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The Search for Belle Prater

The Search for Belle Prater Belle Prater is missing Since she inexplicably disappeared about a year ago her son Woodrow has been living with his grandparents next door to his cousin Gypsy The two are best friends joined by

  • Title: The Search for Belle Prater
  • Author: Ruth White Allison Elliott
  • ISBN: 9780440421641
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • Belle Prater is missing Since she inexplicably disappeared about a year ago, her son, Woodrow, has been living with his grandparents, next door to his cousin Gypsy The two are best friends, joined by their adventurous sprits and shared love of stories and magic One night they receive a puzzling phone call, which provides a clue that sends Gypsy and Woodrow on a missionBelle Prater is missing Since she inexplicably disappeared about a year ago, her son, Woodrow, has been living with his grandparents, next door to his cousin Gypsy The two are best friends, joined by their adventurous sprits and shared love of stories and magic One night they receive a puzzling phone call, which provides a clue that sends Gypsy and Woodrow on a mission to find Belle Joining them is Cassie Caulborne, the new girl in school, who, like Woodrow and Gypsy, has experienced the loss of a parent She is also endowed with a valuable gift she knows things, things that happened in the past and reveal themselves to her in dreams Their quest leads them out of their sheltered life in Coal Station, Virginia, and eventually back to Woodrow s home in Crooked Ridge On the road they meet new people with their own stories to tell One is Joseph, who has to sit at the back of the buss because he is black The young people join him in the rear and learn that he, too, is on a search for his father They help one another to find what they re looking for and gain friendship along the way.From the Compact Disc edition.

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      440 Ruth White Allison Elliott
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    1 thought on “The Search for Belle Prater

    1. This sequel to Belle Prater's Boy is very good for a sequel. She says, damning it with faint praise. It's funny, but not as funny as the first, and the messages are a little too overt for my tastes. Solid writing and satisfying ending.

    2. It was nice to have a sequel to tie up the loose ends . . . but quite a bit of it rises to the level of the fantastic and unbelievable.Fun read, anyway.

    3. I recently saw that there was a sequel put out and I was pretty curious to see what happened to the mother in the book. This book was more in detail when it came to the mother missing unlike the first book where it was more focused on her son Woodrow and how he was dealing with the disappearance. I liked it. I doubt ther will be another book after this because, not to give it away, there was a nice solution at the end of this book unlike the ending of the previous book. Ok I really need to start [...]

    4. I picked up this book because the cover looked interesting. Woodrow and his cousin Gypsy go looking for Woodrow's mother who disappeared a year ago. The story was interesting and I didn't realize until I started that this was a sequel, but it was a great book even without having read the first one.

    5. This book was written as a companion to "Belle Prater's Boy". Not only did this book completely tie up any loose ends from the first book, it taught several priceless lessons including racial equality, understanding differences, handling the loss of a loved one, and friendship. I would use this book with grades 5-7.

    6. I did not expect the splendid original to garner a sequel since Woodrow's explanation of Belle's disappearance was a sound one. White did a great job of continuing the story while maintaining the appeal of the beloved first.

    7. I didn't expect to like this book as much as the first one. This sequel was published about 9 years after the first book was published which makes me think the sequel was unplanned. Often when that's the case the sequel isn't as good, but I really loved this. The writing in this one was a bit more detailed than in Belle Prater's Boy and the southern/Virginian/backwoods accent was more pronounced in this one. Aside from that, the books seemed to flow together really seamlessly. Of course, I adore [...]

    8. I read the first installment (Belle Prater's Boy), and just had to read this second one to find out what happened to his mother. I was especially interested in this one because one of the places he goes for clues is my hometown (Bluefield). It was a nostalgic trip to read of my area in that time period and follow him as he searches for answers. Lovely story, but it moves at the same pace as life did at that time and place.

    9. I highly recommend this book! It was fun and easy to read. Although I didn't read this book in order to the first because it is a sequel, I could still understand it and know what the problem was and felt happy for the characters in the end. Ruth White is now one of my favorite writers because of the mood she sets throughout her books and the image she is able to create through words.

    10. Charming book with short stories within the content. I usually don't like sequels but must admit that I did enjoy this one. I can hardly wait until my grandson is old enough to read the two Belle Prater books. Just don't tell anyone that I am not a "young adult".

    11. In 1955, Woodrow and his cousin Gypsy befriend a new girl in class and the three of them set off to find Woodrow's missing mother, encountering unlikely and intriguing coincidences along the way.

    12. The Search For Belle Prater was AMAZING!! It was such an intriguing book. The ending was just great. LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!1

    13. The story is OK. What I dislike are the obviously modern-day "teachable moments" where the readers are instructed on topics like racial discrimination, alcoholism and gambling addictions, even outhouses. I wish I were reading a book written in the 1950s, because it wouldn't explain those things. The supernatural elements were a bit far-fetched, but I guess that's why they are supernatural. I very much enjoyed the narrator, who conveyed the regional flavor without any trace of falseness or parody [...]

    14. Like the first book, this is one that I read previously as a kid, but unlike the first one, I think I only read this one once. There were probably many reasons for this, not least of which being that I would have been a junior in high school when it came out, and so a bit beyond the target audience age. But after giving it a re-read, I think another big reason was probably that it just isn't very good. The first book was excellent, and I don't see why the author couldn't leave well enough alone. [...]

