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Living My Life, Vol. 1

Living My Life Vol You damn bitch of an anarchist I wish I could get at you I would tear your heart out and feed it to my dog This was one of the less obscene messages received by Emma Goldman while in jail

  • Title: Living My Life, Vol. 1
  • Author: Emma Goldman
  • ISBN: 9780486225432
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • You damn bitch of an anarchist, I wish I could get at you I would tear your heart out and feed it to my dog This was one of the less obscene messages received by Emma Goldman 1869 1940 , while in jail on suspicion of complicity in the assassination of McKinley The most notorious woman of her day, she was bitterly hated by millions and equally revered by millions.The You damn bitch of an anarchist, I wish I could get at you I would tear your heart out and feed it to my dog This was one of the less obscene messages received by Emma Goldman 1869 1940 , while in jail on suspicion of complicity in the assassination of McKinley The most notorious woman of her day, she was bitterly hated by millions and equally revered by millions.The strong feelings she aroused are understandable She was an alien, a practicing anarchist, a labor agitator, a pacifist in World War 1, an advocate of political violence, a feminist, a proponent of free love and birth control, a communist, a street fighter for justice all of which she did with strong intellect and boundless passion Today, of course, many of the issues that she fought over are just as vital as they were then.Emma Goldman came from Russia at the age of 17 After an encounter with the sweatshop and an unfortunate marriage, she plunged into the bewildering intellectual and activist chaos that attended American social evolution around the turn of the twentieth century She knew practically everyone of importance in radical circles She dominated many areas of the radical movement, lecturing, writing, haranguing, and publishing to awaken the world to her ideas After World War I she was deported to Russia, where she soon discovered that anarchists were no better liked than in America, despite Lenin s first gesture of welcome She escaped with her life but never was allowed to return to the United States.Emma Goldman was a devastatingly honest woman, who spared herself as little as she spared anyone else From her account the reader can gain insight into a curious personality type of recurrent interest a woman who devoted her life to eliminating suffering, yet could make a bomb or assist in staging an assassination Equally interesting are her comments on other radicals of the period, such as Kropotkin, Berkman, Mooney, Lenin, Trotsky, Haywood, Most, the Haymarket martyrs, and many others Her autobiography, written with vigor, ranks among the finest in the English language.

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    1 thought on “Living My Life, Vol. 1

    1. this is so good. I was always a bit "eh" on Emma Goldman because I read her essays and didn't find them earth-shattering. Plus I don't always agree with her political analysis -- her race-blind attitude was particularly unfortunate. You could say it was par for the times, but she was so far ahead on so much else that I expected more -- and anyway that's rubbish, lots of people critiqued her race politics at the time. That said, it turns out that Goldman's strength was not as a theorist but as an [...]

    2. When reading this, it is often suggested to make sure to read it as the life of a speaker and activist, not as a philosophical or theoretical masterpiece. I however believe Goldman's theoretical contributions are also invaluable. It is important to realize that the exposition of Goldman's theories in this book are developmental, as it is an autobiography. The book clearly and in a detailed way show how Goldman progresses from more infantile ideals to more complex. In fact, by the end of the book [...]

    3. “For the Cause, I was told, one must be able to do everything, and I so eagerly wanted to serve the Cause.”Whatever your ideals, the story of Emma Goldman’s life is inspiring. It makes you want to grab hold of your own life and fight for what you believe.This is an immensely readable book. It’s full of history, adventure, unusual personalities, romances and life and death suspense. The writing is excellent. One of the things I most admired was the matter-of-fact tone she used, whether sh [...]

    4. I very, very rarely get seriously into a biography/autobiography. I've almost always just found them boring. This one is a glaring exception to that rule. Goldman's writing is engaging and interesting. Plus, her story is just so dang FASCINATING. This woman was involved in some serious stuff; it is amazing to read about all the radicals she worked with, how they lived their lives, how they related to one another. I am enthralled by her descriptions of what it was like to speak to a roaring crowd [...]

    5. EG is a total badass. Love her. Few people are as true to their convictions as she. A free spirit, an idealist, an intellectual, and a fighter, EG is a pretty good writer to boot. In her autobiography she not only chronicles the details of her polemic public life, but also intimately bares her internal struggles with the tensions and contradictions between her intellectual principles and her heartfelt emotions. It is sometimes hard to believe that this is not the stuff of fiction.

    6. This book is Part One of a memoir of the "notorious" (or famous) Emma Goldman, a Russian-Jewish anarchist active in New York City and other parts of the US in the late 19th and early 20th century. Goldman masterfully brings the period and her political activities to life, drawing even a critical reader in to the fascinating world of immigrant activism and agitation. Goldman made extensive use of letters and newspaper clippings, as well as other primary sources, to refresh her memory of dates and [...]

    7. Volume 1: Emma's turbulent life (1869-1940)is spell binding. Her admirable determination and strong fighting spirit enabled her to travel about and lecture during the 20th century as an anarchist and feminist. She spent time in prison for her efforts and her strong beliefs. She tells her life story here, how she lectured wherever she could, when she could, in many parts of the world. She dealt with a maize of stumbling blocks. Her fight for free speech was continual. Often her efforts were based [...]

