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Spera, Volume 1

Spera Volume WELCOME TO THE LAND OF SPERALono s life as a princess consisted of sitting reading and dreaming until the day Pira princess of a neighboring kingdom arrived with news of a waking nightmare With th

  • Title: Spera, Volume 1
  • Author: Josh Tierney Kyla Vanderklugt HweiLin Lim Emily Carroll Olivier Pichard Afu Chan Rebecca Taylor
  • ISBN: 9781936393305
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Hardcover
  • WELCOME TO THE LAND OF SPERALono s life as a princess consisted of sitting, reading, and dreaming until the day Pira, princess of a neighboring kingdom, arrived with news of a waking nightmare With the help of Pira s best friend a fire spirit in the form of a dog named Yonder the princesses now find themselves in a race against evil The goal Spera, a magical realm ofWELCOME TO THE LAND OF SPERALono s life as a princess consisted of sitting, reading, and dreaming until the day Pira, princess of a neighboring kingdom, arrived with news of a waking nightmare With the help of Pira s best friend a fire spirit in the form of a dog named Yonder the princesses now find themselves in a race against evil The goal Spera, a magical realm of which the princesses had only ever heard the tallest tales The prize their very lives Written, created, and edited by Josh Tierney, Spera Volume 1 is the first book in an ongoing series of graphic novels illustrated by artists from around the world.

    • Free Download [Humor and Comedy Book] ✓ Spera, Volume 1 - by Josh Tierney Kyla Vanderklugt HweiLin Lim Emily Carroll Olivier Pichard Afu Chan Rebecca Taylor ↠
      449 Josh Tierney Kyla Vanderklugt HweiLin Lim Emily Carroll Olivier Pichard Afu Chan Rebecca Taylor
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      Posted by:Josh Tierney Kyla Vanderklugt HweiLin Lim Emily Carroll Olivier Pichard Afu Chan Rebecca Taylor
      Published :2019-03-26T23:35:21+00:00

    1 thought on “Spera, Volume 1

    1. [Someday, all this will be yours.Click for larger.]I have a daughter. An awesome daughter. She's little. She walks and talks and adventures around, but she doesn't yet read. She knows the sounds most letters make, but she's not yet stringing them together. She'll probably start reading in earnest in the next year or so. I've got big plans for her, all the books and games and things that I love that I hope to share with her. Plan is loosely and perhaps injudiciously used here.Less than any well-t [...]

    2. Spera is the story of two princesses, one who likes to sword fight and explore and another who likes to read and stay inside. One day, the tomboy princess, whose name is Pira, turns up in Lono's (the reader) kingdom and says that her father the king is dead. They have to get away now to save Lono's life. Where will two young princesses go to hide? A magical land called Spera. And so, the adventure begins.I think that Spera tried to tell an engaging fairy tale with built in gender role options to [...]

    3. This had a great hook, for me. Pira is a tomboy who wants to save the princess and be an adventurer. Considering my love for Revolutionary Girl Utena, I had to read it. And there's great potential in Spera. Pira is a fantastic character, everything that I'd hoped for. Lono, the more girly princess, is a little weak, but I'm hoping she'll become more proactive. When Tierney is writing the main storyline, it's pretty entertaining, with a few nicely creepy moments. But each chapter is drawn by a di [...]

    4. I gave this a look because it was not only on prominent display in one local library, but a staff recommendation in two others. For something so highly promoted, I was surprised by the pedestrian nature of the writing. The father of one of the dual princess protagonists dies at the hands of the other protagonist's mother, but these major developments are off-page and essentially shrugged off as the pair decide to head off and become adventurers. There's a lot of wandering around, mundane day to [...]

    5. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the library and he stocked up on some graphic novels. This happened to be one of them, and for a few minutes after finishing a book last night, this jumped off of the coffee table and into my hands. I was intrigued by the cover which made me think of some of those PlayStation video games I'd play back in the day, the ones that all the guys at the used music store would scoff at me for buying because they were "girl games". Yes, yes, things like Zelda or Mario [...]

