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The Works of Edgar Allan Poe: Volume One

The Works of Edgar Allan Poe Volume One P F Collier Son published a five volume collection of Poe s work in hardback in This is volume with a frontspiece in color from a painting by Arthur E Becherntains Edgar Allan Poe An Apprecia

  • Title: The Works of Edgar Allan Poe: Volume One
  • Author: Edgar Allan Poe
  • ISBN: 2940012635365
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Nook
  • P F Collier Son published a five volume collection of Poe s work in hardback in 1903 This is volume 1, with a frontspiece in color from a painting by Arthur E Becherntains Edgar Allan Poe, An Appreciation, by W.H.R.Life of Poe, by James Russell LowellDeath of Poe, by N P WillisThe Unparalled Adventures of One Hans PfallThe Gold BugFour Beasts in OneThe MurderP F Collier Son published a five volume collection of Poe s work in hardback in 1903 This is volume 1, with a frontspiece in color from a painting by Arthur E Becherntains Edgar Allan Poe, An Appreciation, by W.H.R.Life of Poe, by James Russell LowellDeath of Poe, by N P WillisThe Unparalled Adventures of One Hans PfallThe Gold BugFour Beasts in OneThe Murders in the Rue Morgue Audio version The Mystery of Marie Rog tThe Balloon HoaxMS Found in a BottleThe Oval Portrait

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    1 thought on “The Works of Edgar Allan Poe: Volume One

    1. Comments on these Volumes overall:I haven't figured out how the editor is organizing Poe's works among the 5 volumes in this series. It seems clear that Poe was prodigious enough to require 5 volumes, but wouldn't they be better presented in chronological order? As it is, it is possible they are grouped by theme, with this volume being the scientifically based stories, but I will have to review the contents of the succeeding volumes to determine the truth of this, and whether it is an effective [...]

    2. I'm used to thinking of Poe as a horror writer, but this anthology isn't like that! It has a few Jules Verne-ish sci-fi/adventure stories and a couple of Sherlock Holmes-ish mysteries, and it isn't until the last couple of very short stories that we saw any of his more well-known horror.I wasn't a fan of the mysteries. I know they're more or less the origin of modern mysteries (these inspired Doyle when he was writing his Holmes stories) but they just didn't interest me at all.Some of the sci-fi [...]

    3. In this first of five volumes we get a brief glimpse of Edgar Allan Poe in a biography at the beginning of the volume, followed by a text concerning his death, The artist Vincent Van Gogh applied paint to canvas as Edgar Allan Poe applied pen to paper, both brilliant in their own right, both a genius in their chosen medium of expression: both misunderstood and unappreciated until after their deaths at very young ages, We will never know what they could have accomplished had they lived to old age [...]

    4. I was first introduced to Poe's work during one of my a-level English works. From the first poem which was 'Annabelle Lee', I have been obsessed with his work. This collection contains all of his works and I can not pick a favorite. Definitely one of my favorite poets ever!

    5. Hmmm. I love Poe's writing - this volume doesn't contain any of his horror stories, but it was very, very good. I enjoyed the mysteries especially.

    6. الجزء الأول من مجموعة بو الكاملةجانب مشوق أن تعرفت عليه من بو، وإن كان، حتماً، بعيداً عن قائمة المفضلة من مجموع كتاباته. تقييمي بدءاً كان نقطتين، ثم زدته نقطة لمقالات التعريف ببو ومماته؛ ثلاث مقالات تناولت الكثير من حياته، لم يكن بو عادياً، ولكنه لم يكن بقوطية المزاج التي تظ [...]

    7. Edgar Allan lived a short life but was a prolific writer, known for his brilliant scary works as well as mysteries and for early science fiction. The stories in this volume are representative of these types. My favorites were The Gold Bug, The Murders in the Rue Morgue and The Oval Portrait. In addition, I also liked The Mystery of Marie Roget, although it isn't as famous as the others. There are two having to do with flights in hot air balloons (pre-Jules Verne, who was influenced by Poe). One, [...]

