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City Of Ash

City Of Ash When the great Seattle fire of leaves them with nothing to lose two very different women discover a mutual passion for revenge Chicago socialite and art patron Geneva Langley has brought scanda

  • Title: City Of Ash
  • Author: Megan Chance
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • .When the great Seattle fire of 1889 leaves them with nothing to lose, two very different women discover a mutual passion for revenge Chicago socialite and art patron Geneva Langley has brought scandal to her family for the last time Her latest and boldest act of immodesty is too much for her father to bear, and he banishes her to Seattle, along with her scheming, ambiti.When the great Seattle fire of 1889 leaves them with nothing to lose, two very different women discover a mutual passion for revenge Chicago socialite and art patron Geneva Langley has brought scandal to her family for the last time Her latest and boldest act of immodesty is too much for her father to bear, and he banishes her to Seattle, along with her scheming, ambitious husband, Nathan Seattle is a far cry from Chicago the streets are muddy, the society backward, and Ginny feels stifled and alone Despite her considerable talent, Beatrice Wilkes is an actress whose dream of being a leading lady is fading rapidly She can t believe her luck when a new production gives her a chance at stardom, but Geneva Langley seizes the opportunity for her own and unwittingly crushes Bea s last dream The two women engage in a fierce battle for center stage, but the great Seattle fire, which ravages the city, changes their fates and plans In its aftermath, Ginny and Bea see an opportunity to change their lives but it would mean banding together to enact a truly wicked plan Their dark and perilous alliance will set them on the path to either redemption or damnation.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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    1 thought on “City Of Ash

    1. The heroine, 29, is in a dysfunctional marriage. She comes from wealth and her husband, Nathan, married her for it. He comes up with a plan to get his hands on even more of it. I think her father, not knowing of Nathan’s plan, helps him.Geneva learns of the plan and devises a plan of her own. She asks Nathan’s mistress, Beatrice, to help her and help her she does. Plans change when she can’t get access to money. The new plan is silly and really farfetched, totally unbelievable and I was re [...]

    2. My Kirkus Review:The fates of an ambitious young actress and an exiled society lady intertwine in 1889 Seattle when the Great Fire nearly burns the fledgling city to the ground.Geneva Langley, daughter of a wealthy railroad tycoon, has it all, inviting the greatest artists of the day to her Chicago salons. All, that is, but a happy marriage. She poses nude for a sculptor, calculating that the ensuing scandal will force her husband Nathan to divorce her. Instead, she’s sent to Seattle, where he [...]

    3. What a stunning, beautiful story whose characters came ALIVE like no other author's. The plot was heartbreaking, clever, intricate and almost flawless. The characters were so modern and contrasted sharply with the old-fashioned setting of 1889 Seattle, WA. Their dialogue was pithy and carefully crafted; every single word had a meaning and provided context to their actions. Reading City of Ash was like watching a film in my mind. Very quickly the core plot unfolded and all I could do was read/wat [...]

    4. Megan Chance is quickly becoming my favorite author. Partially because my other favorite author contenders are writing too slowly or not at all, but mostly because she's so damn good. Her books have it all: beautiful prose, vivid and interesting characters, and gripping, often on-the-edge-of-your-seat plots. She's an excellent writer *and* storyteller. Anyone who's read a lot of books in their life should know how rare that is. This book is no exception. I absolutely loved it. I had some minor q [...]

    5. This would be a really great book except for language. The author did her research on the time period and locale but the language is bad. I emailed and asked her why she used that in her book. She said the characters in that time period would have talked that way. I think she could have written it without the crappy language and it would have been a great book. Avoid it if you hate F bombs.

    6. I couldn't finish this book, and maybe I will come back to it at a later time, but it had a strong start & after getting more than halfway through, I felt like it took a nose dive. Maybe I'll come back to it later??

