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The Queen's Gamble

The Queen s Gamble Young Queen Elizabeth I s path to the throne has been a perilous one and already she faces a dangerous crisis French troops have landed in Scotland to quell a rebel Protestant army and Elizabeth fea

  • Title: The Queen's Gamble
  • Author: Barbara Kyle
  • ISBN: 9780758238566
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • Young Queen Elizabeth I s path to the throne has been a perilous one, and already she faces a dangerous crisis French troops have landed in Scotland to quell a rebel Protestant army, and Elizabeth fears once they are entrenched on the border, they will invade England.Isabel Thornleigh has returned to London from the New World with her Spanish husband, Carlos Valverde, andYoung Queen Elizabeth I s path to the throne has been a perilous one, and already she faces a dangerous crisis French troops have landed in Scotland to quell a rebel Protestant army, and Elizabeth fears once they are entrenched on the border, they will invade England.Isabel Thornleigh has returned to London from the New World with her Spanish husband, Carlos Valverde, and their young son Ever the queen s loyal servant, Isabel is recruited to smuggle money to the Scottish rebels Yet Elizabeth s trust only goes so far Isabel s son will be the queen s pampered hostage until she completes her mission Matters grow worse when Isabel s husband is engaged as military advisor to the French, putting the couple on opposite sides in a deadly cold war Set against a lush, vibrant backdrop peopled with unforgettable characters and historical figures, The Queen s Gamble is a story of courage, greed, passion, and the high price of loyalty.

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    1. I am the first to admit to a historical knowledge deficit, alarming (or maybe more embarrassing) considering my father was a history teacher for 30+ years. But I can't deny my fascination with Barbara Kyle's ability to weave true history with her own brand of fiction--complex story lines, unexpected twists, seething passion and drama galore. Add in rich characters with seemingly insurmountable conflict, stakes high enough to spear clouds and a smooth, engaging writing style you've got a real ca [...]

    2. The saga of the fictional Thornleigh family in Tudor times continues in this novel. One need not read the previous books, but one may wish to, in order to enjoy the well-crafted, tightly woven story of an English family's service to England and Queen Elizabeth I.Isabel Thornleigh's parents serve Elizabeth, in her first year as Queen. Isabel is married to Carlos Valverde, a former Spanish mercenary turned Peruvian grandee. He wants nothing more than to have a position confirmed in Peru, so that h [...]

    3. Fast-paced and filled with details that readers of historical novels crave, The Queen’s Gamble by Barbara Kyle is fourth in the Thornleigh series and set in the first year of Elizabeth I’s reign, when even her supporters doubt the young queen will survive to rule a second year.In The Queen’s Gamble, Scotland is the focus of political contention. The teenage Mary, Queen of Scots, is living in France, married to Francois II. Scotland is ruled by a regent, Mary of Guise, who is French. Tthe S [...]

    4. In this book, Elizabeth is now Queen after her half sister, Mary’s fall from reign. Elizabeth has a lot of prove. Most of the people are just waiting for Elizabeth’s fall as well. This is probably why France has decided now is the best time for the country to make a move and try to over take England. Isabel, her husband Carlos and their son, Nicholas have arrived from Peru to England. Things have changed quickly as Isabel soon discovers after coming back home. Isabel was sheltered from the d [...]

    5. This is the fourth book in Ms. Kyle's Thornleigh series and after reading it I so want to read the first three. Not because I felt like I missed anything - The Queen's Gamble can stand alone perfectly well - but because it was such an enjoyable book. While this book takes place during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the focus is more on the fictional family, the Thornleighs. Isabel Thornleigh is coming home to England with her husband Carlos. They live in the "New World," in Peru where Carlos is ma [...]

    6. The newest installment of Barbara Kyle’s Thornleigh series, The Queen’s Gamble, is a great historical mystery novel set in the early reign of Elizabeth I. Readers meet up again with the Thornleigh family, but this time it’s the Thornleigh’s daughter, Isabel, and their son-in-law, Carlos, who are in the spotlight. Isabel has been blackmailed by the queen into aiding the rebels in Scotland who are fighting the French (and thus keeping them too busy to invade England) and her husband, Carlo [...]

    7. The Queens Gamble by Barbara Kyle is the fourth installment of the Thornleigh family series. I have to be honest, I read the first but not the second or third but I had no trouble following along with the family dynamics from the second novel. The story is the fictional account of Isabel (Thornleigh) Valverde and her husband Carlos's part in the Scottish uprising (with the aid of the French) to try to gain the control of the English throne and oust Elizabeth I with Mary Stuart who they felt was [...]

    8. This fourth book in the Thornleigh series was as good as the others. I really enjoyed it, without a doubt. I think what I really loved about this book is no character is perfect. And, this is mostly true for Queen Elizabeth. She's mean and holds Isabel's child and she's a bit mean and what not. I like ti because I've found that in some HF books the monarch is made to always be the "good guy." Instead, here Elizabeth is real. Like she would have been. I'm excited for the next. Unfortunately, the [...]