    6. Read this online, told there was a couple of volumes published, did not expect to see a copy in the local bookshop. Bought them both. Well worth the price.Why?Speaking for myself--which is what these reviews are for, anyway--it's the art that I was really in for. There's a different artist for every chapter in the volume (some of them re-appear in the later chapters), and they all have vastly different styles and vastly different perspectives. I've no idea how Josh Tierney chooses the artist tha [...]

    7. THERE IS A GIANT WEREDOG IN THIS SERIES THAT LOOKS A LOT LIKE MY (former) DOG. Who has fire coming off of him. GAH.This is an epicish story of a set of adventurers finding their way and battling things for cash. It could be a D&D adventure, easily. Each chapter is illustrated by someone different.I like the androgyny of one of the characters, and obv I'm a fangirl for the weredog, and most of the monsters are madcool.BUT. I was NOT feeling the writing. Awkward dialog, telling rather than sho [...]

    8. I found this Eisner nominee on sale, and, when I flipped through and saw some of the excellent illustration, I had to give it a chance. Bottom line, it has some beautiful moments but it doesn’t entirely come together.I’d be a little more comfortable with this if it somehow acknowledged it’s geared toward young adult or even “tween” readers. It tells the story of two princesses who have to flee a kingdom overrun by the mother of one of them. One princess is girly and sweet, the other wa [...]

    9. Aesthetics:This was sort of an odd comic because it has almost 10 different illustrators, all with their own unique style. Some of the artwork I loved and others not so much. Also the book itself is really nicely made.Plot:The story starts with the princesses running off and away from danger. Then together with a fire spirit named Yonder they travel and have adventures together. That's when it started getting confusing, at least for me. I know they are trying to reach Spera, but much of the book [...]

    10. This was a nice enough story of two princesses adventuring to the land of Spera in the company of a protective fire spirit, pursued by an evil queen (mother of the one princess). I like that the artist changes with each episode, and that this is a story of friendship and self-reliance, and it's never explained why the one princess looks and dresses like a boy, but I don't like that the classically feminine princess is regularly helpless and in need of saving and mostly worried about finding a ne [...]

    11. 3.5, I think. I picked this up because, while I was checking a cart of books, I flipped through the second one in the series and saw some really beautiful illustrations. It's got a great premise—two adventuring princesses—though the writing isn't fantastic and the story needs to be more cohesive. The thing I like best is that each section is done by a different illustrator; I thought it was pretty cool to see the characters from so many different perspectives. The style is a little confusing [...]

    12. I was gonna give this two stars for the artwork. At first. The stories in Spera are short and each one showcases an artist with his or her on unique style and characteristics. As an example, this is an opposite approach from the guest artists who draw Hellboy comics, who adopt the aesthetic of Mignola mixed with their own sensibilities. But I just couldn't. The writing was totally subpar and terrible. It's almost as if the writer was hiding behind all these talented guest artists, who continuall [...]

    13. Two young princesses go on the run from danger with a cool looking flaming wolf - or goofy looking smoldering dog, depending on which artist is drawing the current chapter. This work consists of a string of short episodes drawn by different artists with jarringly different styles and appeal. It takes a strong writer telling a strong story to carry the reader through such a conceit, but Spera, alas, has neither.

    14. Some good world-building and a great pair of female protagonists but the plot felt largely underdeveloped. Way too many unanswered questions and leaving the reader in the dark. This story needed to be fleshed out more before being published as a volume 1. Still lots of potential, fun dialogue (I like the way Tierney moves between more modern and more high fantasy dialogue), some great artwork and overall a nice package.

    15. Having recently enjoyed another graphic novel (Saga #1), I thought I would try another -- only to be disappointed by the simplicity of the plot here and frustrated by a multiplicity of illustators, which changed how the main characters appeared in each chapter or adventure story. Princess Lono goes on the run when her friend Pira (and fire spirit Yonder) arrives to tell her that Pira's mother is about to slaughter Lono's kingdom. This book follows their trek to Spera.

    16. I'm not really sure what to make of this. The story was okay, but the artwork! For the most part it put me off and for another each chapter has a completely different artist and the main characters look completely different every time. This just doesn't work for me. I also have to say that the short stories after the main story seem a little misplaced. I also agree with other reviewers who found the layout a little strange.

