the scenes info. The clothes! There is a lot of great insight into the clothes - where they came from, why they were picked. A real feast for the eyes. I love Pat Fields, i think the clothes she picks out are fantastic. This is worth a read just for the clothes alone

    3. While the photography and background info is awesome, it is clear that it was written before the final cut of the movie was put together. There are several scenes in the book which do not appear in the final film. Also, it appears the author did not pay much attention to some of the plot lines. I went and watched the movie again this weekend after reading the book and found quite a few holes. However, being able to gaaze at all the fashions and learn about things that went on behind the scenes m [...]

    4. This wasn't as in depth as Sex and The City:Kiss and Tell. It was basically the story of the movie told in stunning photographs with the odd comments thrown in about the outfits and a small section at the back about the locations. It was nice to relive the film again, I know this film had lots of haters but I really liked it and when I need a quick Sex and the City fix, I will watch this. However it could have done with some cast interviews. So like Carrie says to Mr Big (even after he leaves he [...]

    5. One my most beloved television series made into a wonderful moviegh. (We can all disregard the horrific sequel.)I enjoyed this pictorial approach to the making of the movie, and really enjoyed the behind-the-scenes tidbits. After reading this and the book on the series itself, I am extremely tempted to go back and start the series from the beginning, again.

    6. I'm biased towards this book because I absolutely loved the series and the movie. This book had pictures and clippings with explanations for the various parts of the movie and things the director chose to leave out. I know, not really a real book, but I still love it all the same and recommend it to my fellow sex and the city lovers!

    7. A great book for anybody who fell in love with the series and the movies. Go along and see what happens to Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte. New York is the city of dreams, and there are many dreams to have. From sex, marriage, sexy men, children, and much more, the four friends stay together no matter what.

    8. i kept up with the show via reruns on network tved the movie and loved itis book just has lots of stills from the movie in it with comments about them throughout. all the expensive brands being worn, thoughts from the actresses, little behind-the-scenes tidbits. for any avid sex and the city fan.

    9. Goes through the movie, page by page in the book, and you learn all sorts of tid-bits and trivia you wouldn't know otherwise. Also takes you through most of the casts' wardrobe and tells you what each piece is and where you can buy it. Very fun for those of us who like to look, but know they can't buy all that fun stuff.

    10. this was one of my silly Christmas gifts but I did like it all the same. I thought it gave a good overview of the characters and really focused in on Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha's personalities

    11. I bought this when the movie came out and flipped though it but I finally got around to reading it. I was missing the show and this brought back some good memories of watching the show with my friends.

    12. I didn't get a chance to see the movie in the theatre so I thought I'd check out the book. Glad I did! Since I loved the series, I figured I'd like the book, too. Will probably pick this one up to add to my collection as it is a great keepsake of the girls!

    13. A really cute companion novel to the movie that gives extra info behind the scenes. This book has wonderful images that will take you right back to the movie (see it before reading!!!). However I think there could have been a lot more info about the movie.

    14. Total coffee-table book. Each time I flip through it, it reminds me of how much I'd like for there to be a sequel to the movie. I do admit, I purchased it so that I could immortalize some specific scenes.

    15. I could read this book over and over. I love looking at the fashion and the spots in NYC they used in the movie. I also like the quotes from the movie and SJP through out the book.

    16. I loved the movie and this book made the movie look soo much better. After i saw the movie i bought this book and completly fell in love with the photos and the piece by piece document of the movie.

    17. These books(this and the movie comapnions) have quality pictures of and are good form of reference for outfits,places,people,ect on the show.

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