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Fool's Puzzle

Fool s Puzzle Leaving behind memories of her late husband Benni Harper is making a fresh startMoving to the trendy California town of San Celina she takes an exciting new job as director of a folk art museum Whil

  • Title: Fool's Puzzle
  • Author: Earlene Fowler
  • ISBN: 9780425145456
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Leaving behind memories of her late husband, Benni Harper is making a fresh startMoving to the trendy California town of San Celina, she takes an exciting new job as director of a folk art museum While setting up an exhibit of handmade quilts, she stumbles upon the body of a brutally stabbed artist Hoping to conduct an investigation on her own, she crosses paths withLeaving behind memories of her late husband, Benni Harper is making a fresh startMoving to the trendy California town of San Celina, she takes an exciting new job as director of a folk art museum While setting up an exhibit of handmade quilts, she stumbles upon the body of a brutally stabbed artist Hoping to conduct an investigation on her own, she crosses paths with the local police chief, who thinks this short and sassy cowgirl should leave detecting to the cops and join him for dinner But it s hard to keep a country girl down, and soon Benni uncovers an alarming pattern of family secrets, small town lies and the shocking truth about the night her husband died

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      338 Earlene Fowler
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    1 thought on “Fool's Puzzle

    1. The style is smooth enough, and Benni Harper, our narrator, is sympathetic enough to have kept me reading for about 150 pages, but she acted stupidly one too many times, so that not even the resolution of the mystery or romance or Arts and Craft themes could make me keep going. I hate mysteries where some amateur detective keeps things from the police, or lies to them or hides evidence. Now, there are reasons people act this way I could buy, without marking them in my eyes as Too Stupid to Live. [...]

    2. Even though I had heard nothing but good reviews of this book, I let it sit on my shelves for more than two years. Fool's Puzzle delves deep into a western small-town and exposes secrets and lies. It was an excellent first-in-a-series book!Benni is absolutely hilarious and she's 100% real. I can totally see a woman like her living in a small town in the west. Chief Gabe Oritz was also well-written. I loved his scenes with Benni and found most of them to be laugh-out-loud hilarious. Dove, Elvira, [...]

    3. This cozy was fantastic!! And to think it was the author's first novel wow I had written a review a few days ago about another first-in-series cozy, while well-written, was much too fast-paced and lacked meaningful character development for me. This gem is the complete opposite. While I generally prefer Southern and/or East coast mysteries, this is set in cattle country California. Benni Harper is a recent widow and now manager of a art co-op. She is the first one to discover her friend and cera [...]

    4. An enjoyable first novel that begins a delightful series is books all named after quilt blocks. The book is an easy read and the absence of tons of sex scenes, cussing and total immorality a pleasant change. Good read.

    5. 4 stelle e mezzoAll'inizio sono rimasta scombussolata dalla marea di nomi che emergono nelle prime pagine, poi, piano piano, la storia mi ha preso sempre di più e il finale mi è piaciuto tantissimo. Infine, confesso che mi sono presa una bella cotta per Gabe. Morale della favola: un'altra serie da seguire O meglio, da leggere, perché credo che sia terminata.

    6. (All my reviews contain spoilers) Good first for a series; characters were introduced well and writing is very good. Benni is a farm-girl turned museum curator who is adjusting to her new life nine months after losing her husband Jack, in a car accident. With the murder of one of the museum's co-op members, Marla, Benni decides to try and find out more information on her own (her cousin was semi-involved), without going to police.I know this is in the 'cozy' genre, which is why I sometimes feel [...]

    7. I've read a couple reviews that suggest that the writing improves throughout the series. I don't know if I will ever find out. a couple issues, in brief:*despite the narrative indicating that benni is good at everything she tries (accounting, managing horses, investigating etc), she sort of bumbles through the story, giving everyone attitude and thinking of little but herself.*what is the point of making such a big deal of her deceased husband AND the lightning quick romance with the new police [...]

