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The Misadventures of Maude March

The Misadventures of Maude March Eleven year old Sallie March is a whip smart tomboy and voracious reader of Western adventure novels When she and her sister Maude escape their self serving guardians for the wilds of the frontier th

  • Title: The Misadventures of Maude March
  • Author: Audrey Couloumbis
  • ISBN: 9780375832475
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eleven year old Sallie March is a whip smart tomboy and voracious reader of Western adventure novels When she and her sister Maude escape their self serving guardians for the wilds of the frontier, they begin an adventure the likes of which Sallie has only read about This time however, the wanted woman isn t a dime novel villian, it s Sallie s very own sister What folEleven year old Sallie March is a whip smart tomboy and voracious reader of Western adventure novels When she and her sister Maude escape their self serving guardians for the wilds of the frontier, they begin an adventure the likes of which Sallie has only read about This time however, the wanted woman isn t a dime novel villian, it s Sallie s very own sister What follows is not the lies the papers printed, but the honest to goodness truth of how two sisters went from being orphans to being outlaws and lived to tell the tale

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      208 Audrey Couloumbis
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    1 thought on “The Misadventures of Maude March

    1. Picked this up in the National Frontier Trails Museum in Independence, Missouri, read the back cover, and had to have it. Sure, it's a kids' book, but I got a kick out of it, and want to read the sequel. Narrated by Maude's younger sister, the book is a wonderfully affectionate send-up of the "dimer" western stories the narrator loves to read.

    2. Sallie March, our narrator, is an 11 year old tomboy living in what we know think of as "the Old West days". Her parents are both dead, victims of yellow fever, so she and her teen sister, Maude, have since been living with their matronly aunt, Ruthie. While running errands with Ruthie one day, the girls become innocent, victimized bystanders in a shootout. Aunt Ruthie is killed instantly by a stray bullet. {I loved that on that fateful day, Aunt Ruthie, having quite the day already, speaks the [...]

    3. I read the back of the book, and I created a first impression. I had thought of what the book would be about and how the story would go. However, not only did the storyline not follow what I had first thought, it turned out better than the plot I outlined in my head.I could see myself as Sallie and at times, as Maude. Two amazing characters, each having a weak moment but having the other make up for the other's weakness. It is a great story about two sisters and their adventure that seems like i [...]

    4. Unfortunately, I didn't end up enjoying this historical fiction story as much as I'd thought I would. The story started out quite well, being quickly-paced and pretty engaging. But somewhere along the line, as the two sisters traveled on and on, it all began to feel flat and dull. I had trouble visualizing the landscape as they traveled, mainly because I'm not sure what the wilderness of Missouri actually looks like. The characters were okay, but not really memorable for me. The writing style di [...]

    5. This book wasn't what I expected. I looked at the cover and read the inside cover and expected "Mad" Maude to be one rip-snorting wild woman. She wasn't. But just because the book wasn't what I expected doesn't mean that is wasn't good. Just the contrary, actually. Sallie is the wild sister while Maude is actually the meek sister.I highly enjoyed the story of the struggles these girls had trying to recapture the life they once had. Audrey Couloumbis has created a wonderful tale of two girls figh [...]

    6. Growing up, I really enjoyed the works of the Fleischmans, particularly By the Great Horn Spoon! and Humbug Mountain. Couloumbis has tapped into that same slightly goofy Wild West setting in Maude March. Sisters Maude and Sallie watched their Aunt Ruthie get shot right before their eyes in front of the Cedar Rapids Mercantile, and now find themselves to be orphans. They have an uncle in Independence, but that’s a long way away. And now a bunch of men in the town want to marry Maude. How can th [...]

    7. This is a fun historical fiction. Told from eleven year old Sallie's perspective the voice in this book captures the innocence a child mixed with the adventure and colloquialism of the "dimer" novels Sallie is so fond of.It also has a bit of a "tall tale" feel to it. Fortunately the manner in which Sallie tells her story it comes across as honest and plausible even though nobody would likely have as many outrageous misadventures as the March sisters.Sallie and her sister Maude are both very lika [...]

    8. Sallie and Maude were both memorable characters with depth. Usually, books that include a lot of wandering around in the snow get a little boring for me, but this one kept my attention.I did wonder if Marion was really a good guy or not (he did rob a bank, after all), and if he and Maude would marry. Guess I'll have to wait for the sequel to find out, hmm?I listened to the audiobook, and although I wasn't fond of the narrator's style (her diction was too crisp and precise for my taste, especiall [...]

    9. The beginning of this book was surprisingly sad when two young girls witness her aunt Ruthie get shot down by a stray bullet and become orphans for the second time. To make it even worse they have to now live with the Peasleys and have to take care of all of their children with one on the way. Now that summer is coming to an end Sally is going back to school while Maud has to take care of all the children herself. can she manage it? or is she going on the lam?

    10. A long but exciting novel abnout two sisters who travel out west to find their uncle. I was on the edge of my seat almost the whole time, and just when I thought it was going to be boring for a while, somthing crazy happened. I would reccomend this book to girls who like adventure, tragedy, and historical fiction books.Ages 10-14

    11. Cute, just cute is all I can say about this one. For a better story along the same lines watch The Apple Dumpling Gang or Hot Lead, Cold Feet. Both are better.

    12. So much adventure in this book!! I loved reading it! Amazing detail. This book is oh-so very interesting from the minute you pick it up. You really feel as if you're in the story itself!

