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Darkfire Kiss

Darkfire Kiss View our feature on Deborah Cooke s Darkfire Kiss Rafferty Powell has resolved to destroy his hated arch nemesis Magnus Montncy The pair have exchanged challenge coins and their next battle will be

  • Title: Darkfire Kiss
  • Author: Deborah Cooke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • View our feature on Deborah Cooke s Darkfire Kiss Rafferty Powell has resolved to destroy his hated arch nemesis, Magnus Montncy The pair have exchanged challenge coins, and their next battle will be their last But Rafferty never expected to meet a woman whose desire for Magnus s end matches his own and whose soul sparks the firestorm within him

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      123 Deborah Cooke
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    1 thought on “Darkfire Kiss

    1. I have found another paranormal series to be obsessed with! I just loved the dragons. So gorgeous. If you are into dragons, I'd recommend this book.Full review to be published in Affaire de Coeur magazine: affairedecoeur.

    2. As a former frontline foreign reporter, Melissa has lived by a code. A code of honor that she's resigned herself to breaking in order to obtain the evidence necessary to gain justice for a murdered friend. In her search for the truth, Melissa is going to make the shocking discovery that Magnus Montmorency, the powerful arms' dealer who murdered her friend, is actually an evil dragonshifter - yes, dragon's exist and now Melissa has the 'claw-side view' photos to prove it. Saving the 'little thief [...]

    3. This was a disappointing ending to an okay/awesome series. I disliked Melissa’s attitude (view spoiler)[ like when she KNEW she shouldn’t have posted those photos, but did it anyways(hide spoiler)], and I didn’t feel the chemistry between her and Rafferty. I didn’t feel as engaged with the secondary characters, either. (view spoiler)[Part of what I loved about this series is that it all goes on without your “average” people knowing; the fact that Melissa revealed them, and then revea [...]

    4. *spoilers*Oh Rafferty! You've waited so long for your Firestorm and this is what you get? I firmly believe Ms. Cooke somehow found my GR profile, read my reviews and decided "Hey. She loves dragon stories and is waiting anxiously for Rafferty's story. But I just know deep down inside, I can write her favorite character, throw in a female reporter and even a convoluted secret baby story and she'll be thrilled!"*sherri shakes fist in the air*Female reporter AND secret baby story? *shudders* All I [...]

    5. This one was a huge disappointment for me. I've been waiting forever it seems for Rafferty's story. I feel as if he was short changed. I couldn't stand Melissa and seeing how she was Rafferty's mate diminished any enjoyment I could feel in this story. I only finished it so I wouldn't be out of the loop while reading the next one.

    6. Oh god what a big delusion this book was, I couldn' even finsh it!Boring characters, messy plot, unreal actions and situations, too many threads to follow and no passion at all bah!

    7. It's taken me absolutely forever to read this book. That's how much I didn't like this one. If you've read my reviews of the other books in the series, you know how much I love these books. You know how much I adore these dragons. Or Pyr as they're called here.Rafferty's story is the one I've been looking the most forward to ever since I got to know his character in the first book. It was a long wait. And he got snubbed. He got the biggest, most selfish bitch for a mate - and that makes me mad.Y [...]

    8. Rafferty is outside the home of his enemy, Magnus, when he spies a thief. She is trying to get into the house and doing a surprisingly easy job of it. He follows her and ends up saving her from Magnus’s fury. Rafferty eventually tracks the woman down while in his dragon form with the intent of getting information from her. Not only does he not get the info he needs but the woman, an out of work journalist, takes pictures of Rafferty fighting another dragon and posts them on her blog.Needless t [...]

    9. Spoiler FreeChallenge coins have been exchanged and now Rafferty Powell will battle his long time enemy Magnus Montmorency. A battle that will end in blood. Upon entering Magnus' home, Rafferty comes face to face with a thief. A beautiful thief whose intoxicating scent Rafferty follows in order to protect her after she takes an important item from Magnus that will get her killed.Melissa Smith is a reporter out to reveal the truth about Magnus' secret dealings and get justice for her friend, whos [...]

    10. Rafferty Oh how long I have waited for your book!! This was just what I was hoping for. My man Rafferty has been waiting through every book for his turn to have a firestorm. The poor guy has wanted this more than any other character throughout the series.I think Melissa was great for him. There was some moments where I was like huh?? Wait!!! How in the heck is this going to work? But yes Mrs.Cooke sure can write a great book. I really loved that even though this was Rafferty and Melissa's book t [...]

    11. I love dragons - I really love dragons and I'd liked this series until this book when GASP - I could care less about what was happening and ended up skimming more of this book then I read.The fifth book in the series was just a mess. It is supposed to be Rafferty's book but really it was the author's way of "bridging a new phase". The problem was she introduced so many new characters, new plot twists and changes that I ended up not caring about any of them since none of them had enough page time [...]

    12. I've been waiting for Rafferty's firestorm since starting this series and I'm happy to say, it delivered on every level. This is an exciting read with many layers, which I know will set up a whole lot more books. That makes me happy! I enjoyed this one immensely. A breathtaking, fast ride.

    13. This is becoming one of my favourite seriesd I've waited awhile for this book. Although it wasn't one of my favourite books in the series , I still really enjoyed it.

    14. (**Spoiler**)This is book 6 in the Pyr series and we are finally treated to Rafferty Powell’s firestorm (about time). Challenge coins have been exchanged and now Rafferty Powell will battle his arch-nemesis, Magnus Montmorency, a battle to death. Outside Magnus' home, Rafferty watches with surprise as a beautiful thief enters his home. She’s a thief with such an intoxicating scent that Rafferty follows her in order to protect her as her life is in danger after she steals a book belonging to [...]

