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Captain America: Winter Soldier, Volume 2

Captain America Winter Soldier Volume The questions plaguing Captain America s dreams and memories have been answered in the most brutal way possible And in the wake of this brutality General Lukin makes his first all out assault tearing

  • Title: Captain America: Winter Soldier, Volume 2
  • Author: Ed Brubaker Steve Epting Mike Perkins Michael Lark Frank D'Armata Chris Eliopoulos Randy Gentile Joe Caramagna
  • ISBN: 9780785119210
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • The questions plaguing Captain America s dreams and memories have been answered in the most brutal way possible And in the wake of this brutality, General Lukin makes his first all out assault tearing open old wounds and threatening to make new scars that will never heal Collecting Captain America 8 9, 11 14

    • [PDF] Download ✓ Captain America: Winter Soldier, Volume 2 | by î Ed Brubaker Steve Epting Mike Perkins Michael Lark Frank D'Armata Chris Eliopoulos Randy Gentile Joe Caramagna
      235 Ed Brubaker Steve Epting Mike Perkins Michael Lark Frank D'Armata Chris Eliopoulos Randy Gentile Joe Caramagna
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Download ✓ Captain America: Winter Soldier, Volume 2 | by î Ed Brubaker Steve Epting Mike Perkins Michael Lark Frank D'Armata Chris Eliopoulos Randy Gentile Joe Caramagna
      Posted by:Ed Brubaker Steve Epting Mike Perkins Michael Lark Frank D'Armata Chris Eliopoulos Randy Gentile Joe Caramagna
      Published :2019-03-24T09:50:13+00:00

    1 thought on “Captain America: Winter Soldier, Volume 2

    1. I’m not gonna toss a tantrum or spew geek rage all over this review (though I may stomp my feet once or twice), but seriously, folks, a lukewarm quality Cap graphic novel written by Ed Brubaker is just a teary-eyed disappointment for me.  Eddie is one of the elite comic writers working today (or ever) and Cap has become his signature series. Before Brubaker came along, Cap was a softening, 1950's anachronism with the beginnings of man-boobs. Ed took Cap's aging, saggy bottom and re-forged him [...]

    2. Captain America and SHIELD struggle to stop a string of terror attacks that are part of a larger plan, and the architect of it has a very old grudge as well as a devastating personal card to play against Cap.I noted when reviewing Vol. 1 that the secret of the Winter Soldier has been out there for some time. I’ve written about him in several of my own reviews for Brubaker’s run of Captain America as well as the Winter Soldier’s own book. But the movie comes out next week and for once Holly [...]

    3. I still own the trade paperbacks that came in a Volume 1 and Volume 2. I see that The Winter Soldier has since been published in a single volume (Captain America: Winter Soldier Ultimate Collection) which makes perfect sense. It’s impossible for me to rate the two volumes separately. So, I just wrote a single review, which will be exactly the same for both:Captain America: Winter Soldier, Volume 1Captain America: Winter Soldier, Volume 2This is a prime example of how good the graphic medium ca [...]

    4. A great insight into the creation of Bucky aka the winter soldier and how him and cap met and built a friendship. The way Brubaker manages to portray Bucky as a complete badass even at the age of 16 is excellent. In this volume we also get to see captain America go up against Bucky and it's a good fight! What's also very interesting is the interaction with the cosmic cube. Because the artwork is drawn in such a real world way it's kind of easy to forget that it's cosmic and can do pretty much an [...]

    5. The Winter Soldier story-line really shouldn't have been split up into two volumes, as all of my concerns in my review of the first volume -- not enough Cap, not enough action, not enough resolution -- were addressed in this volume. That being said, Captain America still doesn't even crack my top ten list of favorite superheroes. He is too one-note with the punching and shielding repeated ad nauseam -- it makes me think of the saying that when all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a [...]

