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Meat Richard Shanti a guilt ridden slaughterhouse worker has serious misgivings about his job He s known as the Ice Pick the calmest most efficient bolt gunner in Abyrne s history Yet in secret he and

  • Title: Meat
  • Author: Joseph D'Lacey
  • ISBN: 9781907616518
  • Page: 213
  • Format: ebook
  • Richard Shanti, a guilt ridden slaughterhouse worker, has serious misgivings about his job He s known as the Ice Pick the calmest, most efficient bolt gunner in Abyrne s history Yet, in secret, he and his family are vegetarian If the authorities find out, he ll be tried and slaughtered for sacrilege along with the Chosen Abyrne s livestock.

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      213 Joseph D'Lacey
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    1 thought on “Meat

    1. 4.0 stars. This novel has one of the most shocking and disturbing dystopian settings I have come across in a long time. While I decided to give this book 4 stars overall, I am going to address two main segments of the story so that I can better address the merits of each. PART 1: Introduction to the Town of Abryne and its residentsThe initial set up of the book which includes the first half of the novel is NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING and easily worthy of 5 stars in my opinion. It is one of the most [...]

    2. 5 Stars for this Gloriously Depraved and Shockingly Disturbing Horror FictionMEAT was set in a dystopian world where veganism is blasphemous and punishable by gruesome death. Richard Shanti, a top cattle stunning stockman proudly known as 'Ice Pick' was a legendary figure in Abyrne. No one would have thought he would be risking not only his life but his family's as well for denying meat as his sustenance. Shanti was torn between protecting his family and appeasing his tumultuous conscience that [...]

    3. ‘WE WANT MEAT!”This is a bitter struggle for supremacy between The Meat Baron of The Magnus Meat Processing plant and The Welfare headed by The Grand Bishop for control of Abyrne a town where people know nothing else except “We want Meat to eat”. Well that’s what they have been forced and cohered into, a doctrine of Sacred Meat and nothing else to survive on but is that really all there is to their existence?One sole provider of special Meat, one force of power, one leader.No!There are [...]

    4. I've read many horrific things and thought I'd "read it all" but this one is genuinely frightening because I can see things going this way in the case of an apocalypse or other such disaster, with those in a position of power taking advantage of those without. Call me gloomy but I don't have a lot of faith in man.It's very thought provoking and reinforces my belief that raising animals in horrible conditions for meat and profit is wrong (though I'm not a vegetarian this book may just push me ove [...]

    5. A brutal, grim and thought-provoking book that had me hooked from the very beginning.Even with a title like 'Meat', I still found myself shocked. The premise of the story isn't fully revealed in all its true horror too early, as a result there was at least one occasion when I had to go back and re-read the odd sentence - 'does that mean what I think it means?! FINGERS?! No!'I thought the way business and religion each exploited the food chain and townspeople was an excellent examination of our o [...]

    6. I was looking through my reads so far from this year and Meat stands out as being at least in the top ten. I have been remiss in not writing anything at all. I see more than a few of my friends have this book marked as to-read and I really think most of you should move it up your list. I want to recommend this book to the masses but in reality, this may be too much for most people to stomach. Meat, American Psycho, and Blood Meridian are the most graphic and violent books I have read, so if you [...]

    7. One Hell of a disturbing novel. I thoroughly enjoyed every page of it, and would recommend it to all fans of dark literature.

    8. Meat explores a town within a wasteland where the tenets of a new religion require the consumption of meat. Meat from the "Chosen" stock--cattle--is prepared at the Magnus Meat Processing Plant (MMP), where the high and mighty Meat Baron, Rory Magnus, reigns supreme. For generations, the inhabitants of Abyrne have embraced the religion and those fortunate enough to afford the sacred meat readily consume it enthusiastically. Yet a handful of citizens have begun to question the morality and integr [...]

    9. There are some books that feel like written specially for me. Like everything in them is exactly the way and in exact measure that I need, that works for me. This book was one of those. From the moment I opened it – and we immediately clicked. Well, you probably need to know that my favorite comfort reads include “The Exorcist”, “It” and “Battle Royale”, so it might be saying something about my taste. I wouldn’t risk recommending it – but I loved it so much. It was shocking - a [...]

