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Mystic Guardian

Mystic Guardian Aelynn a tropical island veiled from human sight magically protects a sacred chalice When a beautiful maiden washes ashore from the outside world and steals the chalice she sets in motion dangerous

  • Title: Mystic Guardian
  • Author: Patricia Rice
  • ISBN: 9780451221698
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aelynn, a tropical island veiled from human sight, magically protects a sacred chalice When a beautiful maiden washes ashore from the outside world and steals the chalice, she sets in motion dangerous and far reaching consequences Trystan l Enforcer is Aelynn s powerful guardian To guarantee the isle s safety, he plans to marry into a magically powerful family His ambAelynn, a tropical island veiled from human sight, magically protects a sacred chalice When a beautiful maiden washes ashore from the outside world and steals the chalice, she sets in motion dangerous and far reaching consequences Trystan l Enforcer is Aelynn s powerful guardian To guarantee the isle s safety, he plans to marry into a magically powerful family His ambition is thwarted when his ship carries a sultry beauty onto the island s hidden shores She stirs a carnal hunger that risks everything he is and must be and now he must work with her to recover Aelynn s most sacred object before chaotic forces can destroy paradise.

    • Unlimited [Memoir Book] ☆ Mystic Guardian - by Patricia Rice ✓
      149 Patricia Rice
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    1 thought on “Mystic Guardian

    1. I love this book. I've always loved reading fantasy and romance books and Mstic Guardian is a mix of both. This book talks about a hidden island that was supposed to be The City Of Alantis. But I wonder how it's like to live on the island. In the book, the people of Aelynn (the mystic island)had to live segregated from the rest of the world because the citizens of Aelynn have magical powers. And each person has their own responsibilty to the keeping of the island. If I had powers, i wish i had t [...]

    2. First off, I want to preface this review by saying that I enjoy a good romance novel. I love fantasy. A story with romance, mermaids, and magic was such a hook that I requested this from LibraryThing's early reviewer program immediately. I'm also going to add that I'm usually willing to give a book the benefit of the doubt until I reach the end.Not this time.I tried, really I did. I got to 15% (thanks to my Kindle I can keep good track of how far I am in a book- I'm relatively new to ebooks and [...]

    3. I received this book free in exchange for a fair and honest review.A strange tale about a long-waited god who could save them, and a mermaid trapped in the human world, who can’t show her true self. And of course a meeting of the two, that will change their lives forever.That is in a few words the story of this book, which I found really interesting. Right from the start the author puts you in the right mood. It is set in France, at a time when people were suffering… and life was even worse [...]

    4. I won this book through a LibraryThing giveaway and was surprised that it is an older book. The story takes place around the year 1800 in Breton, France, and on a nearby mythical island. The background political turmoil is accurate, but the action is quite over the top. At first I enjoyed the book, then thought, What the heck? Then I realized that it doesn't take itself particularly seriously, and reads somewhat like a campy movie such as Flash Gordon. There is plenty of action, the hero won't e [...]

    5. Romantic (romantic-erotic) fantasy plots are not my preference. I picked this up by mistake at the library. Once I started reading this book and realized the type of book this was, I really didn't think I would get past the first 100 pages but I did and I enjoyed it. The story is set just before the French revolution with our heroine, Mariel, trying to figure out how to save her town and her family from starvation. Mariel's mother, who has special powers, tells Mariel of a "golden god" who will [...]

    6. Whether you have read the prequel (Mystic Isle) or you are just checking out this book - I can say with certainty that this story will suck you in. If you are a fan of the California Malcolm's series, then this is a must read; as you learn about the origins of a siren.I'm normally not a fan of this time period, but Patricia sprinkles her magic and makes the story fun to ready, and you learn a little about the things that happened at that time too. Once you give this book a chance, you will want [...]

    7. This is a most enjoyable read. Around the time of the French revolution in Breton France, a young woman who has a special ability (mermaid's affinity for the sea and the capability to prove it) encounter a man who was forecast by her mother to be the savior of their town. The problem is he hails from a secret mystical island that regular humans cannot enter. It's located not to far from the coast of Breton. The rest of the novel it their tortured love story with tons of misunderstandings and mis [...]

