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Prized The second title in Caragh O Brien s dystopian trilogy Prized finds Gaia and her baby sister Maya trapped in the mysterious Sylum Gaia is determined to uncover the secets of the village at any cost

  • Title: Prized
  • Author: Caragh M. O'Brien
  • ISBN: 9780857074959
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • The second title in Caragh O Brien s dystopian trilogy, Prized finds Gaia and her baby sister Maya trapped in the mysterious Sylum Gaia is determined to uncover the secets of the village, at any cost But when the decisions you make affect the lives of everyone around you, how can you be sure you re making the right choices

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      449 Caragh M. O'Brien
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    1 thought on “Prized

    1. This is one of the hardest reviews I’ve ever had to write, both because the book left me heartbroken, and because it was so confusing that it left me quite exhausted. It is also difficult because I highly respect the author, especially for her openness to honest feedback, and though I disagree with some of the things in this book I continue to respect her and will eagerly await whatever else she may write. The other difficulty is that the themes dealt with are highly controversial, and yet the [...]

    2. Oh. My. Goodness. Apparently I'm not safe anywhere from this freakin' epidemic of YA love triangles squares. And that's just the first complaint of many about this sequel. Welcome, welcome, one and all to the new face of young adult dystopian fiction: prostitutes and sex in the desert! First with the second Dust Lands book, (elsewise known as Rebel Heartd we already know my opinion on that piece of trash) and now with this thingAh, well. Let's take things as they come, shall we? We'll save the b [...]

    3. Gaia se adentra en los páramos con su hermana casi recién nacida, con pocas provisiones y con un simple rumor a modo de brújula. Aunque sobrevive, es atrapada por las gentes de Sailum, sociedad distopica donde mandan las mujeres a pesar de la superioridad numérica de los hombres. Para ver de nuevo a su hermana debe someterse al estricto código social y a las opresivas reglas de la Matrarca Olivia. Además debe acostumbrarse a ser deseada, ya que dos hermanos compiten por ella y cuando se re [...]

    4. It seems fitting that I devoured Prized on Valentine's Day as if it were a box of chocolate -- but this book was so much better than chocolate to me.I don't think a book in recent memory has made me dread or hope as much as this one did.Prized made my heart a knotted mess, and then slowly -- painfully -- the knots began to untangle and leave me even more stricken.This book and its predecessor Birthmarked are so much more than run-of-the-mill YA dystopian novels. They are rife with important topi [...]

    5. If the debut book in a series is even semi- good, I will continue with a series. I understand that it is hard for a debut book in a series to knock my socks off because you have significant amount of world building, and brand new characters to introduce. Usually, the plot is deep in the book and so I know patience is the key. Why I wanted to read book 2 in the Birthmarked series? I liked book 1 but I did not love it. I did like the 2nd half and because I thought it had potential, I wanted to see [...]

    6. Actual rating 4.5 stars.I am very surprised about this book.It was very interesting the whole time. It made me feel angry so many times towards Gaia and her attitude about everything that was going on that I became frustrated. I love a book that awakens strong emotions in me. I enjoyed it so much! I liked the first book of this series, but Prized is defenetetly an improvement from the first installment. This story is more complex, it evolves fluidly and maintains your attention at all times. I h [...]

    7. Prized continues the story of Gaia Stone, a 16 year old midwife and refugee from the Enclave. Accompanied by her newborn sister Maya, Gaia is found out in the wastelands by Chardo Peter. Both Gaia and her baby sister are close to death. She finds herself in Sylum, which is just as bad as Enclave only it is run by women.Sylum is a strange settlement. In Sylum, the men outnumber the women, but the women have all the power. Sylum is a puritanical place. A simple kiss can result in an attempted rape [...]

    8. I'm really giving this book a 3.5 (between liked and really liked) because I really did like it but there were a lot of things that bothered me about itIS REVIEW WILL MOST LIKELY CONTAIN SPOILERS IN ORDER TO MAKE SENSE.My biggest problem with Prized is I felt it was a totally different book from Birthmarked. None of the characters were the same. Gaia is supposed to be this strong young woman who stands up for what she believes. While she does redeem herself at the end, I found that she gave up t [...]