    6. The book where Captain America's sidekick, Bucky, is brought back. Hmmm, this is a sort of sacrilege to me. There are some deaths in the Marvel Universe that I feel are sacred. There's Gwen Stacy. Uncle Ben. And Bucky. So, I'm not sure how I feel about Bucky being back. On the one hand, it pisses me off, but there's a twelve year old in me that loves seeing Bucky again. I collect golden age comics, so Bucky's no stranger to me, and an updated version actually works. I suppose that's the thing: t [...]

    7. OMG BUCKY <3Brubaker, you have shown me how amazing you really are with your Captain America run, and I want to thank you for these great stories!

    8. As before an excellent read, one part political thriller, one part war story and one part emotional thriller. I LOVED Winter Soldier the first time I read it and the same still holds true. The art is a great blend of dark, realistic and yet still superhero-ey enough to pull of Falcom and other guest stars. I think this is probbly the best Captain America story ever written. I just wish I owned my own copy.

    9. Volume 2 of this collection (which was actually Ed Brubaker's first work for Marvel! - this collection, not Vol 2) picks right up where the first left off. The Winter Solider has been spotted, and there's a good chance it's none other than a long lost hero from the pastFeaturing Cap alongside Sharon Carter, Nick Fury, Falcon and Iron Man. This shows just how deep loyalty runs, the importance of friendship, and sets up one heck of a run on this seriesStrongly recommended.

    10. In this continuing story of The Winter Soldier, Captain America is very confused. He doesn’t understand why things are happening to him and why he is remembering things differently then he thought they were. His history seems to be rewriting itself.The final battle against the Winter Soldier is a bit anti-climatic though. For a great storyline I think this ended up a bit anti-climatic in several ways. Lukin uses the cube to force companies to become subsidiaries of his company and the fight at [...]

    11. This was a good story, but I think my prior knowledge (and possibly hype) made me enjoy this book a little less than most people seem to. Before reading this, I had heard so much about the story and its plot, and had seen the film that spun out of the original comic book. Because of that, there wasn't much surprise. It felt like a pretty straight forward reading experience to me. This may be because of all of the emotional turmoil he was going through, but another problem I had with this book wa [...]

    12. Eh. Based on the first story arc (2004), Ed Brubaker is not the cure for my Grant Morrison fanboyism.The story struck me as unnecessarily drawn out, though there was a twist at the very end that I liked. (view spoiler)[ Captain America has the Cosmic Cube and uses it to cure zombie assassin Bucky, who then crushes the cube with his android arm. (hide spoiler)]The art is super slick, like frames from a movie, and yet, not an excellent movie, maybe not even a good tv show.

    13. A great intro into comicsDefinitely different than the movie of the same name but fun and exciting none the less. If you like Steve Rogers, Sharon Carter, and Nick Fury this is for you. If you've never read a comic book before, this adventure is a great place to dip your toes in the pond.

    14. Remember when it seemed like the new version of 616 Bucky was going to be interesting?That didn't last long.This is worth reading for the tragedy of the Winter Soldier and the expert way it is told. Brubaker is firing on all cylinders here, and it makes for emotional, compelling reading. It's just a shame that the series and the character never lived up to the promise of these issues.

    15. I'm a bit biased going into this one the Winter Soldier is one of my favourite Marvel characters. Admittedly I would have liked to see a bit more of him in the story, but that which I saw I enjoyed immensely. Overall this was a well-done graphic novel and I loved reading it.

    16. Retomo mi andadura con los cómics de MARVEL con estos dos volúmenes del Capitán América. Me han encantado ambos, aunque el Soldado de Invierno ha estado ligeramente por arriba.

    17. And of course, the Winter Soldier isStan Sebastian!!A good follow-up to a good start. Cap resumes his search, Nick get's unlistened to, and Agent 13 loses an ex-boyfriend.The Red Skull is unkillable!

    18. Para continuar lendo, acesse o Espanador: espanadores/20Dentro dessas descobertas, cheguei a uma conclusão que eu jamais acreditei que fosse possível: descobri que o Capitão América é um dos personagens mais fodas dos quadrinhos (pensando no universo dos super heróis).Ainda me surpreende ao escrever isso, mas eu li algumas histórias que me desarmaram. Sempre pensei no Capitão América como o soldado ideal, bandeira dos EUA, o bom moço mas com aquela arrogância (que imaginamos com as pe [...]