    10. I was expecting a horror book, but instead I got a book that, I felt, was preaching to me. The subject matter could be horrific providing it really happened, but it did not. This book left me feeling ripped-off and praying for its end to near almost halfway through the book. I also found myself falling asleep, literally, during most of it.I am extremely picky about my books and this one came highly-recommended. I gave this book two stars because it had the potential to be a great horror. The ext [...]

    11. First 'horror' book I've ever given 5 stars. Original and gut-wrenching. Another one of those books I'm going to drive people crazy with by pushing them to read it ASAP. Note to friends and family: do not read the reviews for this book. Take it all in with fresh eyes. And an empty stomach.Spoilers - SpoilersGreville Snipe is decidedly the creepiest character in fiction. The sleazebag got what he deserved. I wondered about a prion disease, too. Very fitting to the tale. The thing that most distur [...]

    12. Oh my - what a read! It's a book that just begs to be discussed face-to-face with other readers, it's raised so many questions that I want answering & want to talk aboutbut I don't want to spoil it for future readers so I'll hold my tongue :o)Suffice to say I was totally gripped by this book. It was a much better tale than I was expecting. I was dreading it being the written version of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" - all blood, gore & guts & no real storyline but I'm glad to say I wa [...]

    13. Einstieg - Mittelteil - Perfekt! Gegen Ende verliert es leider etwas den Pepp. Trotzdem ein lesenswertes Buch, mit mehr Gesellschaftskritik, als man erwarten mag!

    14. Meat best avoided! This is an unusual novel and may well result in the reader abstaining from meat products upon completion. The horror in the book comes from the descriptions and events that occur in MMP (Magnus Meat Packaging) Richard Shanti “the ice pick” is a stunman and it is his job to fire a bolt gun into the brow of the cow as it passes in front of him on its way to immortality and someone’s Sunday roast! In the community of Abyrne meat is viewed as a precious commodity all must p [...]

    15. Fingers. I think that’s the word that gets everyone. It’s easy to suspect, without reading any of the book, where the meat in Abyrne is really coming from & what the Chosen really are. I thought I knew what I was in for, but let me tell you, D’Lacey makes ritualistic cannibalism happen in a way that is totally new & fresh & appalling. I got through 50 pages of slaughtering & milking - oh my god, the milking is so, so awful - right up to the grand downfall of Greville Snipe: [...]

    16. I first listened to Meat as audiobook in January 2011. I love audiobooks but I'm pretty particular about them - the narrator has to make me feel part of the book, and the story needs to capture my attention enough that I'm not distracted by things around me. And the audiobook version certainly met my requirements on both, but it didn't feel quite 'enough' - I wanted to read it for myself. So although I rarely re-read books, I decided this one was good enough to get me to read it again.Let me be [...]

    17. I did not find the descriptions of how 'the chosen' were processed to be overly horrific. I did not find it shocking as I am already familar with the processes involved in factory farming, hence why I have been a vegetarian for 16 years. What struck my was how unemotional the descriptions were; you could have been reading a manual on meat processing. That was the point. This happens every day, with millions of people as willing participants, as they are 'just animals' not like use exact mentalit [...]

    18. This was the grossest book with the biggest "yuk" factor ever but also one of the most thought provoking and memorable if you can cope with that. Not normally into horror books but this and the other dystopian D'Lacey book that I have read Black Feathers are so well written that you get drawn right into their worlds. "Meat" wasn't quite enough to make me a vegetarian but I did find myself googling videos of slaughterhouses after reading it (Oprah Winfrey one on that is most balanced one that I f [...]

    19. This is a seriously messed up book. Liked it quite a bit, but damn it left me with chills. Took me a while to read it, because I see live stock quite a bit on my way to and from work.

    20. Though I’m sure to upset some authors and publishers who, understandably, want five-star reviews, I’ve my own definition of the five-star system.*One Star: A crime against God and man.*Two Stars: Poor, or otherwise not ready for publication.*Three Stars: A solid work worth the money/read.*Four Stars: A superior, award-worthy achievement.*Five Stars: A standard setter, a work to stand the test of time, a work to be studied and read again and again….Meat, by Joseph D’LaceyA Genre-bending N [...]