    9. The trouble with the first book in a trilogy rocking your world is that, as much as you anticipate the first opportunity you get to read its sequel, you simultaneously fear that it won’t live up to how much you enjoyed the first. Sadly, in PRIZED’s case, this was true. Whereas I couldn’t put Birthmarked down, I struggled at times to push myself through PRIZED’s copious use of info-dumps and inconsistencies in characterization and plot that really pushed the limit on my tolerance of YA li [...]

    10. Prized is a hard book to give a rating to that reflects its quality. On the one hand there are a few things that are very well done, such as the idea of a matriarchal society—truth is, I don’t think there are any YA books that explore this idea—and the gradual way Caragh M. O’Brien transforms Gaia from a headstrong leader into a submissive follower. However, there are some things that prevented me from giving it the five stars I wanted to.I’ll start with those to get them out of the wa [...]

    11. Warning: This will contain some spoilers for Birthmarked that will probably make no sense if you haven't read it. But be warned.4/5 StarsI remember liking Birthmarked by Caragh M. O'Brien. I remember the basic plotline - girl midwife in a dystopian society where they're taking babies from the poor and advancing them to the rich. Girl discovers flaws of society, rebels, story ensues. This is how Dystopians tend to go and I've read a lot of them now. But I very much remember liking this one, as va [...]

    12. "THIS. BOOK. SUCKED. I loved Birthmarked SO MUCH, and Prized just ground all those happy emotions into the dust. I said one word throughout the entire book, over and over again: Ugh.But. Butbutbut.There were Some okay moments. But there is a lot of moral issues that bothered me, making it hard to continue reading And the love square was just plain ridiculous. The fact that Gaia acknowledged that it was a love square made it all the worse.And while I did enjoy the technical elements, and the puzz [...]

    13. I read Birthmarked in March and couldn’t wait for Prized ever since. Imagine my delight when I saw the title on NetGalley! Everyone who knows me is fully aware that I’m a dystopian buff. Leaving whatever I was reading was such an easy decision when I found out that my request got accepted. All those months of waiting are definitely worth it! I loved Prized more than I did Birthmarked and I’m anxiously waiting for the last book in the trilogy.Prized begins where the first book left off. Aft [...]

    14. ahhh what happened?where is the world and the characters I came to love and care for and was looking forward to read about-Gaia's character ended up just like all the other boy obsessed, selfish, and stupid female leads out there. Here was a character who was strong and independent, brave and resourceful, and smart. Suddenly she is weak and pathetic, stupid in her decisions, and falling head over heels for every guy that gives her a second look. -Although I found Leon's abrupt character change t [...]

    15. Another wonderful addition to the BIRTHMARKED trilogy. Even though they're in a different setting, the dystopian society stayed the same. Just touching a female would land a male in jail for attempted rape. This society have women in charge and the men as second-class citizens. I didn't really understand it but I did accept that because there was a shortage of females they allowed women to be in charge because they were so valuable. I still don't understand how there were hermaphrodites and how [...]

    16. Hear that? The silence? The long-drawn wondering silence that is tinged with wonderment. That was my reaction after I finished the book.In case you didn't read my review of the first book, let me tell you that I loved it. I liked the characterization, the world building, the terrifying possibility of the eventual extinction of the human race. I also loved Leon and Gaia. The way they complemented each other, their complex relationship. I loved Birthmarked 1 enough that I was more than keen to rea [...]

    17. The first book, Birthmarked is one of my favorite books! I really loved all the characters and coding and puzzles. I can't wait to get a hold of this book! :)Prized is AMAZING! I LOVED it! It feels very different from Birthmarked (maybe because of the place setting and how Gaia is treated) but I loved it just as much. Definetly a new favorite.Gaia Stone and her baby sister, Maya escape the Enclave with hope of finding a better life for them in the Dead Forest(Sylum).Sylum, Gaia discovers is comp [...]

