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To Kingdom Come

To Kingdom Come When a bomb destroys the recently formed Special Irish Branch of Scotland Yard all fingers point to the increasingly brazen factions of Irish dissidents seeking liberation from English rule Volunteer

  • Title: To Kingdom Come
  • Author: Will Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780743256223
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a bomb destroys the recently formed Special Irish Branch of Scotland Yard, all fingers point to the increasingly brazen factions of Irish dissidents seeking liberation from English rule Volunteering their services to the British government, Barker and Llewelyn set out to infiltrate a secret cell of the Irish Republican Brotherhood known as the Invisibles Posing as aWhen a bomb destroys the recently formed Special Irish Branch of Scotland Yard, all fingers point to the increasingly brazen factions of Irish dissidents seeking liberation from English rule Volunteering their services to the British government, Barker and Llewelyn set out to infiltrate a secret cell of the Irish Republican Brotherhood known as the Invisibles Posing as a reclusive German bomb maker and his anarchist apprentice, they are recruited for the group s ultimate plan to bring London to its knees and end the monarchy forever.Their adventures take them from a lighthouse on the craggy coast of Wales to a Liverpool infested with radicals, and even to the City of Light, where Llewelyn goes undercover with Maire O Casey, the alluring sister of an Irish radical Llewelyn again finds himself put to the test by his enigmatic employer, studying the art of self defense and the brutal sport of hurling and, most dangerous of all, being schooled in the deadly science of bomb making.

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    1 thought on “To Kingdom Come

    1. Another excellent book in the Barker & Llewelyn series.This time there is a terrorist attack on Scotland Yard. Cyrus and Thomas go undercover for the Home Office to infiltrate and destroy a band of rabid Irish.Set at a time when London was being targeted by the Irish, indeed, the attacks by Irish homerulists resulted in the setting up of the Special Irish Branch, which later simply became Special Branch, "To Kingdom Come" is a thought provoking read in many ways. Especially now when the worl [...]

    2. 2.5 stars, rounded upThis series has the potential to be everything that I love in a light-read: it's a mystery novel, it's historical and the setting and characters are believable Victorians, it's well written, and it doesn't skirt around "politics" as most mystery novels do: it tackles the actual issues of the times without apology (first novel: discrimination against Jews in Europe in 19th century; second novel: Irish fight for independence, terrorist methods of the IRA and related factions). [...]

    3. When charged with infiltrating the Irish our intrepid heroes are tested in ways they never fought possible. This old fashioned detective/ historical/ mystery/ has all the puzzle pieces and then some, to keep the reader fascinated and yet confused till the very end.

    4. To Kingdom Come by Thomas is the second installment in the Barker & Llewelyn myseteries. A quiet morning in the harder is suddenly interrupted by an explosion. Barker and Thomas follow the smoke to the Scotland Yard office near their own. Believed to be the work of an unknown radical Irish faction, Barker is hired to impersonate a German bomb maker to infiltrate and stop the group. Another intriguing mystery. 4 stars

    5. I really enjoyed the first book in this series, but this second book fell a little flat for me and I didn't finish it.First off, I guess I'm just not that interested in the Irish terrorist activity of the 1800s in trying to gain Irish independence from England, which is mainly what this story was focused on. Bomb-making isn't an interest of mine so I wasn't engaged with the story this time around.I also felt like much of the interplay between Barker and Llewelyn was less of a focus in this book, [...]

    6. To Kingdom Come is the second book in Will Thomas's Barker and Llewellyn historical mystery series set in Victorian England. Thomas Llewellyn has been in the employ of enquiry agent Cyrus Barker for a mere two and a half months--only one month has passed since the events in their debut novel, Some Danger Involved, and already the stakes have gone up dramatically.Two bombs have gone off in London--destroying a portion of Scotland Yard and the Junior Carlton Club. Members of the Irish Republic Bro [...]

    7. TO KINGDOM COME (Private Investigators-Europe-1884) – VGThomas, Will – 2nd in seriesA Touchstone Book, 2005- HardcoverThe Irish Republican Brotherhood has blown up part of Scotland Yard and the blast does damage to the offices of Investigator Cyrus Barker and his young Welsh assistant, Thomas Llewelyn. Barker volunteers their services to the British government, and they infiltrate a branch of the IRB whose aim is to blow up the main sites in London and the citizens around them. *** A very in [...]

    8. This is the 'difficult' second novel. I didn't find this as enthralling as the debut, Some Danger Involved. Is it because of my little knowledge and interest in the history of the Irish struggle for independence? Or is it because of the big, whopping clue midway through the book that practically shouted to the reader who the brains of the operation (and therefore, the murderer) was? A bit of both. A bit more on the latter, perhaps. I don't expect a brain teaser in my mystery novels but I don't l [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book but I figured out the culprit early on so I don't know if that means it was cliche or I was just more observant because I read it over a shorter period of time. The Irish/English conflict was something I was a bit more familiar with so it wasn't quite as interesting as the cultures explored in his other books. There were definitely some great action scenes and character development for Llewelyn and Barker.

