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Once Bitten, Forever Burned

Once Bitten Forever Burned A mini anthology containing DEVON S REDEMPTION by Eve LanglaisBethany lost her one and only love to a war overseas As if that weren t bad enough a brutal attack and claiming by a Lycan makes her life

  • Title: Once Bitten, Forever Burned
  • Author: Eve Langlais Stacey Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9780986915413
  • Page: 343
  • Format: ebook
  • A mini anthology containing DEVON S REDEMPTION by Eve LanglaisBethany lost her one and only love to a war overseas As if that weren t bad enough, a brutal attack and claiming by a Lycan makes her life a living hell She lives only for revenge until the day love comes back into her life and promises to rescue her from her misery However, the mate who forced her isn t abouA mini anthology containing DEVON S REDEMPTION by Eve LanglaisBethany lost her one and only love to a war overseas As if that weren t bad enough, a brutal attack and claiming by a Lycan makes her life a living hell She lives only for revenge until the day love comes back into her life and promises to rescue her from her misery However, the mate who forced her isn t about to let her go.Devon died on the battlefield only to be reborn as a creature of the night He fights to stay away from his one true love, but when he caves to his desire and sees her again, he discovers redemption is possible even for one who walks in darknessUZ S SALVATION by Stacey KennedyCruz understands torment A mortal turned vampire in the war, he has suffered untold loneliness and despair That is until he meets Kiara a werewolf he s forbidden to love.Though Kiara needs Cruz, and wants him forever, werewolves and vampires are bitter enemies To make matters worse, her Alpha, also her father, suspects that Kiara pines for a mate Mistaking her sadness for the longing she feels for Cruz, he sets out to give her all the happiness he can provide.Together, Kiara and Cruz will have to fight against the rules placed upon them to hold onto their love But an unwanted visitor creates a complication neither of them planned for Milo, Kiara s chosen mate, has come to stake his claim Now, not only are lives at risk, but hearts are threatened and dreams hang in the balance.

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      343 Eve Langlais Stacey Kennedy
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    1 thought on “Once Bitten, Forever Burned

    1. Once Bitten, Bound Forever is by two fantastic authors that writes fun and hot stories. Together they bring you two different stories with great storylines and hot sexy characters. Both stories are tied tighter, I have never read anything like it, it felt like one author wrote them both, yep, that’s how this book flowed for me. I devoured both stories in just a few hours. The first story by Eve is very emotional. The heroine in an abusive relationship and cant seem to find a way out. I felt Ev [...]

    2. Brilliant Writing! HOT EROTICA!Wow, the first anthology I have ever read where I gave each story a 5 star rating. This is one book you will not be able to put down. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I absolutely positively loved it! Both authors’ did an excellent job expressing their meaning of Once Bitten, Forever Burned when it came to the mixture of dealing and choosing a relationship between a were-wolf and a vampire. The erotic scenes were fantastically written and had me squirming [...]

    3. This book was horrible. I gave it a shot because I like most of Eve Langlais' work, but this one was bad. It felt as if the story were thrown together in under an hour. The hero goes to war, gets turned into a vampire, and then returns to the love of his life 10 YEARS LATER! And she accepts him immediately and they act as if they have only been apart for a short period of time. They jump right back in head first talking about how much they love each other etc. Did I mention that when he returns [...]

    4. Review: Ok im going to start with, Devons Redemption as its the first story in the book. It starts off with Devon going off to war and getting him self killed, or so his love Bethany thinks, but it turns out he getting changed into a vampire, you leave him dieing on the battle fild crying out for his love, asking her not to forgetting. The story then jumps ahead ten years, so we can see what Bethany has made of her self, it turns out she has become a vet but she has a secret, she six years befor [...]

    5. Read the original review on ParomantasyTwo talented authors that bring all new meaning to sizzling-hot, action-packed, suspenseful page-turning paranormal romance books. The stories are both brilliantly written with a storyline that blends from one work to the other so that you feel that you are reading part one and two of an amazing series!DEVON’S REDEMPTION by Eve Langlais completely captivated me from the first page. This is the first Eve Langlais work I have read and I cannot wait to read [...]