    7. I really enjoy Megan Chance's historical fiction, and this book was no exception. The interaction between the main female characters was great—they were forced together, but absolutely determined not to like each other. The relationship that they created was fascinating and felt very real.

    8. I picked this book up on a whim from the library and I'm so glad! LOVED it! Great characters and writing! The end was particularly good. A GREAT book club pick!

    9. City of Ash tells the story of two women in 1880s Seattle, alternating between the viewpoint of Geneva Langley and Bea Wilkes. Geneva, or Ginny, is a wealthy socialite who flaunts convention by associating with artists, actors and writers. She has a talent for discovering and popularizing artists, launching many careers until she unwisely decides to pose for a nude sculpture in an attempt to force her gold digging husband to leave her. Her plan backfires when her husband, Nathan, offers her the [...]

    10. Outgoing society girl and art patroness Geneva Langley and her husband Nathan are forced to move from Chicago to Seattle because of her scandalous reputation. In Seattle, their lives became entangled with an actress, Beatrice Wilkes, itching to take the leading role at her theatre. Geneva struggles for acceptance in Seattle society, while Beatrice is forced to take on a patron (and basically become a prostitute) to out another backstabbing actress from the lead. And with the Great Seattle Fire o [...]

    11. This is one of my favorite books of all time. I loved it. A Chicago socialite is miserable in her marriage and steps over a line. Her wealthy father banishes her and her husband to the Seattle Territory in 1889. She is very remorseful for her behavior in Chicago and strives to be the kind of wife that will make her husband happy but it is not to be. He has ulterior motives. Enter the theatre crowd of 1880's Seattle. Our socialite is invited to be part of an acting troupe (engineered by hubby) an [...]

    12. Great concept, boring delivery. Ginny is a spoiled heiress who enjoys bringing artists out of obscurity in the late 1800s. When one of her "projects" ends in notoriety, she and her semi-estranged husband Nathan are banished to newly-established Seattle to ride out the scandal. They both become entangled with Bea, a brilliant and unappreciated actress, using her in various schemes."City of Ash" could have been a lot better with 100 fewer pages. The narrative was boring and hard to push through, e [...]

    13. I adore Megan Chance. All of the novels I have read by her are fantastic, and very unique, even compared to one another. This was the first book by Chance that I felt had a small misstep in its plot. Geneva Langley is a social pariah in Boston, so her husband removes her to Seattle, where he takes up with Beatrice, a local actress. Ginny discovers her husband’s plan to have her committed for madness, so she fakes her own death in a great fire and she and Bea join forces to drive him made himse [...]

    14. I picked this book up randomly at the library without really choosing it off anything but the cover. I am a fan of historical fiction and Victorian Era romance/fiction, so it seemed like something I would enjoy. It was intriguing, although it wasn't what I wanted it to be. I had a hard time finding any of the characters likable and the language was surprisingly crass. The story was interesting, but I was disappointed with the shallowness of the characters. Their behaviors were inconsistent witho [...]

    15. This takes place in a time period and setting that I haven't read much of, so I was intrigued. It's a story of women fighting against their roles in a patriarchal society: Ginny, a disgraced Chicago socialite, and Bea, an actress struggling to find fame on the stage. It succeeds in creating a strong female friendship scenario and a fun take on the play-within-a-play trope, but it takes a very long time to get to those elements. The majority of the book is set-up: Ginny and Bea don't actually int [...]

    16. *SPOILER ALERT* This is an excellent, heartbreaking, cleverly and intricately written novel. I would have given it five stars if Megan Chance did not kill off Sebastian. His death ruined the whole thing for me. Why????!!!!!!! These women had to sacrifice everything to be free and successful, but he didn't have to die! Poor Bea! It is just unfair. Other than that, this is a great novel. Chance is an enchantress with her writing. I've read The Spiritualist and hoped City of Ash would be just as go [...]