    10. I wasn't really interested in this story. There was something pretty boring about it. I can't pinpoint what it is exactly. Perhaps the overall story is shaping up to be pretty episodic with each book installment in the series as the two detectives tackle X while Thomas falls for a girl. I kind of expect that in a series but I want some hook to make it stand out from the rest. I still don't care about the mysterious woman Barker sees from time to time. I know the author is building up this myster [...]

    11. This one starts out with Llewelyn in a bit of a sticky situation of sorts as he is in a lot of danger and thinks he might not make it out of this one. Then he starts to tell the story of how he ended up like that and we learn that a bomb blows up a recently formed Special Irish Branch of Scotland Yard. So Barker and Llewelyn are recruited to go and try and infiltrate the group that calls themselves the Invisibles. Posing as a reclusive German bomb maker and his anarchist apprentice, Barker and [...]

    12. So far I'm really enjoying this book, a great mystery novel about the bombing of Scotland yard by the Irish Republican Brotherhood in the late 19th century. It's a very enjoyable story with some great information about bomb making and the vagaries of old dynamite: a little bit of science thrown in with the intrigue. The dialogue between Barker and Llewelyn is reminiscent of the repartee between Holmes and Watson, quite amusing and perfect for the setting and the teacher/apprentice relationship b [...]

    13. I am truly in love with Cyrus Barker and Thomas Llewelyn. Their courage, their individual humor and their broad viewpoints have convinced me to continue with the series rather than take a break as I originally planned. Now, about To Kingdom Come the only reason I gave it a four star rating versus a five star is because of my aversion to anything terrorists and my too often disgust with the Irish, AND, the mystery did not elude me. But, the book is well plotted, well paced and an educational read [...]

    14. I found myself eager to read this sequel after finishing Some Danger Involved. I was kind of surprised that I went straight to my Audible credit and bought it.It was too short, but well written and interesting. I like it that the author takes the time after the mystery is 'solved' to rehash the case and explain any details. There were some things that I thought were fairly obvious, but other aspects that were surprising. I am reminded of the Charles Lenox series, though I think these take place [...]

    15. Barker and Llewelyn infiltrate the Irish republican factions after a bomb damages their offices and Scotland Yard, meeting Parnell, Yeats and other figures along the way. Thomas learns bomb-making, falls in love with a lovely Irish girl. Barker mentions that he is a Baptist and they get home in time to go to church and hear Charles Hadden Spurgeon.

    16. This is a good series for Sherlock Holmes fans. It's set in the middle 1880's. The Irish want Home Rule and aren't afraid of blowing London up with bombs to help get their way. Scotland Yard is in shambles and Inquiry Agent Barker and his intrepid helper Llewelyn are on the case. The characters keep evolving, the settings are great and the plots are intriguing. Give this series a try.

    17. I enjoyed this period detective/spy novel. There is clearly some value into starting the series at the first book (which I did not) but it wasnt hard to get a beat on the overall world and characters inside of it. I do like the narrative differences when compared to other period detective pieces (i.e. Sherlock). Certainly worth a read if you are into detective novels.

    18. This is a series I am going to keep up with - I like the characters and want to know more about them. I appreciate understanding bits and pieces of history at the turn of the 20th century. I'm always surprised by the human tendency "to take over and make better" rather than joining by the side and understanding.

    19. Very good Victorian era detective series so farw reading book threeenty of witty dialogue, interesting plots and intense action, with a little Thomas Llewelyn romance thrown in to each book. The first three books are definitely page turners.I have already ordered the next three books in the series from buying them used at great prices

    20. Absolutely loved this series. The characters are compelling and the action is riveting and interesting. Looking forward to reading more in the series which I recently rediscovered has continued. Yay for me! Yay for us all.

    21. While I don't enjoy the topic of Irish vs English much, this was an action packed adventure.There is still some danger involved in this second of the series.I borrowed a copy from the public library and have scheduled this series for my mystery reading groups March discussion.

    22. Kingdom Come is a Blast of a Good Read! (Pun Intended)This second book in the series is fabulous. Intrigue, spy work, love, betrayal, dramatic tension, humor; all told with exquisite description and detail.

    23. Enjoyable readingThis second book was even more fun to read than the previous one in the series. The author continues to develop his characters. I enjoyed the humorous bits about Harm, Barker's Pekingese temple dog. The reveal at the end was a good surprise.

    24. Barker and his assistant Thomas are off to infiltrate a faction of Irish bombers to stop them from blowing up London. I enjoyed this book. I like the style it is written in and both Barker and Thomas are interesting characters.

    25. To Kingdom Come wasn't personally as interesting as the first book in Barker and Llewelyn series. Still I enjoyed Barker and Llewelyn work. Ending was logical. There wasn't a mystery in who was the mastermind behind the group of bombing terrorist. Only the young Llewelyn couldn't accept the truth.

    26. this is the second book in this series. I really enjoyed it. I liked the first person account of the assistant. It isplaced in late 1800s and I really enjoyed the descriptions ofLondon and the history of the times.The inquiry agents solved another case will definitely read the next one

    27. 3.75 starsVery capably drawn historical mystery, with interesting and unusual characters and a compelling plot.

    28. victorian era inquiry agent and his assistant infiltrate and irish terrorist group intent upon bombing London

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