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Madam President

Madam President Painfully realistic Madam President is a drama set against a dynamic backdrop and follows the lives of those in the highest positions of power

  • Title: Madam President
  • Author: Blayne Cooper T. Novan
  • ISBN: 9781930928695
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • Painfully realistic, Madam President is a drama set against a dynamic backdrop and follows the lives of those in the highest positions of power.

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      126 Blayne Cooper T. Novan
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    1 thought on “Madam President

    1. I really love this story even if it’s not as steamy as others. But it’s the story and the characters I fell in love with. It’s funny, and sad, even funnier - simply wonderful. It would make such a wonderful series on TV. I’m ready for the first female(and gay) president!

    2. Head hopping is a huge problem. So is calling the characters by their jobs and hair colors and not their names.

    3. Light-hearted and very enjoyable romance between an openly lesbian President and her very straight biographer. Witty and often hilarious dialogue and situations dominate the book. Oh there is the occasional bombing, shooting and the hint of scandal but those are just minor distractions in what is mainly a funny, heartwarming, slow-burn romance. More kids, dogs and domesticity than world crises, congressional wranglings or even biography-writing, this book is a perfect example of a lesfic genre r [...]

    4. I've read this story before but it was the online, Xena-uber fan fiction version. I was young in my lesfic reading career and pretty easily impressed. I liked this story pretty well back then. I read it a second time a few years ago and liked it less. I still liked the humor and some of the situations the characters found themselves in and the relationships between the main and the most prominent secondary characters were fun and felt genuine.It was only a few months ago, I think, when the newes [...]

    5. I can always appreciate a wellrounded story, and this novel provided that. But without a strong conflict, it felt a bit was left to be desired. However, this is my own personal opinion, and the story was still quite enjoyable all the way through.

    6. Well. When I started this, I was quite impressed. The strong Xena vibe, the first gay president, setting the story in near future despite being written in 2001 I was all in.But then, while reading the book, I had some issues. The characters sometimes behaved very, how to put this, childish even? The way the main couple talked sometimes, it was more as if 16 year old kids talked, not adults. I was not impressed. And the writer kept insisting on calling them 'friend' in their thoughts even after d [...]

    7. I just re-read this book and I still love it as much as I did the first time I read it, but I had to drop my rating from 5 stars to 4. After the second time going through I realised that there is quite a lot of page space taken up by irrelevant information. I know it added to the characters and the story but I feel like it just created an unnecessarily long book which could turn people off (but it really shouldn't). I would still recommend this book to anyone looking for a a good lesfic comedy r [...]

    8. Yes, this is longer than my usual fare and has considerably less steamy bits, but it is one of my favourites. Really well written, with many sub plots and dimensions surrounding the romance at the heart of it.

    9. I enjoyed this book as it is a sweet romance with some angst thrown in for good measure. The two mains fall in love over time and the book is long enough for that unfold. My only complaint is the love/sex scenes. It takes half the book before they get together and then the scene is super short. I'm a bit bashful about saying this, but aren't the sex scenes one of the reasons we read these novels? Yeah, thought so. ;-D

    10. It's not perfectly perfect, I'll give you that. But, I needed something that was not just a happily ever after for the couple in the story, I can get that from current BSB, Bella, Ylva, Riptide, etc. books I needed a kick ass ever after when it came to the politics too. And this book had both.

    11. One of my favourite Xena Ubers, love the character of Devlin not only the first woman president but also it's first gay president to boot. I also love the idea of a second love, showing that life goes on even after the loss of a loved partner. The kids were enjoyable and I really hope the annoying character Michael will get it in the neck in the sequel. I highly recommend this story of real people in places of power.

    12. I’m still stunned at how much I loved this book. This is such a beautifully written love story that had me laughing, crying and heartbroken all in the same novel.Develyn Marlowe has just started her first term as America’s first female and lesbian president. She and her three children have moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and are readying themselves for the four year (at least) term as the First Family. Devlyn needs a biographer to write her Presidential story and who else but her favourite [...]

    13. DNF at 40%.I wouldn't have tried this book if I had known it was originally fan fiction. It just isn't good.The perspective changes repeatedly. It seems like the story is told from every characters' point of view at least once. Really confusing.Labels are frequently used instead of the characters' actual names like, "the taller woman," "the blonde woman," "brown eyes," etc. It really annoys me when I read stuff written like that.Devlyn and Lauren don't seem believable at all. They seem way too i [...]