    17. It was difficult for me to tell the difference between the heroine and the protagonist as both were the same. The problem with novel was both characterization and plotting. The characters were too much like paper doll figures. I could easily figure their motives and they would do next. Equally so with the plot. It was easy for me to guess how this would end. After leafing through the rest of it through sheer boredom, I found I was right. It did end the way I thought.I do not recommend this book. [...]

    18. I ran across this book while browsing our Library's downloadable historical fictions. Seeing that the setting was Seattle during the late 1800's great fire, I thought "Ah ha, this is a book for me!" Sadly, it didn't meet my expectations. I found it to be more of a melodramatic romance. I will have to say, it held my interest and I did stay with it just to discover the ending, however, I would have preferred if the author had spent more time with the historical facts of that period. Was an "OK" r [...]

    19. Though a bit slow at times, and a bit much gratuitous sex, I thought the characters were pretty realistic and the story interesting. There were more twists and turns than I expected. What I liked best was that the characters, and the storyline, actually garnered an emotional response on my part and in my estimation that's what makes a well written book -- if they seem real enough that you can feel involved enough to care, and get emotional one way or another about them and their fictional lives. [...]

    20. Another Megan Chance frolic thru History. I enjoyed this book very much, it was about an actress and a socialite that look-a-like enough to be played by a bad man. (didn't want to let too much out of the bag) Prima Donna was better then this one, but they are both enjoyable. I look foreward to reading of Ms. Chance's works. She is very good about knowing the period and bringing it to life on paper.

    21. It still amazes me as to how women were treated in the 1800's and this book brings that theme home. Geneva, one of the main characters was going to be committed to an institution for frequenting clubs, or salons as they called them then, by her husband. Yet, he was able to have a love affair overtly with society's approval. If anything, this book shows how women have moved forward in society and become independent. Thank goodness for the women's rights movement!

    22. This was a staff recommend at a local bookstore, and I chose it because it was set during the late 1800s when a massive fire burned much of the Seattle waterfront. Expecting to learn more about the fire and how it impacted the city, I instead was immersed in a Victorian melodrama. Mildly entertaining, but not great.

    23. I really enjoyed this one. The way the two main character's lives intertwine was fascinating to read about. I just couldn't wait to see what happened next.I had a little bit of a hard time swallowing the whole make Nathan think he is seeing the ghost of his wife revenge plot. It seemed a little weak to me, but none the less, I found I still couldn't put it down.

    24. I love how the characters in this use very delicate language with each other but the narration repeatedly uses the word "fuck." Especially apt in the bit about a character spreading her legs for apricot plumped sugar treats. Laughed out loud at that one. Feels a bit soapy, but it's not a bad story at all.

    25. This book had some pacing issues, as I felt like the build up lasted way too long, and then the climax of the book was jammed into the last 15%. The setting - Seattle 1889 - was one that I hadn't encountered before, so that was enjoyable, as was the behind the scenes look at theatrical productions. It was a promising premise, but the ending was both predictable and rushed.

    26. I have moderately enjoyed other books by Megan Chance, but this one wasn't cutting it for me. The characters are all too unlikable, and there are all sorts of awful petty things going on beyond people's backs. I read the first 100 pages on a plane flight but once I was home I had more desirable things to read and I feel no draw to finish it.

    27. A tale of scandal, betrayal, and vengeance set against the backdrop of 1889 Seattle. Geneva and her husband are sent to Seattle after rumors of an extra marital affair on her part makes the couple pariahs among high society. Beatrice is an actress who has more than paid her dues on the stage. When the two meet, they are instant enemies, but soon find they have more than a few things in common.

    28. This was a surprisingly enjoyable book. Picked it up on a whim at the library and it was an enthralling story that I couldn't put down. Trashy, romantic, historical fiction. Really liked the development of the relationship between Ginny and Bea.

    29. This was quite an interesting story, of two highly unlikely women coming together for a common cause and life not ending up the way you thought it should be. I read the Inconvenient Wife and see some of the same ideas in this one. But I did enjoy this book.

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