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Million Dollar Baby: Stories from the Corner

Million Dollar Baby Stories from the Corner This hard hitting collection of powerful and moving tales based on the experiences of the late great fight manager and cut man Jerry Boyd who wrote under the pen name F X Toole is the basis for the

  • Title: Million Dollar Baby: Stories from the Corner
  • Author: F.X. Toole
  • ISBN: 9780060819262
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • This hard hitting collection of powerful and moving tales based on the experiences of the late, great fight manager and cut man Jerry Boyd, who wrote under the pen name F.X Toole, is the basis for the Oscar winning motion picture starring Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman Breathing life into vivid, compelling characters who radiate the fierce intensity of the worlds they iThis hard hitting collection of powerful and moving tales based on the experiences of the late, great fight manager and cut man Jerry Boyd, who wrote under the pen name F.X Toole, is the basis for the Oscar winning motion picture starring Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman Breathing life into vivid, compelling characters who radiate the fierce intensity of the worlds they inhabit, Million Dollar Baby is not just fight fiction at its finest, it is excellent fiction, period Dan Rather.

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    1. The name F. X. Toole was the pseudonym of Jerry Boyd (1930-2002).He was a boxing trainer and his writing in these stories clearly display his great knowledge on boxing.His stories are through various characters in the boxing arena. He tells them through the eyes of the fighter female and male, the trainer and manager and the cutman. He sticks his characters amongst problems in society crime, racism, brutality and politics. He takes his characters through courage, lose, love, hope and triumph.Thi [...]

    2. Boxing is not a sport for people with weak stomachs. It can be brutal. It can be deadly. It can be gut-wrenchingly ugly. But it can also be magic, sweet, and pretty.even beautiful. My Grandpa was a Golden Gloves boxer in his younger days and when I was little he still had a speed bag in his garage. He could make that bag sing even then. I loved to watch him with it. I would have loved for Grandpa to have read these stories by F. X. Toole. He would have said Yes, the man knows boxing.This is an i [...]

    3. Os livros têm destas coisas: põem-nos muitas vezes a ler sobre coisas que não nos despertam o mínimo interesse na vida real. Boxe era uma das últimas coisas sobre as quais me ocorreria ler, mas, ainda assim, este livro encontrou caminho para chegar até mim e, apesar de não ter sido uma leitura propriamente marcante, acabou por se revelar positiva pelas baixas expectativas com que a iniciei. F.X. Toole é pseudónimo de Jerry Boyd, já falecido, que dedicou boa parte da sua vida ao boxe, f [...]

    4. اين نوشتار نه نقدي‌ست درباره‌ي فيلمي كه از اين رمان ساخته شد و نه بررسي و يا تشريح و ستايش همه‌ي عواملي كه اين فيلم را جزو آثار برتر سينماي جهان كرده است. بهانه‌ي نوشتن اين چند خط كه در پايين خواهد آمد، گفت و گويي بود بين من و يكي از دوستانم كه چند وقت پيش هنگام پياده‌روي با هم [...]

    5. May 2009I’ve never really cared for boxing, but in recent years I developed some interest in boxing fiction, and tough-guy manly-man fiction in general, starting with Thom Jones, moving on to Craig Davidson and mumblemumbleChuckPalahniukmumble (who hasn’t exactly written about boxing, but close enough). I know there are others--many others--but I haven’t read them yet. Now I can add Toole to the list. He was a lucky find: I haven’t seen the film Million Dollar Baby so I didn’t know the [...]

    6. Don't be fooled- this book was originally published as "Rope Burns," and one story in it, "Million Dollar Baby," was turned into the movie with Hilary Swank. It's not one of those weird cheesy books that gets written after a movie comes out. It's a collection of short stories about the world of boxing. Toole's writing is clean and straightforward, almost scientific. Half of the excitement happens in the ring, where Toole narrates each blow like a former boxer reliving the glory days. The other h [...]

    7. A brief warning: this novel is very rough in the language department. The vulgarity is aptly used in service of some of the more shady characters, however. This short story collection was violent and compelling and descriptive and evocative. You can smell the gyms and hear the speed bags and feel the sweat flopping from the faces. Each story explores various aspects of boxing and they are illuminating. You can tell that Toole has been around the game in an intimate way. It serves the stories so [...]

