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Simplicity in Preaching

Simplicity in Preaching Ryle packs experience and sanctified common sense into two dozen pages than many others manage in a lengthy treatise And like all of his work this one illustrates the very simplicity he commends to

  • Title: Simplicity in Preaching
  • Author: J.C. Ryle
  • ISBN: 9781848710658
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ryle packs experience and sanctified common sense into two dozen pages than many others manage in a lengthy treatise And, like all of his work, this one illustrates the very simplicity he commends to others Here indeed is a work whose value and usefulness is out of all proportion to its length.

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      263 J.C. Ryle
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    1 thought on “Simplicity in Preaching

    1. Excellent little booklet on the discipline of crafting and delivering concise, powerful sermons--of an appropriate length. The author's points are themselves concise, very clear, and for the most part, readily applicable. There are aspects diminish this book's force: a discussion that includes reference to word origin that has little force to me (an American English speaker) such as, "In saying this I admit freely that words of French and Latin origin are generally inferior to Saxon; and, as a r [...]

    2. Short, simple (ha ha), and easy to read. I don't preach really, but it did seem to have good practical advice. If I taught, I would heed this advice.

    3. Required reading for anyone who enters the pulpit. May god hold me to it, and may he cause me to do more good for souls by it. Amen.

    4. So concise and clear it could (and probably should) be read each time by every person that graces a church's pulpit.

    5. 5 points on simplicity in preaching:1. Know your subject thoroughly.2. Use clear words.3. Use short sentences. 4. Be direct. Use "I" and "you" instead of "we."5. Use plenty of illustrations.

    6. I preach on a regular basis and have made it a practice to try to read (or re-read) a good book on preaching or sermon prep or a collection of good sermons at least once a year. This little booklet has been on my list for a long time and I finally read it. I would like to apply what the Greeks used to say about great orators to this slim volume, paraphrased a bit: that it packs a sea of wisdom into a drop of text. As the title suggests, these words of wisdom are all about keeping one's sermons s [...]

    7. I stumbled upon this book while reading Saving Eutychus. The authors recommended the book and said that it was one of the best on the topic. What I discovered was a small, 24 page treasure chest of wisdom from one of the great preachers of the 19th century. Ryle’s style is easy to read and his experience of 45 years behind the pulpit was evident. He draws from a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. The basic premise is if we want to effect change in hearts then we must keep the delivery, the words, [...]

    8. This short booklet of 20 pages is an excerpt from Ryle's book, The Upper Room. Ryle lays out his philosophy of preaching, urging preachers and would-be preachers to use simplicity. He opens with 4 prefatory remarks:1. simplicity in preaching is of the utmost importance to every minister who wishes to be useful to souls2. to attain simplicity in preaching is by no means an easy task3. simplicity does not mean childish or condescending preaching4. simplicity is not coarse or vulgar preaching (Dris [...]

    9. Such a great short book on Preaching. Ryle packs a ton of good stuff in 22 pages. I found myself highlighting nearly the entire book.Here's the passage that will stick with me near the end after he gives five hints on the simplicity of preaching:"All the simplicity in the world can do no good, unless you preach the simple gospel of Jesus Christ so fully and clearly that everybody can understand it. If Christ crucified has not his rightful place in your sermons, and sin is not exposed as it shoul [...]

    10. Simplicity in Preaching is the art of learning how to preach with clarity! J.C. Ryle writes with simplicity as he guides pastors how to craft sermons with simplicity! He explains there are other important aspects of a sermon, but his focus in this booklet is to help pastors speak with clarity, with precision, with simplicity to their congregation. This little booklet will only take about 20 minutes, but the small investment is worth it as J.C. Ryle shares a wealth of knowledge and insight to Pas [...]

    11. Originally part of a larger work, this booklet offers Ryle’s take on the simplicity of preaching. He is careful to say that while preaching should be simple, it should not be simplistic. Instead, the point of good preaching is to be Christ-centered and profound, but equally understood by those who hear it. Ryle rightly challenges preachers to know their text well, to choose clear words, to pray, and to live a life congruent with one’s messages.

    12. A short, but excellent little book on how to preach simple sermons. There is a lot of wisdom in Ryle's suggestions. What I like most his desire for the congregation to understand and grow. He knows that ornate sermons may impress the listener, but they will not help them grow in sanctification. A good book for preachers to read every couple of years or so.

    13. I'm posting my friend Vic's recommendation here, in case anyone in my friend list might be interested in reading this -"Fantastic. Every preacher or preacher-to-be should read this - and maybe once a year. It'd be less than ten pages long if you printed it out in 12pt font.You can read it online for free here: gracegems/18/Ryle-%20Preac"

    14. More of a pamphlet than a book, but packed with practical insight. Living up to the title, it states simply that great preaching and simple preaching can be coexistent in a sermon. I'll be back into its pages.

    15. I will go back and read this again J. C. Ryle gave wonderful points and touched on perspectives necessary for preaching as he says "in simplicity." I thoroughly enjoyed the reading and will return to it as a great reference for personal use and discipleship sharing.

    16. Fantastic. Every preacher or preacher-to-be should read this - and maybe once a year. It'd be less than ten pages long if you printed it out in 12pt font.You can read it online for free here: gracegems/18/Ryle-%20Preac

    17. Ryle shares 5 hints for making sermons more understandable to the average listener. This pamphlet was a short read, but its brevity does not diminish its benefit.

    18. This is a great book for every speaker. It is short and to the point. Thankful for the life of JC Ryle

    19. Short. Simple. Ryle touches on some practical areas verbose preachers can improve upon. Most helpful were simple composition and illustration.

    20. A very simple and straightforward book to compel preachers to put together simple and straightforward sermons. Very memorable with some good quotes to take away.

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