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On Fire II: Still Burning

On Fire II Still Burning Robert and Sam are back in this sequel to On Fire Fire Chief Robert is completely unaware that Sam is having trouble with the residents of their small Canadian town He doesn t hear any of the barbs th

  • Title: On Fire II: Still Burning
  • Author: Drew Zachary
  • ISBN: 9781603700269
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • Robert and Sam are back in this sequel to On Fire Fire Chief Robert is completely unaware that Sam is having trouble with the residents of their small Canadian town He doesn t hear any of the barbs that come Sam s way about them living together in an openly gay relationship Much younger and not as well loved by the whole town, Sam feels pretty much like an outsider, andRobert and Sam are back in this sequel to On Fire Fire Chief Robert is completely unaware that Sam is having trouble with the residents of their small Canadian town He doesn t hear any of the barbs that come Sam s way about them living together in an openly gay relationship Much younger and not as well loved by the whole town, Sam feels pretty much like an outsider, and things get rougher for him when Robert has an accident on the job Sam finds out that some folks would prefer to see him gone, and some feel like he s not such a great influence on his third grade students When Robert finds out about Sam s troubles, he sets out to put things right, working toward finding Sam the acceptance he so desperately craves, both in the community and in their own home Can Robert make Sam understand how much he cares Can Sam handle the new demands placed on his life by Robert s new commitment Drew Zachary has created a wonderful pair of lovers and partners in the On Fire series, leading the reader through the everyday details of a couple who are still on fire for each other no matter what On Fire 2 Still Burning opens a window on a life, and love, that are worth it, no matter how much Sam and Robert get burned.

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      220 Drew Zachary
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    1 thought on “On Fire II: Still Burning

    1. Uh I don't think anyone will be surprised to know that this is basically 200 pages of smex. It's a wonder that these guys ever take the time to do anything else - like indulging in hobbies or pursuing new interests. Seriously. I'm not joking.However, this still appealed to my enjoyment for reading about established couples, as Sam and Robert try to find a more secure footing in their small community - where obviously the love and desire have not diminished one bit. Not even a little. Nope.You've [...]

    2. 2.5 starsThis was not as entertaining as the first book. This book features Sam and Robert again, but we are now 7 years later. And even though I loved it that in this book the characters did indeed feel more grown up, it was also a bit boring.There was an overdose of sex and normally I am not one to complain about this. But it just didn’t really hold my interest and in the end I started skimming.

    3. Amazing sequel. I loved reading more of these hot boys!Catching up with some of my favourite characters is always a pleasure for me. When I love a couple as much as I loved Sam and Robert that is definitely not a problem, it can be very hot, actually. Sequels can go wrong, but with a couple like this, that I love this much, I don't actually care about that. Again, this book was on fire! And again, I fell in love.Sam and Robert are more "grown up" here. We see a lot of the same, lovable couple th [...]

    4. Robert and Sam are living in a small town in British Columbia. Robert is the Chief Fire, and really he is the only fireman, cause his men are all volunteers. Sam is teaching in the elementary school and he loves his work, and loves more and more Robert. Everything seems perfect, but some nasty people are not so happy that their Chief Fire and one of their teachers are leaving together in an openly gay relationship. And they are not married, they live in "sin".But now in Canada gay marriage is le [...]

    5. I enjoyed this one more than the first but maybe it is because while this one had just as much "every chapter" sex as the first one, this one had way more "real life issues" in it. From the homophobic, self-righteous, idiotic Brenda (who I wanted to slap) to the cute and adorable Marjorie, to the sad and slightly pathetic Charlie who is the total underdog to the jerk Michael, there were some really wonderfully amazing secondary characters in this book that helped to push and keep Robert and Samm [...]

    6. I like Robert and Sam but and I can't believe I'm saying this but for me this book had way too much sex and not enough plot.I've never known 2 men go at it so frequently and so close together in time without any issues.The author had started a plotline where Sam was being harassed by some of the townsfolk including his school principal and I am not sure if this was resolved when Brenda moved out of town but it seemed to be forgotten. I liked that they got married and Sam in wedding planning mode [...]

    7. Sam and Robert are back, both more mature. They have move to a small town where Robert is the Fire Chief and Sam is a school teacher. Their relationship is stronger and their love for each other has only grown stronger. This story is just as hot, (Sam is STILL that horny guy for Robert),funny, sweet, sexy and endearing as the first one. There is a little added drama, but nothing either one of them cannot handle. I enjoyed this one just as much and would definitely recommend!

    8. 2.5 starsThis sequel was much better than the first book, at least it had a bit more depth to the relationship between Robert and Sam, A fun light read but still too much sex to keep me interested!

    9. Enjoyed this a little more than the first. Still a light-hearted read, some conflict, but not over the top. But I just love Sammy & Robert! I think their relationship is the kind we all wish we could findsweet as can be and hotter than hell! 4 1/2 stars

    10. Nice continuation of the series!Still hot, still adorable and very funny sometimes :) I absolutely love Sam's dad and his dry humor, btw.

    11. I liked this as it was an older Sam but still SAM. He still has the hots for his fireman but its timpered a bit with Robert's and his Adult Responsibilities. (There's still a bunch of sex!) Robert is still gorgeous (the town's females sigh when he's around) but Sam begins to notice the lack of respect he gets from the town's population even though he teaches at the school. Luckily there's an HEA.

