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The Dragon Turn

The Dragon Turn Summer and Sherlock Holmes and his friend Irene celebrate her sixteenth birthday by attending the theater to watch a celebrated magician make a real dragon appear on stage It is the London sensa

  • Title: The Dragon Turn
  • Author: Shane Peacock
  • ISBN: 9781770492318
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Summer 1869, and Sherlock Holmes and his friend Irene celebrate her sixteenth birthday by attending the theater to watch a celebrated magician make a real dragon appear on stage It is the London sensation Sherlock and Irene meet the magician, Alistair Hemsworth just as he is arrested for the murder of his rival, The Wizard of Nottingham It seems that traces of the misSummer 1869, and Sherlock Holmes and his friend Irene celebrate her sixteenth birthday by attending the theater to watch a celebrated magician make a real dragon appear on stage It is the London sensation Sherlock and Irene meet the magician, Alistair Hemsworth just as he is arrested for the murder of his rival, The Wizard of Nottingham It seems that traces of the missing Wizard s blood and his spectacles were found in Hemsworth s secret studio Hemsworth has a motive not only is the Wizard his rival, but he also caused a scandal when he lured Hemsworth s wife away But is Hemsworth guilty Sherlock has his doubts, and soon, so does the reader.With humor and plot turns as dizzying as a narrow London lane, Shane Peacock invites his readers into a fascinating world, and a fresh adventure with one of literature s favorite characters The Boy Sherlock Holmes series is an international success with readers and reviewers alike.

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      415 Shane Peacock
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    1. I enjoyed the previous books but my reading tastes have changed I guess not into this series anymore, aah well:(On to the next

    2. "The Dragon Turn" is the 5th novel of "The Boy Sherlock Holmes" series, written by Shane Peacock. It was selected for "Silver Birch", "Book of the year for children", "Booklist's top ten in youth mysteries", "Ontario library association's top ten young adult fiction books of the year list", "Best books for kids and teens list, best of note list", and "Best bets list of top ten Canadian children's books. It was a finalist in the "Red ceder book award", and "TD Canadian children's book award. And [...]

    3. I had completed the novel titled “The Dragon Turn” written by Shane Peacock. The Dragon Turn is a novel in the series of The Boy Sherlock Holmes. The novel is mainly about Sherlock Holmes, a very good investigator for crimes, attempting to uncover the answer to the case of the death, of an amazing and well-known magician, The Wizard of Nottingham. I thought this novel was great because it had a good plot. The novel had a good pace to it and the author used vivid vocabulary in the novel, givi [...]

    4. Originally reviewed at Christa's Hooked on BooksI love all things Sherlock Holmes so I jumped at the chance to read and review this book. If you haven't read the other four books don't worry! This was my first one and I had no trouble getting into the story and finding myself wrapped up in the mystery. I would hazard a guess that the earlier books would provide a richer reading experience and I would like to go back and read them eventually, but overall I think you can start wherever you like in [...]

    5. The Dragon TurnBy: Shane Peacock Victorian London, 1869. The young Sherlock Holmes and his friend Irene Doyle had gone to see the magician known as Alistair Hemsworth. But, after the magician’s performance, Mr. Hemsworth was put under arrest by Inspector Lestrade. He was under the suspicion of murdering the Wizard of Nottingham, a rival illusionist. Sherlock, with the encouragement of Irene, traveled to the crime scene which only contained what seemed to be Nottingham’s glasses, blood, and b [...]

    6. I really enjoy this series. I love Sherlock Homes movies and TV shows. This has been a lot of fun to read in that it takes a fresh perspective on the famous detective and gives him a back story. There is also a different young Sherlock series and I'm reading those books as well. I like both of the series and that they are different from each other. The Dragon Turn is the fifth in this line. I like reading how Sherlock processes through cases as a teen and to see how it helps shape the man he bec [...]

    7. As the boy Sherlock Holmes gets older, his interest in girls increases and torn between Irene and Beatrice (who betrayed him on his 4th case) he is once again led into action by a young lady. But his solution seems too simple and the young man must go to inspector Lestrade and admit he was wrong.This case involves a notorious magician who produces a dragon for the entertainment of London. Is it real or an amazing illusion.With help from his mentor Sigerson Bell, the aforementioned young ladies, [...]

    8. Although the 5th book of a series, this book can easily be read as a stand-alone. The descriptions of Victorian London, showing some of hardships faced by the poor during this time and the strict moral codes and family values, are deftly handled and beautifully described by the author.There is a good plot with many of the old characters re-appearing and some interesting new ones added to create another intriguing boy Sherlock Holmes mystery with as much adventure, action and deception to keep yo [...]