    21. So wertvoll wie ein kleines Steak?Manchmal erhält man Buchempfehlungen, die sich nachher als wundersam herausstellen. "Meat" tauchte bei mir im Zusammenhang mit guten Horror-Büchern auf. Also ließ ich es auf dem SuB reifen, bis mein Horrorempfänglichkeitszyklus einen entsprechenden Stand erreichte, und packte es dann an. Leider wurde mein Wunsch nach brutaler Ultra-violence-Slasherlektüre nicht erfüllt. Wie schon bei The Road entpuppte sich ein als "Horror" angepriesenes Werk als etwas and [...]

    22. I don't think I can adequately do justice to just how good this book is, and how lucky was I to win a copy from ?Firstly, do not read this book if you have a weak stomach, it is graphic to the extreme. There are scenes of slaughter, torture, impalement and cruelty of all descriptions and yet I just could not put it down. This is no gratuitous gore-fest however. Joseph D'Lacey has created a dystopian cityscape which crackles with tension and intrigue. As grim and grisly as the prose can be at tim [...]

    23. Truly, one of the best books that I've read in a while! This book doesn't rely on grossing you out to horrify you, but builds the suspense and horror with every page. When I thought I knew where it was going.I was like "no, it wouldn't." and it didn't come out to say it until the end. This book truly blew me away. This book was a book I borrowed from the library, but definitely feel that I need to own it. This is a reread for sure! It will leave you thinking long after the last page, how is that [...]

    24. 4,05/5"Eğer bir hayvanı öldürmeyi, iç organlarını boşaltmayı, derisini yüzmeyi ve ayıklamayı mideniz kaldırmıyorsa, o zaman onu yiyecek yüreğiniz de olmamalı."Kitabın yorumu için: kronikokur/201

    25. Thought-provoking, disturbing and well written. This book pushes the boundaries of morality and religion. This would make an excellent movie.

    26. There are some books you devour, consuming page after page after page in a race to the end. Then there are others that you savor . . . that you take your time to digest . . . that linger on the literary palate long after the past page is turned.Joseph D'Lacey debut novel, Meat, is definitely the latter - and after being off the menu for years it's now back for a second helping.With Black Feathers being my only experience with D'Lacey, I wasn't sure what to expect. I had a good idea of the concep [...]

    27. Well this is a strange one - first of all I have struggled to start my comments before with a book because of many reasons, about the book or the author or its subject, but this is a first.The book can read like a vegetarians nightmare, strong enough (and in places blunt enough) to put anyone off - certainly in parts there is not subtlety at all - more like the bolt gun some carefully described in fact. Now I am not getting drawn in to the ethics of being a vegetarian, I know the author research [...]

    28. Uh, okay. This was really gross. Not just because what was happening (there are some squicky scenes), but also why it happened and how people justified their behaviour. I know this sounds weird, but I'm trying to keep this spoilerfree. Even though you'll know what's going on after a very few pages, just like I did. Yet I couldn't believe it at first, I thought I was reading too much into it. I wasn't.The story catches you and doesn't let go, you have to read on, because there are so many questio [...]

    29. This brutal, disturbing novel caught me in a vicelike grip until I finished it. Not for the faint of heart or stomach. As a friend of mine said “What do you expect, reading a horror story called Meat?!” This dystopian novel both horrified and fascinated me. I was taken into another world and time where the order of things which I struggled to comprehend was so matter of fact and accepted. A handful of characters living in this greedy, twisted world could not accept the order of things either [...]

    30. This is one truly shocking read that leads you into a dystopian nightmare. The writing style reflects the horrific atmosphere perfectly - and the ending isn't disappointing either.Quite a clever way of making your brain tick-over in so many different ways. Raises many questions revolving around ethics and morals - and the practice of religion.You will need a bit of a strong stomach to plough through this one, but it's worth it if you can. A warning though - I couldn't eat meat for a fortnight af [...]

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