    18. I enjoyed this one more than the first book! Like I said before the writing style isn't my fav but the story is still exciting :)

    19. Serinin 1tabına 5 puan verdiysem mantık olarak buna 10 puan vermem lazımdı. 1taptan daha daha güzeldi. Bayıldım ! Hiç böyle olacağını beklemiyordum.

    20. Empezaré por escribir que me gustó mucho más este libro que Marca de Nacimiento.La historia se desarrolla en una sociedad distópica en un poblado llamado Sailum, que resultó ser más severa y dura que el Enclave. Es una sociedad gobernada por las mujeres con una autoridad máxima llamada Matrarca, lo curioso es que en este pueblo los hombre superan a las mujeres 10 a 1 lo que nos da una base coherente de porque un personaje como Gaia es suprimida y despojada de su libertad otra vez y se con [...]

    21. In Prized, Gaia is found in the wasteland with her baby sister, both of whom have almost succumbed to starvation. When brought to Sylum, she discovers another community, this time ruled by women.Within the same series, Caragh O'Brien has again created another crazy dystopian world with completely different rules, classes, and rulers. In both worlds, Gaia is one of the few who dares to challenge what's in place. Although There was a time when Gaia did disappoint. But, in the end, she once again b [...]

    22. *This is the second book in the Birthmarked series. This review may contain spoilers for the first book*I read Birthmarked, the first book in the series, prior to having a blog of my own. Of course that means I never reviewed it. I can tell you it was a book I absolutely knew I would want to read the sequel too. Many first books in a series I read and never have the desire to pick up book number two…Birthmarked had me wanting to read Prized right after reading the last page. I even picked up m [...]

    23. *sigh* This bookI just did not enjoy it. At all. The first book was an interesting start to the series, but this book was not what I expected it to be.First of all, this series doesn't sound dystopian at all to me. In Birthmarked I could have believed it, but not so much now. This world just doesn't make sense to me. I also didn't like how after learning so much about the Enclave, we now have to learn about another society. It was just plain boring. All Gaia did was sit around for weeks as a pri [...]

    24. So Gaia left and set out for the Dead Forest after the first book. She's now been in the Wastelands, with her sister near death, when she is rescued only to be brought into a whole other dystopian society. Alrightie then. I won't complain- it was another interesting society to explore- where women rule and men don't. Intriguing.The plot was still good, and the writing was as beautiful as it was before. I was a bit worried for Leon in the middle of the book D: but luckily that didn't last.My ONLY [...]

    25. Wenn ich nur den Anfang und das Ende bewerten würde, würde ich dem Buch mind. 4,5 Sterne geben. Allerdings fand ich den Mittelteil super langweilig, weil einfach gefühlt nichts passiert ist. Das war auch der Grund dafür, dass ich so lange für das Buch gebraucht habe.Die Charaktere mochte ich wie immer super gerne und auch die ganzen neuen Charakteren sind mir direkt ans Herz gewachsen. :)

    26. “She’d heard of love triangles before, but a love square?” I'd never planned to continue this series. I hadn't loved the first book and only had sketchy memories of it. But I wanted an audio book and this one was easy to get, so I grabbed it.Imagine my surprise. The adventure of her travel, being found by Peter and the adventure into the new land was fascinating. I liked learning about the new rules and the town, the people and their lives. The fact that she was a midwife was an interestin [...]

    27. Prized (Birthmarked Trilogy) Birthmarked is one of my favourite YA books, it has it all: great world-building, well-developed characters who make realistic choices, a real sense of terror considering what was at stake and, oh wonder of wonders!, no love triangle, no insta-love, no Mary-Sue for a heroine. There was very little of this in Prized. I don't know, maybe because Birthmarked was so amazing my expectations for Prized were too high. But really, what flowed so beautifully in Birthmarked w [...]

    28. I didn't think O'Brien could do it again, but she did. And it was perfect. Again.Let me start by saying how much I loved Birthmarked. Usually, I never expect the second book to be as good, or even slightly better,than the first. This totally blew away my expectations. Everything about this book was great. O'Brien's writing just flows so perfectly. She's very descriptive, and definitely gives you a good vision of what this "magical land" actually looks like. Amazing. That's really it. Definitely [...]

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