    8. A time capsuleTo read this collection is to get a sense of how flowery and overwrought language and writing were of the time of Poe. I found myself impatient with the overly long descriptions. However, it is worth reading the Murders in the Rue Morgue as it is the invention of the detective story.

    9. The volume 1 collection includes many of his non ooky spooky stuffs, like a great balloon ride to the moon, and the search for buried treasure with the help of a gold beetle and a skull up in a tree.

    10. This volume was kind of a mixed bag, but the good outweighed the bad. Not being overly familiar with Poe, I was pleasantly surprised at the entertainment quality of the stories I had never even heard of. I am definitely excited for volume 2.

    11. Poe Vol 1As I spent a considerable time delaying finishing this book collection, I can really only comment on the last four stories. The Mystery of Marie Roger is a murder mystery, written from the perspective of someone critiquing the hasty conclusions of a newspaper. Still, the narrator comes off as a bit haughty and moneymaking some assumptions of his own which do not stand the force of time. Speaking of, although I do enjoy a venture into science fiction with Mr. Poe, I can't help but think [...]

    12. This first volume has two stories that show Poe's potential to become master of macabre later in his career, The Oval Portrait and MS. In a Bottle. The set a cool and creepy tone even if they don't deliver the oomph of some of his later work. Also included are the stories The Murders in the Rue Morgue and The Murder of Marie Roget. These are both excellent detective stories, only surpassed by Sherlock Holmes tales. And I think the only reason Holmes is better is because Arthur Conan Doyle had en [...]

    13. these are presumably chronological, so I'm willing to make some allowances, but even so vol 1 has stories of wildly> differing quality. the gold-bug is a real winner, along with murders in the rue morgue. I will cop to skimming some of these. adventures of hans pfaal was more like hans pfffffffffffffffal, even if it is of historical interest as proto-sci fie poe that you remember from HS English class (team cask of amontillado '98) represent pretty spectacular advances in form from baseline p [...]

    14. Contains:- The Unparalleled Adventures of One Hans Pfaal: Unexpected sci-fi, also inadvertently funny- The Gold-Bug: pirate treasure mystery, fun and short- Four Beasts in One - The Homocameleopard: Gotta admit, couldn't finish it. Bleh- Murders in the Rue Morgue - My first Poe mystery, I liked this one a lot, but I've been reading a lot of Sherlock Holmes lately too.- Mystery of Marie Roget - This was good, but then lost me at the end.- The Balloon Hoax: More balloon adventures, along the lines [...]

    15. This is an amazing collection of some of the greatest works of one of my favorite authors. I really love these even though most of the science that he uses in his stories is very outdated. I mean a hot air balloon that can reach the moon? But, even with those errors that have been proven wrong with time you can still find his ability to see what others do not in his stories and prose to be an amazing thing. He follows facts that he shows you right off the moment you meet the characters in his my [...]

    16. I'm reading the story of Pfaall. I had no idea that Poe had written science fiction about a trip to the moon. Amazing.***Finished Pfaall, which turns out to be an amusing story, as well as, according to the Spouse, proto-scifi. Started the Gold Bug, and was pretty much appalled by the slave's dialect. Set outside Charleston, the white characters of course don't have any dialect. Yeesh. But then I put it down for the night and didn't read again for the rest of the weekend. I blame the heat. Even [...]

    17. Here we have some weird tales, some silly fancy and some mystery. Gold Bug is bizarre, but boils down to mystery. The Murders in the Rue Morgue and The Mystery of Marie Rogêt are straight-up mystery, with some of the (sometimes annoyingly) overly-introspective thinking that seems to characterise Poe's work (I mean, the intro to Rue Morgue, with its theories about the mind, &c. could be totally skipped). With The Balloon Hoax and MS. Found in a Bottle we begin to see the delightfully sarcast [...]

