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The Wish Maker

The Wish Maker Zaki has returned home to Pakistan His childhood friend and cousin Samar is getting married and he s come to wish her happiness for the future But returning to the family home in Lahore crammed as i

  • Title: The Wish Maker
  • Author: Ali Sethi
  • ISBN: 9780141037103
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zaki has returned home to Pakistan .His childhood friend and cousin Samar is getting married, and he s come to wish her happiness for the future But returning to the family home in Lahore crammed as it is with relatives Zaki is confronted vividly with the past that has shaped not only his and his cousin s lives, but also those of his extended family.The WishmakerZaki has returned home to Pakistan .His childhood friend and cousin Samar is getting married, and he s come to wish her happiness for the future But returning to the family home in Lahore crammed as it is with relatives Zaki is confronted vividly with the past that has shaped not only his and his cousin s lives, but also those of his extended family.The Wishmaker is a sweeping, powerful epic that stretches back into the past of a troubled family in a troubled country, finding the roots of today s struggles in the lives and events that shaped yesterday .

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      374 Ali Sethi
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    1 thought on “The Wish Maker

    1. I really disliked this book. It was painful to get through. By the end, I was just skimming, trying to finish, hoping something redeeming would happen. I should have just quit reading like I wanted to initially. Nothing happens in this book. There is no plot. At all. The narration skips all over the place--from the main character to his mother, to his grandmotherahh! And Sethi would rarely just come out and say anything--he kept using this superfluous, flowery language to hint at things happenin [...]

    2. I’d wanted to start reading this book earlier but the ratings and reviews of it were so negative that I had to think twice before taking it up. Now that I’ve finally finished reading this novel, all I have to say is please do not trust ratings; they’re misleading and will keep you from reading good books. (An average rating of 2.75 REALLY, ?!)Its been a while since I read a novel chronicling the events of my own country and hence it was pleasant to read the wish maker. This book is set i [...]

    3. I had high hopes for this book. I know very little about Pakistani culture, and still know very little. Understanding that this is a novel, and not meant to teach me about anything, I still just could not get interested in the many characters this is written about. It is centered on a young boy, Zaki, and what he goes through living with a lot of women, including a female cousin Samar Api from whom most of the teen-aged type drama comes from. His day to day experiences are written out, and the p [...]

    4. Read Ali Sethi’s The Wishmaker more for a very detailed glimpse of life in modern day Pakistan, and less for a textbook representation of plot progression. The book centers on a family, and opens with preparations for a wedding. During the course of the novel we are given many stories surrounding the family and its members. The story is narrated through the eyes of college graduate Zaki, but it becomes clear that the heart of the family is its strong women.This was my first dose of Pakistani l [...]

    5. Ali Sethi is a supremely untalented writer. To say that the book overpromises and undelivers is inaccurate, for the book has almost nothing to do with what the synopsis claims. All that the book has are the ramblings of this 20-something-year-old about his childhood memories. This book should have never seen the light of day, at least not in its current scrambled and unedited form.Sethi clearly comes from a connected south asian family, and pehaps that's all it takes to get a south asian book ou [...]

    6. The Wish Maker is a tale of an upper middle class Pakistani family run by strong willed women from the point of view of young Zaki who is observant and silent, trying to search for a place in his family and fit in. What I absolutely loved about the book was the fact that it was not only a coming of age story of a young Pakistani (read Lahori) boy but also a road down the memory lane of 60s and 70s—when liberalism was at its peak, partying and alcohol was not a problem, to when Bhutto was tried [...]

    7. Do you remember the time when I gave only two stars to Uzma Aslam Khan's Trespassing? To me, "The Wish Maker" is exactly what "Trespassing" could have been, had it been good.The purpose of both books is to paint a picture of modern-day Pakistan, and they both use a young man returning to the country from his studies in America to do so.The similarities end there, because while Uzma Aslam Khan focused on her oddity of a plot, Ali Sethi focuses on his characters and their stories. He does so in a [...]

    8. I was reading this book; was about one-third through -- I had a hard time "getting into it." So far, the characters, and especially the main character, are not appealing; I can't seem to find a well defined plot yet. However, I'll read it through to the end before I make a final judgment. Unfortunately, I have not enjoyed reading the book, so much so that it has been an ordeal to pick it up and try again. I thought it would fit in well with the previous books I had just finished reading: Shantar [...]

    9. Started off brilliantly, I loved the writing and was enjoying most of the stories about various characters, but somewhere around the middle of this novel, I was a little disconnected and frankly a little bored. Read the rest of book in a bit of a rush. It was an overall decent read but it had potential to be better.

    10. This is a first novel by this author. I believe that the story is good. The writing is somewhat uneven. Parts of it seem irrelevant or insubstantial for the story. The overall flow is stilted. There are portions that are poetic and evocative. Also, there are some parts that nicely portray or provide cultural background and practices.

    11. I just plain did not like this book. There were lots of characters who were just "there" with no explanation as to who they were or their relationship to the other characters or the story. I didn't, couldn't get through the book.

    12. I thought this book was going to tell a beautiful story like The Kite Runner. I learned a bit about the political history of Pakistan which was intresting but the story telling was boring. It really dragged out. It took me forever to get through this book.

