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Fire Heart In the second of the Tales of Alterra the World that Ise Elfhunter has been laid low but he is not yet vanquished Now there is a new challenge to be faced Orogond has sworn on the grave of his fathe

  • Title: Fire-Heart
  • Author: C.S. Marks
  • ISBN: 9781425944421
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the second of the Tales of Alterra, the World that Ise Elfhunter has been laid low, but he is not yet vanquished Now there is a new challenge to be faced Orogond has sworn on the grave of his father that he will find his wayward brother, Hallagond, and return him to the way of the Light But Hallagond has been driven forth by shame, and believes that he is unwIn the second of the Tales of Alterra, the World that Ise Elfhunter has been laid low, but he is not yet vanquished Now there is a new challenge to be faced Orogond has sworn on the grave of his father that he will find his wayward brother, Hallagond, and return him to the way of the Light But Hallagond has been driven forth by shame, and believes that he is unworthy of redemption The Company is now set upon a path that will take them into unfamiliar, distant lands filled with strange and intriguing people Not only will they encounter wonders unknown to any in the northern lands, but they must now face a new, incredibly savage enemy And all the while, Gaelen of the Greatwood is summoning Gorgon Elfhunter to follow after her, for she would lead him into lands where Elves do not venture Should he find her, even the strength and will of the Fire heart might not be enough.

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      110 C.S. Marks
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    1 thought on “Fire-Heart

    1. Someone found her groove!I’m going to have to go with four and a half stars for this fine piece of fantasy because it hit almost every note that is necessary in any good story.As part two of C.S. Marks’ “A tale of Alterra, the world that is” series, Fire-Heart follows Elfhunter, which I stumbled upon after chatting with the author online. Since reading part one, and then winning part two in a mini contest, I just hadn’t gotten around to reading it.I’m glad I did.Writing style:As stat [...]

    2. I have to admit, although I thoroughly enjoyed reading Elfhunter, nothing could have prepared me for the epic that is Fire-heart. This book is an epic in every sense of the word: larger than life, featuring a cast of thousands, frighteningly intense, and utterly unforgettable. Not only are the stakes higher than they were in Elfhunter, but they are more personal too, making the battles fought within its pages even more desperate than what is typical for this kind of fiction.Few fantasy books hav [...]

    3. This is a great sequel to the first one, Elfhunter, and my favorite out of the three. There are new characters added and they're just as well done as the others. By the time this book is over, you really feel like you know all the charaters, a special feeling that doesn't happen all the time.

    4. Having completed the first book in the Alterra series, I was worried for the cast of characters which make up The Company. It wasn't a difficult decision to purchase this book in order to find out what happened since the great battle between the Elfhunter and the army of elves who call the Greatwood home. As with the first book, there was a core group of characters and many of them were introduced in the first book. Yet, this book did a wonderful job of reintroducing those familiar characters wi [...]

    5. Fire Heart picks up straight after Elfhunter and continues the saga of the she-elves of the Greatwood - Gaelen and Nelwyn. As with the first book, this one is written well and paced so that you gradually learn about new characters and come to know them as the main characters do. Again, there is a good balance between combat and narrative, you really get a sense of the world of Alterra and see once more the similarities between it and our world. Certain stereotypes appear, but this isn't a bad th [...]

    6. Fire-Heart: A Tale of Alterra, The World That Is is book two of the trilogy, and it continues the main quest to destroy Gorgon Elfhunter, sworn enemy and menace to all Elven people. This installment includes a side quest to find Orogon's brother, and it takes the company to the far southern reaches of Altera - a hot, unbearable stretch of desert. As with the first book, this is a long story with many adventures along the way, but you always have the feeling Gaelen, Nelwyn, and the rest of the co [...]

    7. I am one lucky lady I received an advanced review copy of Fire-heart from C.S. Marks and could not put this book down. I loved Elfhunter, the Company is so incredibly endearing and being able to spend time with them again was wonderful.Marks really brings the intensity in this one addressing so many different social issues and how Gaelen and Nelwyn approach some very difficult situations. It is masterfully written and conveys and incredible amount of emotion, strife and triumph. Gorgon of course [...]

    8. It has been my experience that books that ramble five-hundred pages or more contain good three- to four-hundred page stories. The rest is unnecessary filler, both distracting and boring. Fire-Heart, weighing in at seven-hundred pages, is one of the few exceptions to that observation. C.S. Marks packs every page with story driving excitement.In this adventure, we follow The Company southward into lands both unfamiliar and dangerous to the heroes and heroines as they search for Orogond's wayward b [...]

    9. The Company embarks on a thousand-mile odyssey through vast lands both savage and civilized, where they encounter a great variety of strange, sometimes hostile people. Their eyes are opened to many wonders, but evil lurks at every turn as destiny takes them onto unexpected paths. Battling through blood, treachery, fire, and thirst, they must ultimately face the "Scourge"—a terrible army of the worst dregs ever to roam the desert—and its nearly insurmountable weapon. Meanwhile, Gaelen of the [...]

    10. I love stories like this! Action, adventure, some terror, war, friendships and a wonderful world to explore. From the northern mountains to the southern desert lands a tale of family ties and friendships gained and lost. So much happens within this story it's difficult to begin reviewing without giving away anything. It made me laugh out loud many times and cry. I both love and hate when a book makes me cry. Being a wearer of glasses it's tough to continue reading when tears are smearing the len [...]

    11. I just finished reading The Fire King for the second time, and i enjoyed it just as much as the first time I read it. I have had the good fortune to read all of C.S. Marks' books, and have loved them all.The Fire King is the story of a great elven king, Aincor, known as the Fire Heart. It's a story about good versus evil. It's a story about being fearless and stubborn, and the consequences of living life that way. It's a story of great sacrifice.Even though this is a novella, I felt like I got t [...]

    12. I have been wanting to read this book for several years now and finally received it as a present. The book immediately takes a different path than I expected from the last book. For the first half of the book I wondered where the story was going but, looking back on it, can see some of the reasons. I like the characters best. In particular the dwarf Fima seems like someone I would like to meet in person. Throughout the book there are moments that leave to thinking about things in life. I plan on [...]

    13. Long trilogyAlthough I really like all the characters in this trilogy, I think it has too many adventures and secondary characters to each that call for so many lengthy descriptions that I found it tiresome, at times I wished that I could just skip pages, but of course I didn't. I do love the main story, the main characters and the main horses. I found it both likeable and frustrating to read what the horses were talking about, but that was only because the books were already so long. Would I re [...]

    14. I found I really enjoyed this part of the story. Ms Marks has woven into Alterra a recognizable - but unusual - desert region with much of the flavor of the medieval middle east. Cultures we don't often explore within the fantasy epic add new spices to the developing relationships of the protagonists. We get to meet some new characters (and say goodbye to a few). I'm very glad that I have book 3 on my shelf already - as there is definitely unfinished business (cliffhanger ending alert).

    15. Worthy readThis book was very good. While it was slightly long and drug at parts, the characters are really developed and the story is interesting. I also liked how the book examined gender roles and freedom of speech and expression. The main thing this book lacked that book 1 had was Gorgon Elfhunter. He was not as prominent in this book. His "relationship" with the Eólo Gelmyr is fascinating.

    16. 4,5 StarsFire-heart, the second book of Alterra and a very very good one. The desert part is a little long-drawn, but apart from that it is a beautiful tale and it will probably have you in tears at the end.It is a fantasy series I can't recommend enough. I return to Alterra again and again and again

    17. Did not like it as much as the first one. Seemed to lose the main plot that the first book created.

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