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The Battle Of Britain: Myth and Reality

The Battle Of Britain Myth and Reality From the award winning author of The Dictators Richard Overy s The Battle of Britain Myth and Reality is the best introduction available to a defining moment in British history The extraordinary stru

  • Title: The Battle Of Britain: Myth and Reality
  • Author: Richard Overy
  • ISBN: 9781846143564
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the award winning author of The Dictators, Richard Overy s The Battle of Britain Myth and Reality is the best introduction available to a defining moment in British history The extraordinary struggle between British and German air forces in 1940 was one of the pivotal events of the Second World War How close did Britain really come to invasion during this time WhaFrom the award winning author of The Dictators, Richard Overy s The Battle of Britain Myth and Reality is the best introduction available to a defining moment in British history The extraordinary struggle between British and German air forces in 1940 was one of the pivotal events of the Second World War How close did Britain really come to invasion during this time What were Hitler and Churchill s motives And what was the battle s real effect on the outcome of the war It is harder to imagine a sounder and succinct account of the Battle of Britain Max Hastings, Evening Standard No individual British victory after Trafalgar was decisive in challenging the course of a major war than the Battle of Britain the best historical analysis in readable form which has yet appeared on this prime subject Noble Frankland, The Times Literary Supplement The Battle of Britain is hard to beat Saul David, Sunday Telegraph Exemplary a compelling account Boyd Tonkin, Independent Succeeds brilliantly along the way a lot of myths bite the dust Time A captivating and brilliant analysis of the fragile circumstances of Britain s victory ObserverRichard Overy has spent much of his distinguished career studying the intellectual, social and military ideas that shaped the cataclysm of the Second World War, particularly in his books 1939 Countdown to War, Why the Allies Won, Russia s War and The Morbid Age Overy s The Dictators Hitler s Germany, Stalin s Russia won the Wolfson Prize for History and the Hessell Tiltman Prize.

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    1 thought on “The Battle Of Britain: Myth and Reality

    1. The finest hour of the Spitfire gets the Marie Kondo treatment from a historian in the know. By challenging all of our assumptions, he leaves us with a clear framework for further study. As the title implies, there's a fair amount of de-mythologizing in this slender volume, yet in turn there's also some re-mythologizing through the winding turns of historiography. For example, the principal popular phrase of The Few from Churchillean rethoric is first debunked as the effectives of Fighter Comman [...]

    2. A short but very interesting read. This book has two major premises that are mostly in contradiction to the normal read of The Battle of Britain. The first is that at no time were the British really outnumbered by the Germans in the air. The second is that the outcome of the battle was never truly in question. The first flies in the face of accepted understanding of the battle as well as most of the numbers that are presented when reading about it. What Overy is pointing to isn't the fact that i [...]

    3. An excellent myth-busting work my Richard Overy, who exposes many of the illusions that Britons seem to hold regarding the Battle of Britain. Britain did not, for example, far fewer planes and pilots that Nazi Germany during the battle (British output was actually double that of Germany throughout); the Germans did not engage in mass bombings of British cities (this came much later in the war: it was only the inaccurate bombing of the day - for which Britain was equally culpable - which led to c [...]

    4. This short book provides some interesting snippets of information for the Battle of Britain enthusiast. Having read this after some of the more detailed histories on the Battle of Britain (most notably 'Battle of Britain' by Patrick Bishop), the assessments of Luftwaffe strength, tactics, mistakes and the German war industry in Overy's work provided welcome insight to give a more comprehensive understanding of the Battle of Britain. However, from this work I did not garner any major adjustments [...]

    5. The author clearly had extensive knowledge of the Battle, but I found it difficult to follow as was constantly jumping around the timeline. I would have appreciated the book more if it discussed events in a chronological order instead.

    6. Richard Overy—author of The Air War, 1939-1945 and Why the Allies Won, among other things—is, for my money, one of the sharpest and most insightful historians writing about the Second World War. His books are clearly written, crisply argued, and firmly rooted in the evidence . . . about as far from sensationalism as you can get.This slim volume on the Battle of Britain—the attempt of the German Luftwaffe to achieve air superiority over southern England (and thus the English Channel) in the [...]