    8. A Benni Harper mysteryBenni is not the person she was ten months ago. Jack, her husband, died nine months ago in an accident that is not totally clear. She struggles with losing him and with living day to day. As director of the Folk Art Museum she needs to be together and guide artists in preparing works for shows and display. If you know anything about artists, they can be unpredictable and tempermental as well as stand-offish. The coop artists at Benni's museum were less than a cohesive group [...]

    9. Good cozy mystery set in central California has a recent widow who runs the local folk art museum who still grieves her husband, dead less than a year. That doesn't stop her from inserting herself into murder investigations. Since they occurred on her turf they would be hard to ignore. Benni Harper is determined and soon bumps up against Gabe Ortiz, the temporary police chief of San Celina.Author Earlene Fowler is masterful in weaving together the locale of the California ranching community and [...]

    10. Wie schade, dass mein Englisch nicht ausreicht, die Feinheiten der Käbbeleien zwischen den Protas im Detail zu verstehen, sonst könen nte ich die fehlenden Bücher ja in Englisch lesen. Die Kombinantion Quilting und Krimi ist wundervoll - mit Strickrunden würde es mir sicher noch besser gefallen - aber Handarbeit und Museum ist ja schon toll

    11. FOOL'S PUZZLE - GFowler, Earlene - 1st in Benni Harper seriesThirty-four-year-old widow Benni Harper takes a job as curator of the San Celina folk art museum, only to find herself embroiled in the murder of an artist and small-town intrigues that shed new light on her own late husband's death.It was good, light reading

    12. A new favorite mystery writer! I love her Benni Harper, love the quilt theme of her books & have a crush on Benni's new fella, Gabe Ortiz. I can hardly wait to find the next one & read it!

    13. I just couldn't really get into this and when my choices where this or rereading an Asaro book, there wasn't much competition.

    14. The writing style was fine but the too many poor decisions on Benny's part and out of nowhere instant romance with the police chef, despite her still mourning her late husband, just killed it for me.

    15. Although it takes place in Southern California, it is filled with Southern humor. The Characters are well developed in this cozy murder mystery.

    16. Well, definitely better than the rest of the romantic mystery novels I've been reading likely. I like the couple, generally. I like that they didn't fall into each other's arms. I like that things seem to be progressing slowly. That is a nice change. The pace seems right at this point.I did find a few things irritating. The protagonist's refusal to tell the police anything for a start. I'm sorry, but if you walk in on a murder scene, I am of the opinion that you tell the police everything. Even [...]

    17. Rats! Just when I was telling myself I needed to focus on finishing book series that I've already started, I came across "Fool's Puzzle" by Earlene Fowler. Having a deep interests in quilts, especially the traditional patterns, the cover caught my eye. And being a mystery lover - well, how could I resist?Earlene Fowler has written a mystery that represents to me the best of the cozy genre: intriguing amateur sleuth, small-town atmosphere, and fascinating relationships in a unique setting (in thi [...]

    18. Even though this is a series of cozies, I hadn't read any of them so the main character, Benni Harper was new to me. Bennie Harper's husband died and she wanted to get away from the ranch from everything that reminded her of him. She would miss the family but now that he was gone, she felt disconnected from them. She needed to get away and start living her own life. So she took a job as a director of a folk art museum in San Ceclina, California. I really like the setting; I love folk art, especi [...]

    19. This was an enjoyable, fun read. I especially enjoyed the place descriptions, as the town in which the story is set is based on my own hometown of San Luis Obispo, California. This is the first in a series, and I'm looking forward to reading the others as well. The title is based on the name of a quilt pattern, as are all the titles in this mystery series. The stories all have something to do, however loosely, with quilting or other folk art, since the main character, Benni Harper, is the curato [...]

