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Bio Rescue

Bio Rescue In this first of a new series set in the Stardoc universe Lieutenant Dair mu T resa has just become an interstellar paramedic with a Bio Rescue team However the entire project faces opposition from

  • Title: Bio Rescue
  • Author: S.L. Viehl
  • ISBN: 9780451460080
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this first of a new series set in the Stardoc universe, Lieutenant Dair mu T resa has just become an interstellar paramedic with a Bio Rescue team However, the entire project faces opposition from a lupine species with a hatred for the Dair s aquatic like race.

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      177 S.L. Viehl
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    1 thought on “Bio Rescue

    1. I loved this book until the end. That lost a full star and almost more.This is a convoluted story with a wonderful heroine, great world and a dash of romance. It really didn't deserve such an ending. If you are writing sci fi, stick with it. Adding supernatural, unexplained events is a cheap shot, IMHO.

    2. It was an enjoyable, quick read except for the idiotic romance. Viehl writes great aliens. She points out potential cultural differences from humans in a way that feels objective and interesting. And she's a good story teller. But she has serious issues when it comes to love and respect. The guy in this book manipulates, blackmails and controls the female, outside of the boundaries of their society and certainly ours. It is not fun. I can tolerate it in the context of a sci-fi novel with romance [...]

    3. Dair is not your average alien. She's commander of a squadron of SEAL (surgically enhanced/altered life-form) pilots, a group that patrols the region around their home planet at the command of the Quadrant, an inter-planetary military group formed to protect their coalition against hostile aliens.Dair's home planet, K-2, is home to the water dwelling 'Zangians, but lately has become refuge for war refugees who reside on the dry land colonies. Like her fellow SEALs, Dair's body was surgically alt [...]

    4. Not quite as good as the sequel, Afterburn, which I read first. Would have been four stars if there were fewer improbable plot twists and if the romantic relationships made any sense at all. By the second book the plot had smoothed out to plausibility and the relationships were less rocky. Rocky's an understatement: both romances in this book depict the sort of males only romance novels can get away with portraying as attractive in any way - brutish, difficult, insensitive, and unpleasant, but o [...]

    5. The space-opera craze continues. My favorite part of this book was thinking about the differences between how an aquatic species would view flying. It seems like a natural extrapolation, but I've not seen it explored before in Science Fiction. They would, it seems to me, already think about space and movement in the necessary way. I skimmed a lot of the book, but I am still sort of captivated by the main idea.

    6. 3-1/2 stars. Pretty good book. The romance part of it I didn't understand. It seemed that through most of the book Dair didn't just dislike the guy but hated him and on his part there were no real changes to say he's become more of someone she could love. I guess there are only two books in this series, so I'll see if my library has the 2nd one so I can finish this series.

    7. Oh, the species! Having read several of Viehl's early StarDoc novels, I knew that I would likely find a plethora of interesting beings populating the pages of this book. What I didn't pick up on just by reading the back jacket of the book was that this book was taking place inside the same universe as the Stardoc series. What a pleasant surprise! Unlike Cherijo Grey, the Stardoc herself, Dair is a military pilot tasked with protecting and monitoring the vast space around her home planet, K-2. Al [...]

    8. I absolutely loved this book. Fascinating world, interesting and detailed characters, strong protagonist, wonderfully rich in story. So why am I giving it 2 stars? The primary character's romance is awkwardly tacked on, and utterly incomprehensible. She falls in love with a man who has only ever challenged, criticized and alienated her, after a sex scene that could charitably be called coercive; I'd personally characterize it as rape.Viehl also tries to set up a love triangle between our heroine [...]

    9. I was willing to give this book a chance. The quality of the writing wasn't great, the plotting was uneven, but I assumed (since this author wrote quite a few books before this one) that it would eventually get better.Then I read the ending. Maybe it works for some people, but it didn't for me.(I don't want to trash Bio Rescue, because every book is somebody's baby, but I felt the one-star review deserved at least a few words of explanation.)

    10. Bookworm Speaks!Bio Rescue by S. L. Viehl*****The Story: From Booklist: A military crew running planetary patrols rescues a ship of refugee lupine land-dwellers called the Skartesh. The refugees seem more than that, though, for there is evidence that their ship carried an explosive rigged to blow up if they landed. The rescue scotched that. The commander of the rescuers, Dair Mu T'resa, belongs to a basically aquatic race that disdains rescues, but she is basically altruistic. Dair tries to be f [...]

    11. I don't write a lot of reviews, but in this instance I felt compelled to. I picked up Bio Rescue because I read and enjoyed (as escapist reading with well-written aliens) the Stardoc series. Or most of it. In the first Stardoc novel I DID object to an unnecessary plot line that I thought must be an anomaly. Surely the author realized it was a poor choice as the rest of the series veered away from this theme, I thought.In Bio Rescue, I learn that instead this is a favorite theme for this author. [...]

    12. I like books with strong female characters and S.L. Viehl writes some of the best. Jadaira mu T'resa is one of the strongest. Deformed at birth due to a plague that killed her mother, she was genetically altered by a human scientist who later became her father's mate. Jadaira is a native of the planet Kevarzangia II and her people are an aquatic cross between killer whale and humanoid, but because the scientist who altered her was human and the 'Zangians would not donate any tissue samples for c [...]

    13. I think that I might have mentioned before that I love Viehl's Stardoc series. I was excited to read this one since it takes place on K-2 which is where Stardoc started out. I was not disappointed. This book was just as hard to put down as the Stardoc books. Totally enjoyed the characters. Love the wonderful descriptions that Viehl gives us of her non-human characters and loved the storyline. Looking forward to getting my hands on 'Afterburn' soon so that I can read more about there wonderful ch [...]

    14. As always, an enjoyable read. Though I did not find this book as engaging a read as any of the Stardoc series or Blade Dancer. I think this protagonist did not capture me as others have, and the love relationship felt very familiar as a reader of the Stardoc books. Still, the author's pacing is indisputably excellent, and her command of action, tension and drama make her one of my perpetual favorites.

    15. Heavily charactered (is that a phrase?) space opera set in the Star Doc universe (but not part of the series. Viehl has a way with introducing inter-species interpersonal relationshipsd all the complexity that implies.

    16. I was surprised that I enjoyed this book so much, I mean, porpoise-like aliens modified so they could work on land or sea? But again, the characterizations and relationships are what carry this novel and that is what needs to be done well for me to fully enjoy a book.

    17. All around good book. Nice plot pacing and interesting storyline. The main character is definitely likable. Most of the relationships in the book are well-written, though the main character's irks me. That could be personal.

    18. I didn't like this one as much as Stardoc and Blade Dancer but it was a good book. We learn more about the underwater natives on K-2.

    19. A Sci-Fi thriller about genetically enhanced beings who become involved in a mission to rescue war refugees. The book was an average read, not outstanding.

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