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Population Zero

Population Zero When Todd was just a child he learned that sometimes it was necessary to sterilize or euthanize animals in order to keep their population from growing too rapidly It was the humane thing to do the b

  • Title: Population Zero
  • Author: Wrath James White Jerrod Balzer Christie White
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Todd was just a child, he learned that sometimes it was necessary to sterilize or euthanize animals in order to keep their population from growing too rapidly It was the humane thing to do, the best thing for the environment Yet, every day at his job at the Welfare Department, Todd sees the dregs of humanity multiplying unchecked, overburdening the earth with a tidaWhen Todd was just a child, he learned that sometimes it was necessary to sterilize or euthanize animals in order to keep their population from growing too rapidly It was the humane thing to do, the best thing for the environment Yet, every day at his job at the Welfare Department, Todd sees the dregs of humanity multiplying unchecked, overburdening the earth with a tidal wave of humanity But if he can convince them not to reproduce, if he can convince everyone to voluntarily sterilize themselves, then he might just prevent the coming population explosion And those who can t be convinced Population Zero is the story of an environmental activist named Todd Hammerstein who is on a mission to save the planet In just 50 years the population of the planet is expected to double But not if Todd can help it.

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      267 Wrath James White Jerrod Balzer Christie White
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    1. Auf eine Kurzzusammenfassung möchte ich an dieser Stelle verzichten, da der Klapptext schon sehr viel über den Inhalt aussagt und wirklich klasse gewählt wurde.Dieses Buch hat es einfach in sich - 160 Seiten Horror, Brutalität und Realität. In Population Zero werden Fakten klar und deutlich dargelegt. Die Bevölkerungszahl der Menschen hat sich in den letzten Jahren um ein X-Faches vervielfacht und in 50 Jahren werden, wenn es so weitergeht, doppelt so viele Menschen wie heute auf dem Plane [...]

    2. Population Zero by Wrath James WhiteOk I fully expected to hate this book. The world of fiction has not been kind to vegans, the depiction in the media is pretty awful. The worst being the scene in 12 monkeys when a group of animal rights activists celebrate but making monkey sounds and stratching themselves.So when I heard extreme horror writer and former MMA fighter Wrath James White had written a novella with a vegan environmentalist serial killer I was afraid to read it. I am sure not all ve [...]

    3. Actually, this is a 4.5 star review but I can't assign half-stars. So yeah, whatever.Review snippet: "For reasons that I have discussed in the past, I have been watching Wrath James White’s writing for a while. I was introduced to him via a collaboration that was so bad it remains in my top ten category for worst books I have ever read (Teratologist was the book, the sort of book wherein the protagonist’s name is spelled three different ways in one paragraph). So I sought out White’s web p [...]

    4. This is the third book by Wrath James White that I have read and he did not let me down. I recommend this book to anyone who loves extreme horror or wants to even give it a try. If you are more of a Jane Austin or Twilight reader (me saying this after I started to read this after I just finished a Harry Potter book), or someone that things blood and violence is a bad thing, well, this is not the book for you. This is some harsh stuff and I winced more than once, a pretty hard task to do these da [...]

    5. I grew up reading Richard Laymon and Jack Ketchum, so it was a neat little surprise to find a new author to add to that lofty list of hardcore, no-fear horror writers. Population Zero was my first brush with Wrath James White's writing, and I have to sayI really enjoyed it (and I'm a little hard to please when it comes to horror). I read it straight through, no stops, and promptly went to and added a bunch of his other books to my Kindle. So thanks, Wrath, for making sure I eat nothing but Rame [...]

    6. My insides were hurting at 3/4 of the book. Gorey, bloody, not for the faint-hearted, not for reading it while eating, great subject, great plot, totally debatable, gorey and bloody again loved it!

    7. When Todd's dog has puppies that the family can't afford, he is distraught about them being destroyed when humans do not suffer the same fate for kids they can't afford. Now an adult, Todd is disgusted by his welfare job, watching scrounging wasters pop out babies with no thought for the environment. Todd now has a mission to stop them by any means necessary.OK, pay attention now-if you are offended by abortion, gorefests and murder then don't even think of picking up this book. It is the most g [...]