    8. Dunia tinju ternyata bisa menjadi ide cerita yang luar biasa. Tinju bukan hanya gedebak-gedebuk! Ia juga punya filosofi, pelajaran hidup, dll. F.X Tolle bukan mengarang-ngarang. Ia mencatat, mengamati, belajar dan berjuang bersama para petinju. Million $$$ Baby yang kemudian diangkat menjadi film dan diperankan oleh Clint Eastwood dan Hillary Swank hanyalah satu dari 7 cerita pendek di buku ini. Ditulis oleh FX Tolle sebagai buah pengamatannya selama menjadi seorang cut-man alias perawat luka di [...]

    9. sebelumnya, saya benci tinju. buku ini dengan mudahnya mengubah pandangan saya *saya baru mengerti sekarang, kenapa saya dipaksa membaca buku ini. damn good!* habis sekali baca sepanjang perjalanan pulang dari Jogja-Jakarta (Bintaro) dengan pesawat berlanjut bis damri.buku ini diterjemahkan oleh Banana dan menurut saya, ini salah satu buku terjemahan yang bagus. memang benar tampaknya, sebaiknya penerjemah itu bukan sekedar lulusan sastra Inggris aja tapi juga seorang penulis yang baik, biar tid [...]

    10. A compilation of short tales from different character's point of views, Toole narrates the boxing world with style and emotion, describing what would seem to be personal experiences. Million Dollar Baby, Cold Water and Rope Burns are the real deal in this collection.

    11. Million Dollar Baby, Clint Eastwood, Hilary Swank, Morgan FreemanThis film has won four Academy Awards and two Golden Globes at the ceremonies of 2005, together with:- Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role- Oscar and Golden globe- Best Director- both Academy Award and Golden Globe- Best Motion Picture- AA- Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role- AAThe trio involved in the production of the movie is formidable.And the story is haunting and thought provoking.Maggie Fitzgerald [...]

    12. This book is great for anyone who likes sports or competitions, especially boxing or fighting. It also is puts into perspective the idea of women being able to fight competitively. The story is told from the point of view of a "cut man" or someone who helps boxers heal from their wounds during a fight. If you like fast paced, to-the-point, easy to follow stories, this one is for you.The plot shows a young girl with a passion for boxing, in a time where boxing for females was not popular, work he [...]

    13. aku baca edisi Indonesia terbitan Banana Publisher (2006)Judul Asli : Rope BurnsPenulis : F.X. Toole Penerjemah : Basuki Heri Winarno & Yusi A.PareanomPenyunting : Akmal N.Basral & Yusi A.PareanomCetakan : Pertama, Oktober 2006Tebal : 357 hlm.Saya tidak pernah suka nonton (pertandingan) tinju. Sejak dulu, sejak zaman keemasan Muhammad Ali hingga Si Leher Beton, Mike Tyson. Saya ingat betul, setiap kali TVRI - satu-satunya siaran televisi yang ada waktu itu - menyiarkan secara langsung pe [...]

    14. Scintillating, unvarnished insider's look at the boxing world. "The Monkey Look," "Black Jew," "Million Dollar Baby," and "Frozen Water" are as good as it gets for voicey authentic fiction. I'm not a boxing fan, but you don't have to be. In fact, in reading this collection it almost helps to dislike boxing a bit. Toole may not win you over on the sport, but the details will linger and sting.

    15. This collection of stories was unlike anything else that I've read before -- and, I suspect, unlike anything else I'll read afterwards. I've never seen such a deep understanding and relation to the sport of boxing through literature. It was an honor to read it. I only wish that "Mr. Toole" could have written more of this type.

    16. F. X. Toole spisateljski je pseudonim boksačkog trenera Jerrya Boyda, a ova je knjiga pomalo autobiografska zbirka priča o njegovim iskustvima i doživljajima iz, kako i sam naslov kaže, 'iz kuta' boksačkog ringa.Zbirka se sastoji od 7 kratkih priča i novela, uključujući uvodnu, kao i onu naslovnu, koja je, po mom mišljenju, ujedno i jedna od najboljih. Sve priče ispričane su preko nekog promatrača, 'iz kuta' (bilo da je taj promatrač boksački trener ili i sam boksač), ili iz treć [...]