    9. If you haven't read the other four books don't worry! They are all separated and I could easily get into the book. It’s not quit like the regular Sherlock Holmes but is perfect to get younger readers into the genera. I believe that if I read this book earlier I would have enjoyed it more.

    10. In The Dragon Turn, the boy Sherlock, now 15 (almost 16)has been "walking out" with the supremely attractive Irene Doyle, an aspiring stage singer. One performance they attend together is given by Alistair Hemsworth--an adventurer turned second-rate magician/illusionist--who has surprisingly managed to bring the most convincing of illusions to the stage: a dragon. Sherlock and Irene make a back-stage visit to Hemsworth after his show, and Irene feels some hopefulness about performing in the magi [...]

    11. My biggest impression is that this is definitely a stereotypical children's book in every sense of the word. I say this because I have read many of the same kind which have astounded me with its uniqueness and ability to go beyond. However, I feel like this book fell short of that and remains on very safe grounds. Although the 5th book of a series, this book can be read as a stand-alone. The author makes sure you are kept up to date, more or less, with the facts from previous happenstances. In t [...]

    12. The Dragon Turn, By: Shane Peacock-ReviewThe Dragon Turn by Shane Peacock was utterly amazing. It was jam packed with reviting action scenes, emotinal moments that made you catch your breath and tense suspense that would not let you put the book down. It's an awseome read for anyone who wants to put themselves in the shoes of the most greatest detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes.It all started when young Sherlock Holmes and Irene Doyles attended Alistair Hemsworth's magic show. Everyone was a [...]

    13. The Boy Sherlock Holmes's fourth case is told in this Victorian tale. Within the setting of grimy, foggy London we meet Charles Dickens at a reading of his works, and other prominent persons. Young Sherlock is sitting with a girl friend Irene in a music hall watching the star turn, an illusionist, produce a large live dragon in a cage. Ladies scream and faint, but the youngsters are fascinated. Later they go backstage but the police arrest the illusionist for murdering a stage magician.Sherlock [...]

    14. In The Dragon Turn, 16-year-old Sherlock Holmes has gone to see London's latest craze - a magician who can produce a dragon out of thin air. When the magician is accused of the murder of a rival, Sherlock finds himself caught up in the mystery and at odds with Inspectors Lestrade, both pere and fils. Worse, because of his evidence, the magician is freed but Sherlock begins to suspect that, maybe, just maybe, he might have been wrong and had helped to free a murderer.I have been a huge fan of the [...]

    15. The young Sherlock Holmes, just 15, is on the case again, albeit reluctantly, at first. This mystery is one of deception, alleged murder, dragons, and fantastical wizard magicians. When a highly regarded magician, known as Nottingham, is thought to have been murdered, Hemsworth, a lesser known one is accused. You see, there is a history of between themvolving Angelica Nottingham, the wizard's wife. She has left one for the otheror so it seems. Set against a backdrop of a magnificent magic show i [...]

    16. Reason for Reading: next in the series.I always look forward to reading the next installment of The Boy Sherlock Holmes, knowing I'm in for a good mystery, period piece and adventure. The fifth book in the series, The Dragon Turn was no disappointment! Set in the world of Victorian prestidigitation, the reader is planted back stage at the antics of self-important magicians and the violent death of one leaving very few remains other than pieces of flesh, whilst a rival is collared for the offense [...]

    17. I really enjoyed the previous book in this series, THE SECRET FIEND, but this, the fifth in the "Boy Sherlock Holmes" series, seemed long to me. It simply lacked the tension that kept me turning pages in THE SECRET FIEND, and I found myself setting it aside to read other books. In this installment, one magician (Hemsworth) is suspected of murdering another (Nottingham), who happened to have stolen his wife away. Only bits of Nottingham are found, and no one knows how Hemsworth did it. Against hi [...]

    18. Sherlock is now 15 and "stepping out" (dating, in the 19th century way) with Irene--they go to the theater together, etc. When the famous magician Hemsworth is arrested and charged with murdering his rival, Nottingham, Irene implores Sherlock to investigate and clear his name, because Hemsworth had promised to give Irene a job singing with his act. Hemsworth certainly had the motivation to kill Nottingham, because he stole Hemsworth's wife away from him. But Sherlock's not so sure--how did the m [...]

