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The Tale of Tricky Fox

The Tale of Tricky Fox Old Fox uses his sack to trick everyone he meets into giving him ever valuable items

  • Title: The Tale of Tricky Fox
  • Author: Jim Aylesworth Barbara McClintock
  • ISBN: 9780439095433
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Old Fox uses his sack to trick everyone he meets into giving him ever valuable items.

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      165 Jim Aylesworth Barbara McClintock
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    1 thought on “The Tale of Tricky Fox

    1. "The Tale of Tricky Fox" tells the tale of how a teacher made foxes realize the should respect humans instead of trying to trick them. Tricky Fox tells his brother that he can trick a human into giving him a pig. So Tricky Fox sets out with a sack with a log instead. He asks a lady if he could stay the night and tricks her into giving her a loaf of broad to replace his log. This goes on and on from the bread into a chicken and then the chicken in turn for a pig. But instead of getting a pig, the [...]

    2. This is a classic and old-fashioned tale of a tricky fox - reminiscent of Brer Fox - who wants to get the better of some humans and get a pig in the process. Engagingly told with great vocabulary and some rhyming songs, this would make a great read-aloud. I always enjoy Barbara McClintock's old-fashioned and beautifully rendered illustrations.

    3. I noticed a Sendak-like quality to some of the fox pictures, but was informed by a note at the end that the real inspiration for both McClintock and Sendak was Wilhelm Busch.

    4. Traditional Literature: folktale-- trickster taleCharacters: Tricky Fox, Brother Fox, and four 'old ladies' (one of whom is a teacher)Setting: a school house in New England; woods that aren't very far awayThemes: honesty, integrity, respect, greed, bragging, Summary: Tricky Fox bragged to Brother Fox that he could steal a fat pig, to which Brother Fox replied, "I'll eat my hat if you do!" Tricky Fox then proceeded to visit three different elderly women, over the course of three consecutive night [...]

    5. Tricky Fox bets his brother that he can trick a human into giving him a pig. So, gotta be honest. I didn't think would work well as a readloud. It's a bit long and the illustrations look, well, old & not kid friendly. Totally thought I was going to lower my head and push through. So why'd I try? Someone I trust (my mom!) recommended it to me & found it on several readloud lists. What is life but an opportunity to try things out?Totally worked. Yeah. Entirely. I had the attention of each [...]

    6. Poor behavior abounds and is, in some respects, applauded. The book opens as a teacher reading a story to her class. The story is about a fox who gets along in life through deceit. He ends up tricking a few people until he meets a teacher. All the people he tricks lie to him, so they are not sympathetic. He tricks the teacher as well (like the others, the trick only works because she also lies to him), but because—as the book says—teachers are smarter (but apparently not more honest) than no [...]

    7. Not sure whether it's that Tricky Fox is really that tricky or just that the people he meets are slow on the uptake. Thank goodness for a clever teacher who gives him a taste of his own medicine.I think this is my favorite kind of trickster tale, where the trickster gets tricked. (Serves him right.) McClintock's watercolor, ink, and gouache illustrations are incredibly detailed, and the image toward the end of the two foxes gawking at the bulldog cracks me up. I'm planning to use this American t [...]

    8. Alas, the fox fooled many, but was in the end taught a valuable lesson by a teacher. She won't be fooled by any trickster's wise antics. This trickster tale has expressive characters that are engaging and humorous. This a great book to use as a read aloud in a primary classroom. With its repetition and rhyme, young readers are sure to chime along as this book is read over and over. Those who are fans of the Gingerbread Man will become fans of this book too. Especially with a cookie recipe on the [...]

    9. Tricky Fox thinks he is very trickybut, he can fool some of the humans some of the time, but not every one! Nightly, as he creeps up to cottages, he tricks the residents into replacing the 'lost' contents of his bag, that is until he reaches the cottage of one smart teacher, who has a few tricks of her own!The Tale of Tricky Fox is short and to-the-point in this tale of consequences. The illustrations are gorgeous and the lesson is right on point.

    10. A tale in the style of Aesop's fables about a fox who makes a bet with his brother that he can carry away a pig in his bag. The brother says he'll eat his hat if Tricky Fox can do it. And through some devious plans at the expense of human curiosity, Tricky Fox almost gets away with it. But his last victim is a teacher, and as the author of this story states, teachers are harder to fool than regular humans.Excellent illustrations.

    11. I love reading this book to students. It flows very nicely and is very entergetic. Tricky Fox tricks many people throughout the story. You can ask student throughout the book what they think will happen next. There is song-like part of this book that comes up every now and then. Students can sing along to these few lines with the reader.

    12. Tricky Fox bets his brother he can trick any human into giving him a pig but he doesn't realize he is dealing with a teacher who is just as clever. This book has the look and feel of books from my childhood which gave it some of its appeal to me. A great trickster story.

    13. This book was very inventive and kids would love it! I loved how the story played out! It could spark a conversation about how tricking people and bragging are both wrong things to do. Kids would be very interested in this book and I think it would be appropriate for grades 2-5.

    14. I love reading this book to children. The wacky fox who sings his song about trickery throughout the woods always has students laughing. While very entertaining, this book has a great lesson in it about what happens to you if you try to trick people.

    15. I would love to hear this story read by a professional story teller or dramatic reading. I read it to my 2 1/2 year old, and I don't think he was too impressed, but it is the kind of story that could captivate an audience if read "right".

    16. My kids and I loved the illustrations and the funny trickster tale with a surprise ending. We chose this book because we had just seen the Wes Anderson movie of Dahl's "Fantastic Mr. Fox" and were in the mood for more dapper, clever vulpine antiheroes. Tricky Fox did not disappoint!

    17. This is a fun story about a clever fox who is a little too clever for his own good. The story is great for younger audiences, with a repetitive storyline. And the illustrations are wonderfully old fashioned. We really enjoyed the ending!There's a simple cookie recipe on the back cover, too!

    18. * Tells people not to look i the bag, but they do and he tricks them into giving him stuff.* One lady looks in the bag and tricks him b putting a bulldog in his sack* Good, long, students find it funny* K-2 library

    19. READ-ALOUD READ ALOUD READ ALOUD. I loved this book. It kept you guessing. i loved how they threw in the part about not being able to fool the teacher at the end of it. It was a great book I will have to go buy it myself.

    20. Very fun folktale that kids love. The illustrations show wonderful expressions on the characters' faces. Has some great repeating lines that involve the audience and a surprise ending. It tells us all that teachers are smarter than other folks!

    21. A great read aloud with predictable rhythm, esp for teachers because it's a teacher who outsmarts the fox. The humor at the end is fun too!

    22. The trickster fox gets tricked by the school teacher. He wanted a pig, but instead found an angry dog instead.

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