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Mystery Ride

Mystery Ride A thoughtful funny and penetrating portrait of a modern American family that explores the breaches and bonds between husbands and wives parents and children and introduces one of the most incorrigi

  • Title: Mystery Ride
  • Author: Robert Boswell
  • ISBN: 9780060975852
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • A thoughtful, funny, and penetrating portrait of a modern American family that explores the breaches and bonds between husbands and wives, parents and children and introduces one of the most incorrigible and affecting teenagers since Holden Caulfield.

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      125 Robert Boswell
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    1 thought on “Mystery Ride

    1. I am utterly nonplussed that this book is out of print. This novel, this arresting and wholly authentic portrait of late twentieth-century family life, deserves an emblem that says: timeless, exemplary. Robert Boswell portrayed these contemporary characters originally and credibly, seducing the reader from the opening prologue to the masterful ending. There were no false notes, no manipulations of narrative or person. It germinates beautifully, organically.Angela and Stephen Landis are divorced, [...]

    2. it was going along so well but that daughter was truly a girl I wanted to strangle. and the farming descriptions i love a good bucolic story as much as any other but I really got so distracted towards the end that anything would make me close the book. Like watching previews for shows that aired 20 years ago was more interesting. but the guy has an eye for relationships and writing and I appreciated it so much for that. I think it was more my fault than the authors. Just imagine what it would be [...]

    3. This story was OK through the 1st half of the book. Then it got a lot better. I was re-reading whole paragraphs not because they were confusing but because the writing was so good. I wanted to go back and experience them again. Then I read the last chapter and it. just. ended. Lot of story lines left untied I thought. Was my copy of this book missing a chapter? I was thinking 3 stars, then 4, even 4 and a half if possible. Now? Disappointing. It just sputtered and ran out of gas. Wah hoppened? I [...]

    4. Felt like the 1970s. Crazy teenagers trying to figure out how to be in the world, questions of integrity and ethics, lingering connections between ex-spouses, difficult parent-child relationships.Well-written and absorbing read.

    5. Had a hard time working up any sympathy at all for Dulcie. Just go away please so that I can find out what happened to the rest of the characters!

    6. Decided to read this after a 2003 viewing of Twelve Mile Road, a Tom Selleck movie for which the book is based on.

    7. Did not like the characters at all! Not a fun read, very depressing family and am very glad that mine didn't grow up like that.

    8. This book started out fantastic. Great characters. BUT, the ending was so terrible that I am mad I finished it. Total disappointment. Too bad, could have been great.

    9. Deeply disturbing on one level, but, even after all these years, I remember it as a masterfully written work. Highly recommended.

    10. I was disappointed in this book. The reviews said it gave insight into the American family,however, it did not seem to end with any insights or observations. How many of us live on small Iowa farms? Most of the characters were still unsettled and unsatisfied with their lives at the end. I also found some of the actions of the young protagonist to be included for shock value. You never got a sense of why she had such strong feels about people or sex. I would not recommend this book.

    11. Second read. What a great writer Boswell is. His ear for dialogue is wonderful. I loved this book, was sad when it ended.

    12. "That's a unique way to think about it," Stephen said. Henrietta disagreed. "There's not a unique bne in my body," she said.It was not a good poem, but it touched her that he had written it. Love seemed to have so little to do with accomplishment and so much to do with intention.Dulcie was sick of the way sex jutted out ahead and bloomed behind women's bodies, the first thing you noticed and the last thing you saw.

    13. A weird little story about a family (mom, dad, girl) and the other people in their lives. Daughter acts cray/unstable, hateful, but she gets better. Parents split, mom remarries, faces childrearing again at 40. Father tries to move on.Things happen, but very little gets resolved.

    14. Boswell is a dialog master. The ways in which we listen, ignore, speak over and mishear are all amazingly revealed in this novel of relationships. A wonderful read.

    15. Boswell is so readable, even when the characters aren't particularly likable, which can't be said for many authors. This book is an interesting ride all the way through.

    16. I felt that this story jumped around too much and I didn't feel there was a point or closure after I read it.

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