    18. These are good stories, but Poe is at his best when he writes his well-known creepy short stories.Although I had already read it (ages ago, though), I particularly liked The Murders in the Rue Morgue: Auguste Dupin is the real father of Sherlock Holmes!The Unparalleled Adventures of One Hans Pfaal - 3/5The Gold-Bug - 3/5Four Beasts in One - The Homo-Cameleopard - 2/5The Murders in the Rue Morgue - 4/5The Mystery of Marie Roget - 3/5The Balloon-Hoax - 2/5Ms. Found in a Bottle - 3/5The Oval Portra [...]

    19. to say that Poe was a genuis is an understatement. although I was not crazy about the stories which delved into details about flight, chess, and other technical matters, they showed the vastness of Poe's mind, and that he is not by any means limited to an incredible talent in the literary arts and story weaving, but also in mattress of science. I thoroughly enjoyed the murder on rue morgue (I should have read it before I read "Borges ans the eternal orangutan"). i am looking forward to reading t [...]

    20. Currently reading a book on Steam Punk that mentions The Balloon Hoax. The first time I read the story, didn't care too much about it, living in a time when humans make regular trips to space and have Curiosity using lasers on Mars. The Steam Punk bit allowed me to view this story in a new light and enjoy Poe even more (huge fan). Apparently, this was not his only successful hoax wherein he used science terms and names of the time to tell seemingly plausible yet false adventure stories.My favori [...]

    21. When I download this for free, I was really excited to delve into some of Poe's lesser known stories. I thought I would discover hidden gems. What I'm discovering is that the stories I was exposed to back in school, and the ones included in carefully curated "best of" compilations are really is valuable work. What in this volume feels like hack writing that hasn't been edited at all. Knowing Edgar, it's also easy to feel that the stories were written under the influence of copious amounts of alc [...]

    22. I admit to having some trouble filtering through the writing style of old language but many stories where worth the struggle. What surprised me was how Poe didn't just write horror which was my perception coming in. Yes, they were so gruesome stories involves decapitation and corpses but also included were works involving hot air balloons, sailing, and even a treasure hunt. I'll follow this up with volume 2.

    23. As an English teacher, I adore teaching "Annabel Lee" and sharing some of Poe's other writings with my students. This book has made me respect Poe even more, and based on "Hand Pfaall" will broaden my recommending to those students who like Jules Verne and sci-fi. Thank you, Alice, for this treasured gift.

    24. It is difficult to rate an anthology of different works, as some are bound to be better than others.Overall, I can say I loved The Gold Bug and liked a couple others. There were too many stories that just bored me extensively, however, even as I tried to love them. I wanted to love this collection. Instead I'm hoping the next will be better.

    25. I actually read Volume 2 of the Project Gutenberg version as an EPUB on my Nook. Some wonderful stories (The Cask of Amontillado; The Purloined Letter; etc), some just very weird to modern eyes (The Island of the Fay; Landor's Cottage).

    26. This one actually was better than Part 2, it had more stories and more of them picked my interest. It was also free.Two months that I read this and I still remember the story about the cat on the wall or the corpse under the living room.

    27. Because this was a group of short stories it was hard to rate this volume. I particularly enjoyed his detective stories, but his science fiction were not quite so interesting. Version: Librivox audiobook of the raven edition.

    28. save yourself the trouble of reading Edgar Allan Poe's long winded stories and substitute that for his magnum opus. The Raven. Not that his other works are bad, per se, just that I don't think Allan ever had as good as a story like The Raven.

    29. Gelezen ter inspiratie voor een verhalenwedstrijd. De meeste verhalen kon ik met moeite uitlezen, al waren ze nog zo kort. De wollige taal stond me tegen, veel uitgebreide omschrijvingen. Verder word je als lezer de dood ook een keertje zat.

    30. Most of this was just okay. "The Murder in the Rue Morgue" is a classic, but a lot of the rest of this collection just didn't cut it for me. The other murder mystery wasn't really even solved, as far as I could tell, so what was the point?

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