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Owls Well That Ends Well

Owls Well That Ends Well Meg Langslow was actually looking forward to renovating the old Victorian mansion she and her boyfriend Michael bought But she wasn t thrilled by the lifetime of junk accumulated by the house s eccent

  • Title: Owls Well That Ends Well
  • Author: Donna Andrews
  • ISBN: 9780312997908
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meg Langslow was actually looking forward to renovating the old Victorian mansion she and her boyfriend Michael bought But she wasn t thrilled by the lifetime of junk accumulated by the house s eccentric previous owner, Edwina Sprocket The easiest solution hold the end all and be all of gigantic yard sales But when the event attracts the late Miss Sprocket s money hungMeg Langslow was actually looking forward to renovating the old Victorian mansion she and her boyfriend Michael bought But she wasn t thrilled by the lifetime of junk accumulated by the house s eccentric previous owner, Edwina Sprocket The easiest solution hold the end all and be all of gigantic yard sales But when the event attracts the late Miss Sprocket s money hungry heirs, the over enthusiastic supporters of some endangered barn owls, and customers willing to go to any lengths to uncover a hidden treasure, Meg suspects things have gotten a little out of hand Then an antiques dealer is found stuffed in a trunk with his head bashed in and the yard sale turns into a day s long media circus Even worse, the suspect arrested for the crime is the person Michael needs to secure academic tenure Now, Meg is juggling an ever growing list of suspects And she s going to have to outthink and outwit one clever murderer who lives by everything must go

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      403 Donna Andrews
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    1. Meg, a smart likable amateur sleuth, and her would be fiance Michael, she has commitment issues, buy an old house far out in the country buts it's cluttered to the rafters with ugly antiques. Meg's solution is to have a giant yard sale , all her relatives are invited to sell their own junk and the Sprockets, members of the previous owner's family, show up along with local folk to sell a humorous array of items. Along with the house Meg and Michael also got a barn with an actual barn owl.During t [...]

    2. Meg Langslow: 6Well, this book seems to clarify the timeline confusion. Apparently there was a time skip of a few years (the 'few' is not very clear) somewhere around book 3 or book 4. This book finally deals with the house Meg and Michael ended up buying at the end of book 4. The main character, Meg, is a mess of emotions. After all this time, she has resentment against her mother for being model-worthy beautiful compared to herself. She resents Michael for putting most of the responsibility fo [...]

    3. I do like these things. My mom mails them to me in pairs, and I think I'll read one and then wait on the other, but then I read both in 3-4 days. This one is lots of fun, and although I kind of felt it would end up how it did, it didn't have to. This was probably the best-constructed mystery of the set so far, insomuch as the guilty party wasn't completely obvious from the beginning, neither was the guilty party only revealed at the end through previously withheld evidence.The character of Micha [...]

    4. Meg is conducting the yard sale to end all yard sales - literally. Their new house, a falling-apart relic previously inhabited by a hoarder, has to be emptied before it can be renovated.Behind Meg's back, her father and brother have put about the rumor that there may be a pirate's hoard concealed among the junk, and the town population pretty much relocates to Meg and Michael's yard. This offers plenty of suspects for the murder of a very unpopular antique dealer, so why do the police have to ho [...]

    5. Warning if you are having a YARD SALE anytime soon you may change your mind after reading the 6th installment of the Meg Langslow mysteries. What a hoot! You'll be laughing out loud when you read the tale of the antiques dealer who is found stuffed in the trunk with his head bashed in and the media turns up on the doorstep and interrupts the frenzied shoppers. The suspect may in fact be among the customers who are dressed in costume as there is a discount offered to those who dress-up. Meg's ecc [...]

    6. Murder at a yard sale - with owls and SPOOR. This was a great book that kept me guessing til Meg and Michael figured it out!

    7. Another great fun adventure with Meg, Michael, and her family. This time Meg and Michael have moved into the fixer-upper home of the late Mrs Sprocket. They bought the house "as-is" with the condition that anything they sell, 10% goes to the Sprocket family. Because of this the Sprocket's have been hounding them and trying to wring any penny they can out of Meg and Michael. It didn't help that the house, sheds, and barn were packed full of nick-nacks and other junk. So Meg decided to have a yard [...]

