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De telepaat

De telepaat Howson was een krieltje Krom lelijk en kreupel Het soort mensen dat men liever niet ziet Wanneer hij zich echter diep concentreerde kon hij zijn gedachten duizenden mijlen diep de ruimte in projecte

  • Title: De telepaat
  • Author: John Brunner
  • ISBN: 9061202027
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • Howson was een krieltje Krom, lelijk en kreupel Het soort mensen dat men liever niet ziet Wanneer hij zich echter diep concentreerde, kon hij zijn gedachten duizenden mijlen diep de ruimte in projecteren en kon hij de menselijke geest tot de diepste duisternis peilen Zijn telepathische vermogens reikten verder dan men ooit eerder in de geschiedenis had ervaren en hiHowson was een krieltje Krom, lelijk en kreupel Het soort mensen dat men liever niet ziet Wanneer hij zich echter diep concentreerde, kon hij zijn gedachten duizenden mijlen diep de ruimte in projecteren en kon hij de menselijke geest tot de diepste duisternis peilen Zijn telepathische vermogens reikten verder dan men ooit eerder in de geschiedenis had ervaren en hij werd de grootste genezer van zijn tijd.Maar wanneer hij afdaalde in de menselijke geest, speurend naar hun nachtmerries, kon men dan van deze kriel verwachten dat hij de duistere machten kon hanteren

    Telepathie Onder telepathie van het Oudgriekse tele , ver en pathos , gevoel verstaat men het vermogen tot rechtstreekse overdracht van gedachten en gevoelens en van informatie op afstand zonder gebruik van taal of technische hulpmiddelen Het wordt wel het zesde zintuig genoemd Het woord telepathie is een samenstelling van het Griekse tele, ver, op afstand en Rose Red Rose Red is een driedelige miniserie uit Het script is geschreven door de Amerikaanse schrijver Stephen King.De totale lengte van de miniserie is uur en minuten Het verhaal Maak kennis met onze paragnosten Paragnostenchat Welkom bij paragnostenchat Vanaf nu is het mogelijk om ongestoord te chatten vanuit de hele wereld met onze paragnosten, mediums, coachen en healers naar keus Voel je welkom en laat je verassen door n van onze paranormale consulenten Is chatten nieuw voor u Bekijk dan de Hoe werkt het pagina met uitgebreide uitleg en screenshots Tilburgs Bijnamenboek Karel de Beer cubra .B J.J Bakx Baard Baks omdat hij een grote baard had Was wever, later bedrijfsleider in een textielfabriek Een dochter van hem trouwde met Boink, de oprichter van het bekende installatie bedrijf.

    • Unlimited [Cookbooks Book] ✓ De telepaat - by John Brunner ✓
      459 John Brunner
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    1 thought on “De telepaat

    1. There were a lot of interesting things going on in this world besides having telepaths, but very little of it is SF. There isn't much tech at all & most of that is what would have been found in the 1970s. - The UN has response teams that go all over the world battling terrorism & it happens in 'Our Town, USA'.- Unwed mothers are still looked down upon & use pregnancy as a trap for men.- The poverty, inequity, & grim, daily grind of this typical US city.- Ulan Bator (Mongolia) is [...]

    2. Another oldie from my engineering undergraduate period (1980-85). This was the time I was really getting hooked on SF, but still was not fully able to capture all the unspoken nuances of the genre. The Public Library at Thrissur had a fantastic collection of old books - SF, mystery, almost all of Wodehouse and Agatha Christie, books on mathematics by Martin Gardner: all old, musty, almost-falling-apart books. The library itself is located in the Town Hall, a colonial building with cavernous room [...]

    3. Storyline: 2/5Characters: 3/5Writing Style: 4/5World: 3/5Brunner starts this off with focus. The writing is vivid and tight, conveying an aura as much as a story. The picture of the world is closely guarded; grudging glimpses are permitted only sporadically and under close supervision. A grey fog of angst, deprivation, uncertainty pervades the telling - is the story. This was supposed to be a character-driven work, and there were some valid attempts to peer deeply into personal ambitions and fea [...]

    4. Akin to Sturgeon's More Than Human with its telepathic themes, and brimming with the seeds of Brunner's future masterpiece Zanzibar, The Whole Man promises much, but too straggly to deliver.