    19. Out of all the Red Maple selections this year, I had the hardest time finishing The Dragon Turn. I haven't read the other books in the series, but still felt that bits of the older stories and characters were brought up too often and for no good reason. The idea that somebody could get arrested on the evidence of traces of blood and flesh, without even the slightest clue that they had been positively identified as having a human origin, seemed highly doubtful. At no point had I thought it at all [...]

    20. A fabulous addition to the Young Sherlock Holmes series. This adventure features rival magicians of the London stage, one of whom is accused of killing the other, who is nowhere to be found. Sherlock's observations seem to indicate that the man is innocent, but he is quickly caught up in a web of deception. Soon Sherlock must determine whether the "murder" is the ultimate magic trick or nothing but a publicity stunt. Unless Sherlock can figure out who is responsible, and what the end goal is, an [...]

    21. The Dragon Turn by Shane Peacock This book is about a young detective named'Sherlock" who is investigating a mystery of which a famous magician was brutally murdered by his rival who is soon arrested by the police.Believed to be innocent with the help of his friend,Irene,he finds evidence to release him before being decapitated.When he is release,Sherlock feels guilty if he released an innocent or murder.Now,it's up to him to solve the mystery. I chose this book because it was a Red Maple book f [...]

    22. I received this book from NetGalley. When I requested it, I was expecting a Young Adult novel written for a tween audience similar to The Uglies series or maybe The Hunger Games. I hadn't read the earlier books in this series, but since I have always enjoyed a good Sherlock Holmes story, I figured that I would be safe requesting this book. Well I was wrong on two counts. First this book is definitely aimed at a younger group than I had imagined. I would say that this is for third grade up throug [...]

    23. Wow. I was really impressed with this book. First of the cover is beautifully done. It is hard cover, but with a wonderful painting, which you can see part of through the dust cover! Very high quality, colorful and eye catching. Then there are a couple of maps in the book. They are maps of London during the time period. Very helpful and exciting. As for the story, I really liked it. The writing flowed nicely, and was beautiful. The word choice was fun, and didn't get boring. At the same time it [...]

    24. Fifth in the series of 'Boy Sherlock Holmes' books, Peacock is consistently strong in his portrayal of the young detective. Holmes has been holding himself back, trying to resist getting involved in cases until he is older, trying to leave things to the 'proper' authorities. But he is unable to resist the persuasive powers of beautiful and sophisticated Irene Doyle. When a magician is charged with the murder of his rival, leaving no more than a few bits of flesh and hair, Sherlock can't help but [...]

    25. Another solid addition to a great young adult series! While not quite as good as The Secret Fiend, this is certainly a great read. I love that Sherlock is maturing and that we do get see the teenage side of him he has all of those jumbled feelings that are associated with puberty and yet Shane Peacock manages to delve into them without losing what we think of as quintessential 'Sherlockian' behaviour. Well done!As a mystery I don't think this is quite as strong as the previous installment, but I [...]

    26. Summer 1869, and Sherlock Holmes and his friend Irene celebrate her sixteenth birthday by attending the theater to watch a celebrated magician make a real dragon appear on stage. It is the London sensation. Sherlock and Irene meet the magician, Alistair Hemsworth – just as he is arrested for the murder of his rival, The Wizard of Nottingham. It seems that traces of the missing Wizard’s blood and his spectacles were found in Hemsworth’s secret studio. Hemsworth has a motive: not only is the [...]

    27. In this 5th case of the young Sherlock Holmes, the teen detective discovers some things about himself and his need to bring justice into the world. Using the theatre as the medium for their crime, two magicians create an illusion, with a creature that is beyond the imagination of the Victorian audience. Holmes, gets drawn into the illusion, and is used as a tool by the magicians.I picked up this book because it is one of the current Red Maple nominees.I finished it because I wanted to see if my [...]

    28. This book just didn't deliver for me, although it had a couple exciting scenes. I really enjoyed the other books in the series but this one seemed confused--or at least, I was confused reading it. It was nice to see Sherlock again, but he seemed to make obvious mistakes, and I didn't understand where some of his thoughts were coming from. The action scenes were confusing; I didn't grasp a good idea of where things were located in relation to each other. However, I could still feel the intensity [...]

    29. First off, I read this book because it was nominated for red maple this year. I enjoyed the adventure and storyline in this book but it completely Desecrates the Sherlock Holmes character! Sixteen-year-old Sherlock Holmes is definitely NOT an insecure lonely child whose only source of support is his "girlfriend" Irene Doyle, who appears to be an unsuccessful parody of Irene Adler. The author could have done so much better with the characters. This book would've earned itself at least a four star [...]

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