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An Undeniable Rogue

An Undeniable Rogue An arranged marriage leads to unlikely passionwhen the groom turns out to be a shameless rogue in this Regency period historical Widowed penniless Sabrina Whitcomb isn t looking for romance What she

  • Title: An Undeniable Rogue
  • Author: Annette Blair
  • ISBN: 9780821773833
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • An arranged marriage leads to unlikely passionwhen the groom turns out to be a shameless rogue, in this Regency period historical.Widowed, penniless Sabrina Whitcomb isn t looking for romance What she needs is a husband, and she knows well enough that romance and matrimony aren t always compatible While providing for her twins and the child she now carries is paramounAn arranged marriage leads to unlikely passionwhen the groom turns out to be a shameless rogue, in this Regency period historical.Widowed, penniless Sabrina Whitcomb isn t looking for romance What she needs is a husband, and she knows well enough that romance and matrimony aren t always compatible While providing for her twins and the child she now carries is paramount, wedding a virtual stranger even a wealthy one, like Gideon St Goddard, Duke of Stanthorpe is no light matter.Sabrina knows the friend who arranged the union would not promise her to a true scoundrel, but one look at her future husband convinces her that he is a shameless rogue A shockingly handsome and desirable one, at that Why has he agreed to marry her When Gideon flashes that wicked, seductive smile, the reason hardly matters, but the chance that he ll steal her heart becomes all too real

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      322 Annette Blair
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    1 thought on “An Undeniable Rogue

    1. This one was good. It was really well written and the plot was great. Here's the thing though nothing about the story was even remotely believeable. The Duke needed to be nominated for sainthood because that woman Sabrina was a habitual liar. She couldn't help herself she lied about everything and she lied so much she even lied to herself. Convinced herself that she was merely omitting the truth she even had her children and the man's own staff keeping secrets from him. Sabrina sabatoged this re [...]

    2. I've snatched this as a free book and it is true what they say that the best things in life are free. I enjoyed this immensly and can honestly say this is one of rare books I'd re-read over and over again with delight.

    3. I don't really like the premise of this book - it's too unbelievable. No one is that forgiving or that attracted to someone else that they'll throw their personalities out the window.If you can suspend your disbelief for the entire book; characters are alright. Ex-lover and would-be trouble maker Ronnie isn't all she lives up to be (which was kind of a disappointment) and the stupidity of the heroine bothered me.**SPOILER**It really annoys me that Sabrina continuously lied omitted things from he [...]

    4. With all the rave reviews at I really thought I'd like this book; too bad I was wrong. I really don't think it is anything out of the ordinary as the reviews state or imply. For me the story just seemed to plod along and never get anywhere interesting. I've read similar stories/plots that I've enjoyed much, much more, which were written in a way that let the reader into the story and didn't hold them at a distance. That's the way all Annette Blair books I've read have made me feel, I've never c [...]

    5. Don't go into this expecting an accurate regency novel. It's far too outrageous and unbelievable. I didn't love the heroine She was quite needy and. Well stupid. But it was just the type of book I needed. Cute and easy to read, and completely predictable. Oh! And free! (Overly steamy for me, but easy to skip past.)

    6. I am done reading books by this Author. I've read three books by Annette Blair and I disliked each more than the last They always look so promising, but I find the same issues with each book:The characters are either insufferable playboys or helpless, needy females. The relationships between the characters are outlandish and for the most part the dialog is completely unbelievable. The plot is assuming and more often than not just boring. Things get so far off topic that you start to wonder if yo [...]

    7. At least the bizarre comma overuse (and even more bizarre lack of use when actually needed) distracted from the convoluted, poorly conceived, and even more poorly executed plot. Fortunately, it was a quick read, as the author wasted no time on giving the characters actual personalities of any sort, so that helped.Additionally, the author has an outstanding talent for flowery sex scenes filled with words that don't actually mean anything and never in any way actually mention genitals of any sort. [...]

    8. Hawksworth gets Gideon to agree to protect Sabrina Whitworth. Hawksworth is dying on the battlefield. When Gideon can finally return to his home it is late at night months later and he decides to enter by the servants door. He is accosted with flour by a small woman ripe with child. Despite her condition he is aroused. New servant? He is determined to have her. When she invites him to eat and mistakes him for a needy man, he plays along. Finding out she is his intended just adds to her mystery. [...]

    9. In a pact made by a group of aristocratic soldiers to have each other's backs, Gideon St. Goddard, Duke of Stanthorpe finds himself pledging the dying Duke of Hawksworth to marry and take of his sister, Sabrina Whitcomb. Gideon has no idea what he is getting into and must use a great deal of care and patience with his new bride. Sabrina holds many secrets. Sold by her father to her first husband, given away to another monster, she doesn't place any trust in men. She is also a widow with 4 year o [...]

    10. This is a tough review, because I hate giving anything less than three stars but this was a 2.5 at best. Gideon marries at the bequest of a dying comrade, luckily he falls for Sabrina. This story had a great plot, but the writing was hard to follow. The characters were undeveloped to me, or they were just hard to follow. Either way I found the story impossible to believe therefore my imagination could get with the program.

    11. I just didn't buy it. There is no way that a man that got bamboozled into marrying a woman would be A. ok with her additional kids that he wasn't aware of, B. ok with the fact that she was 9 months pregnant, and C. so attracted to her in that physical state he couldn't keep his hands off her. Whatever. This should be a fantasy fiction not a romance.

