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Summer Moon

Summer Moon RANCHER SEEKING WIFE For Kate Whittington the modest words of a newspaper ad are the answer to her desperate prayers Daughter of a dockside harlot and raised in a bleak orphanage she has no prospect

  • Title: Summer Moon
  • Author: Jill Marie Landis
  • ISBN: 9780345478887
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • RANCHER SEEKING WIFE For Kate Whittington, the modest words of a newspaper ad are the answer to her desperate prayers Daughter of a dockside harlot and raised in a bleak orphanage, she has no prospects in the unforgiving Maine village of her birth Correspondence from the lonely Texas widower looking for a mail order bride sparks tempting dreams of a house, a family, andRANCHER SEEKING WIFE For Kate Whittington, the modest words of a newspaper ad are the answer to her desperate prayers Daughter of a dockside harlot and raised in a bleak orphanage, she has no prospects in the unforgiving Maine village of her birth Correspondence from the lonely Texas widower looking for a mail order bride sparks tempting dreams of a house, a family, and a future in a land filled with possibilities.Kate arrives at the magnificent Lone Star Ranch eager to meet her new husband Instead she is greeted by the news that Reed Benton has been wounded during a raid on a Comanche village and has returned with a prisoner a wild looking young boy who may be his long lost son Even shattering, however, is the fact that Reed has never heard of Kate, never wrote the searing letters that charmed her heart.Reed Benton doesn t want a wife But he does need someone to look after the boy a bitter reminder of a past ravaged by lies and betrayal It will take a miracle to heal these two damaged souls or the faith of one woman with nothing left to lose but her heart.Summer Moon is a deeply moving story of broken promises and new beginnings, crafted by a true master of romantic fiction.

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      497 Jill Marie Landis
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    1 thought on “Summer Moon

    1. I like the premise, but not the execution here, mainly because the H is a bit hard to stomach. When you cannot even like the H much, there is a huge gap where you have to suspend your disbelief and can really make a love story credible.The H is not really a bad or cruel man, per se, just pretty detached and cold. Which again isn't a problem as a lot of H's are like that, problem for me is it just takes him way too long to get out of the shell, even to the last scene, making him seem pretty indif [...]

    2. If all romances treated the common themes this well then I wouldn't have so many romances unfinished on my shelf. All the tropes that are normally done badly or just thrown in, are fleshed out beautifully here. The emotionally damaged man is believable, as is his less than sudden recovery. The mail order bride who wants a family - of course she does, and I too would travel across the country if I was her. The chemistry was great, and her emotional reaction to sleeping with her husband and then h [...]

    3. I think this is Jill Marie Landis' best book to date. It is so nice to see an author who gets away from the 'formula' type romances with their ridiculous unbelievable villains. Jill Marie Landis is always original.

    4. Great read for the beach. It has a good plot line, well developed charcters, some romance, some suspence, and drama. Truly an exceptional author.

    5. THis was a very enjoyable book when I read it but unfortunately, not memorable a year or two later.

    6. The Pages Flew By!!This is the first historical romance novel that I’ve read in years as I’ve been concentrating more on contemporary women’s fiction, but this story is quite different but it captured me and I enjoyed the author’s formal use of language to set the tone in this charming tale set during the Indian American war. I found myself thinking of the characters after I turned the last page and that’s always a sign of excellent writing and a great story.Kate Whittington spent her [...]

    7. "Fast Pony, adopted son of Many Horses"I love romances about mail-order brides and Kate in "Summer Moon" is one of my favorite characters in this sub-genre of novel. I read this tale when it first came out and just re-read it again.As it travels from Maine down to Texas, this book has it all - tears, laughter, romance, spiciness. The characters touched my heart and made me wish I knew (almost) all of them.Kate, the heroine, is strong and brave and compassionate. All she wants is someone to love [...]

    8. Not that I'm complaining, but I've been reading a lot of good books lately! I really like this one because as I have written so many times in my reviews of previous work, I think it's important that a novel have a mix between plot, heart, and humor. This might be a little bit lacking on the humor and but it sure is abundant in the other two. Without giving too much away I can say that I was very pleased with Reed and Kate's relationship development. There are many times where it might have been [...]

    9. This book was incredibly frustrating. There was zero chemistry between the heroine and her "supposed" hero. The hero was not nice - and I don't mean the damaged aloofness that some really good alpha heroes can be prone to suffer from - I mean this hero was kind of creepy and mean, and I could not for the life of me figure out why the heroine 'loved' him. I really got the feeling that she was making a rash decision based more on head-in-the-clouds naivety, actually, and also a bit of good old stu [...]

    10. I felt that this was a very, very well written love story. It had a very interesting story line that kept me interested the whole way thru. Another reviewer gave it only 2-stars for being 'too porny'. I was going to say the opposite. Steam level on this book is not high at all, it focuses more on the falling in love, family dynamics, learning to get over past heartbreaks. but definitely no descriptive Tessa Dare'esque steamy scenes.

    11. This book reminded me of getting custody of my step-daughter, she was much like Daniel, a wild child it took three long years to change that. But anyway, this book is about a young woman who answers a mail order bride ad an soon finds out that things werent going to turn out as expected! The ending will just plain old make you feel good!

    12. Very interesting historical story about a woman who travels across the country thinking she married the guy shes been corresponding with only to find out he has no knowledge of her. She ends up taking care of his son who was kidnapped by the comanche when he was a toddler and now does not believe he is white and wants nothing to do with them.

    13. An entertaining story of romance on the plains of Texas before the Indians are completely moved away by the government. It is hard to think that the Indians were dealt with in such inhuman ways, but it is cause for soul searching and wonder. Another story about the strength of a woman and how she could manage to get through the hardships and work things out in the end. A lesson in perseverance.

    14. This was a very good book, I couldn't put it down. I read 404 pages in just over 24 hours! This book started out similar to a Lavyrle Spencer book but was quickly different. I love period books and all of the native american terms and language in it. It sucked you right in and kept you there until the end.

    15. This is the story of Kate Whittington who comes from Maine to Texas as a mail order bride for Reed Benton. It is a western that has it all - a mail order bride, Indian captives, hookers with hearts of gold and three lost souls becoming a family. Good read. I had seen books by this author but never picked one up before. I will definitely read more now.

    16. I liked this book. Although her writing style is not highly polished, the storyline is intriguing and the characters are vivid. It was romantic but not sickeningly so.

    17. A girl goes west in 1870 to marry a man she has not met. A good book. I read all of Jill Marie Landis books one summer. I found them to be good summer reads. Very simple, easy books.

    18. A great story about a Cowboy taking a northern bred woman as wife back to his home. I would recommend this book.

    19. This started out with a bang but weakened along the way. I had to fast forward through the romantic sceneso explicit for me.

    20. 3.5 stars .I like the theme mail order/arranged marriage . this was a good book. but felt it lagged little bit in romance .

    21. I enjoyed reading this book a few months ago. Set in the 1800's, it has likable characters and provided a good read.

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