    15. Darkfire Kiss by Deborah CookeParanormal Romance –May 3rd, 20114 starsThose who dream of dragons will not be disappointed in this exciting paranormal series. But due to the variety of cast members and history between them, I would suggest reading at least on of the prior books before starting this one.Melissa Smith is bent on revenge and swears to expose the evil Magnus Montmorency for his crimes. She breaks into his house and gets a huge surprise when she is confronted by Magnus with a gun po [...]

    16. This is the 6th novel in the Dragon Fire series, and I am so happy that Rafferty Powel finally got his Firestorm! Unfortunatley, his is different from the typical Firestorm. ******possible plot spoilers, if you haven't read the previous book!********We were introduced to a different Slayer (evil Dragon Shifter) in the previous book, and his name is Chen. Chen released the Darkfire from it's special crystal stone to wreak havoc in the Pyr (the good guys) community, and the world as well. So, this [...]

    17. Darkfire KissDeborah CookePenguin Group- publish date May 2011416 pagesThe one thing that Rafferty Powell longs for is his firestorm, but when it comes it comes with an ancient omen, darkfire, an omen of change. The question is will that change be for the better or the worse. Melissa Smith is used to disappointments but she’s vowed to rise once again like the phoenix from the ashes, only it’s not a phoenix that she sees but dragons, honest to God fire breathing dragons and as she’s taking [...]

    18. ** "Darkfire Kiss" (Dragonfire 6) by Deborah Cooke continues the story of the Pyr, dragon-men defenders of the Earth and humanity. For when you're in the mood for a fight to the bed, uh, death, dressed up in pretty words. Previous books were ok out of order, but this cast has grown large. My liking has diminished.I think I read the series because I adore good dragons and heroes. Now I prefer the first two Temeraire from Naomi Novik, not limited to adult audiences, and Patricia Wrede's Enchanted [...]

    19. ~Has some spoilers!~This book to me did not really meet my, I admit somewhat high, expectations but at the same time I really did like it.In the previous book the Pyr, Rafferty Powell, exchanged challenge coins with the all around bad guy Magnus Montmorency. As we read from the cover/blurb-- trying not to put in too many spoilers here-- we know they will fight to the death but that Rafferty runs into his mate about the same time.I really did enjoy this book and hear it will be the last-- which d [...]

    20. Deborah Cooke delivers a spellbinding story filled with revenge, mystery, legends and a love worth fighting for. DARKFIRE KISS is one action packed ride from start to finish and Ms. Cooke delivers a story worthy of re-reading over and over again. The storyline flows swiftly, a few twists kept me on the edge of my seat and the characters are to die for. I got to admit Rafferty is one of my favorite Pyr characters in the Dragonfire series and I loved how Melissa challenges him as well as softens h [...]

    21. Pyr-world is in quite the disarray! Chen is still on the loose and up to no good. Magnus ('nuff said). Lorenzo declining to side with the Pyr. Insecurity about Zoe's future. Pictures of the Pyr all over the internet. The whereabouts of the Dragon's Teeth are unknown. The Sleeper needs protecting. The legendary Darkfire firestorm has started with Rafferty and Melissa Smith in the middle. So busy and so much ground to cover, but it was so deftly handled that it never felt overfull and all items su [...]

    22. 3.5 stars This is book 6 in a great dragon shifter series that I've been following for a few years. In this book the popular Rafferty gets his firestorm with a beautiful reporter who is on a mission to expose Rafferty's nemesis Magnus for murder and arms dealing. Rafferty's firestorm is different and much chaos ensues as dragons lose old skills and receive new ones, the dragons are exposed to humankind, and new dragon characters (good and evil) are introduced.Where the book is weaker for me is w [...]

    23. When challenge coins have been exchanged, Rafferty is now determined to be the one to destroy Magnus, once and for all. But when he meets Melissa Smith he is intrigued, but very suspicious of her. When he first meets her he catches her stealing, so he doubts her. But then when he realizes that she is his firestorm, he knows he must protect her. But then he starts to realize that his firestorm is far different than any other, because its where the 'Darkfire' is introduced. One which is prophesied [...]

    24. YAY!!! Rafferty gets his girl and I knew that it wouldn't be an easy match, cause ya know it can't be to begin with but also cause he's waited so long poor guy. But good grief I didn't expect it to go like that, and then the Pyr get outed. I did like Melissa's character she was snarky and teased Rafferty, I didn't think that it would ever be a question whether or not the mate would be able to conceive a child but I liked how Cooke worked it in, so they could then about the little girl Isabell, w [...]

    25. I had a hard time choosing a rating for this book. I've enjoyed this series from the beginning. I was really looking forward to it and couldn't wait to read about Rafferty's firestorm. But I think so much other stuff was happening with the over arcing story line that Rafferty's story was slighted. I almost wanted to give it 2 stars. Is that because I expected too much? It was okay and I liked it in a general way but at the same time I was pretty disappointed. Some parts of it seemed hurried and [...]

    26. This is just sad. I was all excited for nothing. Rafferty finally gets his firestorm and to me it just turned out to be a wash. Talk about boring as heck. His story was slow and confusing I literally got a headache by just trying to stay focus.Sad how Melissa had a hard life. Fine.Happy that Rafferty finally got his mate. All right.But B-O-R-I-N-G as it just rolled with nonsense.Now I don't know anyone enjoyed it and got it better than me. I give you thumbs up for liking it and getting it. But f [...]

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