    7. Richard Overy has produced another* superb book here. Not a right lot longer than I imagine the pamphlet it mentions at the end that was produced about the battle - that was the first to coin the phrase 'The Battle of Britain' - this is a concise, considered and thoroughly enjoyable snapshot of a few months in late 1940. A few months that have gone a long way to defining the fighting spirit of us British.It does indeed strip away the myth and present the reality of what actually happened in that [...]

    8. InThe Battle of Britain noted aviation historian Richard Overy has produced a concise and thorough narrative of the first attempt to stop Hitler and the expansion of German military operations during World War II. Fought from June through October 1940, Overy details the battle from every perspective and provides excellent supporting quotations from high-ranking leaders and common soldiers and citizens of both sides. From British preparations and construction a network of coastal radar stations a [...]

    9. Short, succinct overview of the Battle of Britain. Divided into four sections that set the context for the air war, weight the respective organizations and strategic/operational thinking of the Luftwaffe and the RAF, describe the progress of the main three months of the battle, then concludes with thoughts about the factors that led to victory (he argues intel and balance of forces were the two main ones) and what victory meant. It was short, but did a good job of both looking at the on-the-grou [...]

    10. Excellent historical analysis of why Hitler was both hesitant to and ultimately unable to invade the British Isles. Explodes a number of popular misunderstandings as to why this happened. Although highly touted, the German war machine was underproducing fighters and bombers while losing them at a faster rate because of British resolve, the limited accuracy of the German bombing campaign, and the strategic efficiency of Britain's radar, air defense, and intelligence operations. Good book! I learn [...]

    11. A reasonable overview of the battle, I wouldn't recommend this book to those unfamiliar with the overall scope of fighting (this was my first book on the subject).Although the conclusions Overy draws seem reasonable and are probably closer to reality than the myths, the book spends little time characterizing the individuals involved in the battle, and devotes a lot of time to summarizing numbers for aircraft production, bombs dropped, pilots trained, and so on.This is probably a good second or t [...]

    12. the beganing is talks about the setting with the differences in between germaany and britain like germny just wants more power and setthe middle talks about how people thinks what happened and what really happened in the battlethe end talks about how the two countrys figured stuff out and they ended in 1940s the author uses a scary and nervious tone because its wari liked that is about ward i loved it because its well written

    13. A short, concise and no fluff history of the Battle of Britain. It leveled the playing field and exposed myth with facts. It took nothing away from the English peoples courage and pilots daring, and identified some misinformation on the logistics of the air battle that raged during the late fall months of 1940. Pretty much alone against the German juggernaut they took a licking but kept on ticking.

    14. Very Good! Looks at Churchill's brillance of using events to his advantage. Consistantly, he plays the "we are the underdog" card when in fact he realized they had the advantages. Illustrates the driving will of the british people

    15. Well-structured book with the famous "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few" speech reference. Besides the tactical-strategic aspects, the author successfully touches on the sociological aspects. A bit short, but with striking info.

    16. A persuasive, well-documented analysis of the Royal Air Forces' great struggle against the Luftwaffe in the summer of 1940, when Britain stood alone against Nazi Germany. A well written, thought-provoking overview, not a blow-by-blow description.

    17. A concise overview of the Battle of Britain. Overy does his usual fine job of presenting a major historical event in a compact volume, bringing to light many myths about the battle and revealing the truth behind each one. An excellent introduction into Britain's "finest hour."

    18. Very interesting description of the Battle of Britain. This was a brief study describing the build-up, battle, and endgame of the iconic battle. Overy's debunking of popular myths was interesting.

    19. An interesting overview of the Battle of Britain. I enjoyed the book, but had to rate it lower due to its short length over less than 150 pages.

    20. A good clear and concise introduction to the Battle of Britain brought together in an easily readable volume.

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