    17. I really liked all of the artwork and that each chapter was illustrated by a different artist (much like Jim Henson's, "The Storyteller"). For that alone it gets 4 stars since it was simply enjoyable to experience the different art styles. However, the story itself isn't that enthralling. There were a few interesting/creepy moments, but overall I didn't find myself caring for any of the characters or what they were doing.

    18. This graphic novel was so cute! I really liked the different wonderful art styles that I found throughout this reading, and although it was a bit confusing at time, it was still really enjoyable. This definitely needs some more reads!

    19. So much gorgeous art! I thought I'd be annoyed, but I wasn't at all. That said, I'm not sure if I managed to miss parts of the story or if it was intentionally secondary to the art? Am I trying to hard to read things into the pages that aren't there because adventures! Yay! Maybe? Probably.

    20. What a gorgeous book! Each chapter/story is illustrated by a different artist and even though not much happens plot-wise, it's impossible to look away from the art. Definitely picking up volume 2.

    21. The adventures of two very dissimilar princesses and a giant shape-changing fire dog! This book was on a list of recommended reads a year or so ago and I was excited to read it after reading his more recent webcomic Warm Bodies, which is similar in format (Tierney writes the stories and a series of illustrators draw them) but quite dissimilar in tone and story (though both of them involve young, shy, indecisive girls). Only one of the illustrators was a little disappointing, and that chapter was [...]

    22. I got this book as I was looking for other work by Emily Carroll. She is one of the authors. I stayed for the man other talented authors whose styles were so unique. I was sucked in my the characters and the adventure.

    23. It wasn't my favorite fantasy comic I have read. I didn't really like the different art styles and I found the story to be lacking.

    24. Spera took me by surprise. The cover had me thinking I'd be in for more action, and while it does have its moments, I'm actually glad the story wasn't like that. What it is, is something more atmospheric.So the graphic novel centers around two princesses: Pira and Lono. And while it seems they've been friends for a long time, the story begins with Pira whisking Lono away, just as Pira's own mother invades Lono's country (after murdering Lono's father no less). The two are accompanied by a fire s [...]

    25. While this is tagged/marketed/shelved as YA, I think it would be most appreciated by a seasoned fantasy and graphic reader. This can certainly be a teen reader, but a casual or reluctant reader may be turned off by the chapter-to-chapter change in illustrators and their widely varying styles. I personally really enjoyed seeing the different interpretations of the three main characters especially, though cohesiveness was an issue; I back tracked several times to re-read previous sections because [...]

    26. This was a cool little comic. That said, there were two major problems with it; the writing shifted until the characters were totally out of character at the end. The art. Holy shit. It's like the author went into a local highschool art class and asked them all to do the art for this. Which is a shame because at least two artists on this were FANTASTIC and they should've done the ENTIRE book. Lame.

    27. First, I just want to say that the packaging of this book is well worth its price--it's clear a lot of thought and care went into the aesthetic choices, and it makes for a very gorgeous object to own. The cover and binding set the stage for the fantasy-fairytale story Spera hopes to tell, and it's something I find sadly lacking with a lot of physical books. So, excellent job Archaia Publishing! You made a pretty darn good looking product.As for the book itself, it's a comic written by Josh Tiern [...]

    28. Spera has a lot of potential: The characters are interesting and the art ranges from okay to great. In terms of story and world-building, it comes up a little light. I enjoyed it as an adult, but I'm not sure how invested a child would be in it.

    29. I think I first heard of Spera when I saw a promotional poster for it, probably at GenCon. Basically the same art as the cover of this volume, it looked sort of interesting but I never really followed up on it and it sort of slipped from my mind. Some time later I found mention of it is a webcomic and I read some of the stories. They were a mixed bag, some good, most mediocre. And it felt frustratingly fragmentary; there was an implication that there was an overarching plot, but the webcomic sto [...]

    30. The story kinda jumps right into it where a lot is happening and you know NOTHING. A princess and a warrior princess (I'm bad at names and don't remember them, sorry!) are running from an incoming war that the warrior's mom is going to start tomorrow. You don't know why their parents are fighting, Princess' Father is dead (from the WP mom?), Where are they going, or even How they know each other. Seriously, I don't know what their goal isThis is why I'm taking off the star for a confusing openin [...]

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