    14. I really loved this book so I took some time to figure out exactly why I did. There's not a lot of action. There's barely any conflict. In fact, not a great deal happens in this book at all.The two main characters, however, are wonderful. The by-play, the dialogue, the chemistry and the gentle humour, it was all just perfect. I found myself eagerly reading on, shamelessly enjoying the characters when nothing was particularly happening. They were talking in the hallway - I was interested. They we [...]

    15. The United States has elected the first woman President and Devlyn Marlowe and her three children move into the White House. President Marlowe is a widow, whose wife was killed in a car crash several years before.That’s right, the first woman president is also a lesbian. The year is 2021 and when President Marlowe invites Lauren Strayer, her attractive, single biographer to stay with her in the White House there is a predictable amount of political scandal.In typical romantic novel fashion, th [...]

    16. Was so looking forward to this and then about 75% in I just decided to give up because I just lost interest and realised I didn't really care what happened or how it happened. It's pure fantasy because the characters are just so made up. A woman running the free world who becomes completely subservient to a woman she doesn't even know and can't think straight around. It's not the worst book I've read but it was one I could see no point or satisfaction in flipping my way to the last page. Have th [...]

    17. DNF. I really struggled. The premise is GREAT, but by 25% I couldn't concentrate. The head hopping is so frequent and so unpredictable I had to re-read passages to work out who was thinking what. Then, when Lauren visited a Korean restaurant and the descriptions were unflattering, stereotypical and near-racist, I lost all respect for the character. I wanted to like this, but it didn't work for me.

    18. The most powerful woman in the most powerful nation? And also a lesbian? That's like every lesbian's dream lover. While the concept is really nice but the lack of drama and repetitive love banter make the book dull in the middle of it. At one point it feels like things just keep repeating itself, the characters are not as enthralling anymore. It's definitely a light hearted, funny, romantic read, but not enough to keep you captivated until the end.

    19. These two books were incredibly racist towards the Asian population in general. Considering the contents of this book are in some ways promoting equal rights and the rise of women, I just can't fathom how the authors deemed it okay to have such blatant racism e.g "hewo, hewo" from the Korean waitress; or when Lauren is wondering whether the restaurant is serving cat; Or "Japanese Queen"; Or even the comment about having sex with a "black man". Disappointed is all I can say.

    20. 4.5 ishOkay, basically, the story is really good. I just didn't get enough conflict between the two main characters (probably because most conflicts were more between the couple and the US of A or some other group/person) because it doesn't take much for them to make up. Too rational when it comes to their relationship :D I can't believe I'm looking for couple drama.

    21. I don't think this author knows what a President or a biographer really do for a living. The writing was distractingly bad, with a lot of references to body parts seemingly acting of their own accord. And there was an endless scene mocking a Korean waitress' accent for some reason? What on earth. This is garbage.

    22. Really fun with great dialogue that had me laughing out loud. Not dirty at all, so it could make a good intro to the ff romance genre for people that aren't into reading explicit sex.

    23. Wow, I am in the minority of not liking this novel so much. It is just too long and not that much happening to fill in book this long. I kind of feel like the author tell what is happening through out the book instead of showing and the humor is little too cheesy for my taste. I like both characters, but I feel like there are not much development happening except for their relationship slowly growing. I keep wondering when this story will end constantly while reading and that is not a good thing [...]

    24. I was surprised with what I got out of this book for all the high ratings it had on here, so I hope someone else appreciates this review. I almost don't want to rate it as low as I did because I appreciate it and what it wanted to be, but it's a culmination of many things that brings me here. Disclaimer is I only got 75% of the way through the story. Took about that long to make up my mind. It had a strong start but it just lost its momentum more and more as the story went on. I paid $10 for thi [...]

    25. This one is a very long ex-fanfiction story. It is slow, fun to read with lovely characters. Sometimes it gets a bit confusing ("the writer"…"the president") and sometimes it was a bit too long. What I really liked was the "blast from the past" character of the book. It was written in 2001 and is set in 2021…and that is really funny to read in 2017 sometimes.

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