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Mad's Love

Mad s Love After escaping death at her own child s hands you d think Harmony Phillips would change Instead she feels resentful believing her kids took the life from her she felt she deserved In a bed in Concord

  • Title: Mad's Love
  • Author: T. Styles
  • ISBN: 9780984303069
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • After escaping death at her own child s hands, you d think Harmony Phillips would change Instead she feels resentful believing her kids took the life from her she felt she deserved In a bed in Concord Manor, she is nursed back to health by those she wrote off And while her mind hatches all kinds of revengeful mental and physical plans, she doesn t look into the eyes ofAfter escaping death at her own child s hands, you d think Harmony Phillips would change Instead she feels resentful believing her kids took the life from her she felt she deserved In a bed in Concord Manor, she is nursed back to health by those she wrote off And while her mind hatches all kinds of revengeful mental and physical plans, she doesn t look into the eyes of one of her kids Had she looked long and hard, she would have seen that she had nourished a mind so evil that it would make her own schemes seem saintly Mad s only mission in life is to show the world what kind of a person the woman who gave birth to her is To makes matters worse, she has taken a liking to her father Kali, and that s when all hell breaks loose The last part of this trilogy Raunchy 3 Jayden s Passion follows this novel.

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    1 thought on “Mad's Love

    1. Styles has got to be kidding me, she tricked me into loving one character just to hate her in the end, I mean really when doeas the omen whore die? And why has her life been spared so many times when all she do is wreak havok on everyone else's, Everything she touch turns to dust, like a bad entity or something. She's like a tornado that destroys every living thing in her path! Truthfully one character inparticular had it coming, as much as i hate to say this because Jace was cool, but come on n [...]

    2. This book is all kinds of CRAZY! There were so many twists and turns I didn't know who to trust or believe. This second book in this series was soooooo good. I read it every chance I got. If you thought part one was a wild ride wait until you get into this one! I laughed, cried, got mad feelings were all over the place. The last six or so chapters blew my mind! Like REALLY! I don't want to give anything away but if you are looking for a good read that will have you up past your bedtime and readi [...]

    3. This was a GOOD book.I love how it picks right up from where it left off. Some of the parts in the book are really too much. The drama in this book was just PERFECT. Throughout the book I forgot that the twins are that young. Harmony is still a hot ass mess(ive been hoping someone killed her since part 1!) I cant wait to see how bad of a person Jayden most likely turns into

    4. I enjoyed this book. Although, the first one captured my attention and held it a little better, this was a "good read". I found myself in pure amazement of Harmony and her carelessness and hatred for her own children. I found myself really feeling bad for them and hoping on numerous occasions that she would get caught. I didn't really like the Thirteen Flavors babysitting thing. I understand that it helped the storyline but I just couldn't see a virgin being a "pimp". It was kind of awkward to t [...]

    5. GENERATIONAL CURSES WILL IT END?Raunchy 2 picks right back up where Raunchy left of.Madjesty and Jayden are now in texas and they life there is a living hell.From knowing they are girls to not having clean clothes no food to eat to getting burned and beaten life to them is over.When harmony meets this guy named wagner things start to get better but will it last we all know not with harmony.As time goes on the Harmony Find out that she get the condo she use to live in as a little girl,she is happ [...]

    6. Raunchy 2: Mad's Love. Picks up right where part 1 left off but this time the main focus is off of Harmony and placed on her daughter Madjesty, or Mad as she prefers.After years of being thought of as a boy, Mad is out to get revenge. And if that wasn't enough,she reunites with her father, forming a duo no one saw coming.Throughout the story, we get glimpses inside the mind of Mad and what she goes through. I loved Mad Max. With an ending that will be sure to take your breath away T. styles has [...]

    7. I found this book to have much more depth than its predecessor. Raunchy 2 has some controversial social issues dealing with gender identity and sexuality that I found interesting. While reading this I also had to keep remembering that Madjesty and Jayden were only 14 yrs. old; barely teenagers considering the things they were involved in. Betrayal, family, rape, friendship, abuse, death, forgiveness, and love (whatever your definition) were all themes in this book.

    8. This book was so good, just as good as the first book.The story line will hold your attention from beginning to the end. I would highly recommend this book

    9. Goodness gracious!This is someone's story not completely, but it's written as ifđŸ˜žđŸ˜±I really wanted all to win and the STD storyline is lit!

    10. Mad's LoveRaunchy 2 was another great, compelling page turner by T. Styles. After reading more about the twins childhood, Mad's disorderly behavior was no surprise. Although some parts of the story did leave me quite perturbed, I must say this book was well written with a great amount of creativity. Like part 1, this book has become one of my favorites & I am looking forward to reading the 3rd part of this series. Highly recommended!

    11. When I started reading this book I was a bit taken back at the way the mother treated her children, and there were some things that was downright crazy. With her children raised with physical, psychological, and emotional abuse, I was amazed that they survived. Unfortunately not all is well. This author was bold and strong enough to pull it off.

    12. Too muchI usually love t. Styles books but this one was not for me. Too much abuse to kids. Kids are a very soft spot for me and the abuse was too overboard and people looking the other way. I know it's just a book but part two was far too disturbing for me to go on. I will not be finishing the series.

    13. Loved this book. There were some editing issues but nothing major to distract from the story. It is well written and flowed. I enjoyed all the twist and turns and the depth of each character. I felt as if I was right there with all the characters in every scene. That's just how descrptive the writing is in this novel. A definite page turner!

    14. Oh my goodness this book was so on point. I couldn't put it down. T. Styles is a amazing author. This family is crazy on so many levels. My heart went out to Mad and Jayden. Having Harmony as your mom is rough. Also having the father's they had made things just as hard. Great book. Would highly recommend.

    15. This book was a little hard for me to read at first. The way the kids were treated was so horrible. Some parts of the book were a little over the top. It was a very interesting book though. I was disappointed that part 3 is not out yet.

    16. It was like watching a bad car accident, I couldn't stop reading it not matter how Raunchy it got!

    17. this book was excellently crafted. this book comes down to 1 thing that madgesty just want to be loved.

    18. Interesting page turner, a little over the top at times-like how the girls wouldn't know that they're girls-, but overall a good read.

    19. even better than part one. cant wait until part 3 to c what jayden has in store. a must read ep doing what ur doing tyles i love every word

    20. Mad was serious and I think that Harmony is definitely a crazy work of demented art. This book series is awesome and a definite page turner

    21. This book was even juicier and grimier than the first. Read it in a few hours. On to Raunchy 3. Oh, Must Read!

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