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Doc Holliday

Doc Holliday Doc HolidayMatt Braun He came from the American South a gentleman by breeding a dentist by training a gambler by vocation But as Dr John H Holliday a man fleeing his tragic past drifted across th

  • Title: Doc Holliday
  • Author: Matt Braun
  • ISBN: 9780312962708
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • Doc HolidayMatt Braun He came from the American South, a gentleman by breeding, a dentist by training, a gambler by vocation But as Dr John H Holliday, a man fleeing his tragic past, drifted across the West, living among some of the roughest men on the frontier, word spread quickly he never walked away from a fight, and he never drew too late.Now, from Dodge City to DenDoc HolidayMatt Braun He came from the American South, a gentleman by breeding, a dentist by training, a gambler by vocation But as Dr John H Holliday, a man fleeing his tragic past, drifted across the West, living among some of the roughest men on the frontier, word spread quickly he never walked away from a fight, and he never drew too late.Now, from Dodge City to Denver and Cheyenne, from boomtown to sinkholes, Doc Holliday was driven by the demons of his past, a skilled gambler and a seasoned mankiller his name was known and feared long before the O.K Corral The story of a man who spoke softly and carried a lightning gun, Doc Holliday is Matt Braun s extraordinary chronicle of the West s most complex and legendary figure.

    Doc Holliday John Henry Doc Holliday August , November , was an American gambler, gunfighter, and dentist, and a good friend of Wyatt Earp.He is best known for his role in the events leading up to and following the Gunfight at the O.K Corral. At age Holliday earned a degree in dentistry from the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery.He set up practice in Atlanta, Georgia, but he Doc Holliday John Henry Holliday .August oder Anfang in Griffin, Georgia November in Glenwood Springs, Colorado , bekannt unter seinem Spitznamen Doc Holliday, war Zahnarzt und einer der berhmtesten Revolverhelden des Wilden Westens.Holliday war an neun Schieereien beteiligt und ttete zwischen drei und sieben Menschen. Doc Holliday Wikipdia John Henry Doc Holliday, dentiste, joueur et criminel, est surtout clbre pour sa participation la fusillade d O.K Corral en compagnie de Wyatt Earp. Dentiste raciste originaire de Gorgie, il doit fuir vers l Ouest aprs plusieurs meurtres de Noirs dsarms.Il est galement connu pour sa brutalit envers les femmes et ses activits de joueur professionnel Doc Holliday , la enciclopedia libre John Henry Doc Holliday Griffin, Georgia de agosto de Colorado Springs, Colorado de noviembre de fue un tahr, pistolero y dentista estadounidense del Viejo Oeste, a quien por lo general se recuerda por su amistad con Wyatt Earp y su participacin en el tiroteo en el O.K Corral. Durante su juventud, Holliday se gradu de la carrera de cirujano dentista de la Doc Holliday Deadly Doctor of the American West Doc Holliday s father, Henry B Holliday was a trained pharmacist who served in several wars, including the Cherokee Indian War, the Mexican War, and as a Major in the Confederate Army After serving in the Mexican War, he returned to his home in Griffin, Georgia with an orphaned Mexican boy named Francisco Hidalgo. Doc Holliday Molds Check out the New Doc Holliday Mold Catalog Featuring all designs currently manufactured in one catalog Available on website Only Click here to go to online catalog. Doc Holliday , wolna encyklopedia John Henry Doc Holliday ur. sierpnia w Griffin w Georgii, zm listopada w Glenwood Springs w Kolorado ameryka ski stomatolog, hazardzista i rewolwerowiec, przyjaciel Wyatta Earpa, uczestnik wydarze w Tombstone w latach osiemdziesi tych XIX wieku.By spowinowacony z pisark Margaret Mitchell. Gdy mia pi tna cie lat jego matka umar a na gru lic. Doc Holliday Biography, Tombstone, Facts Britannica The Old West gunfighter Doc Holliday, who died of tuberculosis in , is buried in the city s Pioneer Cemetery.The Hotel Colorado , now on the National Register of Historic Places, was a favourite hunting retreat of President Theodore Roosevelt and is famed as the birthplace of the Teddy Doc Holliday HistoryNet Facts, information and articles about Doc Holliday, gunslinger from the Wild West Doc Holliday Facts Born August , Died November , Doc Holliday Articles Explore articles from the History Net archives about Doc Holliday See all Doc Holliday Articles Doc Holliday summary John Henry Holliday is best known for his friendship with Badass of the Week Doc Holliday There was something very peculiar about Doc He was gentlemanly, a good dentist, a friendly man and yet, outside of us boys, I don t think he had a friend in the Territory.