    17. Should keep original titleI have read before. The added material was rather weak. The original stories are still wonderful. I am still impressed with how the author make real and familiar something so bizarre and strange as boxing.

    18. If the brutally violent heart-breaking stories were balanced out by even one happy ending or victory, this would have 5 stars. Excellent book either way.

    19. Like a lukewarm water even for big boxing fans well, now imagine how it will keep the full attention of those who do not like sport.

    20. Terrific. It's a real shame F.X. Toole (Jerry Boyd) died before he could publish more than this and Pound for Pound. He was a real raw talent, and I highly recommend this book.

    21. Non è stato esattamente un amore a prima vista, ma la colpa è della mentalità con cui l'autore sembra imporsi all'inizio; tutto cambia quando si comincia a leggere le storie dei vari pugili: storie di passione, caparbietà, vittorie e sconfitte (non solo sul ring). Immancabile in ognuna (e per quanto mi riguarda, inaspettato) è la componente drammatica, la commozione e la tristezza da cui vieni pervaso.Non posso realmente dire quale mi abbia colpito di più: tutte hanno dei dettagli che ti c [...]

    22. The story of the 69-year-old author of this astonishing first fiction collection is a salutary one; he wrote between gigs tending boxers in their corners as a "cut man" (who stanches the blood flow and allows fights to continue), finally got a story published by a small literary magazine, was spotted by a keen-eyed agent and achieved book publication.It's amazing it took so long, because Irish-born Toole, now living and working in Los Angeles, is a natural. His knowledge of the bizarre world of [...]

    23. cc:Seventy-year-old F.X. Toole has exploded onto the literary scene with this astonishing first collection of stories drawn from his own experiences in boxing. In these powerful and moving tales, he reveals a complex web of athletes, trainers, and promoters and their extended families, all players in an unforgiving business where victory, like defeat, comes at a dark and painful price.F. X. Toole breathes life into vivid, compelling characters who radiate the fierce intensity of the worlds they [...]

    24. Wow. . use a cliche, this book was winning all the rounds and then just got stupid, forgot to think, and got dropped before becoming a champion.This collection of boxing short stories is brilliant at times. . tually every story until the final one. . at it is sad to think I can't put it as a classic.The book promises boxing fiction and it delivers for the most part. It is darker then the more uplifting boxing stories people are used to as it focuses on corruption, racism, and the cruelness of f [...]

    25. This is my first attempt at reading boxing-centric stories. The main reason I requested this collection of short stories from NetGalley is because I am a fan of boxing and movies* about boxing. I loved Million Dollar Baby and wanted to read the story because we all know the book is always better than the movie. I am glad I took a chance on something that was far from my usual reading material because Million Dollar Baby: Stories from the Corner is one of the best short collections I have ever re [...]

    26. I bought this because I saw the film version and wasn't impressed. I'm not going to go into why I felt it was way over-hyped here, but it did interest me enough to read this book.And I'm glad I picked it up, because these short stories are a lot better than the film. The author, F.X. Toole, was a cut-man and professional boxing trainer, and so he knew the business. He knew the people and the atmosphere and all of that comes across in the stories.The best of the stories, imo, is Rope Burns. That [...]

    27. Setelah Opera Jakarta dan Opera Jakarta-Hongkong karya Titi Nginung (pseudonim-nya Arswendo Atmowiloto)rasanya belum ada lagi buku fiksi Indonesia mengenai tinju. Langka memang. Oleh karenanya menemukan (diberi sih tepatnya :D) buku ini -meskipun bukan ditulis oleh orang Indonesia-cukup memberi kesegaran. Buku ini merekam dunia tinju jauh lebih dalam dari yang umumnya dikenal awam. Alih-alih bertutur petinju sebagai sentral cerita, Toole justru bercerita tentang orang-orang di belakang kesuksesa [...]

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