    8. Yeah, we know how it feelswhen the passion is running high.Your dick's so hard,you're wet between your thighs.A tongue-fest, caress.Hands fumbling.Lips to chest.Grab hold lestyou fall forever, together.The same music playing in your ears.Sinking into one another.Your friend, your lover.Oh, God, you're burning, busting up inside.You close your eyes, hear cries.His leg between your thighs.Grind on it. Sigh.He's telling you comforting lies.Yes, Daddy, it's yours you say, as he's undressing you, vex [...]

    9. From time to time I read a novel that suprises me. I read Drachenfels and I was suprised by the tale. I cursed myself why I didn't read it before because it's excelent. The Mark of Chaos or even Pawn of Chaos are another examples. These were nice books that I would recommend to anyone who like fantasy or a good book. But this novel I wouldn't reccommend to many people mayhaps my girlfriend.To summarise, this book got blood, sadism, castration, force abortion, psychopaths, world problems and doze [...]

    10. Population Zero is a horror novella written by Wrath James White. White is known for his no-holds-barred splatterpunk horror and here he delivers in spades. Todd Hammerstein is part of a group called Zero Population that believes in decreasing the world’s population by any means necessary. The extremist leader of the group gets thrown in jail for attempting to put a sterilizing chemical in a large water supply. With Todd’s inspiration behind bars, he feels a sense of duty to carry on his le [...]

    11. This is the third or fourth Wrath James White book I've read. Midway through it, I decided I wanted to write something over the top and absurdly violent. The last couple chapters made me wonder if I should bother.

    12. A short fast paced, dark disturbing read. Definitely the bloodiest and goriest book I have read to far. Made me wince a few times. I like horror but this is the first time to read something with so much gore.

    13. The concept of this book was interesting enough and it kept my attention for the first few chapters. Unfortunately, it started to lose steam about halfway through and the ending felt entirely rushed. I've enjoyed novels by Wrath James White in the past but this one was not really a favorite.

    14. Mit dem Protagonisten als Paradebeispiel für Extremismus bespricht White hier ein brandaktuelles Thema, das uns alle betrifft.Im Zuge meiner „Lesen außerhalb der Komfortzone“-Aktion habe ich meine Jagdgebiete etwas erweitert und bin auf der Suche nach einem neuen Titel, der zu der Aktion passt, auf „Population Zero“ von Wrath James White aus dem FESTA Verlag gestoßen. Der FESTA Verlag veröffentlicht jede Menge Thriller, Horrorbücher und auch Dark Fantasy (oder wie nennt man das Genr [...]

    15. This was a very hard book for me to review. I'm not sure if I enjoyed it in the end or not. It had a great premise, good writing and relatable characters but there was just something that I didn't quite care for. I think it did what it was supposed to and make me very uncomfortable. It was just hard to sit back and enjoy it when feeling that way. The whole story is one that has been argued for a long time. Is the world too overpopulated? Should some people not be allowed to have kids? There is a [...]

    16. i waited for this book so long, for me to be this sadden over how it turned out. i really liked the whole save the world from over population and the ways that they were going about it. but it just needed to be longer it seamed to me that i just started to get in to it when it ended.i love wrath james white but this to me isnt one of his best books.

    17. I was not expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did. I thought it was going to be nothing more than a gorefest but the story kept me fascinated the whole time. i read the whole book in one sitting.

    18. One word? Disturbing. I wanted to read something scary for a change. I certaintly hadn't this brutality in mind and I have to admit,it was too much for me. While I'm used to hardcore horror movies, I'm defnitely not used to reading books in this genre that have very detailed descriptions of torture and other brutal proceduresTodd's story is a very weird one and if you think about what happened to him as a child, it is a wonder that he seemed to be somewhat sane.I understand everything about 'Pop [...]

    19. How far would you go to help achieve a goal in something you truly believe in? Would you just talk the talk all day or would you act? Would you kill?Population Zero is about a man named Todd Hammerstein. He works for The Department Of Welfare and everyday he watches in utter dismay and frustration as the dregs of the city come to leech money from the system.Todd sees people wearing the newest fashion with platinum necklaces and medallions, he sees women so morbidly obese that he's surprised that [...]

