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Dont You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey: Teacher Guide (Novel Units)

Dont You Dare Read This Mrs Dunphrey Teacher Guide Novel Units This time saving easy to use teacher guide includes inspiring lesson plans which provide a comprehensive novel unit the legwork is done for you The guide incorporates essential reading writing and t

  • Title: Dont You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey: Teacher Guide (Novel Units)
  • Author: Novel Units, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781608781003
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback
  • This time saving, easy to use teacher guide includes inspiring lesson plans which provide a comprehensive novel unit the legwork is done for you The guide incorporates essential reading, writing and thinking practice This is NOT the paperback novel.

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    1 thought on “Dont You Dare Read This, Mrs. Dunphrey: Teacher Guide (Novel Units)

    1. Don't you dare read this, Mrs. Dunphrey is a book about a teacher named, of course Mrs. Dunphrey, and she teaches an English class and makes her students write in a journal. One of her students, named Tish accepts this and writes about her own personal issues in her life down in her journal. She puts on her journal, "Don't read this, Mrs. Dunphrey" because she said if you put that on there then she wouldn't read it, and she kept her word. Until one day, when Tish finally decided to write, "Do re [...]

    2. I finished this book in 2 days !! So here's how it goes.Trish Bonner's english teacher, Mrs.Dunphrey, has an assignment for them to do a journal every week (I think)If Trish marks "don't read" on one of her journal enrty Mrs.Dunphrey can't read it.So trish keeps talking about how her family is going on crazy, how her brother, Mat, is so whimpy and crying all the time and some crazy stuffs more.I would recommend this to young adults.

    3. I absolutely loved this book! I enjoyed the set up. By making the book strictly journal entries allowed it to feel more personal for the reader. Once I got to the middle of the book I could not stop reading. I had to know how it ended. I am happy with the ending. I would recommend this book to others.

    4. This book was a good teen adult recommendation. The main charcter, Tish, experiences lots of obsticles and situations that are not good for a teen student in High School, but the situations are common throughout students in High School. The book describes her life and how she lives. She has three best friends that attend her school, Rochelle, Sandy and Chastity. Sometimes they party and have fun, but it's just a typical teenage life. She works at Burger Boy, where she gets money for taking care [...]

    5. The first book I am reviewing is "Don't You Dare Read This Mrs Dunphrey". This book is a series of journal entries that go on for about a year. It is about a girl around 16 years old, she has a younger brother and is neglected by her mum and dad. The journal is recommended by her teacher and near the middle of the book she starts to open up. It is all about her independence and her struggles as a neglected teen. I feel like the theme of this book was something along the lines of, "You're not as [...]

    6. Even though I thought the book was short, it was very deep and inviting in the plot. It's basically about a teenager with a younger brother and their parents left them. In the book, Tish, the main character, was writing journal entries for an english class. Their task was to write entries in their journals, but if they didn't want the teacher, Ms.Dunphrey, to read some entries, they would put on the top, "Don't read this". Tish ended up writing about everything in her life, even thought she thou [...]

    7. I loved this book! It kept my attention the whole time, there was nothing boring about it. It was fascinating how this girl was willing to give up school in order to keep up with bills and take care of her brother. I dont know if I would ever be able to do something like that. She was under so much pressure. Her mother was shallow for leaving them because she wanted to go chase a man that didnt want her. And her dad, I cant believe all the stuff he did. What a horrible father. Through the book s [...]

    8. This book captured my attention from just the title. I checked this book out from our local library, in the hopes that if I brought it home, perhaps my 16 year old daughter would read it. Yesterday, I brought it to work with me,again thinking about my 16 year old"maybe if I read a little from it and share it with her, she will find it interesting too". I couldn't stop myself from reading the whole book. I was drawn in immediately. It was very hard to put down after by lunch break, and just as so [...]

    9. Loved this book. I overheard a friend recommending it to another friend and the way she described it, I really wanted to read it, so I did. It's about a girl, Tish who writes a journal for a class, and if she writes, Don't read this, at the top the teacher can't read it. So she empties her entire life into this journal. It's heartbreaking to read, and so many people in life can probably relate to it, how she has so many problems, her parents are hardly there and she has to take care of her littl [...]

    10. So I’m going to talk about the book I just finished which is call, “Don’t you dare read this, Mrs. Dunphrey.” This book is about a girl and her family that isn’t quite the best. Her dad abuses her and her mom, her mom does drugs, and her dad left then did her mom so she has to take care of her little brother and earn her own money. Then her teacher Mrs. Dunphrey requires the class to write a journal with four entries and she said if you don’t want her to read it put that at the top o [...]

