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Blitzfreeze The Fuhrer s commands were simple forward to Moscow And so the mighty Panzer regiments thundered into action killing raping burning their way across the great wastes of Russia

  • Title: Blitzfreeze
  • Author: Sven Hassel
  • ISBN: 9780304366873
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Fuhrer s commands were simple forward to Moscow And so the mighty Panzer regiments thundered into action killing, raping, burning their way across the great wastes of Russia.

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    1 thought on “Blitzfreeze

    1. For Germans it was unbelieveable that in Russian army women served as regular soldiers, not just as nurses, secretaries or other auxiliary service. Sven Hassel showed the brutal world of Eastern front in World War II where the weather was enemy or support.

    2. I feel like Hassel is starting to phone these books in. "Blitzfreeze" is deep in the series, and follows the standard formula: lots of Porta and Tiny, lots of colorful mayhem. The Old Man has his moments in this one, but everyone else is fading into the background, even the Legionnaire. The story of the commando raid into Moscow to blow up a tank factory is pretty good. So is the squadron's reaction on seeing the seemingly limitless supplies of tanks and ammunition and food on the Soviet side.I [...]

    3. La terribile e devastante avanzata, quando era la Wehrmacht ancora a compierla. Fino a giungere a mosca, quando ancora i combattenti credevano alla menzogna della propaganda. All'arrivo dell'inverno, è il momento per la 5° compagnia di tentare un sabotaggio che potrebbe cambiare la storia. Invece, non la cambiò affatto. E iniziò la ritirata disastrosa. E' un libro in grande stile Hassel che racconta con compassionata ironia l'incredibile clima del Reich nazista: assurdità al limite del risi [...]

    4. Meriterebbe anche 5 stelle se non ci fosse qualche passaggio un po' troppo confuso. Un grande romanzo di pace e di condanna di tutti i regimi estremisti.

    5. Our usual crowd of vagabond heroes are at it again. The characters of Porta, Tiny, the Legionnaire and, of course, Sven the Danish writer who tells these stories in the first person singular. These soldiers are in Hitler's German army on the Russian front. They are a cannon fodder and a penal battalion of political deviants, murderers and other criminal elements. Sven is a deserter who fled to Denmark, his country of birth. When Germany occupied the country in 1940. He got a knock on the door fo [...]

    6. 11th The Bloody Road to Death chapter by chapter: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. The Cactus Forest: In Greece fighting partisans. Buffalo explains how he's come to be his own grandfather! Fighting through cactus. More stories from Gregor Martin about his general. Discipline for a feldwebel who steals water from the others. Porta gives a long description of methods for cooking snipe and hare. 2. The Fleas Story of Porta's furs (which are flea r [...]

    7. This book is about the events that took place during World War II when the german troops were stopped by the better equipped russian army from reaching Moscow. But it is not the russians themselves that were winning, this was a victory of the harsh russian winter against the german batallions. The story follows a german group of soldiers who is withdrawing, having to endure minus 50 degrees C, hunger and the russian troops that attack them continuously.Poorly equipped, some of them wounded or wi [...]

    8. Darrer llibre de la sèrie que retroba els tòpics i els personatges ja coneguts, en una descripció crua i descarnada - avui en diem gore - de la guerra. Vist en perspectiva, però, Sven Hassel no està gens lluny de Remarque, Jünger i altres narradors excepcionals (aquests, però, de la primera guerra) de la realitat bruta, cruel i deshumanitzada de les guerres; una realitat molt llunyana de la visió romántica que, fins i tot avui, se'ns vol vendre. Sven Hassel és el clàssic autor que és [...]

    9. This was the first Sven Hassel book that I read funnily enough, considering the title, in the heat of a Spanish summer.I loved this book and have re-read it several times now and never grow tired of the biting reality of war, the humour found amongst comrades and the solidarity of the fighting unit.

    10. After many readers are wondering if his novels from serie were fact or fiction, I think enough is known atrocities committed by both sides in the Second World War.

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