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Mon intime conviction

Mon intime conviction Comment analyser les d fis et les difficult s li s la nouvelle visibilit des citoyens occidentaux de confession musulmane Comment appr hender lorsqu elles ne sont pas p rim es les d licates notions

  • Title: Mon intime conviction
  • Author: Tariq Ramadan
  • ISBN: 9782352871842
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Comment analyser les d fis et les difficult s li s la nouvelle visibilit des citoyens occidentaux de confession musulmane Comment appr hender, lorsqu elles ne sont pas p rim es, les d licates notions de racines, d identit , d int gration, d immigration et de s curit Comment penser pos ment le fait musulman sans agiter ces outils de politique motionnelle quComment analyser les d fis et les difficult s li s la nouvelle visibilit des citoyens occidentaux de confession musulmane Comment appr hender, lorsqu elles ne sont pas p rim es, les d licates notions de racines, d identit , d int gration, d immigration et de s curit Comment penser pos ment le fait musulman sans agiter ces outils de politique motionnelle que sont aujourd hui le foulard, le niqab ou la burqa Telles sont les questions auxquelles Tariq Ramadan, fort d un engagement de plus de vingt ans contre le clash des perceptions , apporte ici des r ponses franches, accessibles et d passionn es D passant les pr jug s et l incompr hension, il appelle en particulier les musulmans d Occident rejeter les r flexes minoritaires et la tentation victimaire, afin d tre des citoyens engag s connaissant leurs responsabilit s et leurs droits charge, pour les non musulmans, de les reconna tre comme voisins et citoyens part enti re, afin d laborer une vision commune de l avenir et de favoriser l av nement d un vrai pluralisme chapper aux ghettos mentaux, sociaux, culturels et religieux pour acc der une nouvelle re de l islam occidental telle est l intime conviction de Tariq Ramadan, et la chance qu il invite chacun saisir, sans distinction de culture ou de foi.

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      446 Tariq Ramadan
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    1 thought on “Mon intime conviction

    1. I have been searching all over the place for this book and when I finally saw it in Kino's KL last weekend, I grabbed it and I went straight home. I finished reading it it one sitting. Time well spent.If you are even remotely interested about Tariq Ramadan and his views but you're not sure where to start, this is THE book to read. This is basically his manifesto. His beliefs, his stand on the issues that he champions and his core opinions, compressed in a very easily understood volume. He wrote [...]

    2. So, I was feeling kind of lazy. You know that feeling when there's just so much you feel like you should be doing, you freeze up and don't do anything at all for a bit? Yeah, that was me earlier this week. Not even reading was working for me- I seriously resorted to watching back episodes of Gilmore Girls and smirking at Top Chef, people. It was getting dire. Then I remembered I had this little tiny book by Tariq Ramadan to read- entitled, blessedly simply, What I Believe, and that it was due to [...]

    3. A controversial intellect as they used to call him, accused of double-speak , but most of all the New "Martin Luther" of Islam! That's what I have been hearing & reading about "Tariq Ramadan" and with a limited knowledge about him personally as the grandson of Hassan el Banna (Muslim Brotherhoods founder). As I didn't read anything by Ramadan except his adorable book "The Messenger", which was a narration to the life of Prophet Muhammed "pbuh", I wanted to discover this writer this time on h [...]

    4. يلخص طارق رمضان هنا خلاصة أفكاره، والتي اثار بعضها نقاشاً طويلاً في دوائر مختلفة.طارق هو مفكر اسلامي اوروبي، وشخصية مثيرة جداً للاهتمام. هو حفيد الإمام حسن البنا.القضية الرئيسية لطارق، والتي شغلت معضم الكتاب، هي عن امكانية - بل ضرورة تناغم المواطنين المسلمين في الدول الغربي [...]

    5. This book is short, easily approachable and very well organized in small chapters. It is so informative, thought-provoking and enlightening and I greatly recommend it, whether you're Muslim or not. Tariq Ramadan is one of the most brilliant Muslim scholars today, in my opinion, especially since he allows you room to think for yourself, instead of dictating your beliefs

    6. Mon intime conviction est un ouvrage de clarification,il s'agit des idées fondamentales qui parlent de Tariq Ramadan à la première personne, de son parcours, ses expériences, sa confrontation à la mort par une overdose d'un de ses élèves qui s'appelle Thierry Je cite quelques extraits : « Aux musulmans je répète que l'islam est une grande et noble religion, mais que tous les musul­mans, ou les sociétés majoritairement musulmanes, ne furent et ne sont pas – de loin – à la haute [...]

