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Skins: Summer Holiday

Skins Summer Holiday The second fabulous novel centred around the brand new cast of SKINS series the BAFTA winning cult E TV series The brand new cast of Skins series go back in time to before the start of the seri

  • Title: Skins: Summer Holiday
  • Author: Jess Britain
  • ISBN: 9781444903096
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback
  • The second fabulous novel centred around the brand new cast of SKINS series 5 the BAFTA winning, cult E4 TV series The brand new cast of Skins series 5 go back in time, to before the start of the series, where readers will find out what they all did that summer An edgy, insightful, sexy and revealing back story for generation 3 of the best teen drama on tv.

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      380 Jess Britain
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    1 thought on “Skins: Summer Holiday

    1. This was MUCH better - the characters remain true to their screen counterparts - the writing has much more bite and satire to it - and this novelist is much more adept at dealing with social issues for young people. Some very dark - and possibly frightening issues are dealt with extremely well here - in a frank but never patronising manner - and in a style that fits perfectly with the series - also - in terms of what happens to the generation of Series 5 and 6, the events of the novel make perfe [...]

    2. The only reason I gave this book 3 stars is for Franky's story, the only redeeming thing in this poorly edited book. Grace's storyline (storylines?) were lame, while Rich's was non-existent. Nearly the whole thing is from Mini's perspective, and as she's the least likeable in the bunch, it was pretty awful, particularly her use of words "gay" and "retarded". As far as continuity, I think that if the show has a TV tie-in, the writers of said show should read the novel, especially in the case of M [...]

    3. The 5th Series of Skins was outstanding. It was such a refreshing new group of individuals, and the storylines were just as unique. Honestly it had that warm, wholesome feel that Gen 1 did and was truly a cut above Gen 2. I really enjoyed the first Skins novel, which explored the Summer between 3rd and 4th series with Gen 2. It was extremely well written and provided a meaty backbone for Series 4.This Skins novel was lacking a little. While each of the characters were well written, I just felt t [...]

    4. I read reviews for this book and they were generally negative, so I had low expectations before I started. But I was pleasantly surprised! It gave a good backstory to the characters in season 5, and how they knew/met each other before starting at Roundview. Franky's story was so sad and I like her even more now. I also liked how non-main characters were given chapters (Zayne, Rhodie, Dean), but I wish Matty, who actually is a main character, got more of a mention. It definitely wasn't as good as [...]

    5. Estoy listo!maratón de Skins, y series 6 vengan a mífue algo complicado con esto, una serie de palabras en inglés que son más elementos que se usan en los andares urbanos, y que simplemente no tenia idea de que iban. así que tenía que detenerme e indagar, ha sido muy interesante, quizá el factor del tiempo y el hecho de que lo he leido en tantos fragmentos que he quedado con algunas lagunas sobre lo ocurrido jajaja, además sinceramente la tercera generación no es para nada mi favorita.

    6. I really enjoyed this novel. I felt that it added insight to the characters that wasn't gained from watching season 5. The storyline for each character was interesting and dramatic, as Skins should be. The lacking of a proper plot for Rich was somewhat disappointing, because I really like him. But maybe that was to show he doesn't really have much to do before series 5. I haven't read any other Skins novels yet, so I can't compare to them, but I thought this was pretty damn good.

    7. Not unlike the first novel, this was very much just a fanfiction made into a novel. Not completely terrible though, considering I love Skins. My biggest gripe is the fact that it mainly focused on Mini, Liv and Grace, and not enough focus on Franky, Alo and Rich, not to mention the total lack of Matty. Franky's and Alo's stories were both fantastic, good enough for me to give this a four, and potentially read them again while skipping through the other stories that didn't interest me as much.

    8. I read this because I had seen the series, also i randomly came across it in the library and figured it would pass the time.The story is told before the gang start college, you get to see what their summer was like, and also you get to understand their outlook of things. You also see Franky before she came to Roundview, what a mess her life was and how cruelly she had been treated.

    9. I just couldn't seem to get into this one like I could with the first Skins novel. There was a completely lack of Rich, who is my favorite character, and it seemed as though the whole story was focused solely on Mini and Grace. I also didn't like how they added characters, like Zayne, and had sections from their perspectives. Could've definitely been better.

    10. For what it is, it gets a four. Anyone who enjoys Skins would like this novel; it lets us know more about the characters before they start college, before the beginning of Series 5. I read it very quickly, it's enjoyable but wasn't quite as good as I'd hoped it would be.

    11. After reading the previous generations book I was really excited to read this next one however after watching the Tv show and not being thoroughly impressed I hoped the book would be better It wasn't. It was boring and lacked the skins spirit.

    12. Loved this book, read is as soon as series 5 finished and got it signed by Mini, Liv and the author at a book signing :-)

    13. I thought it was very well written in the characters personalities. It helped me get to know the characters better and understand what they were going through during series 5.

    14. I read this before beginning the 5th season, but it was incredibly difficult to get into. Preferred the first Skins books with Gen 2!!

    15. It was alright. But nothing close to the first book, which was awesome. The only ones I could read where frankie , liv and mini I found the rest too boring

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