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Aria Mark s double life comes to a screeching halt after his wife exposes his illicit affair during his business trip Unfortunately the way home isn t as clear cut as he d hoped and he s forced to turn to

  • Title: Aria
  • Author: Allison M. Dickson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mark s double life comes to a screeching halt after his wife exposes his illicit affair during his business trip Unfortunately, the way home isn t as clear cut as he d hoped and he s forced to turn to Aria, his GPS, for an alternate route However, Aria has something far sinister in mind

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      148 Allison M. Dickson
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    1 thought on “Aria

    1. This wasn't a bad story, but it was more sad than scary to me. I'm not big on adultery, so had little to no sympathy of the MC. Aria was a bit creepy, but the sadness of the lives of the three characters overshadowed, for me, the creepiness of the story. I got this free on the Kindle some time ago. Not sure what it is going for now, but I would say I wouldn't mind paying free to $0.99 for it. It is a short story, but well written enough for paying a bit more than nothing. 3.5 stars, rounded down [...]

    2. This short horror story was unexpected in that i did not see some of the twists.Better yet, in just a few pages the author managed to create characters and situations that had that sense of thrill and stress you crave in a good horror story.In the end, i even felt sorry for the poor guy! How many pages does that take in other books? :)I'll be sure to check out other work by Allison Dickson. Since this eBook and many others are free, i'll even buy one of the anthologies if the other works are of [...]

    3. Ever find that insistent voice of your GPS a little creepy? Dickson brings a whole new horror to the world in little short stories. An honestly terrifying read!

    4. "Aria", by Allison M. Dickson, is a clever take on our increasing dependence on technology. In this tale, one of the characters is having an affair with a young woman who happens to NOT be his wife. The story begins with him noticing the time, and realizing it's time to hit the road, and head home to his wife. Turning on the motel room TV, his partner in the deed points out to him that the freeway he must travel has been closed, and will remain so for hours to come, due to a major traffic accide [...]

    5. In the first few paragraphs we have the entire sad life of Mark spelled out; even his excuses for an affair.At first i felt sorry for him, then the clanger on the phone comes and I actually felt my own stomach do an elevator ride as my empathy for the wife kicked in.Mitzi, a wise yet unwise lady (married man, affair, but still hurt) and her comments rang lots of bells for me :(I had to laugh at the American author taking the micky out of the British voice on the GPS for speaking/pronouncing corr [...]

    6. Okay, it's official. Ms. Dickson has turned out to be the one of the best new authors I've discovered. Aria is one of those books that you need to read just to see what weirdness the author will throw at you. I defy anyone to say her books are predictable! One of the reasons I think I'm drawn to the author's books is because the characters in her stories suck me in. These are people with quirks, flaws, and a host of other attributes that make them not only interesting, but relatable. Once things [...]

    7. I have a love/hate relationship with my namesake Allison Dickson. I love that she creates wonderful stories for me to get lost in, and I hate that she continues to make me afraid of every day objects.Aria, the tale of a cheating husband who gets punished by his GPS - has pretty much ensured that if I marry, I will never cheat on my husband. And that I will never trust any device with GPS built in.Despite being a short story, it has a satisfying ending, and the story is weaved in the careful styl [...]

    8. Awesome idea! Wish I had had it myself. This man is cheating on his wife he leaves his girlfriend behind in a motel to rush home to the wife to fix things or end things, it's not quite clear and due to a traffic mishap, he's gotta take the back roads His Rand McNally map is missing and he has no choice but to use the GPS unit his wife bought him and named Aria. The man wants to get home, but Aria has other ideas. Enter a talking back GPS and some crazy horror stuff. I don't think I'll ever look [...]

    9. Great short story. Loved both the original and final endings. I always want more with Allison's short stories. So good!

    10. Creepy short story about Aria, a GPS who is like no other GPS out there. I will think of this story everytime I use my GPS, from here on out!

    11. Creepy short story involving a cheating husband. Interesting little read. I wasn't expecting the ending.

    12. Karma is inescapable, and Mark soon realizes this. Aria is a short, humorously sinister tale, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    13. This short story is a breath of fresh air by an author I've never had the opportunity to read. I was very pleasantly surprised. Sometimes its best to leave technology unplugged.

    14. Extremely touching characters, especially protagonist. Written in first person,quite a fast read, sometimes quite heart-wrenching. But not the total downer thatit seems in first half or so.

    15. This is a super creepy short story about a man and a GPS gone wrong. Mark and Mitzy are having an affair. Mark's wife Carolyn is cold and their marriage has well beyond it's expiration date. When Mark realizes that there is a terrible accident, he decides to stay the night with Mitzy at the hotel that they were having a renezvous because he doesn't want to take the back roads. However, Mark's wife calls and tells him to get home before she puts his belongings outside; she has found out about the [...]

    16. A man, a wife, and a mistress. A night away, a traffic jam, a gps, and a slightly predictable end result.

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