    8. It was a slow read at first and then it starts to pick up around 2/3 of the book. The last 1/3 of the book it picked up. I'm not too sure if I want to pick it up again because I found the characters were hard to relate. Mariel seems to be getting into so much trouble yet Trystan was the "saint" and always pulling her out of trouble. It weren't any laughs instead I lost count how many times I rolled my eyes because of her interference.I'm hestitate to read the remaining trilogy since it didn't ca [...]

    9. What would you do if the people you loved were dying not because they had to but because they could no longer afford to live? What limit would you go to help them? Would you risk your life and lives of those around you to help so many survive? The questions all lead to what the characters here are willing to do. The main characters though a bit odd with their own hidden mysteries are truly magical. He has his island and she has her land of people too. Who will give in who will win, is there a wi [...]

    10. Mystic Guardian - Mystic Isle, Bk 1 by Patricia Rice Trystan l'Enforcer is Aelynn's powerful guardian with magical powers and a duty to protect the chalice, and the island kingdom of the shores of France. His life becomes complicated when a beautiful woman washes ashore. Mariel is from France, the outside world, but has a deep secret. Now he must work with her to recover Aelynn's most sacred object -- before the chaotic forces unleashed by the chalice's disappearance lead to devastating destruct [...]

    11. Another Christmas gift, this one was okay. It took a while to get into it, but it was interesting having supernatural traits involved in the story. I liked the protagonist, as I usually like books with strong women :) I thought it was sometimes very realistic in their relationship interactiond sometimes completely illogical. Not bad though.I may read the next one in the series, if I get bored.but it's not my first pick.

    12. Intriguing series beginner. The mysterious island where people with mystical powers live is encircled with a magical barrier that no mere human can pass--except a half mermaid. Her visit upsets the balance and things for good and evil happen in both world. Reminded me a bit of the Arthurian Legend. The magical man who helps the mermaid is always worried about what effect his presence outside the islands barrier will have on the average people. Excellent read

    13. I reallly liked that this has history, fantasy, and romance! It wasn't a clean romance but it wasn't raunchy. A lot of the story was based on the physical attraction of the two main characters. I did like the idea of the 'golden god' from another land but I thought that she never really comprimized at all until the end and then only a litte. Still, he was very stubborn as well and I just didn't see how the relationship could really work long term. But I did enjoy the story.

    14. I loved this book! It is an otherworldly story of a man and a woman, both having unusual mystical powers, as well as sworn duties to perform. They are from very different cultures, so misunderstandings abound. Yet they are evenly matched. I found this book surprisingly sexy and I eagerly await the second book!

    15. Great PNR/ Fantasy romance I finished within a few hours and can't wait to read the next one if you enjoy PNR this is for you I found no boring points or dead spots the story flowed well. The main characters Mariel and Trystan fight their feelings only to come together in the end to protect both their people's it's a great story check it out!

    16. From the days of high school (man that was a long time ago) when I cut my reading teeth on historical romance novels in droves, Patricia Rice has been one of my favorite "go to" authors when it comes to finding something new to read, so when I was in the bookstore recently and noticed she had written what I would consider a historcial paranormal romance, I jumped on this one.

    17. I received a free copy of this book from LibraryThing's Early Reviewers Program in exchange for an honest review. I loved this book and the writing was excellent. It had a great flow and I really liked the main characters. Would recommend.

    18. This is part of a set of books I got on iBooks at a discount: "A Dozen Rakes, Renegades and Rogues, Oh My!"It was a good adventure. I think I'd like to read the rest of the series.

    19. Didn't think I would like this book it being a fantasy genre but I loved itCan't wait to get the other 2 in the series. Loved it.

    20. This book was incredibly good. The plot was great, and besides the incredibly detailed sex scenes I loved it :D

    21. i tried. i really did. i LOVED the "magic" series, but this was just too slow and too uninteresting to finish. made it to page 106 before finally giving up. slooooow.

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