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Wolf Within: How I Learned to Talk Dog

Wolf Within How I Learned to Talk Dog To wolf expert Shaun Ellis wolves aren t just his work they re also his family An extraordinary man Shaun has been fascinated by wolves all his life even living as part of a wild pack for two yea

  • Title: Wolf Within: How I Learned to Talk Dog
  • Author: Shaun Ellis
  • ISBN: 9780007327171
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • To wolf expert, Shaun Ellis, wolves aren t just his work, they re also his family An extraordinary man, Shaun has been fascinated by wolves all his life, even living as part of a wild pack for two years with no human contact What he gained was a unique and fascinating insight into their world, and that of our very own domestic dogs.

    • ✓ Wolf Within: How I Learned to Talk Dog || Ô PDF Read by ✓ Shaun Ellis
      100 Shaun Ellis
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    1 thought on “Wolf Within: How I Learned to Talk Dog

    1. What a truly inspirational book.When I first started this book, I wasn't sure if I would love it or hate it. I expected it to be a book following a man's journey through his life with wolves. What I got was something more.I never expected to be led through his story by my heart but I was, I shared his triumphs and I grieved his losses. I learnt so much about the man, the wolves and my beloved German Shepard, Leo.If one day I cross paths with Shaun, I would like to take the opportunity to thank h [...]

    2. (I took care to give no obvious spoilers about the story)Title: Wolf within - How I learned to talk dog (on Librarything)Original title: The man who lives with wolvesAuthor: Shaun Ellis with Penny JunorLanguage: EnglishSeries: noFormat of publication: paperbackNumber of pages: 276Publisher: Harper CollinsYear published: original 2010, my edition 2011ISBN number: 9780007327171Topics: wolves, wild animals, human interactionReason for reading: Quite a long time ago I saw a documentary about Shaun E [...]

    3. This book angered me so much.While I can't deny that Ellis has an undeniable passion for wolves, that passion seems at best, misguided.This man claims to have lived with a wild wolf pack, but his ideas reek of several concepts about wolves that can be disproven with a simple google search. For example, the idea of an "alpha" wolf is based on outdated research done on captive wolves. The captive pack consisted of unrelated wolves who were brought together. These animals were strangers, so of cour [...]

    4. this is my absolutely most favourite book of all time. it is so amazing. it is about the true story of the man who lived with wolves. he lived in the with these amazing animals to understand their ways. it teaches people about how to understand wolf behaviour and ranks in the packs. it is a beautiful book and it makes us love wolves. Shaun Ellis is my hero.

    5. A good comprehensive life story, written with honesty and balance.A great insight into wolves and working with wolves, from a man who crossed the border between the human and animal worlds, and brought a lot of new information into modern scientific knowledge most of which was still remembered by those living a natural life, such as the Native Americans he befriended.

    6. I quite enjoyed this book, although I'm not that interested in wolves! The first part was best, about Shaun's upbringing in Norfolk.Whilst I ended up not liking the man much, and hated the way he kept having children that he took no responsibility for, I could appreciate that our knowledge of these wild animals has increased enormously because of his peculiar lifestyle.

    7. An extraordinary story of a single-minded passion, tipping into obsession that almost killed the writer and those who loved him. He is very clear-eyed about the effect his wolf-learning had on himself and those around him so an interesting account of his journey of discovery.

    8. A very enjoyable book, especially if you like dogs or are a wolf fanatic. The only thing I didn't like was the fact he just kept having children and then basically neglected them

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