    8. Meg Langslow and her boyfriend are preparing to renovate the rambling Victorian country house they bought, but first, they have to get rid of everything the previous owner left. This, they're doing by hosting a massive, multi-family yard sale, and Meg has been going crazy organizing everything, and fending off all the people who try to sneak in early (their vicious furball of a dog, Spike, mostly solves that problem). Everything is going as well as can be expected for an even so huge, but then, [...]

    9. I should start this by saying that I hate yard sales. That bias may have effected my feelings about this entry in the series, which takes place as Michael and Meg try to hold the yard sale of the century. Still, I enjoyed the set-up of the book a lot, with all of Meg's crazy relatives hanging around their wreck of a house and 2 acres of junk needing to be unloaded. Plus owls!The middle, however, dragged a lot. Again, confession time - I was home for three days in cold, rainy weather with a sick [...]

    10. In Owls Well that Ends Well, Meg Langlow has her hands full of junk, and she wants to get rid of it! Her boyfriend, Michael, had bought a house sight-unseen from the heirs of the greatest hoarder on earth, with the stipulation that the heirs will get a percentage of the profits of everything Michael and Meg make by selling the contents. Thus develops the biggest yard sale in the world! Everyone they know seems to want to contribute junk to get rid of at this yard sale, making it the event of the [...]

    11. I enjoy this series but I have to say that the last couple have not been as entertaining as the first 3. But this one was better again. Meg and Michael, who are a couple, have purchased a big old farmhouse that the intend to renovate but first they have to get of the years of accumulated stuff that the former resident had collected. Between the owls nesting in the barn, a huge yard sale, family of the previous owner hanging out to get their cut of the take and a murderis is the usual chaotic, fu [...]

    12. Meg and Michael are trying to get rid of all the junk left in the house they bought from the previous owner by having a yard sale. Lots of family members and colleagues also join the sale. During the sale one of the buyers, a rather notorious junk dealer, is found murdered. One of the professors on Michael's tenure committee is arrested but they believe him to be innocent so Meg starts investigating to find out who the real murderer is. Lots of suspects as everyone hated the guy.A fun mystery wi [...]

    13. This mystery just wasn't interesting to me. I did not like the attitude of Meg, the main character and felt no connection between her and her boyfriend. Most of the other characters were ridiculous and I don't know many people that would actually buy lingerie at a yard sale, but it was a 'hot' item at this one and we were told over and over about these fripperies. The oversize dumbwaiter was too convenient.

    14. Before Meg and her boyfriend remodel the old home they bought, they have a huge yard sale to get rid of the contents. It turns into a community event involving Meg's whole family. And then an obnoxious collector is found dead in a trunk and there are many good suspects. Meg once again puts her detective abilities to use.

    15. I have read several of the books in this series, mainly the let ones, and I must admit I think I like the earlier written ones better. This was book six and I have not read 1-5 yet. I am tempted to search for them. The characters are likable and the book kept moving. It was a quick read and you don't need to read 1-5 to understand the plot.

    16. Are these books the height of literature? No, but they are light hearted and funny. And the characters are a hoot! 3.5 stars

    17. Amazing how a 2 acre yard sale can go so very comical. So many zany relatives and bargain hunter can make any and everything go awry. Oh yes, don't forget the animals!

    18. Recommend for anyone who has a hard time parting with books. Or has ever tried to declutter. Or had a yard sale. Or likes owls and other assorted critters. Oh, heck. It’s just fun.

    19. Usual eccentric characters. Crazy huge yard sale with all kinds of strangers and odd objects. Once again Meg puts herself in great peril but of course it all works out. The family of the former owner of the house is also quite the family. Great sense of humor

    20. It is more than fair to say that, given that it's less than 24 hours since I picked up this book and started reading, and now I've finished it, that it goes fast. That's not a complaint. I read this so quickly because it was so darned much fun. I've always said that what one gets out of a book depends in large part on what one brings to it. That was certainly true for me and Owls Well That Ends Well. This is a humorous murder mystery that takes place during an enormous yard sale and features, fo [...]

    21. Too Much Stuff, Yard Sales and Crazy Relatives Meg and Michael have purchased their home together and it is from the cantankerous Sprocket family. They won't clean it up, fix the major issues and want money from the sale of all the stuff in the house, without doing any work.  So for months, Meg has been organizing, selling and preparing for a huge yard sale, to get rid of the items found in the house and getting her family to come in and help at the sale, allowing her large extended family to [...]

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