    11. Written in journal format, 15-year-old Tish gradually opens up though her English class assignment to keep a journal. As her life spins out of control, Tish reveals more and more about her family's troubles, and her attempts to keep things "together." Tish writes succinctly yet realistically. I think Haddix has done a great job writing from a teen’s point of view. I like Mrs. Dunphrey’s comments, she’s keeping her promise to NOT read entries that are marked as such.Tish’s struggles to re [...]

    12. Tish and Matt are siblings. It's a normal family, except for dad. He hits mom and abuses Tish. While all of this is going on at home, school isn't that great either. But Tish writes all of her problems in her journal that her teacher, Mrs. Dunphree, makes the whole class write in. They turn in thier journal at the end of every week for her to read. She reads all of them unless they say "Do not read this entry" at the top. I loved the way this book was written in a journal form. It makes me feel [...]

    13. I loved this book, even though I became frustrated at times. I kept wishing that Tish would have let her teacher read her journals much sooner so she could help her. I wanted to help her! As a future teacher, this book made me realize that every student's home life is different, and that can affect his/her performance at school. I was relieved that this book had a happy ending. I recommend all teachers read this book as it will change your thinking completely.

    14. I think this awesome because this is like my life. I like how Tish didn't give up trying to make sure Matt and her survive. She also did all the work while the mom and dad left to California. She also kept her secrets from Mrs. Dumphry and her friends except for her journal, that is her assignment for Mrs. Dumphry. She also got fired which made her problem much more harder. So she finally ask Mrs. Dumphry for help which solved her problem.

    15. I really liked this book. I think a lot of middle school kids would love to read this. They could even try and have the kids read them. And maybe even have the kids to their own journals ? Everyone is using the keyboard to write things. So i think that this book offers a good idea on having the children write their own journals. I didn't really like how i was able to guess the ending. But still i loved this book.

    16. I read this a long time ago, back when I was in high school, and it has stayed with me. I think what resonated with me was the device - a journal - as it allowed the story to be told with a completely realistic voice and it drug me into the life of this girl with the intimacy of reading her journal. Well written. A great book for teens.

    17. A girl named tish is in a English class ( Mrs. Dunphrey's class) they were assigned a book to write about things. Tish writes about how horrible her life is. Can you imagine a horrible life ? She's living without her parents. But what's the most horrible thing that happens to her? Will things get more better? Read it to see what happens!!

    18. This was a short, but powerful book. I loved how this was a book just filled with journal entires. I loved the plot and characters. Only took me about an hour to read it. I felt so bad for Trish and the scary thing is that this story does happen in real life. Parents can not really rake care of their children and leave the oldest one to do their job.

    19. I think the book was a really good book to read. I can really relate to the book. I like how the book is written in a journal. It's really creative. You should really look into reading this book. I don't want to tell you to much about this book. But all I can say is, it's an awesome book.

    20. Short enough to read in one sitting, this is a well-written novel about a high-school girl who writes about her life in crisis to fulfill her English class journal assignment. It's a good reminder to not judge others, because we are all fighting hard battles!

    21. i really like this book! its about this girl you makes journal entries for English and they all have secrets in them and she doesnt want anyone to know about them so she puts "dont read this mrs. dunphrey" on them but shes scared that her teacher is going to read them.

    22. The book " Dont You Dare Read This Mrs.Dunphrey " is a good book because Tish's teacher makes them writes about their feelings, and tish writes her deepest secrets. I would recommend this book beacuse if you like to read people secrets this is for you.

    23. I think it was a good book to read. I thought it was interesting because It had a lot of stuff going on. It was also realist and it made it more interesting because of that. To me it was interesting and easy to read. I recommend people to read.

    24. This is a incredible book, one of my favorites for sure. I totally recommend this book. It is about a girl who passes through many challenges in life, it teaches kids many good things about lifed to think good in bad times

    25. I really like this book because it was very interesting to know that the main character was going through hard times as she wrote in her journal. I also liked that the main character had a bad start and it ended very well. I would suggest this to people who like drama and realistic fiction.

    26. I LOVE this book. The way it's written from a journal perspective is great. It is a story you would here in real life- not just one where everything is ok, and the biggest problem is not knowing what to wear. This book goes deeper than most, and is on my top 5 favourite books.

    27. The plot and journalistic style of writing really drives this book. It sends a message to students that it is ok to ask for help, even if their situation is not as bad as Trish's. It also shows how students can release their emotions and express their feelings through writing.

    28. i enjoyed this one a lot. love the diary format of the writing. Really loved the main character and she was very relatable

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