    9. Barbara Kyle é uma excelente contadora de estórias e de História. Já o tinha constatado no primeiro livro da série Thornleigh, A Aia da Rainha, e comprovei-o agora com o último volume da série.Se no primeiro livro (e só posso falar dele porque foi o único que li da série antes deste), Kyle centra a sua história na personagem de Honor e no tempo de Catarina de Aragão, neste último volume traz à cena novamente Honor, mas a personagem principal é a sua filha Isabel. O tempo também [...]

    10. This book started out very slow to me, it took about 100 pages for me really to "get into it." However once it took of it was a thriller with drama, lust, fights etc. I was really pulling for the characters even though they were doing things so "out of character" for what appeared to be their personalities. I enjoyed the book, found the ending to be a bit unbelievable for the times and found the best part of the book to be the "meat" the middle 250 pages. I read this as a stand alone book, howev [...]

    11. The Queen's Gamble is an engrossing novel that captures its readers from the first page. The intensity starts on a high and continues throughout the novel like a rolling wave; just enough time to catch your breath before the next shocking moment occursRead the full review on my blog:muse-in-the-fog/2011/09/review-queens-gamble-by-barbara-kyleml

    12. I'll be honest, I skimmed about the last 3rd of this because it was so predictable that I just wanted to be sure what I thought would happen, did. The pacing was off and the writing was nothing special.

    13. This was My first time reading Barbara Kyle's book! I like the way Barbara writes it was a bit slower read for me then Philippa Gregory books but I loved reding it! History, Romance, passion and fascinating court drama! I will deffenetly check out her other books as well!

    14. A really enjoyable read. After initial reservations regarding the plausibility of certain plot elements I got caught up in the suspenseful events of the story. Finished it therefore very quickly as I simply couldn't stop reading, eventually reading far into the night to get to the end.

    15. Great book! It took me quite awhile to get through it, but it was worth the wait. I look forward to going back and reading the rest of Barbara Kyle's novels!

    16. Clearly leading toward a fifth book, but a good historical fiction series focused around the Protestant reformation in England during the Tudor reign.

    17. I did enjoy this instalment of the Thornleigh series more than the previous ones. In my historical fiction reading I've been stuck on the King Henry VIII so I'm enjoying going a little farther into England's history. I have the same complaint for this book as the previous ones tho, that the family is always split up on different sides, in different disasters and yet everyone makes it through unscathed. I wish there was a little more realism then that, I understand the series would be difficult t [...]

    18. This one, like the first 2, was slow for me until around halfway through, then it got more interesting. I got very confused at the beginning trying to keep straight which country was allies with who, and I kept forgetting. Once it got where Isabel was with Frances at her brother's house, I finally got more engaged with the story. I just got the next 2 books from the library, am looking forward to see how their story ends.

    19. I began Barbara Kyle's novels by reading "The King's Daughter", which featured Isabel Thornleigh and Carlos Valverde in the context of the Wyatt Rebellion. I loved both characters and found the pair to be a brilliant match for each other. I then read "The Queen's Captive" about Isabel's mother Honor and although I enjoyed it I did find myself wondering what Isabel and Carlos were up to and wishing they would join the story. In this novel they are back in the midst of the adventure once more.Barb [...]

    20. I love reading novels that take historical people, places and events to create fictional stories. Kyle did a good job with her writing as well as weaving overtones from religion and politics to showcase everyone's side. As an Irish Catholic I was able to equally enjoy the portrayals of the struggling Catholics as well as the Protestant stories.This book is part of a series so make sure you read them in order

    21. Este é o quarto livro da série Thornleigh, e centra-se em Isabel Valverde, filha de Honor e Thornleigh, que regressa a Inglaterra, com Isabel Tudor como Rainha, num período conturbado. O trono de Isabel é ameaçado pela sua prima Maria da Escócia, que no período em que decorre a acção do livro, é Rainha da Escócia e, através do seu casamento, Rainha da França. E para defender o bem-estar da sua família, Isabel Valverde envolve-se no meio da política, quase como uma espia dupla.Apes [...]

    22. I must say that I very much enjoyed this book. The way Kyle weaves fiction with historical fact makes you not want to put this book down to the very end. You really want to hate Queen Elizabeth in that moment when she takes Nicholas as a hostage to insure Isabel's loyalty. Isabel and Carols' relationship takes a few interesting turns that at almost every point, you end up cheering for one and upset with the other. This is one of the few books that portrays Queen Elizabeth not as the savior and t [...]

    23. It was really slow to start off. I would consider this the worst of the Thornleigh books so far. My favorite part: how Isabel assumed she was pregnant because she felt a flutter in her stomach! I feel flutters in my stomach all the time, and I'm not pregnant. Then again, she was right and I may be wrong :-/Still, Kyle still does an amazing job with these characters. I've loved getting to see Honor and Richard evolve over the years.

    24. After only a year as queen, Elizabeth's throne is rocky, due to events in France, Spain, and Scotland. The Scots Protestants are staging a revolt, and want help from England, but not only is Elizabeth's war chest empty, she fears offending Spain's might.Carlos and Isabel Valverde return to England to visit Isabel's family, and immediately become embroiled in the conflict. How it unfolds is a fascinating, fast-moving story.

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