    7. أحسن بداية مع كتب طارق رمضان هي البداية بقراءة كتاب Mon intime conviction. (أو بالإنجليزية : What I believe)كتاب صغير الحجم وفيه ملخص فكر طارق رمضان ألفه خصيصا لغير المتخصص أو من لا يكاد يجد وقتا للتعمق أو البحث لإيجاد المعلومة الشافية نظرا للعدد الكبير من الأقوال والأقوال المضادة المثارة حو [...]

    8. Once in the “Le Matin”, on its cover, it was written: “does he threaten democracy? ” [menace t’il la democracie?]; and on the swiss TV program Infrarouge, a headline: "Not understood or dangerous?" [incompris ou dangereux?]In a debate with journalist Lionel Favrot, he had the chance to listen to these accusations: of being an “Islamite”, a “dangerous impostor”, having a “double face” , being an “Islamic priest”, of mixing “politics and religion”. Ramadan was questio [...]

    9. I've been listening to Tariq Ramadan's lectures and speaks for a while now, and this book was a must read in order for me to take the next step in understanding his ideas and new ways of thinking in reforming Islam.Although this book was written in order to give his critiques the chance to read his true ideas nad thoughts instead of following the stream that calls him a "controversial intellect", to clarify his main ideas and thoughts regarding Muslims in the west, I found in it a good start for [...]

    10. As a reader it feels different when you meet an author and then read him, fortunately I had the chance to meet Tariq Ramadan last year at the MAS-ICNA convention held in Chicago, if not previously I only listened to him, I didnt read him well except for some online articles. His meeting and attending to his lectures gave a different impression to encounter him when reading, he is too critical which I live about him.What I Believe, is a book if his thoughts and encounters in past, it gives the re [...]

    11. This book is quite challenging, I admit I'm having a hard time reading it.Many people questioned his thoughts; he was banned from speaking in the US, and now he's banned by other 6 countries.I had no idea who the guy was till I saw him on stage last week. Shame on me.Anyway as he wrote in his introduction, it is better to read his book and know about his thoughts rather than googling what other people wrote about him. Fair enough!NOT COMPLETED

    12. I must admit that I have not read any of Tariq Ramadan’s works other than perhaps a brief essay or two. I have heard a couple of his interviews on Democracy Now, and liked his perspective, but did not find it necessarily compelling enough that I would want to take the time to read a book of his in its entirety. This book was on sale at Borders—I picked it up feeling that I had neglected to read the work of an important contemporary Muslim intellectual and that I needed to gain some knowledge [...]

    13. "Mon intime conviction" est ma première lecture pour Tariq Ramadan, dans ce livre l'auteur retrace un peu son parcours tout en essayant de répondre à des questions très complexes en relation avec les citoyens de confession musulmane. Dans une langue très claire et simple l'intellectuel controversé développe ses idées et partage sa pensée avec le lecteur en 17 Chapitre ou il s'adresse tantôt aux citoyens occidentaux de toutes les confessions, tantôt aux citoyens occidentaux musulmans ! [...]

    14. In this book, Tariq Ramadan attempts to summarize his ideas about religious, political and social trends that affect the life and status of Muslims in the West, in particular in Europe. Very briefly, Ramadan deconstructs some of the theories and preconceptions that both Muslim immigrants and Western societies hold towards each other.The book puts a lot of dense ideas into a few short chapters and allows the reader to get a glimpse into the mind of an intellectual who has defied the stereotype ti [...]

    15. in a nutshell: "Discourse between two universes of revefence, "civilizations" and cultures, shot through with doubts, crises, inconstencies and power plays, must expect to come under double critical fire. At least for a while history shows that time levels things out and normalizes what our current fears and tensions cannont conceive,"Leading Islamic thinker prevented from entering the U.S. by the Bush administration. Ruthless investigator interrogrates how politics and religion come to bear on [...]

    16. Je n'ai pas pu terminer le livre que j'ai lu ca fait maintenant un an, mais j'ai trop apprécié le style de l'écrivain et sa façon de présenter ses idées et se présenter lui même, étant incapable de suivre les émissions de Tariq Ramadan j'ai pu trouver dans ce livre beaucoup de réponses don j'avais besoin.Je peux dire aussi que Ramadan a réussi à se dévoiler de la manière la plus simple possible.

    17. EXCELLENT !!!Un de mes philosophe préféré. Ce livre je pourrais en parler pendant des heures donc je vais pas trop m'emballer mais il faut absolument lire ce livre si vous voulez connaitre la/les pensée(s) de T. Ramadan. Je trouve qu'il est cohérent avec ce qu'il dit depuis 25 ans et le style d'écriture est très accessible ce qui est souvent rare chez les philosophes qui se prennent pour la Reine d'Angleterre.

