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Dog and Bear: Two Friends, Three Stories

Dog and Bear Two Friends Three Stories Laura Vaccaro Seeger s highly praised concept books have introduced children to colors opposites emotions and the alphabet Now she guides children on the first steps to reading with three sweet fu

  • Title: Dog and Bear: Two Friends, Three Stories
  • Author: Laura Vaccaro Seeger
  • ISBN: 9781596430532
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Laura Vaccaro Seeger s highly praised concept books have introduced children to colors, opposites, emotions, and the alphabet Now she guides children on the first steps to reading with three sweet, funny stories about a stuffed bear and a frisky dachshund who happen to be best friends Simple, engaging texts and bright, colorful pictures make this a perfect book for emergLaura Vaccaro Seeger s highly praised concept books have introduced children to colors, opposites, emotions, and the alphabet Now she guides children on the first steps to reading with three sweet, funny stories about a stuffed bear and a frisky dachshund who happen to be best friends Simple, engaging texts and bright, colorful pictures make this a perfect book for emergent readers to read by themselves or to share with friends And in Dog and Bear, readers will discover two chaming characters, ready to take their place on the shelves next to Henry and Mudge, Frog and Toad, and George and Martha.Dog and Bear Two Friends, Three Stories is the winner of the 2007 Boston Globe Horn Book Award for Picture Books This title has Common Core connections.

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    1 thought on “Dog and Bear: Two Friends, Three Stories

    1. Another pair of Frog & Toad aspirants, Dog and Bear are a real dog (I think) and a stuffed bear who are friends. Because the stories are so short, they don't have much staying power. Personally, I didn't find their situations all that interesting, but their friendship is cute.

    2. Not great prose. It might appeal to young listeners or it might be of use to beginning readers since the vocabulary is very simple and it contains three really short stories of the friendship between the dog and the bear.

    3. This book would be perfect for a classroom library to show kids a book about friendship. I think it's important for kids to see that you can be friends with people different than you and that those friends can help you get over some of your fears and try things that you've never tried before. I think this would be just a cute and fun book for kids to read that also has a deeper message instilled in it.

    4. Dog and Bear: Two friends, Three Stories by Laura Vaccaro Seeger contains three sweet, funny stories about a stuffed bear and a frisky dachshund who happen to be best friends. In "Bear in the Chair", Bear struggles to get down off a tall chair. Dog helps him so they can go outside and play. Then Bear realizes he left his scarf up on the chair. In "Play With Me! Play With Me!", Dog wants Bear to play with him, but Bear is reading and wants some alone time. Dog pleads, until finally, Bear is ready [...]

    5. This is a delightful story about the importance of friendship. The main characters, Dog and bear are two truly unlikely friends. They teach the reader values, such as trust, patience, and caring, which are all important values that contribute to a strong friendship. Learning these values will be enjoyable for young children because they are taught by two fun and cute main characters. The language is simple enough for pre-kindergarten students to read and they will be able to comprehend the conce [...]

    6. The three stories in this book are written as conversations between a dog and a stuffed bear toy who are friends. the stories are written in simple language that sounds just like two young frinds talking. Each story has a humorous, somwhat ironic ending. The illustrations look like a child drew the outline of the picture with a black marker and then used watercolor paints to color them in. Even the font used would look inviting for a young child, it looks similar to a child's writing. In the fir [...]

    7. This book was okay, it just was not that engaging because there really was not a story line for me. It was just about two friends but the dog just wanted to play with the bear and the bear was reading a book about the two of them. It was kind of hard to follow and then all the sudden the dog wanted to change its name. The book did not make real sense to me.

    8. Overall, "Dog and Bear" is a great story for emerging readers. The books is broken into three short stories all about dog and bear. In the first story, dog wants to go outside, but bear is stuck on a chair. He is scared to jump, but overcomes his fears when dog lets him ride down on his back. In the second story, dog wants to play, but bear is in the middle of a story. Once bear finishes and decides to play, dog places a pile of books in front of bear and asks him to read to him. In the last sto [...]

    9. these are two very adorable friends with very adorable little adventures. Bear doesn't know how to get down from a very tall chair, dog doesn't know how to get bear to play with him, and then bear and dog work on finding the perfect new name for dog. I read it in our school library with my student, and fell in love with it. I just came across it at a half price book sale for educators, and snatched it up for myself. It's too cute not to own! But for now, I'm keeping it at school where my student [...]

    10. This story is about two close friends who happen to be a stuffed bear and a dachshund. The illustrations are uniquely colored and the lines along the illustrations are bordered in bold black lines. Also, I noticed a unique texture within the illustrations. The illustrator uses distinct color when shading in the characters, dog and the bear. The text itself is very simple and easily readable for young children. The author uses quotations of the conversations the characters have within the story. [...]

