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Taggart Alternate Cover Edition can be found here Adam Stark had found gold In the confusion of the mesas and canyons near Rockinstraw Mountain Stark his wife Consuelo and his sister Miriam were quietly

  • Title: Taggart
  • Author: Louis L'Amour
  • ISBN: 9780553254778
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alternate Cover Edition can be found here Adam Stark had found gold In the confusion of the mesas and canyons near Rockinstraw Mountain, Stark, his wife, Consuelo, and his sister, Miriam, were quietly working a rich vein while keeping their presence a secret from raiding Apaches Worried that his wife might leave him, Stark wanted to make enough money to take her to SanAlternate Cover Edition can be found here Adam Stark had found gold In the confusion of the mesas and canyons near Rockinstraw Mountain, Stark, his wife, Consuelo, and his sister, Miriam, were quietly working a rich vein while keeping their presence a secret from raiding Apaches Worried that his wife might leave him, Stark wanted to make enough money to take her to San Francisco, where she could enjoy the style of life she craved.But when Taggart, a stranger on the run from a vicious bounty hunter, enters their camp, tensions soon mount Consuelo, against all good judgment, cannot resist testing Taggart Is he the man who can make her happy Will he give her the life her husband cannot With thousands of dollars of gold in his packsadles, the Apaches are now no longer Adam Stark s only threat.

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      323 Louis L'Amour
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    1 thought on “Taggart

    1. A fine L'Amour entry, with an interesting setting I'd like to explore myself, described in vivid terms and set in the scorching deserts of the Southwest USA. Greed, gold, ambition, and a girl who misunderstands her man are all played out with skill and dramatic storytelling that is an excellent display of L'Amour's talent.As a bonus, this has one of the most fleshed out and interesting female characters I've encountered in a L'Amour book, giving Miriam more of a personality and part in the story [...]

    2. Good book. Adam and his wife and sister were trying to stay out of the way of the Apaches who were raiding in the area. Adam had found a rich vein of gold and was trying to get as much of it out as he could. He has dreams of a ranch of his own and the money to give his wife and sister a better life. Taggart had had his own ranch before a larger outfit ran him off of it because they wanted his land. He had tried to protect his land and was now accused of murder. While he's trying to outrun a boun [...]

    3. Classic L'Amour, the Raymond Chandler of westerns. Better plot than most westerns, and L'Amour was in his descriptive prime here.

    4. This is exactly what I read Louis L’Amour for: a tight story that is almost just a vignette of the idealized old west. A man wants to get rich for good reasons; a fickle woman; a man on the run; and an amoral gunman. And surprises delivered out of the blue exactly where they matter most!

    5. Good story, rather complex after some of his works. The mine in this book is a take off of one talked about in another book. I wonder if they really left god in crevices in the desert like they do in Louis L'Amour's books? Any way, this was a good book to read, and I enjoyed it a lot.

    6. In this book there is a man and his wife and his sister they went to the mouatins and adam them man found gold then later in the book a man named taggart came to there house and asked to stay there. Here are some examples of figurative language casting a bot the fail is a simile shadows reaching to words them is a metaphor taggart had been so long with out food his stomach shrenk is a metphor the wind touched the viloin of the tree is syblismsoms. And my last one is mirriam felt her spine stiffi [...]

    7. Reading the L'Amour books in publishing order and this is number 16 and the second and last book of 1959.Swante Taggart pursued by a posse hired by rich land owners who wanted his land finds a hidden settlement occupied by Adam Stark, his wife and sister near present day Phoenix, Arizona where they have set up a mining camp. Taggart befriends the trio and finds himself smitten with Stark's sister but the time for proper courting isn't available with Taggart's pursuer nearby in addition to a pass [...]

    8. This was the first Louis La'mour book that I've read. I've heard a lot about the utter readability and magnetizing power of all his works, so I thought it was time to pick one up. Apparently my brother-in-law has been stockpiling these for a while, and I picked one out at random. It was a good one.This story in particular included an account of a prospector during the gold rush, which I am absolutely engrossed by. No, not the kind of prospector that you imagine who only has two teeth left, and a [...]

    9. Louis L'Amour wrote nearly a hundred novels. Most of his books are still in print and have sold over two hundred million copies worldwide. He described his work as frontier fiction, which I have long been a fan of. I also like action and adventure, cowboys and Indians, westerns, gun fights, and good old fashioned drama. Those labels could be applied to most if not all of L'Amour's novels. However, until recently, I hadn't read a single one of them. I don't know why I waited so long.Taggart (1959 [...]

    10. Is gold worth dying for? As Adam Stark inspected the newly found lode, snuggled beneath a mass of rock which could tumble at any moment, he coolly decided that it was. He also decided that he would not leave the valley until he’d gleaned one hundred thousand dollars worth of gold from the mine.The important thing is to hide his presence from the marauding Apaches. His presence and the presence of his wife and sister. Because they are the only reason he’s even interested in gold – for them [...]