    13. Would recomment this book for Middle school age youth! Newbury winner. I will retread this! Fun book!

    14. Hilarious adventure! Listened to the audio book a few years ago and getting ready to listen again with my oldest daughter as she reads it for school.

    15. Maude and her sister Sallie have been orphaned once again. A stray bullet kills their Aunt Ruthie suddenly as they are leaving the mercantile, leaving Maude and Sallie on their own. The preacher takes them in to start but then decides that Maude is old enough to marry off and begins to "shop" her around to the eligible men, while putting Sallie to task cleaning houses. The girls want none of this and decide that they are better off on their own. But where will they go?While going through some of [...]

    16. Loved this book! Paced with adventure and many hilarious moments. At first I wondered why it was written with the 11 year old sister as the narrator, but it really works. Very clever. Borrowed it from the library and then bought my own copy. For me and my girls (when they get old enough to read it!).

    17. I am thinking of matching this book up with a few others, and encouraging some students to read the collection and compare brave heroic female characters living in the Midwest. Other titles to consider are Calpurnia Tate, Ballad of Lucy Whipple, Hattie Big Sky, Riding Freedom.

    18. I really liked this book. It was a very adventurous story and it always left you on a cliff hanger. It is about a girl and her sister and their adventure as they take the independence trail to try and find their uncle after their parents are killed by disease and their aunt gets shot.

    19. Love this book! It's one of my favorites. Glad there was a part two. I also like listening to in on audio book. Wish the second book was also on audio.

    20. This silly little ditty about Maude March, told from the view of her little sister Sally is a cute story. Good for young kids or adult kids.

    21. Maude and Sallie March have the great misfortune of seeing their Aunt Ruthie get gunned down outside of the mercantile. This makes them orphans a second time over, and although the Reverend Peasley takes them in, it’s hardly an ideal situation. The Reverend’s wife is like to work the girls to the bone looking after her large family, and the Peasleys – having stripped Aunt Ruthie’s house of everything useful - are especially keen on marrying Maude off to some unpleasant bachelor or anothe [...]

    22. Exciting, Funny, and Whip-SmartBottom line - this is one of the best sister books I've read in a while. Sure, it's a western adventure with a cowgirls-on-the-run plot. It's sort of a dryly funny "True Grit" for a slightly younger crowd. It has a lot of action and horses and chases and bad guys and dusty towns and accidental shootin's and trail riding and such, and that's all fun, but it's not the main point.What we have is a teenage girl, Maude, who accidentally ends up as a hunted desperado, an [...]

    23. When Joe Harden, the notorious criminal of Cedar Rapids, returns, Sallie and Maude March and their Aunt Ruthie find themselves in his path. Aunt Ruthie accidentally finds her self in the way of one of Joe Harden’s bullets, leaving her dead as a doornail and leaving Sallie and Maude with out a caretaker. After being taken in by the town reverend and his wife, the girls’ lives are becoming more fully of chores and housework than fun and play. Maude, the older of the two sisters is being “set [...]

    24. Set in 1869, this rollicking, rip-roaring story follows the adventures of 11 year old Sallie and her 15 year old sister Maude as they go from respectable citizens of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to range riders on the run. When their guardian, Aunt Ruthie, is killed by a stray bullet the sisters find it necessary to disguise themselves as boys and set off to find their long lost Uncle Arlen in Independence, Missouri. Along the way they find themselves in the middle of bundles of trouble, from bank robber [...]

    25. Sallie and Maude are orphans who were taken in by their stern but loving Aunt Ruth. When Aunt Ruth gets shot coming out of the general store (stray bullet from the direction of the saloon), they are on their own again. The preacher takes them in, but after several months of doing all the work for the family of 7, the sisters decide they would be better off on their own. They have an uncle down in Independence, MOybe. If he hasn't left or died. He may or may not even want them, but they have to t [...]

    26. This is a rollicking adventure that owes a lot to the dime novels that it gently pokes fun at. Sallie and Maude March are orphans being raised by their stern but loving Aunt Kate. Then comes the day when, leaving the general store, Aunt Kate is killed by a errant bullet fired in a drunken contest. The girls are taken in by the minister and his wife, who take advantage of the girls' willingness to work and of Aunt Kate's full pantry. But when they try to practically force Maude into a marriage wi [...]

    27. This was a quick, fun read. Showed two determined, resourceful young girls making their way to a better life with many dangers on the journey. Reminded me of similar adventures of young folk on their own in the western frontier such as The Great Turkey Walk and Caroline Lawrence's series about Pinky Pinkerton P.K. Pinkerton and the Deadly Desperados or The Ballad of Lucy Whipple.

    28. The untimely death of their aunt leaves fifteen-year-old Maude and eleven-year-old Sallie in a state of shock. The bank repossesses their house. Taken in my the preacher, Maude faces marriage to an old man and Sallie faces a life of servitude waiting on the preacher's family. Feeling they have no choice, the girls disguise themselves as boys and set out for Independence, Missouri, in hopes of locating their uncle there. Their journey isn't easy from the beginning and takes several turns for the [...]

    29. I read this book as an entry into upper elementary books as I am moving to Elementary school in the fall. I am not usually a fan of historical fiction, but I really liked this book. I loved the fact that the heroes are actually heroines and I loved the idea of their reputation as gunslingers differed from the truth (there's a lesson right there about rumor versus the truth). The characters were lively and I forgot at times that they were characters. Upper elementary and likely some middle school [...]

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