    19. My copy of this is actually volume 1 & 2 together, doesn't seem to have the 'Winter Soldier Dossier Edition' I have. So, on with the review. I am one of those people who saw the movies first then read the comics. I love the movies, I think how they've handled both Cap and Bucky has been phenomenal, and their take on Winter Soldier was awesome. But this isn't a movie review.This is a comic review. And honestly? I liked it. It's not the Cap and Bucky I fell in love with (and I was prepared fo [...]

    20. What would you think if I told you you that Marvel decided to bring back Bucky, Captain America's WWII sidekick? Pretty stupid idea, right? But this is Ed Brubaker were talking about so Yeah. Damn good job if you ask me.He manages to write a pretty adult story in spite of being limited to the PG level of a monthly trade paperback. Brubaker manages to write something that is going a feel new to both veteran and just-arrived readers alike. He ties some pretty old lose knots and makes some more of [...]

    21. A Captain America story involving a Russian assassin known as Winter Soldier. Trying hard here not to give away spoilers.In a lot of ways this story is a trip down memory lane for both Captain America and his fans with many references to his origin and his activities in the second world war. There are also appearances here of many of Cap's more recent associates ranging from Iron Man through to the Falcon and Sharon Carter of SHIELD.In the end, I thought the character interaction overrode the pl [...]

    22. Naturally, I didn't realize that I picked up Vol. 2 until it was too late, but I honestly don't see what I could have missed in Vol. 1. Winter Soldier Vol. 2 feels pretty self contained, with the obvious set up for future adventures of Captain America. Without spoiling anything that isn't already common knowledge, Winter Soldier sees Captain America confront a face from his past, his former side-kick and best friend Bucky. This volume builds fairly slow and spends a lot more time filling in Wint [...]

    23. "Aprovechando que estaba tan demencialmente barato, decidí darle una chance a esta tan aclamada etapa de Brubaker con el Banderín Yanqui. Cuando lo lea veré si era para tanto." dije entonces. Y la verdad que de haberlo pagado muy caro quizás no me habría convencido, pero a este precio, sigo contento, digo ahora. No es ni el mejor guion que le leí a Brubaker ni los mejores dibujos que le vi a Epting. Creo que ni siquiera es la mejor historieta que leí del ambivalente Capitán América. Per [...]

    24. The company in charge of Marvel's publications in my country is slowly releasing some titles and that's the reason I could finally buy this amazing story after so many years of it being one of my favourites.And it's nice, being able to read it after so many years and realize that after all I've learned in University and after all I've changed, I can still love and enjoy this story the same way I did.That's why you re-read books, I believe, to find your past self within those pages all over again [...]

    25. One of the things that struck me in this volume of Captain America is how great a job Brubaker is doing with long-form storytelling. There are secrets shared with the reader in each issue and there are always things that take many issues to fully reveal themselves too. If you also enjoy this type of stuff in your graphic novels, then Winter Soldier should be another enjoyable story arc. This volume focuses on Bucky and Lukin. I don't have any attachment to Bucky, but I can imagine many fans have [...]

    26. This collection deserved the name a bit more than the previous one, since it features rather a bit more of the story behind the Winter Soldier, and sets the character up with a place in the universe. I started the story prior to the movie, but didn't finish it until after, and found it interesting which bits were included. Otherwise, the story is good, and an interesting idea when viewed historically. I have never been a huge fan of Captain America comics, overall, but this is good, and catches [...]

    27. Second half of this fantastic story of Captain America dealing with a part of his past he'd hoped he had moved fast. There's a lot more action in this half than in the initial half, and a lot more character development.Honestly, when I read this the first time through, the reveal of who Winter Soldier was totally floored me - as was the reveal of what, exactly, Bucky had been to the group's WW II efforts. As I said in my review of the first book, this was my introduction to Captain America as mo [...]

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