    15. I think this book deserves a 3 star because I enjoyed how the author made it realistic yet mystical. When I picked up this book I Immediately become curious because it was the sequel to the book Belle Prater's Boy and I wondered if Woodrow and Gypsy had found Belle. In this book Woodrow and Gypsy continue the adventure to find Belle and on the way they meet some interesting people in their quest. Also Gypsy and Woodrow meet a new girl named Cassie who happens to have a very "fey" talent and who [...]

    16. I wonder why White felt the need to make a sequel when, in my opinion, the first book left us off in the best place possible.I liked the first book a whole lot more than this one, because there was some kind of mystery and nostalgia, while dealing with tragic topics, and again, had a great ending Having two young kids finally accepting that things like this aren't always resolved the way we want it to be. This one, however, is much less realistic, and to me, had too many "signs" or random occurr [...]

    17. Sequel to "Belle Prater's Boy." Woodrow's mother disappeared a year ago but on the stroke of midnight, New Year's Eve, Woodrow's birthday, a phone call comes in. No one speaks, but Woodrow is sure it's his mother. Woodrow and his cousin Gypsy learn that the call originated from the town of Bluefield and with their new friend Cassie, they take the bus to Bluefield to try and find Woodrow's mother. On the bus they meet Joseph who's going to Bluefield to find his father. Instead Joseph meets the mi [...]

    18. this book was okay. it good, but not as good as belle prater's boy. everyone was begging for a sequel, since the first one left the big question unanswered, so I felt that ruth white only wrote this book because she had to. it would've been much better if she wrote it because she wanted to continue the story herself. I felt that much of what happened was forced. I didn't really like the outcome of where woodrow's mother disappeared to; I was much better off not knowing. It's so much cooler when [...]

    19. I enjoyed Belle Prater's Boy much more than I enjoyed this book. Lots of buildup and then a very quick ending. Woodrow and his cousin and new friend from school set out to find his mother. They meet a boy on the bus and that boy ends up finding his long lost relative. That was actually my favorite part of the story. Woodrow returns home to the mountain to clean up his house because his father is moving on. The story ends with the mystery being solved where the mother has been but I'm not sure I [...]

    20. Once again, I enjoyed the story of, Gypsy, Woodrow and the new girl Cassie, who happened to have a very "fey" talent.Very glad everything gets all nicely wrapped up happily in the end for all the children in the story, and it didn't feel too convenient or rushed.Very lovely children's classic. Love her work! Now I feel like reading more good old children's classics like The Phantom Tollbooth

    21. I had some students who requested the sequel to "Belle Prater's Boy," since they were curious about his mom's disappearance and it was not revealed in the book. They were hoping it would be in the sequel. I decided I wanted to see if it would be in this book. I enjoyed reading "The Search for Belle Prater" and recommend it. My students also liked it. Woodrow and Gypsy go on an adventure and meet some interesting people in their quest.

    22. I always worry sequels won't be as good as the first book, but I really enjoyed this one. I read both with my sixth grade girls' book club. I offered to read a different book after Belle Prater's Boy, but my students were totally wrapped up in what happened to Belle. This sequel is excellent because of the many important topics it touches on, along with good pacing and a good sense of love, family, friends, and humor. I loved it! :)

    23. UGGGGH!! ok, I'm sorry if you enjoyed this, but i DIDN'T LIKE IT AT ALL!. I mean, it wasn't enjoyable to me! I felt waaaaay too rushed and there was absolutely NO ENDING! Not once it made sense to me. It wasn't strong enough to grab me in, it just felt like I was reading print, not taking it in.***You know, maybe it was just that i didn't read the first book

    24. Not as good as the first, but the sequels rarely are. I felt the ran away with the circus idea was a bit over the top. It still had the beautiful appalachian imagery that made me forget where I was, and the feeling of childhood that makes her stories so delightful, but stilljust not as good as the first.

    25. ok i thought it was an amazing story. i relly do feel bad for woodrow. And his cousin dixi is relly careing. woodrows mom just upping left in the middle of the night and leaves woodrow a note which he doesnt find untill years later under his rug and then he goes surching for her with dixi and they meet two people on the bus and they help them and then ther new friends help them in return.

    26. I'm glad that there was a sequel to Belle Prater's Boy. This book wraps up things nicely. There are not so many of Woodrow's stories in this book. Two new characters are introduced: Cassie, the new girl at school and Joseph, who Woodrow and Gypsy meet on their bus trip. Joseph is kind of a kindred spirit to Woodrow and puts a bit of commentary on racism and segregation.

    27. I really enjoyed this, and I'm glad I finally know what happened to Belle Prater. I think I read the first book 10 years ago, so it's been bugging me for a while. This is a kids book, and the story comes to an end a little faster than I would have liked. The side characters all deserve their own stories. Especially the Luckys.

    28. I absolutely LOVE 'Belle Prater's Boy'. This was a fun ending but not nearly the same as the Newbery Honor award book 'Belle Prater's Boy.' I love the books that Ruth White writes. Her stories are awesome for kids who aren't going through the best of circumstances in life, and still come out victorious!

    29. Just like Way Down Deep, the whole novel was almost perfect, except that the ending was not very reasonable and quite sudden. Love how Ruth White portraits all the happenings from the kids' angles. A lot was left unsaid from Gypsy's perspectives; yet, everything was very much understood by readers. A lot of good lessons too. Great read for all ages.

    30. Belle Prater just mysteriously disappeared. Nobody saw her leave. She left her little boy and husband. Belle loved her little boy, but she thought she just had to go. Windrow, the little boy, went looking for his mom when he got older. It became an adventure.

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