    20. Population Zero has Todd Hammerstein, a man who has gone through several things when he was young: the suicide of his father after he killed the man who had an affair with Todd's mother, his own mother who tried to give herself an abortion and died soon afterwords and his own ordeal with being alone, no friends and finding out what the population of humans compared to animals were. As he gets older he picks up the website 'Population Zero', a extreme activist group that believes in the stopping [...]

    21. So after reading this book I have decided that it might behoove me to make happier choices in my reading material, perhaps something with a sunny disposition. But that's later, and this is now. I had previously read Scab by the same author and enjoyed the writing not only because of the explicit nature but also because of the level of writing and the skill that the author utilizes for his descriptions. This story was no different and showed that he could weave a longer story than the short ones [...]

    22. „Population Zero“ von Wrath James White ist meiner Meinung nach zu Recht in der Festa Extrem Reihe erschienen. Klar, es gibt weitaus brutalere Bücher innerhalb und außerhalb der Extrem Reihe. Im Vergleich zu anderen Werken (z. B. Willkommen in Hell, Texas) fließt auch sehr wenig Blut. Die Thematik von „Population Zero“, die „weltweite Überbevölkerung in den Griff zu bekommen“ und die wirklich derbe Umsetzung durch Wrath James White passen aber wie die Faust aufs Auge!Mit Todd Ha [...]

    23. Ever since author Wrath James White entered the horror scene writing Teratologist with fellow hardcore writer Edward Lee, I have had to brace myself every time for what ends up being some of the most disturbing, shocking, and brutal horror fiction written today. While Lee tends to add humor to his gore, White writes more realistically, keeping the tone plausible and true. His antagonists seem right out of today's headline news of serial killers, perverted sexual kidnappers, and deranged rapists. [...]

    24. This is one of the best books I have read by Wrath James White. A friend of mine recommended it to me, and I'm glad I got into it. It is violent and twisted, dark and disturbing, but there's so much more to it than that. Wrath has a way of writing his characters, adding such power and plausibility to them that they are the two dimensional ones of so many books these days. These seem like real people with real voice and really sick thoughts. The title alone should give you an idea of what the boo [...]

    25. Todd is a social worker consumed with the overpopulation of the planet. He makes it his mission to convince people to have abortions and sterilize themselves. When they refuse to do so, Todd takes matters into his own hands.This is a thought-provoking, smart novella that will stay with the reader for awhile. This book is not for squeamish or sensitive readers. The graphic, brutal violence in this story is unlike anything that I've read, but it is not overdone or gratuitous and is absolutely nece [...]

    26. blood. offense. more blood. Pregnant women being terrorized. still more blood. A scathing attack on Welfare. Gallons, rivers, oceans of blood. Something horrible having to do with coat hangers.Blood again.The above was not so much an account of things found in this book so much as it was a list of the things I always enjoy reading about.Oh yeah, and they are all in this book.Thank you, Mr. Wrath (may I call you, Mr. Wrath?), for writing a book that is at once gory, scathing, intelligent, and ang [...]

    27. I really liked this, and wanted to give it 4 stars actually, mostly by taking a horrific protagonist and giving him (at least to start with) a kind of understandable and almost sympathetic cause but then gradually spiraling him more and more into madness until he becomes a parody of alot of things really. Equally gross and funny as it was, the reason I had to dock it a star was because of bad editing and formatting on the kindle adaptation, which sadly was frequent enough in the text to be a con [...]

    28. At first I felt like I was being boinked over the head by a tree hugger. but actually I found all the stats very horrifying and sad.Then the intended horror and gore splattered me and at some points I physically felt bile begin to rise. Wrath does not shy away for stating the horrors that occur, detailing a downward spiral in a "serial?" killers development!!At one point I did find myself daydreaming about how I would chop up a dead body and critiquing Todd! omg thats how involved I got.The clim [...]

    29. A tight brutal romp about an activist taking his ideology to the extreme. As usual from Wrath this was filled with nasty violence. A few scenes made me cringe. Beneath all the carnage is a very interesting story though. So if you can stomach the carnage, there is a great plot right along with it. A must read if you're a fan of Wrath or just extreme horror in general.

    30. This novella made me think, got me pissed off and almost made me puke what a great book! Wrath James White writes some really gut wrenching stuff, not as vivid and graphic as the king, Edward Lee, but he comes closer then anybody else I've read.I highly recommend this to hardcore horror fans. A terrific, quick read.

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