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Wiccan Where does evil live Is it in the heart Or in the blood Nearly nineteen year old Mercy Holloway has a gift Long ago murders play out right before her eyes when she passes over a place of death but Me

  • Title: Wiccan
  • Author: M. Leighton, Michelle Leighton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Where does evil live Is it in the heart Or in the blood Nearly nineteen year old Mercy Holloway has a gift Long ago murders play out right before her eyes when she passes over a place of death, but Mercy never thought that her unusual ability would interfere with her having a normal college experience Until today, that is On her way to school, Mercy witnesses anotherWhere does evil live Is it in the heart Or in the blood Nearly nineteen year old Mercy Holloway has a gift Long ago murders play out right before her eyes when she passes over a place of death, but Mercy never thought that her unusual ability would interfere with her having a normal college experience Until today, that is On her way to school, Mercy witnesses another murder only this one s different And Mercy s the only one who can do anything about it Out of time and out of options, Mercy takes what little information she has to the police where she meets Detective Caleb Grayson Grayson doesn t necessarily believe Mercy, he s just better at hiding his feelings than most It s not long, however, before Grayson has no choice but to believe her As the two embark on a mission to solve a murder, Mercy starts having visions Only these contain messages And they re meant for her This powerful, evil killer knows things about Mercy that she didn t even know herself, things she never wanted to find out Body by body, Mercy discovers that her gift is not a gift at all, but a curse And it s one she can t escape It runs in her veins Can Mercy and Grayson catch a killer and capture love Or are they destined to fail both Book 1 WiccanBook 2 Wiccan Born, Coming SoonAbout Michelle I love coffee and chocolate, even so when they are combined I m convinced that one day they could be the basis for world peace I also love the color red and am seriously considering dying my hair.

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      166 M. Leighton, Michelle Leighton
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    1 thought on “Wiccan

    1. Most self-published YA books I’ve read, especially of the Kindle variety, have a tendency to sound unrealistic from the first sentence. It’s refreshing to find an author who knows exactly where they’re going with their prose and doesn’t dither on exaggerating details, going straight to the point.The way Mercy is perceived by the readers is refreshing; so many heroines in young adult novels are depressed or sad, or self-conscious or constantly second-guessing themselves. Sure, Mercy might [...]

    2. WOW!! I think my mind just exploded4.5 STARS and I take half a star back just for the sake of it!!It was long time ago that I enjoyed a story with no S-E-X so much. Hey Mom why does the Prince touch his lips to Princess' lips DISGUSTING!!M.Leighton just proved that you can write a HOT and sexy story without basing it on heavy bedrooms scenes.Because trust me this no FAIRYTALE. It's a mystery and thriller and romance all wrapped up. It kept me on my toes and had me guessing and swooning over Gray [...]

    3. Great read!The plot was very original and the main character wasn't terribly annoying, but the romance aspect did develop a little too suddenly. Sure, it was predictable, but I like it when it's a little more drawn out (they were together before the middle of the story!).Here's the basic plot:Mercy, an adopted child with a mysteriouspast, is prone to psychic visions. When shestarts seeing murders occurring in her town,she tries to help out the incredibly handsomedetective Grayson (who also happe [...]

    4. I was truly amazed at how easy this was to read. I stayed interested through Mercy's story and became enthralled with her ability to have what she thought were visions of death or impending death. Her worst nightmare was that when it was happening, she was actually enjoying it more than she should.Detective Caleb Grayson is lead detective on the case thanks to Mercy's help and they build a relationship. He is more drawn to her than anything else and he can't explain why. As the case progresses M [...]

    5. This was a really interesting book. It was fast paced, and the murders in the book where very descriptive. As far as the murderer went you wont be able to tell who it is right from the beginning like a lot of other books, there aren't really any clues about that until nearly the end which makes the book a lot more interesting. The only problem i had was that i still feel like i don't know all that much about the main character mercy or the leading man Grayson. So it was hard for me to think that [...]

    6. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this book. I only wish there wasn't such a cliffhanger because I need to know what happens now!I really enjoyed the relationship between Mercy and Grayson.

    7. I really liked this quick fast past story by M. Leighton. Fromt he very beginning we had action. Mercy is a young woman that can see prior murdrers/deaths. She normally sees the past death in a area she crosses by or over where it happened. So when she has one of these episodes on the way to class it's nothing new for Mercy. Except wait something is different. The girl she saw murdered in her vision walks into her class. So mercy did not see a past murder but instead saw a future murder.She stru [...]

    8. Wiccan is about a young girl Mercy Holloway who has just graduated high school and is a freshman in college. Mercy has been having vision of people dying when she walks over the spot where they were killed for as long as she can remember. As she is walking to school on her first day as a college student she has one of her visions no big deal right? Wrong, this time there is a big difference because the girl she sees die this time is not dead but very much alive. Mercy sees the girl walk into her [...]

    9. Three stars: I recommend this book with reservations.Things I liked:*I love M. Leighton's beautiul descriptions. She paints vivid pictures for the reader with her words.*The warm relationship Mercy has with her adoptive mom.*The concept of the psychic visions. The main character,Mercy has the ability to see murders that have occured when she walks across the spot of the trauma. Then she begins having visions of murders as they happen. These visions are haunting! *The shocking twist at the end. I [...]

    10. Surprise, surprise!I won't tell you the summary of this story as you can just read it off here on , but I will tell you that the story completely blew me away, and not just the story but the quality of the writing as well. There were a few areas where I thought I knew what were going to happen next (and I was right once) but the way M. Leighton tells the story, the way things are revealed, constantly kept me on my toes. The story is dark; there are some areas that are a bit disturbing but these [...]