    13. I wanted to like it. I tried very hard to like it. Too disjointed. No consistency. Bits and pieces of ideas and concepts that never went anywhere. The characters had very little depth. They were quite lifeless. Such a serious background and topics that congealed and remained static instead of becoming the dynamic story it could've been. I can't even imagine what the story could've been because there was nothing for imagination to even work with. I did enjoy reading the descriptions of Pakistan a [...]

    14. This was a nostalgic coming of age novel set in Lahore, Pakistan. So, naturally, I really liked it! Once you pick it up it definitely grows on you, it takes a bit of time but it does eventually. It doesn't glamorize day to day life growing up in Lahore, warts and all, with a dysfunctional strongly opinionated family but it makes you feel strangely at home. Like you just walked into a neighbours house and were privelaged enough to have had a glimpse of their story. If you want a low key but authe [...]

    15. What was that? -_- I cant believe he made a 400 pager out of nothing! Disappointed is a little word for what i felt, anger perhaps is more closer to what i have had going through these unnecessary details and imagery of a total flop, plot-less, pointless and aimless story. Ali Sethi, you should get an award for writing "the most USELESS book" of the year or so? Huh!

    16. A traditionalist with a risk-taker,mothers, aunts, sisters and caretakers Their lives so entwined,differences so defined. The family of The Wish Maker

    17. It was quite boring to go through. I thought about giving it up twice. Just finished it for the sake of finishing it. The story is not too bad but writing is boring.

    18. You can read the html version of this review at anaroiterbookreviews.I have a penchant for picking up famous titles. Of course, when I actually pick them up, I vaguely remember that the books are famous for some reason. The only reason is perhaps that publishing houses are rather active nowadays in splashing the name and author of a new book before it’s out in the market. So that’s how I ended up picking up this book. I was also in for a pleasant surprise when I discovered that the author wa [...]

    19. Ali Sethi's debut novel would have been just another coming of age novel, if it were not for the milieu it is set in, and the characters that make up the narrative. Zaki Shirazi lands in Lahore for the marriage of his childhood companion Samar. As the house is caught up in the wedding, the book goes through the life of three generations of women - each layer peeled back to reveal another. Samar, who lives with her Daadi, away from her own parents, and in the company of her cousin's son, Zaki, th [...]

    20. Recommended To Fans of: contemporary adult, South Asian history and DESI people!! ratings are misleading, big time!This book was a delight, it was everything I was expecting and more! If you're sick of reading about white people and their culture or just anything foreign and long for something "desi", look no further! This is a coming-of-age story and with Sethi's knack for writing exceptional characters and creating amazing descriptions for the backdrop of the novel - 80s and 90s Lahore, Pakist [...]

    21. Docile Zaki and beautiful Samar. Cousins in Pakistan, living together in the home of Zaki's grandmother and mother. Zaki lives in this woman's world, growing up as a modern Pakistan emerges. The political situation is active yet tenuous and Zaki's mother's involvement is seen through the eyes of the young and provide a unique perspective of Pakistan during the era of Pakistan's first and only female prime minister, Benazir Bhutto.The politics and religious life of Pakistanis are a constant backd [...]

    22. A boy comes home to Pakistan after a couple years at college in America, and tells the stories surrounding the women in his family. Occasionally I found myself wondering "how would he know that?" but that mostly originates from my need to have everything make sense (even fiction). The stories of the women are engaging and really shaped them as characters. I began by disliking most of the characters around him (such as his mother and grandmother), but as their stories were disclosed to me I felt [...]

    23. The Wish Maker is about a Pakistani boy who is growing up without a father, in the midst of governmental strife and in a house full of women. I thought that many parts of this book were honest and gritty. And I really enjoyed those parts. I had high interest in the beginning of the book, but at the end, I was still confused who the characters were. I felt like more time should have been devoted to character development and defining more of the cultural terms for the audience. I liked the main ch [...]

    24. I was quite disappointed in this novel as I’d heard from various people that it was a great read. Well, unfortunately, not in my books.I actually found it to be quite boring for the first 10 or so chapters, then it began to pick up a bit but then returned to boring.The premise of the story is based in Lahore, Pakistan where Zaki Shirazi returns home from school in America to attend a family members wedding. Zaki had been fatherless his whole life and grew up in an unusual Muslim family, a fami [...]

    25. I should warn you right away, this book doesn't have a lot of suspense, you don't have to wait for what might happen in the end.The novel is about an upper middle class family in Lahore. It is similar to a lot of other novels coming out from Pakistan since 2000. The writer growing up in Pakistan, going to colleges in America, and to a lesser extent in Britain, coming back, and writing books in English. After the protagonist in this novel comes back from America, he narrates his life growing up, [...]

    26. A story of coming of age in Pakistan. I struggled at the beginning of the book and considered putting it aside, but decided to push on and finish. I began to keep the characters straight and follow the story better than at first. Sometimes I felt as though Sethi wasn't sure what he was trying to do with the book; he had a story he wanted to tell, but confused this reader when he tried to be literary and political. I thought it was weird (and annoying) that sometimes in the middle of a chapter he [...]

    27. I rather enjoyed the Wish Maker. It features a large cast of characters, multiple generations, and tells its story from several different viewpoints and periods of time. These are all elements of novels to which I tend to be partial.Another refreshing part of Sethi's writing is that his narrative does not condescend to his readers at all. He sees no need to come out and say exactly what he means, and hopes that as much can be inferred contextually.He tells of mothers, fathers, daughters and sons [...]

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