    12. This books makes no sense at all. What Duke would marry a pregnant women who already had a set of twins?? It would not happen. If you are going to write Historical Romance at least try and make it believable. Dukes wanted and needed their own blood heirs. They didn't want someone else's leavings to produce that heir. Sorry 1 star!!

    13. Amazing start to a new series! Annette Blair delivers in this trio of books with heart stopping rogues and the nastiest of villains! A historical romance set worth reading!!

    14. TWO UNTRUSTING SOULS LEARN TO TRUST AGAINThis 5 star rating is totally deserved by the rhythmatic flow of this terrific story of Gideon, who in the battlefield gives his honorbound oath to care of the problems of & marry Sabrina, thereby keeping her safe. Safe from what was not exsplained. This story is good even for 18 yr old because there isn't any actual coupling, yet many occasions of pleasurings without the actual coupling finish, allows Gideon to show Sabrina, love, tenderness and that [...]

    15. I'm of two minds on this story. One, the hero is so fabulous. Two, the heroine is sot fabulous. I liked her at first, she was protective of her children and she had endured bad behavior on the the part of her father and her deceased husband, she took in stray people and gave them her trust. But she took from the hero without giving back and hesitated to give him her trust even though he had more than earned it. He accepted her and their situation, made an effort to endear her children and was pr [...]

    16. Gideon is asked to keep a vow as does everyone who is part of the Rogues Club. From the very first moment, he is attracted to Sabrina a mother of two and carrying another child. He marries her without knowing that Sabrina's main goal is to make sure she and her children are never sold again. She wants to protect them. Its a nice read because of the children. Those tender moments of family life are great. I wonder how his grandmother & Prinny readily accept her but then this story would be lo [...]

    17. This was a formulaic Regency with a slightly different twist. A Duke, at the request of his dying friend, agrees to marry a penniless woman. She, when he first sees her, is about nine months pregnant and they marry. Shortly thereafter he also learns she has twin sons. The story is about how they become a family and also about evil people from both of their pasts. It was fast, easy reading.

    18. This is actually worth less than as star. 1) there are not many Dukes in all of England and this terribly researched story would abuse two of them Pregnant women who are showing and of a certain station are confined. 3) Children can not be hidden in one of the few mansions in grovesnor square from a Duke's servants. So if you can live with a story that does not care about the Regency Era Then the rest doesn't really matter.

    19. It was a good story but frustrating at times. I like that the rogue can get along with the children and how kind he is to the help. The worst part is the doubt the characters carry around with them about their past and it interferes with their present.

    20. GREAT STORY!This was such an amazing tale. Really came to appreciate the freedoms that women have today. But I really came to love Gideon for accepting her children because he is exceptional. Just as my husband was and he loved me that much!

    21. I love Regency romance and while this was well written with a solid plot, I hated the characters and it was totally unbelievable. There's nothing redeemable about a heroine who lies constantly and that is exactly what Sabrina does. Disappointing.My Rating: 2 stars

    22. I loved the book made me laugh and cry at the same time autiful storyWould love reading more books from this author. Lovely description. Very good.didn't want the story to end very nice .

    23. I have enjoyed Annette Blair writing for sometime. This is a fun story at times and has a bit of mystery to it. Onto reading book 2 of the series.

    24. Unconventional regency romance, yet fun all the sameI'm not sure what I was expecting when I went into this, but a romantic comedy featuring a piddling puppy, precocious twin terrors and a pregnant heroine was not it. And I was delighted!Sabrina is a the one with a troubled past which makes up the core of the conflict, both in how it affects her and her children, and also how the specters rise up to terrorize her and her new family again. Gideon is delightfully uncomplicated. But that doesn't me [...]

    25. Close to a 2. On a free historical romance kick due to my rediscovery of iBooks.A very decent historical romance, though it got too sweet for me in some parts. While I would like to make clear the fact that I'm not averse to frothy confections, I also find it a bit suspect if characters completely undergo a change in personality just to suit the plot at hand. To be fair though, we don't really see how Gideon's personality worked before his marriage to Sabrina. The author seemed to think that the [...]

    26. * * * * * S P O I L E R A L E R T * * * * *(reviewed copied from 2012 reading log)This was such funny and adorable love story! The first couple of chapters had me kind of lost but after pushing on, it became better. I don't think I've read anything like this, a comical love story with two people who are so in love with one another that they are too afraid to admit. Gideon, came off as some handsome player who could have any woman he wanted, whenever he wanted. But he didn't come off as arrogant [...]

    27. Very Good! Uma ótima surpresa!Infelizemnte ainda inédito no Brasil (olha aí, editoras!) An Undeniable Rogue é um romance historico forte e envolvente.Gideon St. Goddard, o duque de Standhorp, é o que poderia ser chamado de cafajeste. Ele gosta (e muito) de mulheres e não tem a intenção de se casar tão cedo, apesar da insistência da avó. Contudo, Gideon é também um homem de palavra. Acima de tudo, ele é um homem de palavra e quando, um companheiro militar pede, em seu leito de morte [...]

    28. Sadly, I started reading this during an editing break. And my editor brain was still on. I saw so many issues. I had to stop at the 4% mark and walk away.Dukes do NOT marry women as the dying wish of a friend.When I came back… I don’t know. The heroine has moved into the Duke’s house, sacked his housekeeper and mistaken a fifty year old portrait for the current Duke. She has brought in every hopeless case she has met, and put them up inside the house. When the real Duke shows up (on the ve [...]

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