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The Transformation

The Transformation Poetry Juliana Spahr has lived in many places including Chillicothe Ohio Buffalo New York Honolulu Hawaii and Brooklyn New York She has absorbed participated in and been transformed by the po

  • Title: The Transformation
  • Author: Juliana Spahr
  • ISBN: 9781891190261
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • Poetry Juliana Spahr has lived in many places, including Chillicothe Ohio , Buffalo New York , Honolulu Hawaii , and Brooklyn New York She has absorbed, participated in, and been transformed by the politics and ecologies of each This book is about that process THE TRANSFORMATION tells a barely truthful story of the years 1997 2001, a story of flora and fauna, ofPoetry Juliana Spahr has lived in many places, including Chillicothe Ohio , Buffalo New York , Honolulu Hawaii , and Brooklyn New York She has absorbed, participated in, and been transformed by the politics and ecologies of each This book is about that process THE TRANSFORMATION tells a barely truthful story of the years 1997 2001, a story of flora and fauna, of continents, islands, academies, connective tissue, military and linguistic operations, and of that ever present we, to name only a few At once exhilarating, challenging, and humbling, THE TRANSFORMATION is a hefty book in its honesty and scope, a must read.

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      300 Juliana Spahr
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    1. But they continued to find it impossible to talk about aesthetics without also talking about who took over whom.The readers aren't going to like this cause it's too difficult. The readers of the difficult aren't going to like this cause it's too political. The lit critic academics aren't going to like it cause the metaphorical death of the author really doesn't count for much in a text that deals with the infinitely occurring incidents of it in the literal. The heteronormatives aren't going to l [...]

    2. I found reasons why I didn't want to enter a graduate program or the academic world in english or creative writing. I learned more about the colonial past of the islands in the Pacific and the unnamed continent. It made me think more about Chinese history from 1840 to 1949. The problematic of the expansionist language and culture. Also the burning question: how to live with snapping turtles, institutionalized or not? I like its frankness, prosaicness, attention to often neglected details of thin [...]

    3. Spahr's novel is intelligent, moving, thoughtful, crucial. It's the story of the change in her writing that led to This Connection of Everyone with Lungs. Told almost entirely in the third person plural, it's the story of a three-person relationship that moves to Hawaii in the late '90s. There "they" meet with a series of contradictions and absent places: their roles as low-grade pawns in the post-grad employment machine, which is at the same time a vast system reproducing cultural imperialism i [...]

    4. "The gray matter at the back of their brain told them to move to the islands in the Atlantic because the islands were known for their perversions and various sexualities and they wanted to live someplace known for its perversions and various sexualities. The gray matter at the back of the brain wanted to move to the place that self-identified as a place of complicated sexuality, a place for people who liked to be getting in and out of various beds in various different ways. A place that celebrat [...]

    5. i took this book on vacation with me, not knowing what the hell it was about. my girlfriend and i were going through something like an open relationship love triangle crisis, at the time. when i got to the second part of this book, i realized it was about love triangles and how radical they are. there's some good news. i read the book. vacation ended. my girlfriend left me for the other dude. i said "fuck what's radical, this sucks." afterwords i said "fuck this book, it sucks." i changed my rat [...]

    6. i really really liked the parts about teaching and about teaching in hawaii and all that tricky sociopoloitcal stuff, the guilt and the vision. the repetition kind of killed me. or maybe just too much. began to seem tricky. the book would be way less thick if she just chillaxed on the blahblah. also, i was not sure what to take from the 9/11 narration, what bigger lightis book kept appearing in conversations with people. maybe i get why they brought it up, or how it is bring-up-able and worthy o [...]

    7. september 7, 2008dear they,thank you for writing their book and for writing it in the way they didsome really enjoyed it especially toward the middle when some began noticing the diseased cells entering their own blood some thought they would like to enjoy all books every single book and all names every single name not in the same way but in a similar way where the enjoyment is related to noticing diseased cells entering their own bloodlike when some see the name of a writer too conservative in [...]

    8. Flora and fauna grow next to and around each other without names. Humans add the annotation. (13)What was called the maracuja, the passiflora, the passionflower, they called the huehue haole. Huehue is the name of a climber native to the islands. Haole is the word that is used to describe some of them in this story, people who arrive from somewhere else. In the world of plants it is also used to describe a particularly noxious and invasive species. (13-14)And so perhaps it is a story of coming t [...]

    9. appreciated reading this to give context to her later work ; don't necessarily recommend it as a starting place.

    10. The Transformation is part cultural history, part philosophical treatise, part political diatribe, part confessional lyric, and part poetic manifesto. This unflinching exploration of the inherently equivocal nature of the self, the community, and culture is filled with the best kind of doub – the kind that circles question after question, without becoming mired in hopelessness. There's a brilliant tenderness in the way that Spahr out the flaws in our human logic: "aiming the being human of the [...]

    11. If I were going to write something, some thing about this book I would want to use "fragmentation, quotation, disruption, disjunction, agrammatical syntax, and so on" but I'm not sure. sure I'm sure. the surety I feel is beyond. The repetitions of phrases that Spahr uses sometimes resemble incantations, sometimes make one dizzy because of the circular whirlpool directions they take.It's hard to say that I like so so much this book but I do say it hard. It has lots of things about islands, the in [...]

    12. Stylistically similar to Lydia Davis, but with John McPhee's attunement to nature and Juliana Spahr's own characteristic lyricism embedded with colonial critique and poststructuralist inquiry. A story that is also a meditation that is also a poem that is also a theoretical essay--incredibly poignant and beautiful. Also manages to make me super anxious about ice caps melting and my decision to get an MFA and polyamorous relationships and the United States' bulk collection of personal metadata in [...]

    13. a friend told me that there some notable female poets who are writing memoirsother contemporary female poet's book is by jennifer moxleye opening chapter delves into spahr's "unusual" live-in relationship w/ two other poets. the writing is strong and clear and provocative, and idiosyncratically, spahr's "style."so far, so good.

    14. Spahr articulates her confusion in a clear way and methodically, readably unpacks the experience of trying to figure something out so large and interconnected with everything else that it is nearly impossible. A narrative of describing and cataloging the symptoms of racism, classism, sexism, and terrorism. Highly recommended.

    15. An experimental triumph. The course of reading this book changed the way I think about pronouns, eponyms, and repetitive language. You follow an overthinker's mental process as she tries to make sense of race, class, sexuality, and 9/11, and knowing all of those complications, how to write about the world. The last few pages broke my heart in the best sort of way.

    16. Non-fiction, memoir, by a poet, with whom I am about to study for a week.Along with Claudia Rankine's "Citizen," everyone should read this book.It explicates & contains the global reasons for 21st century grief.

    17. I loved this book - esp. how she layers repetitions in order to get at the constantly shifting, murky waters of ethnic politics in the islands.

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