    18. le premier livre de tareq ramadan que j'ai lu et par là j'ai pu découvrir ce penseur qui lutte pour défendre les musulmans et l'islam et surtout pour changer la fausse image que l'occident a de l'islam. dans son livre, 'auteur raconte son voyage en Caire pour s’approfondir dans l'étude des sciences de la religion chose qui va l'aider dans l défense de sa cause.

    19. I'm not impressed. Rasanya terlalu mendatar. Mengambil kira buku ini hanya sebagai ringkasan kepada 'what he believes and what he stand for', mungkin aku perlu membaca buku2 beliau yang lain sebelum boleh membuat penilaian yang lebih baik terhadap Tariq Ramadan dan ideanya.

    20. « Il est anti-islamique d'imposer le foulard à une femme et c'est une atteinte aux droits de l'homme que de lui imposer de l'enlever»

    21. Style d’écriture simple, bouquin plein de réflexions les idées et les arguments sont structurés, si l’auteur vous intéresse je vous le conseil c’est un tres bon livre que j’ai aimé c’ bon !!

    22. هذا الكتاب ليس لنا بالدرجة الأولى، إلا لو أردنا أن نفهم بشكل مكتوب أن الغرب لنا كمسلمي الشرق أكبر بكثير من دعاء (على النصارى واليهود ومن عاونهم) على منبر يطلقها إمام مع منتهى احترامي له لم تتجاوز قدماه بلده أو البلدان التي جاورها وإن حدث فهو يذهب إلى دولة غربية ليخطب في مسجد ل [...]

    23. Honestly, I was disappointed with this book.Ramadan begins by saying that he receives plenty of criticism, all of which is groundless. What he fails to do is address any of the criticisms levied against him, even though that is what he claims was the purpose of writing this book. He perhaps does this briefly only when talking about his critics for his views on the Israel-Palestine conflict, but aside from this, it was mostly a sense of "X says Y about me which is just false." End of, no expansio [...]

    24. I've been hearing during many years of Tariq Ramadan, the author, but I've never been to one of his lecture and heard him in a TV debate. This is the first book I read from this author. Like the title implies, this book presents the author's personal opinions on the identity crises occurring in the Western world whether among the French non-Muslims and French Muslims and same in other Western countries and how the Muslims in those countries should react and face the various political/Media attac [...]

    25. A great read, What I've been looking for for a long long time! We need more Muslim scholars like Tariq Ramadan, his ideas are so basic, simple and straight-forward, yet revolutionary at the same time because I've never heard any other scholars say what he has said. But it's what most of us living in the West already know: To be good Muslims, we shouldn't isolate ourselves in our corner and be separate from society; on the contrary, we should be at the forefront. and for GOD'S SAKE, yes we may be [...]

    26. Tariq Ramadan describes himself as a mediator or bridge between Islam and West, particularly Europe and adds that a bridge never belongs to one side only. He believes in multi-identity and says multicultural society is a fact.He also believes that we must now return to the sources of the fundamentals of law and jurisprudence (usûl al-fiqh) and question the original categorizations and methodologies: this is called radical reform by him.He has a clear position about homosexuality: not sharing th [...]

    27. For those who want to grasp the stance of Tariq, this is a must read. This book is an exposition and a response for his critics. It imperative to understand his stance in a context as Muslim western. A reader must read his work as a Muslim living in a west. He is indeed very positive in his own approach. The very striking idea of his is post-integration, revolution of trust. He advances numbers of innovative convincing ideas. I may not necessarily embrace all what he put forward as I am in a wor [...]

    28. Après avoir lu cet ouvrage j'ai changé d'avis sur Tariq Ramadan certes on entendait que des critique mais il faut bien le lire avant le critiquer Je suis contre quelques idées mais il m'a bien éclairci le point de vue des occidents envers l islam et aussi il m'a aidé à mieux comprendre comment faire face aux racistes aux anti-islamistes et d'autresMerci pour le partage de tes opinions et merci pour le progrès que vous faites pour montrer que l islam est une religion de tolérance et de li [...]

    29. Un bilan de réponses concises et profondes sur les défis que rencontrent les musulmans sur plusieurs plans tout en appelant à rejeter les préjugés et toute forme d'incompréhension et d'extrémisme.Les mots ne sauront jamais résumer les pensées profondes d'un grand intellectuel comme Tariq RAMADAN pour ceux qui ne prennent pas la peine de fouiller dans les sens je dirais "quand on vous montre la lune,ne regardez pas le doigt"

    30. A must read book for muslim intellects around the world. It is very important source for non-muslims to know how islam teaches tolerance and integrity. The book is about the main ideas of Tariq Ramadan that he fought for in the last 25 years or so. Many ideas in this book promotes peace and total integrity of muslims in the western societies as citizens not as immigrants. Muslims can live in a secular country with total freedom of belief and practice.

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