    11. "The premise of Wiccan will make your heart stop. Mercy, who from the time she is an eight-years-old, can sense and see murders. Murders that have take.The premise of Wiccan will make your heart stop. Mercy, who from the time she is an eight-years-old, can sense and see murders. Murders that have taken place. Only now, well, she sees them before they happen. Can she stop them? Can she allow herself to fall in love in the process? You will not be able to put this book down. The only serious probl [...]

    12. M. Leighton has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Not only does she have a great talent for story telling and her style of writing is easy to read, but she is humble and enjoys talking to her fans. Wiccan was an enjoyable, fast paced read that kept me on my toes! I hope she is working on a sequel because this left me wanting more!I just wanted to disclose that I won a contest and recieved this kindle ebook for free but would have gotten around to buying it anyway as I was already becomi [...]

    13. Oh, Mercy! I love her because she's definitely not perfect and I want another book! I want to see what happens next because the first book ends with one of my least favorite things-the cliffhanger. I suppose I'm reading too many books that are parts of series but I can't help it. I'm just impatient and want to see how it's resolved now. :) Anyway, it's definitely a bit of twisty book. It's more mystery than I usually read, but I didn't stop reading once I'd started. Happy reading, everyone!

    14. they say don't judge a book by its cover , i would say dont judge a book by its first 10 chapters , i was amazed of how much i liked this book when i finished it , the romance in this book is quite different , but i loved it . the special marking in this book the mystry that was surrounding Mercy's life , n how it was revealed in the end in a way ibet no one expected , again im falling in love with M.Leighton's books

    15. I really liked this book. It makes you think about who you are and what you are capable of doing. Are we born good or evilor are we taught to be one or the other? Is it in our blood and we really don't have a choice or can we rise above it. I can't wait to see what choices Mercy will make and if in the end she can have a happy life and use her ability for good and help people. I am also so happy that this will end with the next book :)

    16. This was completely different than I expected. While there was something paranormal going on throughout the book, there was nothing wiccan oriented that I could see. The wiccan came out in the last few chapters. We were lrft with a great ending and no doubt that there will be a follow-up book. Can't wait!

    17. AMAZING!! Suspenseful, thrilling, passionateI fell in love with the characters! I love how there was paranormal. There was romanceREALLY good romance! And there was murder/mystery! A great combination! I do feel like there should be a sequelbut if not, I'll just have to read Wiccan again! Loved it!

    18. I liked the concept of this book, it had a neat twist, I felt like Mercy was a well developed character, but Grayson was lacking, tho he's still a hot character. Wish he had more depth, the potential for him was there it just wasn't achieved. All in all when the sequel comes out I'd like to read it, see where the story line goes because like I said it was good.

    19. Really, this book is probably a 4.5, but there's no option for that. It's more of a thriller and murder/mystery with a hint of paranormal with the "witchy" stuff, but I loved it! The Reaping is still my favorite, though.

    20. Review Posted on Reading Lark 9/22/11:readinglark/2011/You never know what you are going to get when you try out a self published author. Many of these Indie writers have great ideas, but the writing is often lacking or littered with typos. However, I am all about supporting writers in various forms of publishing and I find witch novels to be intriguing so I figured I would give this one a try. I had never read anything else written by Leighton, but I figured at 99 cents even if I didn't enjoy t [...]

    21. While there are definitely paranormal aspects to this book, at the heart of it is a thriller. There is romance and magic, but it is the mystery that grabbed my attention. The story is dark with more than one disturbing moment that really added to the suspense and anticipation of the mystery. There are a ton of twists and turns that kept me turning the pages from start to finish.The paranormal aspect was more psychic than magic. Mercy is gifted with the ability to "see" murders when she passes ov [...]

    22. Today's review is on Wiccan, A Witchie Young Adult Paranormal Romance by Michelle LeightonWiccan is the first installment in Leighton's Wiccan series and is off to a fantastic start. An exceptional suspense thriller thrown in with love and a paranormal twist. Mercy Holloway is an 18, almost 19 year-old college student with a peculiar "gift". She can see murders that have happened in the past if she walks over the place that they happened. Though this "gift" has been difficult to live with she tr [...]

    23. " we faced each other, like enemies ready to duel, and then I turned and walked out the door without another word or glance in her direction." "He was only inches from me now. I could feel the heat radiating from his body and smell the cinnamon on his breath." "His stra flickered down to my lips then back up to mine and I lost the ability to breathe. That's what was in his eyes. He was hungry. For me." Holy crow what an awesome read!!! I am really looking forward to the next one. Amazing charact [...]

    24. Honestly, my 3 star rating is not indicative of how good of a read this was. I gave it 3 stars since I found it a bit hard to get into the book - it was very much an on and off read for me, but the story was very easy to read. It wasn't bogged down by a bunch of extraneous details. So once you get into the story, it's easy to breeze through.Despite the easy read, there were still a bunch of loose ends toward the ending. Leaving the story feeling incomplete.Mercy was a so-so character for me. I d [...]

    25. This started off slowly and built very nicely to the climatic end leaving the reader eager for the next installment.The main character Mercy is out of high school and in college which is nice for a change as you don't have all the mean girls etc (well OK maybe a little but not so much as other YA novels)This was very good value for the money but I don't think i would have rated it as highly if I'd had to pay paperback price for it.You have the usual grammatical errors you get with kindle novels [...]

    26. Hmmm I don't know what to think about this. This is the only 2nd book of Leighton's book I've read. Although the plot was fairly original Mercy started rubbing me the wrong way. A lot of what bothered me was we were told how Mercy felt not really shown. And I'm not really sure that the overnight stay with Grayson would have remained PG-13, if he was actually 24. The cliffhanger left me wanted to read the next book to find out what happens but I'm not dying to read it. Hopefully the next book wil [...]

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