    20. The first in the Benni Harper series, the reader learns about Benni, her grandmother Dove, her good friend Elvia, death of her husband Jack, and the prospects of a new romance with interim police chief Gabe Ortiz. We also learn that Benni has the tenacity of bulldog when it comes to solving a mystery and the smart mouth of an adolescent when she's upset. Recently widowed, Benni has moved from the family ranch to work at a folk art museum where she is in charge of the exhibits. When she finds the [...]

    21. This is an introduction to the Benni Harper series. Benni has recently been widowed. She becomes involved with murder in her new job where she meets Gabe for the first time. Benni feels she has to solve the mystery of a series without the help of the police department. This brings her into constant conflict with Gabe, who is the temporary police chief. Trying to "go it alone" causes Benni to get herself into a lot of danger and exasperates Gabe as well as the reader.What makes this book special [...]

    22. Entwined mysteries in a small ranching region. Benni's husband is dead and she manages the local art co-op in order to move away from her old life. However times become interesting once more and sweep her back into event with a murder in the studios where she works. The spiral pulls her back and interlocks wit her own past as she finds her dead husband's brother implicated in the dirty dealing.Unfortunately the plot is better than the characterizations. This woman is so self destructive but gets [...]

    23. I keep doing this, finishing books and not reporting on them. I am surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. I read it for the Cozy Monograph, particularly for Chapter 5. I was curious as to how the protagonist of the long series got involved in detection in the first book. I had read another book by Fowler that won the Agatha and did not like it. This book was actually pretty good. I did not establish a liking for the protagonist (though I didn't hate her), but it was a good story, and nice in [...]

    24. This is another series I enjoy - Benni Harper Mystery - Benni is still recovering from her husband's untimely death. She felt she had to leave the family ranch and so has taken a job in town at the folk art museum. As she is overseeing a huge show to earn money for the artist's co-op one of the artist's is murdered and then another murder follows very closely. Related, not related. Benni has to find out and then information starts leaking the somehow her husband's death is related which drives B [...]

    25. Excellent, multi-layered mystery. Love the characters - Benni, Gabe, Elvia, Dove, et al. Also offers a fascinating view of an area of California you don't see on tv - the small towns and ranches beyond LA, Hollywood and San Francisco. Lots of suspects and some unexpected twists so you're not sure how the pieces will fit together. Author stays true to the characters and doesn't disappoint, there are no tired cliches. Resolution is believable and satisfying. First in a series that makes you want t [...]

    26. Fool's Puzzle (Benni Harper, #1) by Earlene Fowler The first in Fowler's Benni Harper series and my first book by Fowler. For me, it was okay. I'm not really into the cowboy stuff and I thought having Benni ready to date 9 months after her husband was killed was too soon. They had been married 15 years, supposedly very happily. Other than that, it was okay. Seemed like an "early" book for a writer. I'll probably try one of the later books and see how I like her story/writing. A short book, finis [...]

    27. Finally found book 1 in the series, which is where I usually like to start. Enjoyed this one; felt the dialogue was a strength, at times the long list of people who came and went were a disadvantage. Decent puzzler. A series I'll probably come back to every now and then when I need something quick and lighter. Didn't leave me feeling like I had to get my hands on book 2 ASAP. Comparable to Katherine Hall Page's "Body" series. Also similar (and preferred), the "Ruby the Rabbi's Wife" books by Sha [...]

    28. I read this book (the first in the Benni Harper series) shortly after reading Catering to Nobody (the first in the Goldy Bear series - culinary mysteries). I liked this book so much better than Catering to Nobody! I found the two books to be similar in construction which is why I'm comparing them here. The characters in Fool's Puzzle were much more likable and the mystery itself was more interesting to me. For a light mystery, this was a great pick. I'll be reading the next in the series soon.

    29. This book was recommended by a friend of mine who loves quilts and quilting. She noted that the series gets stronger after this first book and that there is also a book of quilt patterns available based on the books. (Thanks Mary!) I enjoyed the book as a nice evening read, although I thought the heroine was more hardheaded than humorous at times! I'm looking forward to reading more as I have time.

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