    8. Great autobiography by an extraordinary woman. Not only a gripping read but also works as a great history book of early workers rights activism in the united states. Interesting how freedom of speech was so suppressed during this period (end of 1800 and the beginning of 1900). Is also gives a picture of early 20th century international political history. Will definitely read Vol 2.

    9. Goldman's style is simple but compelling; I went out in search of the second volume immediately after finishing the first.It's fascinating to see the labor disputes and political issues of the late 19th century/early 20th from her perspective, and if you want a real taste of the many ways in which the US has used incredible physical force to punish those with 'unconventional' ideas, it would be hard to find as interesting a collection as Goldman amassed throughout her life.The part I'd recommend [...]

    10. When my friends and I go around in a circle and say how they got into anarchism, I say through this book. I read it when I first moved away to the big city, and it was the perfect book to read at that time. Changed my life, although would you believe I never did get around to reading volume 2?*** More recent review: I reread this for the monthly anarchist reading group here in Pittsburgh, and it was my first time reading it in 15 years. I had marveled at Emma's remarkable life when I was in my v [...]

    11. THIS BOOK WAS SO INTENSE!!EG is truly an inspiration, as well as a good writer. It's a long book and full of every detail but she keeps yr interest with her bold, clear narrative voice - i assume the same compelling voice that swayed many of her contemporaries at her lectures. i found myself reading my life and my friends' lives into her own tale and having to step back from that self-importance and odd delusion - it was really just that vivid is still a somewhat divisive character (and, surpris [...]

    12. I can't believe it took me so long to read this given that I love autobiographies and this one is regarded as such a classic. Maybe the length of Emma's work made me apprehensive. Anyways, reading about her life was pretty incredible and insightful, and fulfilled my desire to read about anarchist history in a way that wasn't boring. I was particularly engrossed by how much detail she provides on her relationships, but this seamlessly weaves in and out of her anarchism. And she lived with two lov [...]

    13. What an amazing life! And I'm only have way through! This is an incredible read. What strikes me is that in my encounters with people talking about Emma Goldman--people who haven't read her actual work or those that simply repeat what they have heard from others--is how she is usually cornered into one essential archetype; what I love about reading these volumes is running into the contradictions and the consistencies in her own work and life and how not even Emma Goldman was a perfect human. Ot [...]

    14. An awe inspiring read. The witty and conversational style of Emma Goldman's autobiography cannot mask what an intelligent and amazing woman she was. Ahead of her time, in fact probably ahead of our time, she was a pioneer in politics and the women's movement. With commentary on the historically important events of her time this book is both enchanting and educational with more than a slight bias away from the more traditional and institutionally approved texts. I look forward to getting my hands [...]

    15. This is a long and involved read; it is also an excellent one. Emma Goldman had a singular personality, and the list of her accomplishments is incredible. There is a lot to digest in this book, including the lot of immigrants in late-19th century America; the history of the anarchist movement; and the difficulties that a strong-minded woman met growing up at this time.I really enjoyed this, and I look forward to reading the second volume next year.

    16. This is a dense autobiography which somehow manages to be both intersting and nap inducing. Maybe it's the 19th century writing style that put me to sleep. Maybe i was overwhelmed by the large number of pages in this book (and this is only volume 1!). In any case, through sheer force of will, I read the whole thing.

    17. Enjoyed this more than I thought I would ! Originally started reading it as an academic exercise and to find out some background behind historical events at the time, but Goldman is an engaging writer . Never realised she was so vociferous about birth control and non-monogamy . Will continue to Volume 2 when I get my hands on it !

    18. My father gave me this autobiography when I was 13. For better or worse it has shaped my entire lifeThis is one of the most beautiful revolutionary perspectives from the Industrial Age. What Emma Gloldman and Alexander Berkman were propelled to do in the name of social change is the stuff of fairy tales.

    19. Red Emma's detailed and authentic account of her remarkable and courageous life. Volume 1, of course, covers her her earliest years and the formative experiences that launched her as the USA's most "infamous" radical. It's impossible not to love her and this work.

    20. one of the books that changed my life. although i don't agree with everything emma did or said, she was so inspirational and strong. and definitely lived HER life. which not a lot of us can say about ourselves.

    21. She traveled around the country, had a lot of boy toys and best of all, had nothing insightful to say about class, race or settler colonialism in America (read her complaints about black prisoners in a work otherwise totally devoid of a examination of race and cringe).

    22. High school. This book is written as an autobiography and covers the life of Emma Goldman. The language of the book is extremely passionate and written in a descriptive and approachable language. This book would be used during a contemporary U.S history course for labor and immigration issues.

    23. really interesting and packed with lots of historical events surrounding anarchy. not a masterpiece but a very important book and a fun page turning as well. i'm looking forward to volume 2!

    24. An amazing woman, an amazing human being, and a very good writer. So refreshing to find someone who truly lives their life with the courage of their convictions

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