    11. Jared BarrettPage 112/12/16Ms. MolesTaggart Book Review Taggart, a Western book by Louis L’Amour, is about a man who had found gold. Adam Stark is this man. He, his wife, and his sister were working silently on a very large vein of gold, but had to keep quiet from the Apache raiders. Stark needed to make the money to take his wife to San Francisco, where she desperately wanted to go. When the stranger Taggart, a man on the run, comes into their camp, tensions rise very high. My opinion of Tagg [...]

    12. Rereading this many years later it is filled with far more suspense, tension and danger than I remembered. Right up until the very last line L'Amour showcased characters with cracks and flaws but most importantly, grit.One star down for a satisfying, yet tantizling ending that makes me hunger for more and the lack of any dialouge from the Apache on their scent. I understand this was written a long time ago and while Taggart and even the bounty allude to their wary respect of the warriors it woul [...]

    13. At 32, Swante Taggart is in the prim of his life. He is a powerful man with intelligence of the land matched by none. He seldom speaks, but when he does you want to hear what he has to say. Many of Louis L'amore characters fit this description, but it describes the type of man that I never get tired of reading about. This book is not your typical western, but a study in character. I have read many of L'mour's books and "Taggart" is quite possibly one of the best he's written. It's a believable s [...]

    14. Another highly capable L'Amour hero in difficult straits who meets a tough, capable woman. In this one, a stretch of desert, mountains, and mesas in the Arizona Territory play an important role as well. The standout character might be a bounty hunter -- who is the villain, but still capable, and semi-honorable -- for a while. The weak (and weakly drawn) character is a Mexican woman named Consuela -- she just wants riches and high-life until she learns better.

    15. I enjoyed this L'Amour western more than most. He paints a lovely and accurate portait of the American West and in a view that I share, loves the desolate places on earth. He may not be able to describe Las Vegas, Disneyworld or Atlantic City, but when it comes to the beauty of the desert, the tundra, the open ocean or the prairie, few are better. He even went so far as to include a little romance in this effort.

    16. The first of L'amour's books that I've read, I didn't know what to expect. His writing was solid yet simple. He adds a lot of nuance and small character touches that may not play into the larger story, but create a lot of texture. If I have one criticism, it's that his almost relaxed style robs his action scenes of some tension. But it's not a big problem, since he relies more on character and colouring the world. Very enjoyable - I look forward to the next novel of his I pick up.

    17. As I work my way through the entire L'Amour western collection, I find I didn't like this one quite as much as the others.I found the long, drawn out discussion between the two female characters monotonous and other parts of the story seemed rushed.Still a fun read, just not up to the standard set by his earlier works.

    18. (Genre:Fiction/Western) Classic Louis L'Amour book--rugged cowboy hero comes across a beautiful lady in need (along with her brother and sister-in-law) and uses his skills with a rifle, to protect them and see them to safety. What's not to love? If you like other L'Amour books, then you should like this one as well. :)

    19. It was at typical L'Amour, hard fighting, some romance, and the good guy wins the last shootout and the girl at the end. Fun, no psychology to worry about and some expressions of what kind of men it took to make a way in the West of those time. Although I had read it some years earlier, the details were fuzzy, so I enjoyed it.

    20. Deep in Apache country Adam Stark is mining gold with his disillusioned wife and his sister. He hopes to gleam enough gold to take his wife to San Francisco where she might be happier. When Taggart rides into the claim, the wife plies her wiles on him to see if she wants Taggart instead of her husband. Stark has to try to keep his gold and his wife.

    21. It was a very good book about a man who shot some people trying to protect his land then had a bounty hunter hot on his trail. He came across a family of 3 and helped them fend off indians and protect their gold. He ended up marrying the one woman, his friends sister, and killing the bounty hunter.

    22. I devoured L'Amour books in my teens so decided decades later to revisit. There is something reassuring in his plots - they are not difficult: wronged hero gets the girl and the baddie gets his just rewards.

    23. Taggart is yet another great western written by the master of the jenre. Taggart the title roll, is a drifter who is wanted by the law for murder. He is trailed and tracked by a man hunter. There is a lot of good suspence and fights.Enjoy and Be Blessed.Diamond

    24. I read this book a few years ago. It was my first western and it reeled me in. Louis L'Amour gives me just enough detail to paint a wonderful picture in my head. He is a must author if you enjoy a great story about the wild west.

    25. Classic Louis L’Amour western. If you’ve read one, you’ve read them all. Okay, maybe not really, but sometimes it feels like it. This one was almost sentimental. Almost.

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