    • Unlimited [Humor and Comedy Book] ☆ Doc Holliday - by Matt Braun ✓
      444 Matt Braun
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    1 thought on “Doc Holliday

    1. This was a very straightforward, by-the-numbers novel about the life and times of Doc Holliday up until the point when he heads to Tombstone to meet up with the Earp boys. I knew next to nothing about Holliday other than what the movie Tombstone told me, and I learned a lot from this book. Quick searches on the interwebs backed up a lot of the main events so Matt Braun didn't seem to take too much artistic license with the facts.There isn't much in the way of plot, but rather one episode in his [...]

    2. I have been a fan of Doc Holliday ever since I have seen the movie Tombstone and Val Kilmer played him. When I saw this book I just had to have so I could learn more about the infamous gunslinger. I am glad I bought it and finally picked it up to read. This was a very good telling of his life story. There was not a lot I knew about him other than his part in Tombstone and that he used to be a dentist. Matt Braun had a way of writing this story so you felt as if you really knew the man behind the [...]

    3. This is the first Matt Braun book I've read but I already ordered two more. I liked it a lot. Of course, I've always been rather interested in the character of Doc Holliday. Although I don't know the specific history, I'm pretty sure Braun took a lot of liberties with Holliday's life. That's OK. I didn't read it as a biography. The character was well drawn and there was quite a few interesting developments. I did think the book was probably a little longer than it needed to be and sections of it [...]

    4. I liked this book very much. While reading it I kept picturing Val Kilmer playing the role of Holliday in the movie "Tombstone". This was nothing like Tombstone, covering the times when Holliday discovered his "consumption" and why he then went on to be a gambler.

    5. Disappointed. A figure this large deserves a more scholarly and thorough treatment. How do you treat the Tombstone episode with a mere few paragraphs?

    6. Sometimes when you can buy a thing for $2 instead of $6, it moves itself up your priority list. Thanks to a local used bookstore, Doc Holliday by Matt Braun found its way into my collection this year (instead of probably never). Many years previously, I had read and enjoyed Braun’s Wyatt Earp. It hadn’t wowed me, but was a nice way to explore further the now-mythological gunfight behind the O.K. Corral.Likewise, Doc Holliday proved to be an easy and enjoyable weekend read. This isn’t deep [...]

    7. The major saving grave and appeal of this novel is its author's name. Beyond that, it offers very little that is worthwhile. It is written in a double-minded sort of way, as if the author had gathered all his information about this Fort, this boomtown, this city---- and studied up on Doc Holliday in order to write a biography, but then discovered that the material didn't lend itself to a biography without a lot more work and so then decided to make it into a biographical novel. Which is why the [...]

    8. "Doc Holliday" has made me a fan of the genre! The only downside to this book is that it had to have ended. Who'd have known that in a plight to avoid idle daily conversation I would walk into Barnes & Noble and pick up such a great read.Doc Holliday is not the good guy. In fact, he's pretty damn close to a bad guy. Sure, he lived off of principle, but it seems he instigated others into putting him into a "defensive" posture. That being said, I love him for it!Matt Braun made you love the ch [...]

    9. I liked this story as it describes the life and times of this historical character in a straight-ahead uncomplicated way through the calendars dates, locations, and events (bourbon-some card play-some bourbon-some gun play. Doc is written in a sympathetic way with much good insight into who and what he was. Val Kilmer played Doc in the movie & set fort what the Doc should be. The dialogue was clever and clear and it moved the story along.

    10. The notorious Doc Holliday, prior to the gunfight at the OK Corral. Matt Braun paints a detailed and colorful picture of the life and times of Doc Holliday, the development of his legend, and his friendship with the lawman, Wyatt Earp. Interesting look at "the sporting life" in the old west, and the wild cattle and railroad towns where that life flourished. Very well done, sympathetic, look at a true legend of the West.

    11. I wouldn't normally pick up a historical fiction type book like this, but my coworker had it on her desk as she was researching historical fiction, and told me it was a good read. I really liked the story and the writing. The scene of the old west is really fun, and it's a relaxing read. I'll check out more of his books!

    12. Super repetitive: guy shows up, wins a ton of money at poker, shoots someone, then moves on to the next town. At least ten times. The author then proceeds to completely bypass the story of Tombstone and the OK Corral shootout, which would have actually been much more interesting to read about. I'm glad I only spent $1 on it, and even that might have been a bit much.

    13. It was a little bit like groundhogs day. Doc would go into a town, make a lot of money on gambling, get in a gun fight, and kill the other guy. After the 5th iteration of this I started to get bored.

    14. "I'm your Huckleberry!" Although he probably never uttered those words, this guy is one of my favorite characters in history. This book tells about his life and times. I loved it!

    15. Not a bad biographical novel. Listened to it on CD while traveling - it kept my interest and helped the time pass quickly.

    16. Because I am very interested in the "wild west" and the characters that are memorialized in westerns, I truly enjoyed this book. It was informative and entertaining.

    17. Not the true story of the famous gunfighter, but a good dramatization of his exploits from the time he was diagnosed with tuberculosis until he heads to Tombstore.

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