    6. Short stories are always difficult. Whether it is to write them, or to review them. You have just a few pages to get everything you want across, so in general I'm usually not a big fan of them. However, they can usually be an easy read. Overall, this was a fun, sexy short read! DEVON'S REDEMPTION If you like stories of lovers reunited, then you'll love this one. Devon and Bethany were in a relationship 10 years ago, when he had to go to war, hoping to come back and marry her. Except destiny had [...]

    7. Wow, 2 amazing authors in one book. Both these stories where great! I couldn't put it down. Both books offer forbidden love, were wolfs and vampires,and totally hot sexy scenes!!Both women really pull you in. You feel so sad for them and want to help them out. The men in the story are amazingly kind and there for them. You get totally sucked in with the emotional factor. And with Devon's story you really wanted to make someone HURT!If you love paranormal romances then this is the book for you! I [...]

    8. I read the first short story, then I DNF'ed the freebie. Whatever this ss wanted me to understand, I clearly failed. I can't accept abuse and a "plot" in which the saving came from outside. Life might be like this, but I don't read PNR (nor fantasy) because I want normal. :OBelievable, yes, normal, no.

    9. This is a smoldering anthology featuring two of today's exciting young authors and features two friends, made vampire on the battlefield, searching for redemption. Through the love of two women forbidden to them through prejudice and fate, they find the happiness they've been searching for by committing the ultimate sacrifice.This first story in this collection is Devon's Redemption by Eve Langlais and is probably my more favorite of the two. Devon and Bethany had a love they thought would last [...]

    10. Once Bitten, Forever Burned was a very sensual and romantic anthology that made a quick little read by two great authors.In Devon’s Redemption by Eve Langlais we meet Devon, a former soldier who died overseas leaving the only woman he’s ever loved behind. Miraculously he doesn’t perish there though; instead he is reborn into a vampire. Fearing he may put her in danger, Devon stays away from his love for ten long years until he can stand it no more and goes to visit her. The woman he finds [...]

    11. After reading YA books for the last month, I was starving for some romance. I felt like an addict having withdrawals and this book served as a quick injection. I finished the book in one night before going to bed! I’ve never read any books by either of these authors before, but I can say I thoroughly enjoyed these short stories. Both authors managed to make the characters alive and special in such a short novella. In Devon’s Redemption, Bethany, despite being in an abusive relationship for t [...]

    12. This dualogy written by two different authors and tied together by the theme and the connection between the two heroes offered up two superb reads. Both also addressed the forbidden romance theme by making the h/h from two separate warring species- vampires and werewolves. They were both tender and steamy love stories that tugged at my heart because I enjoyed the characters too. The first story tells of Devon and Bethany. Devon left home and his girl to fight in the military only to take a hit, [...]

    13. What a wonderful anthology! This is a quick paced novella containing 2 paranormal stories. Even though the stories are by different authors, they share some similarities. Both are about forbidden love between werewolves and vampires, and the heroes in both stories are friends. I love how the stories are linked, and these authors have a similar writing style.The first story, written by Eve Langlais, is a little more emotional in the fact that it deals with abuse and rape. These issues don't take [...]

    14. Once Bitten, Forever Burned is an anthology involving two stories by two different authors. These two stories deals with forbidden love between a vampire and a werewolf and their struggles to be together. The first of the anthology is Devon's Redemption by Eve Langlais and the second story is Cruz's Salvation by Stacey Kennedy. As you read these short stories you can see a connection between the two, but they can very well be stand alone reads. provided a thorough summary description for both s [...]

    15. *WARNING*Do NOT attempt to read while cooking.I completely love this book. Why? You may ask . . Well, because you get a story told by two amazing women.To start the story off we discover that something terrible has happened, Brittany who lost her one true love has gone on to suffer even greater at the hands of a very ugly man. Deciding to fight on and hope for her own revenge one day, Brittany tries to maintain somewhat of a normal life for herself. Hard to do when things have changed so much in [...]

    16. Once Bitten, Forever BurnedStory OneDevon was changed into a vampire during a time of war. And stayed away from his love Bethany. But as ten years passed, Bethany got attacked and became lycan. And so for the passed ten years she was made to submit to someone elses will or get beaten for it. Until Devon comes back and saves her from Tyson the alpha of the area. Things get serious when Bethany gets trapped into doing something to save the vampires and the love of her life Devon. What will happen [...]