    11. Dog and Bear was recommended in the NYT as a good children's book with a dog. These stories were short and boring. I wouldn't take pleasure in reading them again.Bear in ChairPlay with Me! Play with Me!Dog Changes his Nameare the three stories. None are memorable but seem like conversations Seeger has with her 3 year old.My favorite part are the pictures. They look like a mix of sharpie and watercolor.

    12. The first of the "Dog and Bear" books. Dog and Bear are best friends and in this volume of three short stories we get to peek into their relationship and see why. They are endlessly supportive of each other, even in trying time. Dog pleads to Bear for playtime, and eventually Bear relents. Bear is afraid of heights and uses Dog's back as a slide to get down. The illustrations charm and the simple text hits just the right note.

    13. This easy reader is a little "young" in feel for most emerging readers; best for precocious pre-kindergarten readers.That being said, my youngest (just turned 5, not yet in kindergarten) LOVES it.From "the king": I like it when the scarf is up on the chair and the dog asks "where is your scarf?"

    14. These early readers follow in the style of Marshall's George & Martha & Lpbel's Frog & Toad, using simple text to depict amusing stories. While I love Seeger's artwork in her concept books, I can only muster lukewarmth for these. I do love, however, that all young readers who meet Dog & Bear will know how to employ the great Yiddishy phrase,"Not to worry."

    15. This book is an excellent easy to read picture book story of a dog and bear who are friends. I enjoyed the way the two characters resolved their conflict. My favorite part was when Bear didn't want to play with Dog so he said "I'm going to read you a story about a bear who didn't want to play with a dog".I found that extremely funny!

    16. A 2011 Monarch book for Illinois, but it feels like a "Frog and Toad" knock-off. Frog and Toad is soooo much better, although these two are cute. We (1st graders) compared it to other 'friend' books and came up with a lllllooonnggg list. Can't believe how many beginner reader 'friend' books there are.

    17. Energetic Dog and thoughtful Bear may be different, but they feel just the same about the importance of their friendship. In each of these three brief but satisfyingly complete stories, Dog and Bear resolve a conflict in a way that’s true to their characters. Full review:twentybyjenny/47Books/

    18. Ah, the nuances of very short stories that deliver a quiet punch. Laura Vaccaro Seeger continues her Dog and Bear series with this quick little picture book that features three quick yet powerful little stories that are amusing and sweet all at once.Published as a Neal Porter Book by Roaring Brook Press.#dog #bear #friendship

    19. We found this at the library yesterday and we took this and another Dog and Bear book out. We weren't really impressed with either one. We both liked the illustrations but the writing was stilted at best. The middle story in this book was annoying with all the "play with me" sentences while the first and last were borderline okay.

    20. This collection seems like it was trying a bit too hard for a laugh. The drawings are cute enough, but it didn't really do much for me. I could see kids giggling on the third story, Dog Changes His Name, but otherwise, was a bit disappointing.

    21. Frog & Toad for preschoolers. Teach about friendshipd also sibling relationships. The others in the series are well-loved at our house, too, as well as Seeger's die-cut books (Lemons are not Red, Black-White/Day-Night, One Boy, etc.)

    22. BG-HB award (2007)Super cute story about a dog and a bear who are friends, with hilarious meta elements to it for the parents as well as for elementary kids who might just be able to get the joke. precious illustrations show how cute these friends can be!

    23. Nice simple stories with pictures that caught & held the attention of my 7 month old. Book breaks up nicely into three sections for readers with shorter attention spans, although Bridget hung in there for all three.

    24. This is a nice book for grades PreK-1. Dog and Bear demonstrates a simple friendship that illustrates being brave, offering encouragement, and trusting those that you care about. Kids would enjoy the pictures and the easy text.

    25. This book had a really fun loving nature to it. The simplicity and the silliness of the stories will help kids enjoy reading! As Bear and dog go around in circles, I'm sure they will garner lots of laughs!

    26. (2007) Dog (a Dachshund) and Bear (a stuffed bear) are the best of friends. This book includes three stories of their friendship together. A cute story with simple and colorful illustrations. Very similar to the Frog and Toad stories.

    27. There are several of these. Each has three short stories. Perfect for filling a few minutes of time at school, using as a literacy or writing lesson, or just reading aloud. Get them all; they'll delight the young readers is your life.

    28. A cute story about two friends. Young readers will enjoy this story of two friends but I don't think it's anything particularly unique or fabulous. Would pair well with other friend books such as Frog and Toad.

    29. A great story about a friendship between a bear and a dog. This book has three short stories of how the dog helps the bear get down from a chair, bear reading books, and how bear helps dog pick out a great name. This books is for ages 3 to 5.

    30. 4.75 StarsOh what fun with Dog and BearMy personal favorite is when Dog wants to change his name to something more interesting than Dog! Just fun and giggles for me!

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