    5. review of John Brunner's The Whole Man by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE - February 22, 2012 John Brunner is growing on me like that mildew on the dragon in Choong's fantasy not like a disease but like a thorough level of detail This is the 3rd bk I've read by him. In the beginning there was The World Swappers ( /book/show/23 ), wch I thought was pretty good but I wasn't exactly overwhelmed or anything; then there was Times Without Number ( /book/show/63 ), wch I thought was considerably better. But [...]

    6. Mondi oniriciGerald è un bambino con deformità fisiche presenti sin dalla nascita che condizionano la sua adolescenza, nelle relazioni con gli altri e nel concetto di autostima. Quasi per gioco, intorno ai 17 anni, scopre di avere capacità telepatiche, e subito cerca di sfruttarle per ottenere quel rispetto che, per colpa del suo aspetto, gli è sempre stato negato ma ha sempre desiderato. Con l'aiuto di altri telepati, cercherà di crescere per diventare non solo il miglior tra loro, ma anch [...]

    7. At some places, this is too heavy and too introspective. Other sections are intense and gripping. The main issue with the novel is its inconsistency - I do remember it being a fix-up novel of sorts, which may account for some of the scattered quality. Brunner's tossing Freud all around is a little too obnoxious for me. But I did enjoy the very telepath-and-society sort of relationship that is constantly explored throughout this novel.I have a little reservation about this being four-stars becaus [...]

    8. I usually shy away from telepathy in sci-fi as, well, the notion just seems too fantastic. This book is the first I've read that offers an explanation (of sorts) of why some people are telepathic, but also looks at the social consequences of all involved (like good sci-fi is supposed to). Some of it is rather dated and the ending is rather abrupt but the book remains a refreshing take on the subject.

    9. A solid effort from Brunner, a uniformly intelligent and engaging story of a deformed telepath. As depressing some of the material is, the book has an unusually positive (if melancholy) vibe to it. Quick, fine read.

    10. A pulpier, more straightforward read than Stand on Zanzibar. Not bad, but not as rewarding, especially on rereading.

    11. L'atmosfera distopica e il tema della telepatia, affrontato in un modo ibrido tra il ciclo della fondazione di Asimov e le opere di Dick sono quello che di bello offre questo romanzo. alle ultime 20-30 pagine. Lì la storia diventa deludente e molto noiosa.

    12. Published in the US as The Whole Man.I picked this and another Brunner - The Long Result - up in a bookstore in London in 1973. I think I must have read the two of them 2 or 3 times during that summer, as I traveled hither and thither across Europe.Very thought-provoking for me, mostly in a good way.What I learned from this book:Things that happen to us have long term impact - emotional/mental, not just physical. Letting others in to help us is as important as helping them is - even if/though it [...]

    13. Not one of Brunner's best, partly because it hasn't aged as well as novels like The Sheep Look Up and Stand on Zanzibar. Telepathist explores one man's life as he discovers his latent telepathic power, in a future depression after some sort of terrorist event. Hawson, disabled from birth, has one of the strongest powers found, but can he develop it for good?Brunner's characterisation and way of looking at telepathy is more interesting than many novels, but I just wasn't taken by this as much as [...]

    14. Gerald Howson was born deformed and fatherless. His mother thought that getting pregnant might keep Gerald's father from carrying out his self-destructive act of terrorism. It did not. But Gerald has a hidden power that makes its appearance with he is in his late teens: Gerald can read and control other people's minds. The "telepaths" are feared but are responsible for stopping terrorism and war. This is a short but powerful book, properly considered a sci fi classic.

    15. Added 9/14/16. (first published 1964)Hugo Award Nominee for Best Novel (1965)Recommended by Jim in my GR group.See Jim's review at: /review/showNeither of my 2 public libraries have this book but they do have other books by John Brunner.

    16. Gerald Howson didn't look powerful. His body was deformed at birth, leaving him with a face so ugly people didn't want to look at him, and crippled legs that would never let him be as other men. But his mind was one in a billion - gifted with the ability to send and receive thoughts more powerfully than any other person on the face of the globe.

    17. A Good Read. My only quibble It was originally three short stories. Although it was supposedly greatly revised, it still seems like three stories strung together. But don't let that get in the way of enjoying it.

    18. Read for book club. Science fiction - so I was not too keen to get started. It pleasantly surprised mea good story, not too far out science-fiction styles. Featured a telepathy unit of the WHO, which made me smile.

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