    17. Devon's RedemptionAs a general rule, I love love love Eve Langlais' writing and this story was right up there with her longer books for me. Ultimately, this was Bethany's story, though. Her harrowing experience at the hands of her "mate" was what propelled it into eye-popping territory. Devon's reappearance in her life after she'd thought him dead and gone gives her a dash of hope. The fact that he thinks it's best to walk away because of what he is (not knowing about her situation with the pack [...]

    18. Well, this was a nice mix of vampires and werewolves. As the descriptions indicate, this is actually two novellas in one book. Although they are separate stories by two different authors, the characters are connected. It made for quite a unique reading experience.Devon’s Redemption was probably my favorite of the two. Devon and Bethany were young lovers before Devon left to go to war and never returned. Bethany ended up going through her own traumatic experience beyond thinking Devon was kille [...]

    19. This book contained two stories by two separate authors. They both were good although much too short to really build a story. I gave this a try becdause I love the author Eve Langlais. In her story I thought the bad guy died way too quickly after all the years of abuse and torture of the Heroine. Reader beware in Eve Langlais story there is discussion about the Heroine being raped repeatedly by the bad guy and she spends most of the first chapter getting the crap beaten out of her. There ended u [...]

    20. Two stories linked by loves lost, forbidden love and mind blowing passion!If you want passion, action and two happily ever afters that will leave you breathlesslook no further than Once Bitten, Forever Burned! Two beautifully written tales of forbidden love by two highly talented authors.Read my full review here:romancingthedarkside.

    21. Wonderful! Two short stories about werewolves fallig in love with vampires and sacrifices and true love! I absolutely loved it all the way and its cheap or free and only 107 pages

    22. This was a great short read! Devon goes off to war leaving behing his true love Bethany. While over seas they think they are winning a battle and then are attacked by vampires. They tell Bethany he is dead and no body was found, so she has to bury an empty casket. She goes on with her life and 4 years later she is working at her vet clinic when she hears someone at the door, he as major wounds and she tries to save him. While she is working on stitching him up he comes to and attacks her. She wa [...]

    23. Both stories were nice. Good for a couple of hours relaxation, but not much more. I also wasn’t that thrilled about the feeding/sex connection. It became a sort of an unwilling threesome

    24. Cruz's salvation by Stacey Kennedy Ever since being turned in to a vampire, Cruz has found little to rejoice in, that all changed the day he met Kiara. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever known and the most unavailable. With the were-wolves and the vampires at war with each other for centuries their love seemed doomed. What could be worse for Kiara than exile from her pack and the father who raised her? She soon finds out, when her loving father assumes she is lonely and finds her a sui [...]

    25. This is a short anthology consisting of two stories both set in the same world. The first story is Devil’s Redemption by Eve Langlais. Ten years ago Devon left to fight in a war that took his life and gave him an unlife. Scared of how his love Bethany would feel about the monster that he became he stayed away from her. Bethany’s life has gone downhill ever since Devon left. The only bright spot is that she became a veterinary doctor with her own practice. She’s in a severely abusive relati [...]

    26. Once Bitten, Forever Burned Stacey Kennedy and Eve Langlais Format: Kindle Edition File Size: 131 KB Sold by: Digital Services Language: EnglishBook Tour Book Through Bewitchinbg Book ToursNo remuneration exchangedPoignant and bittersweet short stories about soldiers whose ultimate sacrifice forces them into an unlife they never imagined and for one pushes the woman he loves into a hellish life for the other takes her from an expected life into a life of forbidden love. Like all short stories t [...]

    27. Devon's RedemptionThis story had quite a twist. Soldiers, Veterinarians, Werewolves & Vampires. I'm kind of weak when it comes to Abusive Werewolf Alphas. I like my werewolves good & sexy, not evil and ugly. So I didn't enjoy this part of the story. But I did like Devon & Bethany. The tenderness and love he felt for her radiated off the page. The yummy sexy times weren't too shabby either. Cruz's SalvationWerewolf meets Vampire. Life is never the same. No werewolf can live up to what [...]

    28. I picked this book up from the free kindle books on amazon.I really wasn't impressed with it at all. I couldn't even finish it. At first, I was interested to find out what would happen within the book, but every transition and action scene happened way too fast for me. One minute she a wolf, and then all of a sudden she is turned into a vampire. The story could have been drawn out and more detailed instead of just rushing into the action and transformation. I expected more of an "on the run" typ [...]

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