    12. A consistent continuation of On FireWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 7/10 PROS:- Endearing characters beautifully devoted to each other.- Funny, cute moments that speak of a strong, established relationship. As rare as it is these days to see two people stay together as long as 7 years, Zachary does well showing a long-standing couple who are still very much in love.- Didn’t really like the way the idea of a wedding comes about, but I loved the wed [...]

    13. The story follows a few years on from the previous book On Fire. Sam is now a qualified junior school teacher and he and Robert are living in a small Canadian town where Robert has the job of fire chief. All seems to be going well until Robert is injured in a fire and Sam has to take time off work to help Robert recover. It's at this point that Sam is made more aware than ever of the prejudices of small town life. I really liked On Fire and so I was hoping that this would be a good read too. Whi [...]

    14. 3.5On Fire II is, as the title insinuates, the continuation of Sam and Robert's story in On Fire. And it's a pretty good one, all in all. It's set after the epilogue of part two and we get to know the struggles and the enjoyments of those two who are still going strong after 7 years of living together.It wasn't as good as the first book, though. I found myself sometimes skipping the (very numerous) sex scenes - not because they were any less hot, but because they were pretty much exactly the sam [...]

    15. My favorite thing about Still Burning is how settled Sam and Robert are in their relationship. While there are still pages and pages of sex, there is also a strong base running through this entire book that speaks of the strength of these two men and of their love for each other.This could very easily have become just another book about Sam and Robert having sex anywhere they possibly can (not to say that they don't take every opportunity as they are presented), but I truly appreciate how the au [...]

    16. The best thing about this book was that it was about a lasting relationship. Sam and Robert have been together for 6 years and are still very much in love and lust. They face a number of issues living in a small town community where Robert is fire chief and Sammy teaches school. However I felt there was lost opportunity in developing these story lines as the majority of the book is sex (admittedly well written sex). On a side note, I bought the kindle version of this book via and it has a diffe [...]

    17. I liked this book even better than the first. Sam and Robert are still having lots of smokin' hot sex but they are also maturing and having to deal with life's and ups and downs. I found those scenes an emotional reflection of how strong their relationship had become on how they handled and dealt with them, communicated and showed their love. We also get some supporting characters, we get Robert rocking Sam's world in his uniform, Sam still being a horndog and Tom (Sam's dad) working with Sam to [...]

    18. How often is a sequel better than the first?! This book was absolutely brilliant - I loved this slice of reality, seeing Sam and Robert living their lives and dealing with the things that happen. Reality strikes during a fire, and the reaction of the townsfolk pushes Sam and Robert into making a decision that they would probably have made anyway. I adored Sam planning the wedding - OMG, I remember that complete and utter hell - and yeah, I cried at the wedding! Perfect follow up - Drew Zachary r [...]

    19. Like the first book, this book is a wonderful sexcapade between Robert and Sam. I enjoyed this more than the first book because there was a bit more plot and deeper emotions. Sam and Robert are a good couple and, even after 7 years, they are still scorching hot in the bedroom (and the kitchen and the fire station). Raw, loving, sweet, dirty the sex scenes were definitely good in this book. If you are looking a hot, kinda sugary read with really no angst, this is worth a look.

    20. In this sequel, Sam has graduated from college and he and Robert have moved to a small town where Sam teaches elementary school and Robert has taken the position of Fire Chief. Robert's easily accepting by the community, but Sam isn't seen as someone permanent. When Robert learns that Sam has had some trouble with intolerance, it brings up other problems he hadn't really seen in their relationship. This is a wonderful followup to On Fire. I love readying about the great couple!

    21. Robert and Sam are what true love is all about. Things have settled but the sex life is still great and they are no less in love with each other. This is what love is all abt. Not the giddy feeling during the honeymoon period but knowing you won't be happier anywhere and with anyone else.They get married and have pets. Sam's dad is ever so supportive. I love Ray Mauger!

    22. This is a very good sequel. I think you need to have read the first book, On Fire, to appreciate it to the fullest. The guys have grown since the first book, and yet have some new issues to work through. Not an "oh, no" to be had during the whole read, leaving a satisfied sigh at the end of the book.(Small spoiler) I do wonder - does Charlie get a happy ending some day?

    23. I really liked the first book, I just had to read this one.The problems they face in this book are really diferent from the first book, I like it.I think the ending lend itself for a third book maybe?

    24. Yes, there was still a ton of sex in this book but there was a little bit more story. Sammy and Robert were cute and sweet together. Through the brief non-sex moments you are still able to get to know the characters. It was a good read.

    25. Just sweet and nice and easy to read. Spent a most enjoyable evening with On Fire II. As always, Zachary overdoes the sex scenes, so I did skip a few of them, but only a few. The ones I read were well done.

    26. The 2nd book in a great series. An engrossing story with sexy and fun characters and lots and lots of fun sex!

    27. A great light fluffy read, would've been 5*s but for some reason the cover for the kindle edition on is wrong/weird? It's just a silly publishing error like this that puts me off a little bit.

    28. And the fire just keeps burning! I don't think I could ever get tired of reading about Robert and Sam. Another great HOT book! Recommend!

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